Worst of Simply Nailogical Snapchat/Instagram Stories 2019 

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For those who don't have Snapchat/Instagram stories and those who do but want to numb their minds and watch it all over again👹
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Jan 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
iiDrxmyCharlxtte 24 days ago
“BEYYN BEYYN BEYYN BEYYN” Jesus. We’re a cult.
Moonlight Pineapple
I’m the thousandth comment yep pretty random lol
gachaidiot Month ago
why is there only 999 comments?!?!
Lillian Goodband
Lillian Goodband 2 months ago
Simply add me on Snapchat please
Mischa Potter
Mischa Potter 2 months ago
Lol I’m the thousandth comment
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki 2 months ago
The zyler 10 year challenge got me it was too cute
Selya Dogonyaro
Selya Dogonyaro 3 months ago
Vielen Dank an #coder_nate auf Instagram für die Reaktivierung meines deaktivierten Kontos.
Selya Dogonyaro
Selya Dogonyaro 3 months ago
instagram.com/coder_nate?r=nametag Ich empfehle ihn für alle Hack-Arbeiten, er ist ein Genie und sehr zuverlässig.
Zeynep Doğan
Zeynep Doğan 3 months ago
hey cristine, I think you should make the 2020 video (if there will be one) vertical. it could be easier to watch and maybe it would be a new experience of editing for you!
xuxi bby
xuxi bby 4 months ago
oh would you look at that, i'm the 1000th comment.
Kitty Cookie
Kitty Cookie 5 months ago
7:28 Me: 💀💀😂🤣
Sarah Bee
Sarah Bee 6 months ago
at 2:07, theres a guy sitting at the end of the table. Jen's bf maybe?
Kelsey 4 months ago
Yeah that's Jen's boyfriend
Danyelle Caroline
Danyelle Caroline 6 months ago
Juan Eguia
Juan Eguia 6 months ago
If we only knew what was going to happen in 2020 lol
liar 7 months ago
Oh boy just wait for 2020
Itsbestforyou 7 months ago
Is it weird i rememberd all the snaps
CC Art&edits
CC Art&edits 7 months ago
Cristen is gorgeous with or without lips let’s just be clear👄she’s a fabulous sock
Abigail Stilwell
Abigail Stilwell 8 months ago
Any holosexuals here ? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Ashley :D
Ashley :D 8 months ago
I dont really snap....or do my own nails, tbh, but here we are!!!! 😳
Adryanna Alviar
Adryanna Alviar 8 months ago
At this point Cristine should open a cafe just to sell oats
Lunelai 9 months ago
I'm a libra too, and Libras and aries, aren't supposed to get along.... DESCRIBES ONE BEOCH PERFECTLY
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 months ago
Cristine is So Funny!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 months ago
SIMPLY SNAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crisp Cinamon Roll
Crisp Cinamon Roll 9 months ago
Can we get a compilation pf Menchie jumping on Ben's shoulder 🥺
Anonymous Mothman
Anonymous Mothman 9 months ago
I accidentally sent her some videos on Snapchat and she opened them and now I'm freaking the heck out because I don't know what they were and now she probably hates me I-
auby dauby
auby dauby 9 months ago
Omg I love you simply🤍🤍
Megan Schwarzinger
Megan Schwarzinger 10 months ago
Why haven’t you posted in over a month?!? On either channels! 😭
Seek The Balance
Seek The Balance 10 months ago
You cut the clips too short/fast... a little annoying. Sorry.
Caitlyn Slaney
Caitlyn Slaney 10 months ago
I’m honestly glad she posted these on yt because I don’t have social media
Marianna DeBolt
Marianna DeBolt 10 months ago
Love those kitties!
Laura Bolen
Laura Bolen 10 months ago
fav snap...menchie sleeping until 2020
Hello 10 months ago
Cristine u need to do a collaboration w David and masked TEA
Valeri Paxton-Steele
Valeri Paxton-Steele 10 months ago
Dear Cristine- I keep yelling "BEYN!" but my boyfriend Rob does not bring me tea. What am I doing wrong? Love ya!
Shelley Tamara
Shelley Tamara 10 months ago
I used to have blue mascara lol
molly foreman
molly foreman 10 months ago
when is dan and phil going to collab with cristine
Charlotte Lohman
Charlotte Lohman 10 months ago
Ben: Make it stop Me: Dies silently because its 2 in the morning
Lauren Deis
Lauren Deis 11 months ago
Seeing Matt at the end SWOOOOOOOONN!!!!!!
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth 11 months ago
Hope you have a nice break Cristine! Just so you know, we love it when you do nail art, you don't need to move channel for it x
khaxjc1 11 months ago
Just watched the news. I needed this after that.
signe winding munch
signe winding munch 11 months ago
Nails is actually made of the same as hair
Emelyn Hall
Emelyn Hall 11 months ago
Ohmygoodness Brad Mondo should do a hair transformation for Cristine!!!
McKenize Martin
McKenize Martin 11 months ago
can someone pls tell me where she gets the holo slippers?!? 😭
Imapotato potato
Imapotato potato 11 months ago
according to jenna marbles its not a beauty guru its beutuber
kaya 11 months ago
should i be worried that i remember every story
Loreleï 11 months ago
Would love more videos with Ben 2!
Khwan 11 months ago
Have you ever thought about putting nail peels in a year order so you can remember what year they were made in?
UNR3AL 11 months ago
Sc: lowlauch Doing streaks with everyone🔥
zuzanna piecha
zuzanna piecha 11 months ago
Yay simply nailogical is here for a another year 😀😀😀
Emmy Mermaid lover 12
Emmy Mermaid lover 12 11 months ago
In SSSNIPERWOLF’s latest video she talks about polish mountain right at the end of the video Please see this !!!!
Taylor 11 months ago
What happened to "taking a break from US-first"? I saw this and I was like...am I dreaming? I thought she was done with US-first...
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 11 months ago
I wonder how many people came up to her at vidcon and said "wHaTS hoLo TaCO sUpPOseD tO MeAn?"
Caitlin.Crawley 11 months ago
No joke just had to teach my brother the difference between holo and iridescent 😂
Hanna 11 months ago
We simply do not deserve Cristine...
LN20129 11 months ago
Cristine has a Ligne Roset Ploum sofa - nice one bravo
Sjivje 11 months ago
I laughed so much at the Age filter part that I laughed myself into hiccups omfg HAHAHAHAHAHA
Van Moriel
Van Moriel 11 months ago
i’m so proud of you cristine!! you and ben made last year a lot birghter for my partner and I 💜
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith 11 months ago
Us IGers appreciate your cross-posting efforts.
Anne Robrikz
Anne Robrikz 11 months ago
cute moments 💕
CAIntegrity 11 months ago
Cristine have you heard of a bobbit worm?! They are HOLO! But so ugly because they're worms! They're making me have weird feelings toward HOLO!! HALPPP
Ellaaleah 11 months ago
yesss i drank tea too
Melancholy LPS
Melancholy LPS 11 months ago
lexsee 11 months ago
is ben... wearing DINK merch? like jennajulien? 9:12 ??
Christina Grass
Christina Grass 11 months ago
Is it just me or does she look like the main male character in Bring it On with the guy Snapchat filter...?!
Laci-Ann Mosher
Laci-Ann Mosher 11 months ago
So much for taking a break from US-first 😊😊😊 Holo!!
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow 11 months ago
Oh, Cristine - Our sweet marmalade, big-boy cat died in mid December. He was 17. It was a brain tumor. His name was Ziggy (Stardust) - I couldn't even tell anyone & didn't type to you till now, but I'm having a bad evening & needed to express this to someone who I knew would understand. When my sweetheart husband & I joined my extended family for Christmas, somehow I let his passing slip out and there was a collective gasp (23 people, large family) as they know what "Cat People" we are. We left early. We've been through this before with another beloved cat - at that time we had to shut down the gallery we owned for many years, for 3 days until we were able to keep up our business face. You know. I just feel blessed that we still have Tigerlily (sorta like our version of Menchie - at least, well I do make up songs for her & sing them to her & write poems about her. All goofy of course but when I sing those silly things, she comes running 🐈). Still tonight has been bad as she's been wandering around the house to the places he slept&liked, crying for him & wondering where he is. My heart is broken - for her & selfishly for us. Thank you Cristine 💙🐱💜
Berenise Arriaga-Pacheco
Dear Cristine, In 2020, I will be graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a major in English and a minor in Education. Your videos have helped me laugh during final exams and inspired me during writer's block throughout my courses. You have kept me sane, and motivated to continue to pursue higher education when I wanted to give up. Therefore, I would like to invite you to my first-generation, college graduation in June 2020 if you and Ben should wish to attend. It would mean the world to me. Best regards, A cat-loving, Higher-Education Dreamer, Berenise.
burnt potato chip
burnt potato chip 11 months ago
*Pop off queen.* -imneversayingthatagainthatwassocringeyahhhhhh-
daniel galvan
daniel galvan 11 months ago
Simply nailogical there is holographic floorsearch it up on Google holographic floor and it will show you so many pretty floors and they are all holographic
I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside 11 months ago
Im sad because I accidentally blocked Christine on snapchat😒
I am A Byul
I am A Byul 11 months ago
I actually use Cristine’s videos to calm me down to fall a sleep don’t tell me I’m the only one. Okay never mind I’m sure I’m the only one
yeeyee 11 months ago
Do Jenna’s nails PLEASE but it’s your decision so you don’t have but yeah
Breezy 11 months ago
Both her and zyler look like they got a nose job in the 2009 vs 2019 pics
Laura 11 months ago
HYDRO 11 months ago
me want holo taco please send it to 6100 emerald pkwy dublin,OH 43016 C/O Heidro
Wandering Owl
Wandering Owl 11 months ago
This video made me a bit emotional ngl, this recap, how much you did last year and all the memories, I wish you guys a wonderful 2020 ♥♥♥
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 11 months ago
Me getting excited because Cristene posts a video tomorrow Remembers she’s taking a break :😭
Paris Yang
Paris Yang 11 months ago
Thank you for sharing your happiness to us➡️beautiful like your nails❤️ Got really useful nail tricks and cute stories from your channel, and looking forward to try HOLO TACO 💿🌮 Lol One sentence sum➡️love you Cristine😆
Backinmotherrussia Earspeirceyou
Olivia Nolan
Olivia Nolan 11 months ago
Omg I just realized My birthday is the day after yours!!!!!!!
Katrina 11 months ago
Why is this better then US-first Rewind, I love it.
Patricia Speers
Patricia Speers 11 months ago
Ben’s glow up though! 😄
Caroline Randolph
Caroline Randolph 11 months ago
Why does she look just like Ben with the dude filter on
Tory C.
Tory C. 11 months ago
Anyone else think masculine filter Cristine looks like Zac Efron?
Alice Of Hearts
Alice Of Hearts 11 months ago
“Imagine if she lived in Florida. Florida Women Paints 100 layers of nail polish. Calls it ‘Polish Mountain’ “
Michelle 11 months ago
Love you Cristine😂❤
raymond kimmelman
raymond kimmelman 11 months ago
facebook.com/1118087851586836/posts/2976748032387466/ These toes need a Holo Taco!!
beliz yıldırım
beliz yıldırım 11 months ago
I still want your mint oats recipe:|
Abby Gann
Abby Gann 11 months ago
I really forgot some of this happened in 2019 Sometimes time isn’t real
Jayla elizabeth
Jayla elizabeth 11 months ago
All the "beyyyynnnnss" when Ben walked past lol
Ann Kristin Halvorsen
Ann Kristin Halvorsen 11 months ago
Maysa Omar
Maysa Omar 11 months ago
Omg ur back!!!
KESHINI PRIYANKA 11 months ago
Holo Cristen it's Keshini here (try to pronounce my name properly 😎😎) I think u must start ur own HOLO MAKE UP line soon... We are waiting for ur answer...
You Tube
You Tube 11 months ago
Simply expectation: “darling take me around the room” Simply reality: “OH FUCK!” 😂
Alma Givik
Alma Givik 11 months ago
thank you so much for encouraging me when my cat died and when my parents said they would separate! You have helped me alot thanks ❤️
KK Bing
KK Bing 11 months ago
Thank you for all the nail knowledge, laughter, and fun!! Much love from Texas!!!
Sailor pink
Sailor pink 11 months ago
Cristine doesn't need tea channels to talk about her bc she is a tea channel
Monica Salguero
Monica Salguero 11 months ago
Savannah Santos
Savannah Santos 11 months ago
Giirrrl, I thought you were supposed to be taking a break. You and Ben go and have a fun time and soak in all that life outside of US-first.
Hannah Rafiq
Hannah Rafiq 11 months ago
when i lose faith in youtube i can always turn to cristine
Jane Schlegel
Jane Schlegel 11 months ago
Hi so I was thinking about selling nail oil pens on Etsy and I was just wanted to ask someone for a different perspective if you would but nail pens from Etsy? Because I don’t know how successful it would be or if you think it would just be to much work for nail oils pens and you wouldn’t consider buying them so if anyone could respond that would be amazing 🤗🤔
Maddie Jackson
Maddie Jackson 11 months ago
I think that would be cool idea but maybe it might not sell to well beacause it would be so cheap and easy to make but don’t make this comment stop you!!!!! I think that I great idea but I just wanted to answer ur question!