Unseen Footage From My Boyfriend's Vacation | Holodays 2018 

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I have so much footage of the vacation because ViDeO oR iT DiDn'T hApPeN!
Ben's vacation main channel video: bit.ly/BoyfriendVacation
Vacation through Threadbanger's eyes: us-first.info/player/video/gcqDdXmTj4t7poE.html
Painting my nails at the hockey game: bit.ly/DoingMyNailsHockeyGame
Ben's brother does my nails: bit.ly/BoyfriendsBrother
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Jan 30, 2019




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Comments 100   
Piper Lego lover
Piper Lego lover 11 hours ago
Who else is disappointed that there is no Mengie
Luna and Stella
Luna and Stella 15 hours ago
So cool. I was there in summer and it looks so different in Winter.
Alassiel 2 days ago
Rob is my spirit animal
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang 4 days ago
Ben needs another vacation!! Cristine needs to give Ben another vacation!!
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 4 days ago
“What the f* is a celsius”
Diana Uriarte
Diana Uriarte 5 days ago
I identify with “there was too many people there” ...byeee 😂😂😂
Shop Craft
Shop Craft 6 days ago
Noa Maddie
Noa Maddie 6 days ago
I live in Virginia, where it gets to 11 degree ( not cold, like 50 something degrees f ) they talking about -4 degrees ( very cold about 30 degrees f ) and I'm like I ain't never gonna leave Virginia I gonna die
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 8 days ago
cat sledding would be the human pulling the sled with the cat on it
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart 9 days ago
Makes me wish my significant other and I had a friend couple we were close enough with to go on vacation together.
Ailen FartFace
Ailen FartFace 10 days ago
This is one of my favorite videos EVER I literally have watched it like 15 times
madeleen Galaxy
madeleen Galaxy 11 days ago
madeleen Galaxy
madeleen Galaxy 11 days ago
W w w w w w 0 00 www
aNime net
aNime net 11 days ago
I want your hair length so much!!
Mattea Eleshio
Mattea Eleshio 16 days ago
The worst insult a Canadian can give-you got syrup in your eyes!!
Isabella Hairston
Isabella Hairston 19 days ago
I love you so much
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 19 days ago
troom troom -the long brown-haired girl is missing her scarf. but that's not a problem anymore just wrap your haair around your neck
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 19 days ago
Rob: what is a celcious? Everyone else, except Americans:🤦🏻‍♀️
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 19 days ago
Cristine : * does tons of charity, loves animals, is super nice to all her loved ones and her friends and beyyyyn* Also Cristine : I aM nOT COMpasSioNAte
Dancing Demon 189
Dancing Demon 189 20 days ago
Celsius is the same as Fahrenheit it's is a measurement method for heat or cold. Celsius is normally lower with the numbers than Fahrenheit.
Saira kamran
Saira kamran 21 day ago
I'm from Pakistan and our national game is hockey ,we r crazy about cricket
Fatima Choudhury
Fatima Choudhury 23 days ago
love it when your favourite US-first going right next to your house and you don't even know
DinosaurPotato 23 days ago
13:38 hes not wrong lol
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 23 days ago
cat sledding would be the human pulling the sled with the cat on it
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug 23 days ago
yall remember... when we could.... ya know *be with people*
Diyasha Biswas
Diyasha Biswas 23 days ago
The lil head thingy Ben did to Cristy in the slate at 10:23 ❤️❤️❤️
Ria Shadows
Ria Shadows 25 days ago
Cristine: When the f*ck does the sun rise here? Me: Never. I live here. And the answer is never. It feels like we're stuck in eternal night.
TheSewerStreets 26 days ago
What’s the song in the outro
Sarah B
Sarah B 27 days ago
What made Angela and Michael smile so much? Find out here! >>> us-first.info/player/video/a7mggIRqZ2aRqoE.html
Liza Mouffock
Liza Mouffock 27 days ago
13:35 no it s in cm we are in Canada🇨🇦
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes Month ago
Oilers fan is triggered by Calgary Flames Jersey....
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro Month ago
5:15-5:25 I felt so bad for that man..
Faryal Mohsin
Faryal Mohsin Month ago
me when I saw Calgary Alberta:😀 but it's 2020 not 2019
alter ego
alter ego Month ago
I've only been to one hockey game I, a texan, have been to ~10
chumg chia
chumg chia Month ago
the shitty photo and "follow me on this cliff " I cracked
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb Month ago
Everything is great cuz i'm vacation #GMM
Littlest Pet Cutie
Why do I watch this video all the time?
cady lyssy
cady lyssy Month ago
"I'm gonna chase you with an axe later! :)" "YAYYYYY!"
Simone Staals
Simone Staals Month ago
Relationship goals
Bredd Nott
Bredd Nott Month ago
Anyone else really sad watching in 2020, reminiscing how simple things were?
Em K
Em K Month ago
Me this whole video: WhErE's YoUr MaSk?? wow
Em K
Em K Month ago
@Kelsey Ok, ill try. I'm trying to become the best version of myself, I will try to be funny. Thank you. Praying for u.
Kelsey Month ago
@Em K maybe try being funny?
Em K
Em K Month ago
@Kelsey yeah.... guess u don't get the joke
Kelsey Month ago
You do realize this is from 2018 right?
Mango boi
Mango boi Month ago
remember before covid. ahhhhh such nice times
Hannaneh STM
Hannaneh STM Month ago
Well it was really like a documentary.
Eat chur food With my Pans
Are we not gonna talk about how good Cristine is at snowboarding-
« Åqûä Ãftøñ »
"SimplyThreadLogical" could be a ship name between Ben, Cristine, Corinne and Rob.. why must i be this way..
Holy Grace
Holy Grace Month ago
that poor guy who thought they were waving at him =( he seemed so sad
PlatinumShiro Month ago
As it's getting closer to Christmas and I am getting ready to put money aside for gifts (at the brink of resigning my job)...I remember... our gift budget is $30USD + Tax so $35.... And here they are with a $200 budget. Oh what a great thing. I celebrate your victories Cristine
itsmeujeshi Month ago
Was i the only arinator who heard "Santa tell me" playing in the background when they were at the ice bar
sonjabeans Month ago
Ochako Plays
Ochako Plays Month ago
Cristine: "We'll go back in 4 years" Ben: "heh..Shut up!"
luna The Storyteller
Ben mimicking the drumming solider is an entire mood!
Christy Mccullough
I can't imagine having to just be cold all the time lol
Bunny Lottie
Bunny Lottie Month ago
I almost died when I saw that post 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ‘follow me off this cliff 😘’ that’s all of us in quarantine
bardalesdee94 Month ago
I will never stop watching this and the thread bangers video. It gives me so much joy to see your vacation videos. They're my favorite
Lucie Doggy
Lucie Doggy Month ago
Can we get a compilation of Christene saying, "WeW"?
Noa Maddie
Noa Maddie Month ago
Next vacation should be with Safyia and Tyler
Alexandra B
Alexandra B Month ago
Is no one talking about the man outside there window 😳
MeiMei Month ago
I wish for the day denmark gets snow like this again//
Echo Rose
Echo Rose Month ago
it's really nice to see Ben smiling that much omg
Miley Falby
Miley Falby Month ago
Trans Boy
Trans Boy Month ago
I miss simplynailogicals trips 😭
Chloe Hammonds
Chloe Hammonds Month ago
I actually didn’t think that this was actually cristines channel I thought this was a fans channel
charlie charlie
charlie charlie 2 months ago
i came here because I thoght it was Lt. Custurd
Star Light
Star Light 2 months ago
When I saw mykie I was SHOCKED they know each other?????
Stary Studios
Stary Studios 2 months ago
My hockey lookin ass was a annoyed at your lack knowledge
Kim Siller
Kim Siller 2 months ago
this brings me back to the days when we could actually go on planes-
Wifey 2 months ago
jinnie starxy
jinnie starxy 2 months ago
yall whys no one talking about the “multi-purpose cocktail tool” 😭😭
Greenteacrafties 2 months ago
best video! its like comfort food
Caitlin Simpson
Caitlin Simpson 2 months ago
did anyone else see her and beynn do the iida
TheForestNymph 23
TheForestNymph 23 2 months ago
Still just as goof as always! :)
Play and Create
Play and Create 2 months ago
People in 2020 be like. “Can I come?”
AYEE PATRICIA 2 months ago
*all the finns in the chat* DARUDE SANDSTORM!!!!!!
Keziah Schuler
Keziah Schuler 2 months ago
I'm from the deep south (US) and hearing these French/Canadian accents is rather throwing me off. The concept of weather in the negative numbers just seems like a cruel joke as well.
Eclipse ETN
Eclipse ETN 2 months ago
Why did I get so excited Because they came to Calgary😂
Sudha Acharya
Sudha Acharya 2 months ago
Did she just said Namaste omggggggggggg. Namaste cristine
Stormchasing Berry
Stormchasing Berry 2 months ago
Welcome to Hogwarts
TheBuggyGamer 2 months ago
bird-making machine
bird-making machine 2 months ago
Can't wait for the threadlogical squad to do another vlog like this because they are honestly one of the realest and most entertaining friendships on youtube
Spriggles 256
Spriggles 256 2 months ago
“THE TEA STORE!!” *clearly a weed dispensary*
Paula Mattis And Mandel
You All Are To Much🙇🏽‍♀️🤔🤗🤣🤣😝🤪🤓I’m happy that you all had fun 🤩
Yo García
Yo García 2 months ago
I want to do something like this for Christmas. Not even half fancy
Alejandra Valdez
Alejandra Valdez 2 months ago
since the pandemic, I forgot people didn't wear masks
Marija Bundalo
Marija Bundalo 2 months ago
Be honest who watched this video entirely without skipping anything. Because I know I did!!!📱👍🏻😊
Marah Alhijji
Marah Alhijji 2 months ago
i just realised that youtubers life consists of their camera self.......yeaaaaaah that’s a no from me
Spicy lemon
Spicy lemon 2 months ago
Cristine reminds me of my friends mom.
Carrianne Marie
Carrianne Marie 2 months ago
I saw u when you was on the the plane but I was to sceared to come and say hi 😔xxx but now I’m watching this in quarantine
Kharis Mann
Kharis Mann 2 months ago
Shye Natalia
Shye Natalia 2 months ago
How has Roots not sponsored Cristine yet?
Remy Sato
Remy Sato 2 months ago
banff? i live in calgary and its 1h away
Caramel Peach
Caramel Peach 2 months ago
Cristine: "I'm the least athletic Canadian" Me watching her doing pullups on IG in 2020: "It's not a problem anymore lol"
Steve the roblox gammer
What hotel did she go to
Faith 2 months ago
Waking up to pitch black 😂😂😂 it's a struggle
Katelynn Hiott
Katelynn Hiott 2 months ago
ppl in 2020 that love hockey:😭
C Denny
C Denny 2 months ago
Just think about it, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Ben and Cristine at the beach 😂
Rach C
Rach C 2 months ago
22:33 I love how Ari is playing in the background! 😌❤️
Maja Osmalek
Maja Osmalek 2 months ago
Do people think that dog sledding is abuse to dogs?
Greys Baby
Greys Baby 2 months ago
Cristine: Were going to!!!! Me:* thinking its Fiji* Cristine:CANADA 🇨🇦 ♥
Panda Ruth
Panda Ruth 2 months ago
"Follow me off this cliff" Later on "Were are we going" "To the nearest cliff" Idk why this cracks me up lol
Hamster Lover3
Hamster Lover3 2 months ago
I go here every Christmas! Its so so so fun!!! I know it like the back of my hand XD Edit: i also went dog sledding! Edit 2: i went skating at the second hotel too!
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???