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Well we already know I'm going to he|| for being named Cristine with no 'H' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Dec 16, 2018




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Comments 100   
Samira Khan
Samira Khan 13 hours ago
Please can someone tell me how to send gift because i love this channel
Anne Kester
Anne Kester Day ago
Cristine: Ben, it's a letter for you Ben (sarcastically): oH wOw LeT's FrAmE iT
Hello Day ago
"My mommy says I can only use 5 swear words a day, or no ice cream" 5 year olds have advanced.
Teagie Weagie
Teagie Weagie 2 days ago
Iits not a problem anymore.
Priya baskaran
Priya baskaran 8 days ago
Hi I'm Kanishka from India and I'm a big fan of you
Rida Adil
Rida Adil 9 days ago
Let brad mondo do your hair
Hannah Nott
Hannah Nott 10 days ago
Tbh it’s not just the coffee at tim hortens that sucks. It’s literally everything
ChOnKy RaT
ChOnKy RaT 11 days ago
H💿l💿 it’s me Christine again
Holly France
Holly France 12 days ago
Siobhán K.
Siobhán K. 13 days ago
Only 2 cups of tea a day!!!! If I only drank 2 cups of tea a day, my family would think I was dying!!! To us Irish tea is an all the time, all day thing. Except of course when your having a pint or two with your mates!!!! 😉🇮🇪
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 16 days ago
Zyler never looks too enthused to be there 😂😂😂Ben’s one antler isn’t even having it anymore
Marcus Howell
Marcus Howell 16 days ago
*WHADDYA THINK??!?!?!?!?!??*
Keren Garcia
Keren Garcia 17 days ago
Nobody: Me: dying of laughter😂😂😭😭
Jane auger
Jane auger 20 days ago
my be4st friend gave me the exact same red polka dotted bag that cristine had for my birthday, am kinda shocked
iiDrxmyCharlxtte 23 days ago
“Someone in her household is probably like “WHERES THE FU*CKING DISK?!” “YoU OKaY rOHn? *”my father’s name is Ben”* *”hE tEnDs tO mY evERy nEEdS”* *this is why we love Ben*
Asher little
Asher little 24 days ago
I'm 15 and already engaged
Sarah B
Sarah B 27 days ago
hey be safe today pls. i love u
Lillian Salsbery
Lillian Salsbery 29 days ago
Watching this in 2020 and the Shane Dawson joke did not age well...
Kiwi Month ago
cristine: *puts shane dawson next to her* me: NO U HAVE CATSSSS
Selena Noelle
Selena Noelle Month ago
the shane dawson reference did NOT age well ...
Violet Sanders
Violet Sanders Month ago
21:15 i have never paused a video so fast
Nico Noam
Nico Noam Month ago
I love how my dad is called Ben and I just realise that his phone and phone case is exactly the same as my dads and the fact that he looks like my dad 😂 is beyynnn my dad
Sandhya Jyothy
Sandhya Jyothy Month ago
I am almost 10 years old❤️
Ilario Rinaldi
Ilario Rinaldi Month ago
Hi I watched u since I was six ;-;
Charlotte Bergstrom
that intro has not aged well
Mya K
Mya K Month ago
20:40 hilarious 😂
Jillian Ryle
Jillian Ryle Month ago
a bible and a ball gag.... to sin and repent😂
shamrock cottontail
Eli Potato
Eli Potato 25 days ago
I want to meet them lol That sounds weird
Gauri Sharma
Gauri Sharma Month ago
I started loving you guys
Chicken Paws kookie
Kids don't play with nives is what they say. 0:57 and Ben needs the nail polish
sweety. hellxkitty
Taxes are like bananas, I don’t like bananas but I like Ben.
Danielle Bicknell
Libby Davis
Libby Davis Month ago
watching this October 19th, 2020, we are in a pandemic called coronavirus.
Mimi Diamond
Mimi Diamond Month ago
She should go to the holo carpet not the red carpet
Madison Lafreniere
This was the first video under the nail art category on US-first lol
Adah Ardyson
Adah Ardyson Month ago
I lost my last baby tooth about 15 minutes into this video. 🦷
frankie baxter
frankie baxter Month ago
literally lost it at the disc lmaoooo
Bryana Jeon lee
Bryana Jeon lee Month ago
ok but like why is no one talking about them singing niki and gabis song RU
tatu vaidya
tatu vaidya Month ago
why does cristines tea looks like my cats bathwater
Eli Potato
Eli Potato 25 days ago
Kate Townsend
Kate Townsend Month ago
It’s not a problem anymore
A͎l͎i͎ _C͎u͎t͎
I searched nail art to see uf she'd appear and she appeared right next to troom troom 😂
ansh kumar
ansh kumar Month ago
she can open a holo museum with all that holo
Suki Holmes
Suki Holmes Month ago
Its not a problem anymore
Demi Robertson
Demi Robertson Month ago
I just watched your video can't stop laughing so much. Love your videos
Allison Roth
Allison Roth Month ago
When you get a dvd for banana move you feel like a kid
XxmoonlightxX Month ago
little rat
little rat 2 months ago
When cristine turns 61 she should have a sweet 16 she can just flip the letters
Sally 2 months ago
who else thinks beeeeeeennnn should start a roasting channel
Ciara OKeefe
Ciara OKeefe 2 months ago
Why can no one pronounce Newfoundland correctly (it’s pronounced as new found land like each word at a time in one word)
Potato Master
Potato Master 2 months ago
18:24 STICKERRRRSSSSSSS :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meghan Spencer
Meghan Spencer 2 months ago
Cristine: Abubu!! It's for you!! 😂 I love her sense of humor.
Rowa_TheWerewolf ;-;
In retrospect marriage was actually really creepy, because one day someone decided that, I love you so much,,, I wanna get the governmemt involved so you can never legally leave me.
Modwri Facpla
Modwri Facpla 2 months ago
Chloe Geibe
Chloe Geibe 2 months ago
They should have a fake wedding just to please all these "WhEn WiLl YoU gEt MaRrIeD?!?" People
special review
special review 2 months ago
Y don't u want to get merrid
itz_ Sara
itz_ Sara 2 months ago
Yes Christine,4-5 y.o. can write .
Eve McCloskey
Eve McCloskey 2 months ago
20:17 cackling
hadar arazi
hadar arazi 2 months ago
Why should we get married? No one needs any document in the house that he loves someone or that someone loves him. No one needs to "prove" that he loves and cares and respects and wants to be loyal to just one person. Because if someone needs this "proof" then it is not true love and there is no reason to get married. My parents are not married and they love each other for real so it's no matter!
Cece W
Cece W 2 months ago
Wait... SimplyFrenchLogical????!!!!
Emma C
Emma C 2 months ago
Omg i thought that was ben with a mask on for like 5 minutes
bovinegirl 2 months ago
Wow, bible & ball gag.
bovinegirl 2 months ago
Sorry for mentioning y'all getting married. I just think you two seem sooo perfect. I wouldn't ask you to have kids tho... It's a personal decision to ruin ones vagina for the purposes of reproduction. I had a surrogate (mu sister) lined up but she ended up having health problems & I don't want her to deal with extra bodily stress on my behalf (though she has 6 thru 5 births).
Mad Covers
Mad Covers 2 months ago
Today we got a bible and a ball gag Best quote of the wlrld
Leila Gawf
Leila Gawf 2 months ago
Me living in 2020 during COVID19 nd still being "slightly ;)" obsessed w Goosebumps...totally don't watch it every day
Emma catzilla 0.2
Emma catzilla 0.2 2 months ago
Me: has cat that looks like zyler *calls him zyler* Me: OwO.... I’m just kidding well cal my cat fat boi *can u call ur cat that :)*
Cookingdiva 2 months ago
HOLO carpet!!!!
Sriparna Mazumder
Sriparna Mazumder 2 months ago
I just got a ad from simply piano
Gracie Pop
Gracie Pop 2 months ago
I found your channel by searching water marble 😂
Danni Diston
Danni Diston 2 months ago
i love you guys but i'm english and what is that weak ass tea you're drinking
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea 2 months ago
Well Holo
JIMIN - Topic
JIMIN - Topic 2 months ago
5:19 Some *white creature* is staring at the letter... ~uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~
Karishma M.
Karishma M. 2 months ago
You don't have to marry Ben... BUT PLEASE WEAR A HOLO WEDDING DRESS!!!
Sam 2 months ago
Found your next collection idea! 4:07
YugiohFreak TaeHao Devil Bidder 707 Ray GazettE
I’ll be honest I come back to this vid because of the Bible and ball gags 😂😂😂
Dahli webb
Dahli webb 2 months ago
crazzy cat lady i like dogs but allso starfire
Liz A
Liz A 2 months ago
Ben: I think I’d be illegal for me to agree. 💀💀💀💀
Ailish O'Connor
Ailish O'Connor 3 months ago
its sad some kids want to swear just cause it ¨makes them cool¨ also i wish i could go to Canada so i could learn French instead of Spanish 😂 and i am a kid
ruthiepie 3 months ago
Abby India
Abby India 3 months ago
Cristine: I just showered Also Cristine: I cant wait to shower!
Peppa Family
Peppa Family 3 months ago
There was an add about a song with blac chyna having sprinkles on her butt and boobs and a rainbow haired guy saying get off my d**k
Peppa Family
Peppa Family 3 months ago
And it was an ad in this vid
Lucie Ferretti
Lucie Ferretti 3 months ago
I'm watching this drinking tea
Dakota Noyes
Dakota Noyes 3 months ago
when i was watching this i am painting my nails with Delosol COLOR CHANGING HOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ally Brown
Ally Brown 3 months ago
The purple beanie baby with the rose on the chest that you showed, I currently own, and have had it for 20 years. I still set it up on the bed when I make it and my boyfriend always throws it off 😂
Ally Brown
Ally Brown 2 months ago
Fiona she’s been through some stuff though so I don’t think it’s worth anything😬
Fiona 2 months ago
I think that beanie baby is one of THE RAREST ones and they’re worth a TON OF MONEY!! Tell your boyfriend to be careful!!
Joseph Parkinson
Joseph Parkinson 3 months ago
What if someone changed the shampoo for hair removal
Gwen Shellhammer
Gwen Shellhammer 3 months ago
Holo Gwen
We Are All Fritz
We Are All Fritz 3 months ago
Yo, my name is Gwyn
Meghna Chandiramani
Meghna Chandiramani 3 months ago
You should make a video on people who troll you on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter
Cute Kitty
Cute Kitty 3 months ago
That tea looks like dirty paint water
Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer Richardson 3 months ago
Cristine is now beyyyyns daughter bc he takes care of cristines tea
Hania Talat
Hania Talat 3 months ago
I can't go to home atm (covid) and I'm stuck at my relatives house since 7 months and I'm a having a simply Nail Logical marathon and the CD part really cracked me up and it's been a while since I laughed
soreen loaf
soreen loaf 3 months ago
That thumbnail is everything
Mamma_Miekje 3 months ago
So wait you first get the Bible and then the next you unbox a choker ball thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ohw I have watched that part over and over , even showed it to my best friend . But everytime we get to that part , I can’t breath from laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leah Walton
Leah Walton 3 months ago
ahhh the ball gag lol
alexia falco
alexia falco 3 months ago
Your amazing😊😊😊😊😋😊😊😋
soreen loaf
soreen loaf 3 months ago
alexia falco
alexia falco 3 months ago
Ooff my name is alexia but i didnt send that😋😋
Aech McMan
Aech McMan 3 months ago
She should just film ben on the other side of the camera and green screen it onto the manikin
Just Me
Just Me 3 months ago
Simply: it's because they're parents are married Me: my fucking parents aren't married
Sweetest Bitch
Sweetest Bitch 3 months ago
Hi💜💜💜💜!!! I'm a HUGE fan! Please please look at my go fund me🙏🏻🙏🏻 www.gofundme.com/f/gzvy7-fixing-my-teeth?+share-flow-1
jeni Judd
jeni Judd 3 months ago
jeni Judd
jeni Judd 3 months ago
you guys would be cute married but you don't have to my parents got married theu are divorced now
adelina parra
adelina parra 3 months ago
Do more simply Mail logical plz
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