Why my boyfriend wears nail polish 

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Today we talk about Grey's Anatomy, masculinity, and where to put nail polish if you don't have nails.
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Nov 17, 2019




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Puppies are the best!!
It’s cruelty free but it’s tested on BEYYNimals
Theresa Kim
Theresa Kim 6 months ago
I wish the label said that lol.
Graham the carrot
Graham the carrot 6 months ago
pog champ
pog champ 6 months ago
Puppies are the best!! srpggjh
Kittie Nail Tutorials
Puppies are the best!! I know I’m watching this late but... CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PIN AND LIKE!! ❤️❤️
Jeff New
Jeff New 8 months ago
Puppies are the best!! Hi
Emily Phoenix
Emily Phoenix 4 days ago
I have to say a HUGE thank you to Ben, because for MONTHS I've been trying to remember the word for "dumbing down" language (the opposite to amelioration of language) and WHEN HE SAID PEJORATIVE IT INSTANTLY CLICKED. I studied English language years ago and was so frustrated I couldn't remember the term. Thank you!!!
Chris Tine
Chris Tine 9 days ago
it starts like this, it ends with full-fledged cuckoldry
Rosanne Chernick
Rosanne Chernick 12 days ago
Simply you are sooo LUCKY to have such an amazing partner like Beyyn not only is he a loyal drink slave and pretty damn hot too... but best of all he has a freaking awesome personality. Dont let him go and if hes smart he wont let you go either!! Fav youtube couple ever I love you guys. Zyler and Menchie too! Give em some greenies for me!
Karla Andreasen
Karla Andreasen 14 days ago
Are they not saying anything because Canadians are the nicest people in the world? Orrr is it because Canada is so wonderfully liberal?
Mmathulo Sejake
Mmathulo Sejake 14 days ago
Exactly Ben! Exactly! Fragile masculinity.
t7boutpost Month ago
Is no one going to comment about how "the cremation of Sam McGee" was an amazing literary experience when we were kids?
Alora Mc
Alora Mc Month ago
I just realized that this video was posted the day before my birthday lol
Jenna Stevens
Jenna Stevens Month ago
Cristine: as long as they can consent to having their nails polished, then we're all good Cristine a few months later: pAiNtInG mY bOyFrIeNdS nAiLs WhiLe hE sLeEpS
Emma Arvidsson
Emma Arvidsson Month ago
I paint my sons nails all the time. he is 13 and not gay. It is like our bonding
Lauren Lanterns
Lauren Lanterns Month ago
When I become a real adult, I want a Ben. Just a Ben that wants marriage and babies. But a Ben-type.
Erika Kiefer
Erika Kiefer Month ago
Ben: I would like a quiet Christmas at home. Coronavirus: I can make that happen.
Lisa Month ago
I always thought men who weren’t afraid to be seen as feminine when doing something out of the “norm” (and I mean who tf makes these norms? It’s peer pressure from the dead) to be especially attractive and masculine in a “I’m confident with who I am and ready to try out stuff I don’t know”-kind of way. Men like Beyyyn help society to become more open! And I’m here for that.
Raigen Huss
Raigen Huss Month ago
Ben, this is absolutely disgusting, I’m repulsed... You should never eat at subway, that place is nasty. Lol all jokes. Love you both ❤️
Mason Pickar
Mason Pickar 2 months ago
I think you might’ve used the wrong grammar? Une phoque should be un phoque I think? Still learning 😅
Tiffany Rowe
Tiffany Rowe 2 months ago
Bens a real man for not letting opinions dictate his actions. You’re both really fucking cool. Edit: I need me some holo taco BAD
Why my boyfriend wears nail polish... BECAUSE I MAKE HIM!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
sour cream and onion
Everyone needs a boyfriend like Ben
potatopouf 2 months ago
i wear t-shirts from the female or male section. if I like it I like it.
Octavia Dennison
Octavia Dennison 2 months ago
If he was wearing it for himself u could call that gay but bc he only does it for her I wouldn’t call it gay bc he not wearing he likes it or whatever
jia Month ago
Uh that’s not the point of their talk- if straight men likes and enjoy painting their nail it’s not them “being gay”. It’s literally just straight men wanting their nails to look nice.
Gina Victoria
Gina Victoria 2 months ago
I find ben so unexplicably hot.
Gina Victoria
Gina Victoria 2 months ago
Jk it's explainable. Lol
Alison Beck
Alison Beck 3 months ago
i watch Grey's Anatomy.
wxllyxwxnka 3 months ago
SEAL!!! What I am saying phoque aka fuck
Sarah Kehr
Sarah Kehr 3 months ago
I wonder what Ben's thoughts are on The Cremation of Sam McGee. I had to read that in elementary school. It is an odd poem
buzzler745555 3 months ago
ben toootally has had a guy confess to him before but turned him down because he's most probably straight
dumb bitch
dumb bitch 3 months ago
my childhood friend’s dad had a whole room in his shop FILLED with pictures of naked women. we would sneak in and laugh at the pictures
avedic 4 months ago
I'm a straight guy....who paints my nails black. I'm straight, yet I'm very attracted to androgyny in people. It's just....interesting, and creative. Also, I find.....the girls I find most attractive.......find it attractive that I paint my nails black. While the sort of girls who I'm not all that into........think it's "gay" or "weird." So........it's actually kind of a great filter to weed out uncool girls. :D
Seema Lokhande
Seema Lokhande 4 months ago
Simply is using her nail file by holo taco!!
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes 4 months ago
When my French teacher was teaching us animals, and she gave us permission to say a bad word, which was "f**k", but it was actually "phoque".
milky shakes
milky shakes 4 months ago
“I think it’s an interesting time in 2019” 2020: you haven’t seen nothin yet
Retaj Elshourbagi
Retaj Elshourbagi 4 months ago
I always wondered Who is Kristine’s editor? Sorry if you said this in a video sue me :(
Kelsey 4 months ago
Cristine editors her own videos
randoms 4 months ago
Do this with the rainbow ones
Hašekfan 4 months ago
1:09 I just realized his seal sound was a selena gomez song 😂
Ruby Neal
Ruby Neal 4 months ago
cristine your cat ears aren't HoLo
Amelia Marion
Amelia Marion 5 months ago
We don’t test on animals we test on Ben.
mxxnlight 5 months ago
Anyone wondering what that jelly looking blue clear polish is at 3:54 in the bottom left corner?? It's not a holo polish, it's not Royal Tea Blue, it's a clear blue-tinted polish. If it's not a normal polish, then what is it?? If it is already something that has been listed or announced, please tell me, lol.
Iris 4 months ago
It is Holo Taco's long lasting base! www.holotaco.com/products/long-lasting-base
Darlene Hernandez
Darlene Hernandez 5 months ago
Ben reminds me of jerry from rick and morty 😔
connerskylar1978 5 months ago
As im6wayching this, I'm noticing that she used her glass nail file that just dropped in May!!!!
Holo taco nail file reveal
George Zachary Woods
Was a benstan until he trashed Grey's.
Exoxe Artesanía
Exoxe Artesanía 6 months ago
I see that Holo Taco nail file....
Jahson Lucien
Jahson Lucien 6 months ago
comealongtoto 6 months ago
Alternative title: GENDER DOES NOT MATTER
Kaytlyn Chung
Kaytlyn Chung 6 months ago
At 2:46 we see the the new holo taco glass file
Meghan Williams
Meghan Williams 6 months ago
i'm really mad about the comment he made about grey's anatomy. but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ he's got the right to have his own opinion.
Liz 6 months ago
She's using the holo taco glass file 😱
Alayena Barnette
Alayena Barnette 6 months ago
I wish I could meet tou
Lainey-Renee Wilderom
I love her greys anatomy jokes ❤️😂
Florence Art
Florence Art 6 months ago
qwq soup
qwq soup 6 months ago
Why my boyfriend wears nail polish: because simply makes him
EDEN 6 months ago
The only unbelievable part if Cristine working in a car shop is her risking her nails
EDEN 6 months ago
Everyone gets to wear nail polish if they want(other than Ben who is Cristine's tester). My dad sometimes let's us do nail art on his toes and purposely wears sandals to show off his toes
Jacob Pagone
Jacob Pagone 6 months ago
I see you have the holo taco file👁️👄👁️
Samantha Tullie
Samantha Tullie 6 months ago
Cristine being sneaky here. I see that holo taco glass nail file ;)
Ana Lise
Ana Lise 6 months ago
..........i just realized that shes using the new holo taco glass nale file... and rthis video was released six months ago... and the file was only released last week... she played us again
Slightly Distressed Slug
Don’t mind me, just scrolling through the comments to see if anyone was going to talk about how uncomfortable those posters of naked chicks in car shops are, and not finding jack sh*t.
Ed Rob
Ed Rob 6 months ago
Spoiler of new stuff 6 month ago
Duda Campos
Duda Campos 6 months ago
Beyn, gender is just a social construct ♡ thanks for being awesome and a good human, more men should follow your example
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus 6 months ago
Okay someone needs to send Cristine the Cremation of Sam McGee
EFinn 6 months ago
the manliest men wear nail polish
Adrita Guha
Adrita Guha 6 months ago
I see the glass nail file in this almost 5-6 month old video!
Kinohi R
Kinohi R 6 months ago
Ben is. Fabulous. Glittery dad nails, or no.
jamie quade
jamie quade 6 months ago
9:27 can we appreciate how beautiful she was/is. I wasn't even that pretty altho i was born in that year... GIRL YOU PRETTYYY
Shaley Buck
Shaley Buck 6 months ago
She was using the holo taco nail file here!!!
Yasmin Ortiz
Yasmin Ortiz 6 months ago
Anni Nurul Aini
Anni Nurul Aini 6 months ago
I’m here to see the nail file😂
Layla Belle Thompson
I'm highly offended. My aunt has a missing nails her big toenail doesmt grow. She paints her toe. Tut tut.
SummyMae Storms
SummyMae Storms 6 months ago
Ben and Christine talking about men wearing nail polish for 11 minutes and 21 seconds straight
Ashton Almeter
Ashton Almeter 6 months ago
Wow Ben is so deep
J S 6 months ago
I really wanted to try your polish. But since you've been closed I coukdnt. My boyfriend surprised me for an early mothers day present with your first holo taco collection . I was so pumped till I found out he paid 150$ for it on Ebay. I cant even wear it now because I'm terrified to waste it. Moral of this story. I finally have your polish but it's only for looks on the shelf now. 😭.
Shivani Vora
Shivani Vora 6 months ago
My personal favourite is the rose gold holo
safi idin
safi idin 6 months ago
You are TRUE MAN Beeyynn
Deedra Nott
Deedra Nott 6 months ago
Lol when she says only paint people’s nails if they consent and I just watched her paint his toes while sleeping and he says he didn’t give consent and she was speechless 😂 I love it 👏👏
AlexIsAIdoit 6 months ago
I was drinking tea
onion fetus
onion fetus 6 months ago
i just read the story the creamation of sam mcgee in sHcOoL
Lora Crain
Lora Crain 6 months ago
I’m rewatching because...quarantine... I thought Ben was wearing a Taco Bell hat. I literally snort laughed when I saw Roots. I’m dumb!
Maris Norton
Maris Norton 6 months ago
beyyyn is honestly the best dude i know of specifically because he's unafraid of talking about these things and he's also wholesome so it's a win-win
Gwen Sefcheck
Gwen Sefcheck 6 months ago
Cristine: "you shouldn't paint someone's nails if they have no consent like babies or pets" Past Cristine: *paints her cat's nails*
Kittie Nail Tutorials
😭😭 Ben: lets cristene remove cuticles. My mum when me trying to paint her nails: nooo! I like my cuticles. Me: waaaaaaa! 😂😱😭
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 7 months ago
Cristine: “only paint peoples nails when you have their consent.” Also Cristine: *paints her boyfriends nails while he’s sleeping*
Katlinel M
Katlinel M 2 months ago
Kerrington H.
Kerrington H. 7 months ago
My boss at my first job doing nails let me bring in a couple of people to work on without charging them so I could get used to the items like the pedicure chairs as they were different then the ones I learned on in school. I convinced my boyfriend of about 2 months to let me give him a pedicure for the first time. He also let me paint his toenails red with black glitter as only me and his family would see them.
Sarah Woodworth
Sarah Woodworth 7 months ago
We love a progressive dad
Olivia Filion
Olivia Filion 7 months ago
BEN: The worst thing about you is the fact that u like Grey’s Anatomy... My sister: WE NEED TO GET HIM IN SURGERY!
Diana M
Diana M 7 months ago
We stan Ben💞
Caleb Weldon
Caleb Weldon 7 months ago
Love the display of healthy masculinity
sarahott 7 months ago
I watch so many Simply videos and end up thinking Ben is the perfect boyfriend, so patient and laid back. I wish there were more men like him.
Isabella Helios
Isabella Helios 7 months ago
Ben is not gay
"Girls wear skinny jeans and shit, they dont wear baggy clothes mostly as a style" Billy eilish left the chat ...🤣🤣🤣
Serenity 7 months ago
Where I live in Iowa people here are openly homophobic and sexist. I love painting my boyfriends nails, he is a varsity starter in football and he gets made fun of and called gay due to him haveing fun spending time with his girlfriend.
Cordelia Zirnhelt
Cordelia Zirnhelt 7 months ago
Am I the only one that wants to know what the kazoo song is?
Jessica Sens
Jessica Sens 7 months ago
My brother dropped out of school cuz he wasn't allowed to have long hair .....WICH IS SHIT💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Eve Allen
Eve Allen 7 months ago
i dont have nails but i own nail polish to make myself feel better. I was born with a very rare disease and i lost my nails on my hands and feet .
Peter D
Peter D 7 months ago
I love that she’s coming out with a rainbow collection but I’d still be down for a black holo
Jen 7 months ago
I loooove these kinda videos, just you and Ben talking about random shit mixed with intellect. So much better than US-firstrs mindlessly voicing their tea and drama. Please keep discussing these things on camera
Saralynn Reid
Saralynn Reid 7 months ago
Ben: we should give the cats presents and maybe ill make a turkey Cristine: and make oats!
Lillian TullerUss
Lillian TullerUss 7 months ago
Cristine-"as long as they consent" Also Cristine- *paints Beyn's toes in his sleep*
Katherine Hawes
Katherine Hawes 8 months ago
EXCUSE ME I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I feel attacked XD
goaprincess 8 months ago
How high are you lol
Jeff New
Jeff New 8 months ago
I love Ben’s good advice. 👍👈
Caroline O'Connor
Caroline O'Connor 8 months ago
Interesting that she spoke about people consenting to getting there nails painted but just a few short months later she painted Ben's toenails in his sleep. Where was the consent Cristine!!!! It shows that I'm in the covid-19 quarantine 🤣