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In today's episode of SimplyMailogical, my little sister Jen is jealous of all my friends and someone sends my boyfriend underwear!
(This episode was filmed in October 2017, my most sincerest Canadian apologies for taking this long to get it up🙈)
Peep the nails I had on at the time: us-first.info/player/video/p6uhp6enin9zoqM.html
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Apr 15, 2018




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Comments 100   
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 6 days ago
Omg a tip save Ben and Jen and don’t send anymore halo nail polish!!!! LOL!!!
Saira kamran
Saira kamran 20 days ago
Hi Cristine with no "H" I'm saira and I'm 12 right now if been watching u since I was 8
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh 28 days ago
Can someone tell me how to send her mails please😬😅
蝶Ari Month ago
Excuse m e, I am SCOTTISH, and that accent was terrifying
charlie sale
charlie sale Month ago
swak means sealed with a kiss xxx
Laura Ribeiro
Laura Ribeiro Month ago
Neither of them should be given a knife.
Awe, I just rewatched a bunch of your videos and I just realized the last one was the one me and my sister sent years ago! How cute, glad to see you liked it :)
Jazmin Mercado
Jazmin Mercado Month ago
don't worry Jen we also love you.
Valeria Valencia
Valeria Valencia 2 months ago
Makes me want to send Jen a gift lol
roblox gamer
roblox gamer 2 months ago
Ashleigh Meyers
Ashleigh Meyers 2 months ago
Oh snap. Jen and I are the same age. Das cool
7lil7 2 months ago
I hate your sister she said unicorns are real.
Grace Jackson
Grace Jackson 2 months ago
The “yay” 😂 idk why just has me dying laughing 3:56
Lee Toone
Lee Toone 2 months ago
_Shadow _
_Shadow _ 3 months ago
Sydnee Frias
Sydnee Frias 3 months ago
My name is Sydnee
Vicki C
Vicki C 3 months ago
okay I didn't send her the Holo and unicorn skin pillow and pencil case BUT my name is Victoria and when she said my name I was shocked
Fiona Thorn
Fiona Thorn 3 months ago
Omg their Scottish accents were so wrong but so funny lol
game wanderers
game wanderers 3 months ago
Crisitine says is it drug when she opened every pack🔥
Sweetest Bitch
Sweetest Bitch 3 months ago
You're so generous &humble, I love it💜💜 PLEASE look at my go fund me...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 www.gofundme.com/f/gzvy7-fixing-my-teeth?+share-flow-1
Ashleigh Fox
Ashleigh Fox 3 months ago
My mom know the difference between holo and iridescent but my dad..... thinks holo and iridescent are the same thing I want to move out
Pure Trash
Pure Trash 3 months ago
The 796 people who disliked this video will DIE.
Molly McConnell
Molly McConnell 3 months ago
_Softie.Gacha_ 3 months ago
2020? No just me
Ayesha Nagarwalla
Ayesha Nagarwalla 3 months ago
Oh now let's go out me in a box and ship it to Cristine's house
irish dancing spud
irish dancing spud 3 months ago
Yackelin Magana
Yackelin Magana 3 months ago
I’m sorry but fuck Trump 🤬🤬😡
Abigail Teshome
Abigail Teshome 3 months ago
Me shipping something to her then seeing it in 2020
Dana Cruz
Dana Cruz 3 months ago
My mom was 30 when my little sister was born
Dana Cruz
Dana Cruz 3 months ago
I had that rubrics cube but my dogs ate it And we hade to take them to the vet
Brazlyn Garrett
Brazlyn Garrett 3 months ago
Jen said there understand because there smart I don’t think any of us are is we watch her lol
CityKatter 4 months ago
Beyyn Jeyyn Cryys
carson preston
carson preston 4 months ago
if you close your eyes you can’t hear the difference between cristine and jen. it’s scary
Aparna 4 months ago
6:31 reminded me so much of that Jamaican accent vine where that woman goes Balaiyande 🤣🤣
ashlee bourke
ashlee bourke 4 months ago
Jen: the knife almost stabbed me, ha Also Jen: OMG I got a paper cut, waaaaaaaa
cruddy frie
cruddy frie 5 months ago
If some one shipped their selfs they would die because they would ship their selfs on christmas and it would take her at least 3 months
Charlie Goose and friends
I am 9
billie eyelash
billie eyelash 5 months ago
i promise all swedes are not that weird
Remy Steele
Remy Steele 5 months ago
12:49 ur welcom
Lofi 5 months ago
My stepdads name is Ben and I just yell out “ *bBBbbbBeEEEyEeNNn* “
Georgerella Cat mouse
Was jen in adds to
Davina Fitria Sanjaya
someone : i have 6 cats Cristine: wow im jealous me : **crying cuz i have 7 cats**
Georgerella Cat mouse
Pinatbutter YT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😠😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀
Elizabeth Kritzer
Elizabeth Kritzer 5 months ago
SWAK means sealed with a kiss. Not that you’ll see this seeing as it’s been 2 years.
RandomShtuffs 5 months ago
Jen is the best
Cady Paine
Cady Paine 6 months ago
Cady Paine
Cady Paine 6 months ago
Flora Foges
Flora Foges 6 months ago
worst scottish accents ever XD
Julia Zielinska
Julia Zielinska 6 months ago
simply I am from Scotland
Charley Usedon
Charley Usedon 6 months ago
Why is Jen not mean
Ray Animated
Ray Animated 6 months ago
I remember when I was younger, I used to watch her on my tv- And when it came to her calling BAENNNNNNNNNN, her voice would be SO GOD DANM LOUD, that it would echo throughout that house. A year later my sister walks into the room and said, "Were you moaning out 'Ben' when you were younger?" - Well fuck.
Adrienne a girl who loves goats
What is holo sexual??😶
Hello :D
Hello :D 6 months ago
The thing is Jen,if I met Cristine in person I would probably have a heart attack.
Mallie vlogs Hi
Mallie vlogs Hi 6 months ago
U should actually couunt the points of adult squad
StørmyDayz 6 months ago
Farrah Mccarron
Farrah Mccarron 6 months ago
I heard my name but it isn’t me cause I’m not aloud to send packages
Turtle Tracey
Turtle Tracey 6 months ago
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker 6 months ago
Man i got that slim gloop kit and it is just straight trash mannn
Miss Nambra
Miss Nambra 6 months ago
I have 16 cat's bitch be me
Katya Epafras
Katya Epafras 6 months ago
Christine!!!!!!! Teach me French!!!!!! Plissಥ_ಥ
Knirps Lyn
Knirps Lyn 7 months ago
I really love this segment but I can't stand your sister. She's like too starstruck or camera uh...the opposite of shy. So now I have to watch it at 16x on mute so I can see the phat lewt you got. D:
Lailanni 7 months ago
Why do I feel like Cristine spends more time with Menchi than Zyler.Or is it just me... LOL
Jessica Ching
Jessica Ching 7 months ago
Katelynn Macmillan
Katelynn Macmillan 7 months ago
By the way in your French you said fuck but if you were speaking French then technically you just said tell Ben to shut the seal up
Amy MacInnes
Amy MacInnes 7 months ago
Me, a Scottish person watching them try to do an accent: *dies of cringe*
Self Esteem
Self Esteem 7 months ago
I swear, next time I hear you use that song 'Iris' by The GooGoo dolls, I will unsubscribe.
Gabby Rollheiser
Gabby Rollheiser 6 months ago
Cece Mueller ok bicth
Hannah Lincoln
Hannah Lincoln 7 months ago
This is really late but I know a new simply song I wanna be where beautiful people are
Emma Thériault
Emma Thériault 7 months ago
i just realised that Holo is Unicorn cocaine
Ema Kozáková
Ema Kozáková 7 months ago
3:56 yay
Jennifer Wachaya
Jennifer Wachaya 7 months ago
That little flag decoration with the cat on it with the polkadots that’s holo I have that in my room
Betty Walker
Betty Walker 7 months ago
Omg my name is Rosa and I live in Scotland I didn’t send the letter but I mean it sounded like i did so I will enjoy that moment 😂😂
Cyntayo 7 months ago
I am from California and there are not many beautiful people here
Zoë Nightshade
Zoë Nightshade 7 months ago
Ik this is stupid but what is Ben and Jen’s name together plz tell me
Delightra Cardeanne
Delightra Cardeanne 8 months ago
SWAK = Sealed With A Kiss 💋 You never heard that growing up, Cristine??? 😮
Jen seems drunk-
Emz Mcquade
Emz Mcquade 8 months ago
Hi my name is keiarra you're my favourite US-firstr and use fire me to be crazy and then I never swear but I do love hollow and I was with my mum when I'm hungry and like Mum I'm hungry and she gets really angry but if he cares because I'm always hungry in this to tell you if I drink tea I will go crazy so please if I ever send you something I'm not sending you tea because if I don't think it was a very bad because I may go crazy if I drink tea so I can't send you an email because I don't know your address don't think I know about you is your love hollow you had kept you have a sister called when you have a boyfriend called and you live in Canada and I'll see you love sweatpants sweatpants men you'll be wearing years but anyway they tell you I'm a holosexual and I can't spell hollow properly so please don't get angry at me in the comments because I may go crying crying my bed for 10 days because anything happened sad I will cry my bed for 10 days and I keep saying I miss understand so I am scared of the coronavirus no joke I think I'm gonna like I'm so serious and also the superior I'm using a voice thing so if nothing comes out properly then sorry but this is how Google thinks I'm saying that ok to tell you I am 9 years old my name is no my name and because I am but I feel bad for your sister because half the time you get me or bank it's me or mention those Isla she never gets anything she get some stuff but even then it's the Saxons were you usually get a letter she always gets it later but one time she got a Starbucks I will know because I watch your video was everyday and I laughed so much I really cry but it's ok because my mum always ask me why are you crying like because this US-firstr and how is crying by the end of the mall was happy so just tell you can I get a shout out when your videos are like can you make a video like you doing your comments and also when are you going to get married please I want to be rented to your wedding I will love that and then I think I know what your address would be hello will be a Halloween dress and you probably looks really good in this to tell you I don't know how to spell anything because I'm only 9 years old is surprisingly 25 and half my friends I don't even like they're all annoying in the always talk about tiktok and like shut up my ears are bleeding because my friend of Renegades Renegades Renegade pepper why don't you say so didn't even know it oh my god what I'm saying eat you like some songs please I'm going to go crazy I love yourself when entering with me I think it is so sore from trying something that made me look so stingy so anything I see is Harlow I will be buying and I will go crazy because I don't get it then I'll be like no I want the Hollow
Emz Mcquade
Emz Mcquade 8 months ago
Unlike this video because I am from Scotland in Euro making fun of my accent so I am not happy right now so please don't do that and please stop like accents because you're always saying British like can I have some tea like no you get to tea about a bit crazy you go you go crazy and yeah and also when did you start the light because I'm only nine and also my cat is scratching my door right now and I'm going to kill anyone it's just that I'm not going to kill me I'm really good person is I have three cats went rogue and he's fat when she called Silly and she's a black cat having no beauty cold having a cat called beauty and she's tiny and she's scared of Nearly Everything even a frequency divider like what person is scared of a freak in the sheets it's like I don't know what cat she is like like what kind of fish like
Rowena Scott
Rowena Scott 8 months ago
im jensexual
Lisette Jasso
Lisette Jasso 8 months ago
Ariana Buhrke
Ariana Buhrke 8 months ago
rip jen
Jazzy elder
Jazzy elder 8 months ago
Donald Trump sucks
The Gaming Egg
The Gaming Egg 8 months ago
"hey someone cares about you!!"
Kyeema Allwoodbates
Kyeema Allwoodbates 8 months ago
Cristine: hOlo iS mY DrUg oF cHoiCE
Michelle Santoso
Michelle Santoso 8 months ago
Unicorn skin + Holo = Simply Satisfied
Oliver Boleyn
Oliver Boleyn 8 months ago
It's okay Jen, Cristine is my third favorite person on her channel and Ben is my second favorite Jen, you is the best on this channel
TheLegoCat 8 months ago
Jen sounds drunk. She always sounds drunk and it bothers me 😂
Ada Garner
Ada Garner 8 months ago
my bf lives in canada... i live in america... we have a long distance relationship.
yourTherapist 8 months ago
Here’s a random fact Today my mom and I where crafting and she used my holo and called it silver glitter and I almost cried I know I’m very overdramatic
Stina Johansson
Stina Johansson 8 months ago
13:00 trust me, sVidEn/Sweden/Sverige isn't like that.
Nick I Guess?
Nick I Guess? 8 months ago
Nick I Guess?
Nick I Guess? 8 months ago
Literally Me Talking To Anyone Who Spends More That A Micro Second Talking To Me 00:09
*Sleepy-Queen* 24
*Sleepy-Queen* 24 8 months ago
I love cats, Holo, and rainbows no wonder I love to watch this show 🙂 but I don't do my nails still put Jen in a nail vedio not just mail please
the ruby sisters
the ruby sisters 8 months ago
hi jen
Foxxi Angel
Foxxi Angel 8 months ago
“oh my god holosexual bondage” 😂😂 ya know, i wish i had holosexual bondage shit
annaleigh snow1002
annaleigh snow1002 8 months ago
I have been watching since I was seven but I only watched you do nail art then you started doing funny things all the time and I became a holo sexual and now I'm ten and me and my mom watch your vids I discovered your channel when I was in the car alone and you where painting fidget spinners holo and my mom told me I couldn't watch you but when I turned eight years old and then I asked and she said yes ahh I used to be such a inisint child
Angela Whittaker
Angela Whittaker 8 months ago
You are the best I love you so much I watch you every day I do not get how people do not like you they are Cray Cray
Kayla Michelle
Kayla Michelle 8 months ago
I have that exact unicorn skin / silver Holo pillow ♥️
David Lara
David Lara 9 months ago
You should do a video about all of your fan mail.
Becca A
Becca A 9 months ago
Am I the only one that just HATES Jen. Just me ok 👌
Judith Tangoulou
Judith Tangoulou 9 months ago
Becca A
Becca A 9 months ago
Nina Kristiansen
Nina Kristiansen 9 months ago
When i first Saw you i thought you were 20
Nina Kristiansen
Nina Kristiansen 9 months ago
Rebecca Alexander haha😂😂😂
Becca A
Becca A 9 months ago
That’s what she wishes