Why are "Life Hack" videos so stupid? (Simply Nailogical & Ben reflect) 

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Somewhere in the stupid banality of testing Banana Life Hacks, Ben and I reflect on the culture of the Life Hack genre and its informational emptiness, question why people click, and go on a tangent in discussing the frustration felt among audiences when US-firstrs repeatedly remind everyone that they work the hardest. What do you think? *montage* comment down below!
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Mar 31, 2018




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Comments 100   
Berlin 10 days ago
If you go back to troom trooms earliest videos, they were actual diy videos that weren't clickbait. I wonder what happened.
Dr Gurvinder Kaur
Happy Birthday
Donna 2 months ago
1:05 *Ukraine
EllaSings 2 months ago
Happy Birthday ben
EllaSings 2 months ago
I want them to bring matt on the conversation .Ben’s brother .
Red Ally
Red Ally 3 months ago
Ben is done with this banana shit
Ivysaur 57
Ivysaur 57 3 months ago
am I the only one talking about this... I THOUGHT BANANAS IN PYJAMAS WAS ONLY AUSTRAILIAN SoMeOnE AnSwEr mY QuEsTiOn iS It oVeRsEaS ToO?
vlada 3 months ago
ben is my spirt animal
Annika's art work
Annika's art work 3 months ago
I mostly just want a change of all the shade and random things ben talks about, it oddly makes me feel less lonely, plus I just like listening to random people talk for hours on end
Jocelyn Lowe
Jocelyn Lowe 4 months ago
Does anyone else think that bananas look so much more appealing *no pun intended* on camera but then you eat one in real life and it’s like the banana catfished you
Slothlover& Swiftie4ever
I watch the videos because I like to laugh with my friends at how stupid they are
ashjamie 4 months ago
i just realised what a strange situation i'm in- i'm laying in bed with a bag of lettuce watching banana life hacks 👁👄👁
Amber Perkins
Amber Perkins 5 months ago
Ben needs to make a channel where he talks about life and how werid it can be. I would watch that for sure
Alexandra Arati
Alexandra Arati 5 months ago
Watching this 2 years later! But yea actually banana’s can be a period hack because apparently potassium helps diminish menstrual cramps!
Oink Oink
Oink Oink 5 months ago
The only reason I watch troom troom is to realize that I am not that dumb compared to the blue eyed girl~ ALSO THE COMMENTARY!! IT'S SO STUPID THAT IT'S FUNNY!!
Lilymoon 5 months ago
I resonated with this so hard, God I love Cristine and Ben
Cici Woods
Cici Woods 5 months ago
DinoAlienKat 0
DinoAlienKat 0 6 months ago
"Is it weird that im kinda into this" -ben 2018 😂😂😂😂ben is just amazing
Riona Ayers
Riona Ayers 6 months ago
Cristine: So you didn't find this video very Cristine: *aPEELing* Cristine: did you? Ben: what the actual f*ck Cristine your dad jokes are worse than mine
BuZgal 6 months ago
sorry I disagree.... depending on the content creator, their videos take days to be made and edited. I agree that the average US-firstr does not appreciate their blessings but I dont necessarily think to does not take effort.
Şonea Daria Ioana
Şonea Daria Ioana 6 months ago
that reflection part hit me so hard. when i see all these girls that are getting paid an incredible amount of money for showing off their cute outfits, and living their best life in downtown LA i just lose all my motivation to do anything. i can honestly say this youtube bullshit is messing with my heart :(
Hickory Peterson
Hickory Peterson 6 months ago
I caught that liza koshy reference😄😄
Jacob 6 months ago
Ben says that about youtuber boyfriends when he posted a video before Cristine ever did
I dont know yet
I dont know yet 6 months ago
Troom troom is Russian It's TRUE Yep Yep Yep
pesce canella
pesce canella 6 months ago
I think they think about these way differently now.
Carp 6 months ago
Fuck we missed his birthday this past year.
Teegan Gayewski
Teegan Gayewski 7 months ago
‘I got you 20 banana hacks not depression!’ I’m fkn ded 😂😂😂😂
Water Witch
Water Witch 7 months ago
We don’t want to be millionaires or billionaires, we just want to be able to live.
Water Witch
Water Witch 7 months ago
That’s because our society ( I live in America) is complete and utter bullshit that purposely makes it so people are so tired out from work that we don’t have the energy to do something actually useful, like trying to stop this corrupt government from purposely keeping almost all of the population in poverty. 9-5 hours 5days a week is a scam, especially when you only get paid $9 an hour and have to get a second or third job to try and barely scrape by.
some guy
some guy 7 months ago
I am SO glad that Ben and Cristine are on this platform, otherwise I would've definitely made some shitty ass life choices further down the road All hail simplydad&momlogical
Megan Box
Megan Box 7 months ago
I appreciated your conversation about ungrateful US-firstrs. I’ve had chronic pain and health problems since my second year of high school and listening to healthy privileged people whine about how hard it is for them to make Pokémon videos with Ad revenue being unstable is really annoying. I bet ad revenue instability is not nearly as annoying as my current health instability which means that some days I can get through work and feel alright and other days I struggle through work and feel like dying after. I appreciate youtubers much more that put their videos out without complaining. This is their job. I don’t go to my job and spend all day complaining to people about it. Why are they at their job complaining to viewers about it? Most common reason why I stop watching channels. Lol. You also have people today acting like making videos during quarantine is taking one for the team but realistically a lot of people are working from home right now and if they film videos from home, their job is literally exactly the same. It’s not like they’re the people stocking the grocery store or delivering supplies and packages. Stop acting like you’re suffering more than other people.
Ruby Red
Ruby Red 7 months ago
Don't get me wrong I love all the serious conversation they had and how thoughtful they are, but is no one going to mention "Is it weird that I'm kinda into this?"
Okti Nola Fazarilla
Okti Nola Fazarilla 7 months ago
Hahahaha Ben, it’s Not like we don’t want to call them out. We just don’t watch it. We’re too busy doing our day jobs then juggling between careers, social life, and life in general really. I personally watch US-first when I need a 5 mins time out break when I do some paperwork at home. It’s nice to see some US-firstrs that aren’t vague. I really like both of you who keeps reminding everyone to stay in school and to learn some manners. We need more of you guys in this crazy world. So Ben, please don’t be too too upset on your birthday. The look on Christine face is really sad when she realise you were so upset about this things
SIMPL3XITY 7 months ago
Those who are purely doing it for the money/fame (but of course they'll deny that) and put out stupid content are the types of youtubers who don't contribute to society in a meaningful way. They definitely do not contribute in the way their average viewers are, who are working hard labour and service industries. Then they'll talk about following their dreams and not being a sheep by not having a 9to5 job and they denigrate office jobs. And like you said, they'll talk about how busy they are and how much they hustle. Reminds me of people who join MLMs and justify it with all of the above (to convince you to join their downline). You guys are the most grounded youtubers I've had the pleasure of stumbling across
Sad hoe tings
Sad hoe tings 8 months ago
“Is it weird that I’m kinda into this?” No Ben you’re the banana king we know you love it
TUNGALAGTAMIR .B 8 months ago
4years old in my household. I guess they like to watch troom troom life hacks
Heidi Neely
Heidi Neely 8 months ago
Ben is so so hot
Amaani Mubeen
Amaani Mubeen 8 months ago
Next title for troom trooms video How to get bananas on your nails done by Troom trooms Ben
Nicole Celestino
Nicole Celestino 8 months ago
Why am I into this 🤣
Jospeh Christie
Jospeh Christie 8 months ago
The US-first or‘s that have forgotten about the struggles have never had the struggles. like Logan Paul fuck Logan Paul and all the pauls but if you say anything then you’re just jealous
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach 8 months ago
Every human has a maximum amount of work they can do. We only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year. Some people work 12 hours a day for $3 an hour, and some people don’t have to work and can live off of their millions of dollars of inheritance.
tntuof 8 months ago
OMG sad Ben made me wanna marry him even more 😍
Don't Ask
Don't Ask 10 months ago
Can I just mention that whenever Ben and bananas are in the same video, *there is always a dirty joke somewhere.*
Petrus 906
Petrus 906 10 months ago
I love the thumbnail for this video lekdjsjds
Annika's art work
Annika's art work 11 months ago
0:45 this just reminded me of my childhood, story time I got this glow in the dark nail polish about when I was five and I wanted my lips to glow in the dark I put it on and you know what happened a lot of freaking pain it was very painful dont put nail polish on your lips.
ashley baker
ashley baker 11 months ago
This is why I love y’all. You are so real!
Vizhardus 11 months ago
I work in a factory, doing night shifts and shit hours. Of course I'm mad at youtubers who complain how "hard" it is to be one. But is there a point on saying anything.. I dont know. As long as there will be people like you and Ben, im fine with this system!
Hannah Williams-Roulston
Love this. It drives me insane when US-firstrs are like “such a stressful busy day for me” “i have a nail appointment then Botox then facial than a massage my life is so hard....” and I’m like hey 🙃
Diamond Fox
Diamond Fox 11 months ago
Ben: why does everyone think I love bananas? I dont really like them that much Also ben: * sees cristine with banana sheriff hat, wearing all yellow (aka banana sexy), takes a banana out of a banana holster and blows on it as if it had smoke coming out of it like a real pistol *... why am I kind of into this???
Rhiannon Van dinther
Rhiannon Van dinther 11 months ago
He reminds me of my dad at the dinner table
Heison Harju
Heison Harju 11 months ago
When I was kid one day, I put nailpolish in my lips cos I thauhgt it would look good. It burned like h*ll don't do it!
Sophia Russo
Sophia Russo Year ago
Might I recommend the musical masterpiece put a banana in your ear? 🍌
rainy dayzzz
rainy dayzzz Year ago
darn Cristine got serious
Good Vides69
Good Vides69 Year ago
It’s a mental issue 😂😭
Lealah Stansowo
Me at Ben during this entire video: OK Boomer
Deanna Christine
Preach! ❤️❤️❤️
Greg Foster
Greg Foster Year ago
Ben basically said are you sure those are real views and not Russians buying fake views? Isn’t that the biggest boomer moment- OKAY BOOMERRRR I’m sorry I had to
Eloísa Year ago
"Is it weird that I'm kinda into this?" -Beeeyyynn xD
Sky W Edits
Sky W Edits Year ago
You are both so passionate when speaking about this stuff and I love it. You get so fired up for others and that just shows how caring and kind you are.
Anna Ruks
Anna Ruks Year ago
It's so hard to make those troom troom views
Mari Mendi
Mari Mendi Year ago
I know this is hella late but when you sang Banana's in Pajamas it made my heart Happy! I loved that show when I was a kid! 💛🍌💛🍌💛🍌
Amanda Heselaa
Okay but honestly, I would love for Cristine and Ben to have a podcast where they just reflect...
ash S
ash S Year ago
Lubos Šimko
Lubos Šimko Year ago
It is also sad how there huge difference in stuff on youtube - like animators need to work really hard, and they are lucky if they have one ten minute video a month, while ricegum and others are barfing one video after another
PinayChicky Year ago
You guys are my favorite people on US-first. You guys have your heads on straight. It makes me happy that the two of you have REAL jobs and make US-first videos for fun, and that it's not your main source of income. I also love how upfront you are about US-first and the stupid spoiled US-firstrs on here.
RandiPoitras Year ago
I have the hoodie version of that shirt XD
Katie Maxie
Katie Maxie Year ago
Simply logical
Clay Reichard
Clay Reichard Year ago
Simplymomlogical is rocking the fox moto sports shirt.
LifeLostSoul Year ago
Did they have Bananas in Pajamas in Canada?!?!? I thought it was only a thing in Australia.
Jade Bao Song
Jade Bao Song Year ago
The comparison between being an online creator (and guilt tripping their audience into being empathetic) and someone working a labor intensive job that isn’t comfortable for the worker is that the online creator has the luxury of having enough down time and equipment to create content because their life style allows them to do so. Someone who needs a minimum wage job needs that money now.
Dionne Duignan
While I was watching this video I was eating bananas on toast 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Sharon B
Sharon B Year ago
Does Ben ever get Charlie Horses? All those bananas...
Hannah Bingham
Yesssss! It drives me crazy when professional US-firstrs talk about how hard they’re working in their videos like almost everyone watching that video isn’t working a full time or two jobs that are actually difficult and strenuous to afford to live.
Peter D
Peter D Year ago
I was almost going to skip the add that’s in the video
Allison Rogers
Life hack videos actually used to be good about 15 years ago.
avqxiia Year ago
May Edits
May Edits Year ago
Wait troom troom came out on my birthday. Is this a sign?
Laibah Khan
Laibah Khan Year ago
3:18 Ben's laugh
nature is beautiful, nature is life
1:59. That was so sad. He sounded so confused. And surprised.
go back to sleep karen
i strongly agree on the reflection period of this video. most youtubers only do youtube as their career, earning millions of dollars on their content a year. and because of minimum wage and your position/job you're working in, the amount of money normal people earn on a daily basis is nowhere near as much as a youtuber makes, even just one day of working, and working the same amount of time as the person with a normal day job. i agree youtubers do quite a bit for their content, but their decision to work that hard on their videos is their choice. but really what most people in these videos do isnt as hard as a normal job is. i may misunderstand as a 13 year old who doesnt work, but what my parents and older brothers make it, its hard work. and seeing as what most youtubers do, you're mostly either walking around doing random things as a vlogger, or sitting in your house making diy crafts and life hacks. crafts arent that hard and i know because i used to do them when i was like 10 following those diy videos as much as i could. i used to do them myself without instruction, and guess what: aint hard. sure, to other people they are difficult to achieve, but if a 10 year old can spark up some crafts, you grown adults known for making childrens content can do just the same.
at me
at me Year ago
"Hack Genre" 😂😂
milkmango131 Year ago
I just can't fathom how Cristine has 9-5 job and have not one, but TWO youtube channel. She also seems content with both of her worlds and manages to balance her life great
Nimita Siju
Nimita Siju Year ago
i dare cristine and BEYNNN to get a podcast cause i would listen
Jessica Peck
Jessica Peck Year ago
I chose to leave my “normal” 8 to 4 hospital ward clerk job - where I was earning a decent amount - and decided to open my own shop. First time business. Got a business loan. Took on the whole stress of it on my own. I am currently not making a wage - I just about scrap over my bills with some left over to buy food. Yeah, its hard as f**k. But honestly, you do not get the same sense of pride and achievement in that normal job as it does in my shop. That being said... if I didnt have a support system around me with my family and friends, I doubt I would have done it. Yep, stay in school, get those grades and a good job to keep you going but.... if you get an idea or a dream - research it a f**k tonne, lay out your options and if you can - go for it! You not going to know whether or not you’ll succeed until you actually try.
Aabha Mathews
Aabha Mathews Year ago
This made me realise that my least favourite genre of US-first videos is those haul videos. They’re just earning money off of money that they’ve already earned bcz of US-first and that cycle would just continue.
Caroline Silka
Yes it does bother the shit our of people. But Cristine is 💯 percent correct
Audio Power
Audio Power Year ago
I got you 20 banana life hacks not depression -Cristine with no H
All by my shelf
‘Cris’ 💗💗💗
ThuyN Year ago
lmao, i have to turn up the volume for Ben, but lower it for Cristine RIP MY EARS 😂 😂
Jessamy Year ago
wait, Canadians had bananas in pyjamas too?
Madison Kimack
I am am a full time engineering student from Monday to Thursday and I work 30-40 hours Friday-Sunday so I can afford school and rent. It is a little frustrating to hear other people saying they work so hard when I’m so stressed out
blackygreen92 Year ago
I love you guys so much because you guys are so real about things.
The Pickle Of Destiny
Poor Ben lol
Karla Guerra
Karla Guerra Year ago
I swear the realest US-firstd ever!
cheerful blossoms
Ben throwing shade and Cristine trying to stop him is just my life now🤣
Varga Paula
Varga Paula Year ago
I really try to watch the ads, but I don't know how I never get 30 sec ones on your channel! :-D
Ari Year ago
I agree mostly but not every youtuber is a milionare
Chase Murray
Chase Murray Year ago
Wow Cristine.. you are very right.... I am a full time student work and have a US-first channel.. or trying to at least 😂😂 stay in school and follow your dreams at the same time! Even though it is hard to stay on track! Thanks again for a beautiful video!
Sara C
Sara C Year ago
Can you guys hug and kiss?
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Angels Like You
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