WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FOREHEAD?! | Simplymailogical #11 

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Today we film the last Simply Mailogical in the old nail polish room :'( ...where I am sponsored in foreign currency by many of you, Menchie gets a holo cat bed, Ben gets asked "the question", and we find out what happened to Ben's forehead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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May 6, 2018




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Comments 100   
Varsha John
Varsha John 21 hour ago
Actually the same forehead incident happend to my mom once. And the mark was there about a week 😂😂😂
Ky ky’s World
Ky ky’s World 2 days ago
Yaaaaaaassssssssss kweeeeeeeen
Angela Menchaca
Angela Menchaca 2 days ago
Two years later and this moment of Ben getting a forehead hickey still does the trick to cheer up. Please never take this down! Apparently, more people do this too.
Maricarmen Bravo
Maricarmen Bravo 2 days ago
It’s funny how beynnnnn is wearing his drink slave hoodie
maritza 3 days ago
the way this literally just happened to me.,,,
Emmie Poole
Emmie Poole 4 days ago
Omg I’m so glad they have smarties too, I’m from the uk
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 5 days ago
Ben talking about being a role model with a hickey on his forehead he did with a kids pen has me cackling 💀
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 5 days ago
Did I miss something but what’s with the freaking bananas
Silyxa 7 days ago
This video is the one I come to when I'm feeling sad :')
chloe flores
chloe flores 8 days ago
I cried at 24 mins ily cristine so much and she has help me through a lot my mom and I fight a lot y I don't see her often, cristine is definitely a mother figure for me, tysm muah
Ava Cunningham
Ava Cunningham 9 days ago
Well, ain’t that swell - ben
Mae Schlenker
Mae Schlenker 10 days ago
I like that holo knife of yours😉
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 11 days ago
Sorry Cristine. I will not go do my homework. . . . I already did ^.^
Irvin Leong
Irvin Leong 11 days ago
I feel like everytime I watched a video with reflection intermission I learn something😂
madeleen Galaxy
madeleen Galaxy 11 days ago
Angerstein if you're wondering I do have two brothers and I'm going to put all names Lillian Alex Cara and Eric so the oldest is so Cara is my big sister I'm going to tell her to describe to simply nailogical she needs to sex drive to simply nailogical and simply not logical and literally her name is Carter and then it's Lillian Eric most of our names or like reassured except know it's a little early I don't know I do not know why I said Alex cousin not Alex it's Brandon🌸💕💜
madeleen Galaxy
madeleen Galaxy 11 days ago
Hi Christine my name is Lillian I just want to know can you please do a little hard that I did almost like five years ago I'm kidding I did it last year it is a purple nail was a shooting star and then a rainbow behind it and the hot and you better do a video and please do the title of the video should be # Lillian purple rainbow shooting star nail art
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 12 days ago
Looking like Nikkie...Then she said I look like Nikkie lol 😂 Point for me...💰💰💰When Simply puts on the unicorn horn crown Ben is like Fuck...
Tia RsBeanie
Tia RsBeanie 12 days ago
“Sorry for the burnt banana my dad cooked it for too long” Ben: “What?”
Elias COdoubleB
Elias COdoubleB 12 days ago
Drishti Gulati
Drishti Gulati 13 days ago
Simply mom logical , can I get my allowance for the month
Am I the only one who can’t take Ben seriously doing things serious talk just because of that thing on his forehead😂
Hadley J
Hadley J 15 days ago
Time stamp of bens hickey- 18:20
George Disney
George Disney 15 days ago
I’m from England we have smarties but not rockets, rockets do look kind of like a sweet we have in England called fizzers though I’m not sure if they’re the same sort of thing.
Merry Marysia
Merry Marysia 15 days ago
Beyyyn is the only person ever good at adulting
Chicken Lady
Chicken Lady 16 days ago
who would you go out with anyway beyn???? tea??? hehe
Kayla Chin
Kayla Chin 18 days ago
I literally was looking at Beyyn hickey the Half video lmao🤣#poorben
mangagirl960406 18 days ago
3:35 best Simply: "....Holo cat bed.." *Throws everything to get the cat bed*
Alaina Schneider
Alaina Schneider 21 day ago
Cris and Ben are like 30 and they don’t know the getting rid of a hickey with a cold spoon trick?
Duygu Bilql
Duygu Bilql 22 days ago
Duygu Bilql
Duygu Bilql 22 days ago
my birthday us in Aoril 27th urs us at April 17th i think but if it is ur birthday is really close to mine like 10 days 0^0
Amber Huselton
Amber Huselton 24 days ago
Ellie Edmonds
Ellie Edmonds 25 days ago
Me watching this during school, then getting roasted for watching during school
Silyxa 27 days ago
This video gives me a big dose of serotonin and i love it, ben and his hickey tho made me actually die o.O
Blind Bag Palooza
Blind Bag Palooza 29 days ago
15:38 knife goes in Ben’s face
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart Month ago
Ben and Cristine in the unicorn together is about the cutest thing I've seen in a while.
Anita Rathod
Anita Rathod Month ago
Ben has a boring forehead. Let's make it beautiful by plunging his Forehead. The results are so beautiful that nobody can stop laughing at his forehead. It's nOt a PrObLeM AnYmOre
Maayan fuerte
Maayan fuerte Month ago
מי מישראל???
nochuu Month ago
the london accent lowkey triggered me sjsj
Erika Plante
Erika Plante Month ago
Ehhhh my actual birthday is April 17th so your birthday is my half birthday!!!
Janika Month ago
Sometimes I feel like Cristine is our secong mom
Aleksander Weedman
next time Cristine is opening mail, finds skeleton (she actually send herself) and Cristine is like: HOLO SHIT
Sarah Tsai
Sarah Tsai Month ago
Breanna Johnson
Breanna Johnson Month ago
You are the best
Cadence Westerling
im 13 turning 14 next month, you have help be bring out my creative side, i have started drawing and doing nail art, i have been watching you since i was 11 years old, you inspire me!
marylopez0812 Month ago
Oh ben laugh and crying😂😅
Cool Kid
Cool Kid Month ago
I'm British and we don't have rockets but we have something similar I think and they're called fizzers and we do have smarties
Terrie Daugherty
I have watched this 100 times. I die laughing and crying every time the count downs to ben being screwed starts and then laugh all the way until he come back and says never mind🤣🤣🤣🤣
Isabella Daisy
Isabella Daisy Month ago
She has not changed
dexa Month ago
The Australian money: Our notes are Holo, like Canadian money. The silver coin looked like a 50 cents. We also have sliver 5, 10 and 20 cents. (They get bigger the more they're worth.) The gold was a 1 dollar coin. We also have 2 dollar coins (smaller, but thicker, than the one dollar.)
Megan Morey
Megan Morey Month ago
🤣🤣😭😭😭😭 these are the greatest!! I can't with the forehead hickey😭😭😭💀
Indianna Slaughter
i put a suction cup on my forehead once and there was a breuis for three weeks
Payton The Craziest
Simply:BeN ShUt ThE *HONK* uP Ben:I’m Never Getting This Bitch Tea Again
Libby Davis
Libby Davis Month ago
the hickey scene thing is a little after 18:46
Deseree Herman
Deseree Herman Month ago
This is still my favorite Simply mailogical video, Ben getting a hickey on his forehead.
xStellar ඞ
xStellar ඞ Month ago
Zyler is underrated. Menchie is overrated. Just love both of them. Zyler need more respect.
So Hawk
So Hawk Month ago
24:12 I'm homeschooled
• Viviverse •
Hi I am kk
Hi I am kk Month ago
And I am 9 and I don’t give a fuck😅😅
Hi I am kk
Hi I am kk Month ago
Hi I am kk
Hi I am kk Month ago
Omg Ben is so dumb why would he put that on his forehead it looks like a hickey
Samantha DeVries
I gave myself arm hickeys as a kid lol I was stupid
geeky cat
geeky cat Month ago
one of the letters said the podcast intro hey whats up holo
Catarina Alves
Catarina Alves Month ago
This just made my day. Second time I'm watching. Christine, you and Ben are probably the only youtubers I ever watch nowadays. I love listening/watching your podcast. And I always come back to the simply videos because WE NEED TO HAVE SOME FUN BEFORE WE DIE! But seriously, I know you must get this a lot, but you make me laugh and have a good time and I love how you are so mindful of the message and image you send to your audience. I just heard the podcast on the social media documentary and it resonated with me so much that I went and made a cleanse of the people I follow and I'm reviewing notifications to keep just the people that I feel are good for me. You guys are ones of the few 😅 sorry for the long ramble. Love ya, bai ❤️
lilah holdwa
lilah holdwa Month ago
"ohh that's not good" said ben
lilah holdwa
lilah holdwa Month ago
im hungry so I'm eating ice cream from out of the tub
Rosalie Jewel
Rosalie Jewel Month ago
When Ben starts talking about other US-firstrs life choices as the hickey on his forehead gets darker gradually from the mini suction cup unicorn horn cat toy he stuck to his face 😂
period bad bleep
you (maybe idk): “aw man i wish i had the time stamp of when ben screwed up” me: “dang me t-“ also me: 18:40
lmao thanks xD
Genie Beukes
Genie Beukes Month ago
Actual nail art Chanel's are crying rn
Lisa_33 Month ago
can anyone tell me what did the person ask at 8:22 ?
Mia Avakin World
Beyyn:playing hard to get Beatrice Christine:BEYYN SHUT THE FUCK UP ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
I can bring you some sunshine I'm from hawaii Edit, My birthday is 10/19/2010 so having people love halloween and autumn makes me really happy! it makes my day that she joked about my birthday season!
1 like equals 1 prayer for all the boxes that wee sacrificed for this video 🙏🙏
Tara Rezai
Tara Rezai Month ago
Tara Rezai
Tara Rezai Month ago
My mind * rockets smarties smarties rockets * wth us the different
Shachi Kumar
Shachi Kumar Month ago
23:00 just watch
Nora Synovic
Nora Synovic Month ago
Eliza Schyler Hamilton
I’m American and even I know the difference between rockets and smarties
Taylor Halliday Careen
My friend has 13 cats
Shane or something like that
Who also thinks its funny that cristin mixed up german and dutch
Looks like the bruises that I got from trying to use an acne pore vacuum device.
katelynn mccully
Your knife skills scare me but I love watching your videos lol
máscaras blancas
18:52 Ben's hickey
Landen Albright
Landen Albright Month ago
Sadie Bondurant
Sadie Bondurant Month ago
Sadie Bondurant
Sadie Bondurant Month ago
Sadie Bondurant
Sadie Bondurant Month ago
I bet the thing from rachele said "also do you think you would pop the ring" Or maybe it said "the big question"
izzybeth Month ago
I've seen this video like seven times and Ben's hickey makes me laugh like an idiot every. single. time
Beau Month ago
I am two years late but I am in tears
Jasmine Todd1996
I rember having chocolate on my neck and my mum grabed me and trend my head hardly and ruched it and let a big sigh and I asked what's wrong and told me it was a hickey and it's when you suck your arm hand ECT and it's gone the world couloour I was like 10 when that happened and I'm twelve I didn't go back to edit so this might not make scencrle but idk
Jasmine Todd1996
That's one way to get a hickiy and your forehead,sorry I can't spell 🙂
Jada Norred
Jada Norred Month ago
Beeeeeyyyn we’re is christines tea
Hxneyvxbes Month ago
My mom watches you with me and then she gave me permission to send u fucking mail...
Rod Smith
Rod Smith Month ago
How many people thought when she showed us her eyes. Thought she was a tide pod. JUST ME OKAY
Mary Mckenna
Mary Mckenna Month ago
I was watching this and gave myself a Nicky on my hand and now I have a lil red dot on my hand and I'm worried but I have to remind myself Ben has THAT on his forhead
I'm Someone
I'm Someone Month ago
Watching Cristine's old videos in makeup make me uncomfortable because she was using allergen filled stuff 🙁 I'm paranoid about keeping my makeup clean to begin with, and what happened to her makes ne afraid of using makeup altogether
Star_Boba Month ago
I love baby yoda as much as Cristine loves holo
Kortni Christian
Cristine: a banana hammock! Ben: that's not what a banana hammock is!
Lana Month ago
We need to see that display room!!
little rat
little rat Month ago
It works I gave myself a hickey and yes cristine is the only one who does that
Kaymon Meshell
Kaymon Meshell Month ago