THERE'S NO SMILING IN MAKEUP... Beauty Gurus Behind the Scenes 

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"Sayyyyy Morpheeee?" Today I take you behind the scenes of some recent videos I filmed with Beautiful People!
TEACH ME HOW TO CONTour w/Nicol Concilio: bit.ly/TeachMeHowToContour
OUTTAKES: us-first.info/player/video/o8h2dJaKpKuVhWg.html
Nicol glammed me as a HOLO WITCH: us-first.info/player/video/pZesaapiZqKkg3U.html
I'M HOLO INSIDE Scar Tutorial w/Glam&Gore: bit.ly/ImHoloInside
Mykie turned me into a HOLO ZOMBAE: us-first.info/player/video/o8ybmWx1iI-ohaM.html
Throwback to my Candy Cane Nail Art video: bit.ly/CandyCaneIceQueen
Which was inspired by Mykie's Candy Cane Queen Makeup Tutorial: us-first.info/player/video/hc1qm2Srl32jm4k.html
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Disclaimer cause I love you guys: This video was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Some links above are affiliate links.


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Oct 23, 2017




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Shuyi Xu
Shuyi Xu 3 years ago
Whaddya think? wHaDdYa ThInK WHADDYA THINK W A D A H N H D Y T I K
Rebecca Poh
Rebecca Poh 7 months ago
I think holo
samwichh Year ago
Well WHADDYA think
Emaan Khalique
Emaan Khalique 2 years ago
_Wada hn hdy tik_
Marit Ghattas
Marit Ghattas 2 years ago
Is cristen really a hollo withch
Alisha 2 years ago
Shuyi Xu This is like stuck in my head Soo Badly yesterday in school I reading i front of the whole class and just read what do you think like Cristine...wadddya think and everyone in class was like..(•_•) And I was like 😎
The Equine Craze
verytiny bean
verytiny bean 2 months ago
6:16 ✨ Beautiful ✨🤣
•Killua_Is_ Gay_Like_Gon•
4:08 I will....don't worry.
Jayme Wheeler
Jayme Wheeler 3 months ago
Holy shitaki mushrooms I found the golololoolollolool sound 💿💿💿💿💿💿
Steph Yudico
Steph Yudico 3 months ago
Glam and gore
Na dja
Na dja 4 months ago
my ad was to immigrate to Canada
Kim K.
Kim K. 4 months ago
Omg is that dog a specific breed? He/She's beautiful 😍
Jocelyn Lowe
Jocelyn Lowe 5 months ago
Cristine:*makes weird alien noise* Dog:*is in trance* Also dog: how do you know the language of my people? Only us aliens know that🖖 you so called hoo-mans are going down
Mad Hatter Plays
Mad Hatter Plays 5 months ago
I'm surprised Cris didn't say "Wow the dog gives me more affection then both of my cats combined"
Amelia Redman
Amelia Redman 5 months ago
"what's a contour?" Yes, Beyn.
Katiekat 3000
Katiekat 3000 6 months ago
Simply: Ben is sick Me: CORONAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!!!!!
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković 3 months ago
this WAS 2 years ago but ok
Michelle Tracy
Michelle Tracy 6 months ago
MidNightMares 6 months ago
I thought menchi was gay. I am confusion.
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković 3 months ago
Why did you think that?
Olesia .R
Olesia .R 6 months ago
Whenever menchie is on bens shoulders you can call him benchie
Adriana Montalvo
Adriana Montalvo 6 months ago
2020? Quarantine?
v i v i h u g e f a n
Lea K
Lea K 7 months ago
Can you PUHLEASE do another collab with Mykie? You have both grown so much and it would be amazing to see what kind of things you two could come up with now.
Amira Aranki
Amira Aranki 7 months ago
Madison Belanger
Madison Belanger 7 months ago
Those beautiful people 😂
Amma K
Amma K 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure I got to know Mykie through Cristine because of these collabs. Nowadays she's one of my top 5 favorite youtubers (with Cristine for sure). I wonder how they would like each other now because they both seem to have grown so much, and there's clearly some serious tension happening here. They hardly knew each other at this point and are quite uncomfortable with new people in general I think. Cristine is being over the top all, over the place, sweet and chaotic, and Mykie is overly cool, calm, professional but almost annoyed. I think based on my knowledge of them now they would propably like the other much better now, since Mykie has gotten a lot more relaxed and casual and Cristine on the other hand has grown to be more sincere and cautious about her chaotic energy channeled in her videos. It would be so interesting to see them meet again one day.
Khmer Ku
Khmer Ku 8 months ago
Who is she . She simply
Alidia Hagen
Alidia Hagen 8 months ago
0:01 "Simpylvloglogical" 😂😂
What 8 months ago
I just realized the gems on my clothes are unicorn skin
Bakugo Katski
Bakugo Katski 8 months ago
Sara Naade Mi Kotik-Sane
3:12 4:05 Don't mind me just marking the makeup look I wanna replicate later
Diana H
Diana H 8 months ago
Christine where did you buy your earrings from? What kind of dog is that?!?
Sarah The retard
Sarah The retard 8 months ago
Super super late gang where you at
Juli Hawn
Juli Hawn 8 months ago
Navjot Kaur
Navjot Kaur 9 months ago
I just got a V fancam ad and I watch it ALL THROUGH IT
Sienna Carine Lugo
Sienna Carine Lugo 10 months ago
6:09 “Do you want to marry my ... daughter Menchiee” 😂😂
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 10 months ago
When I see a wild Mykie I click.
Syahirah Yusri
Syahirah Yusri 11 months ago
nicol seems so friendly & made holo queen comfortable to be around her
Sonora Jonauska
Sonora Jonauska 11 months ago
Portia lewis
Portia lewis Year ago
How do you make that noise
puplovr 0102
puplovr 0102 Year ago
Alisha〈3 Year ago
Still waiting for Cristine to do Mykie‘s nails 🤷🏼‍♀️😍
Aique Anica
Aique Anica Year ago
Is it weird that I sing Beverly Hills by Weezer in every class I have in school and I’m 10 😂 I like listening to classic and old music 😂😂😂😂
AbsoluteLoner Year ago
i see ya livin that business/first class life :'(
“Last time on Simpylvloglogical......” got me dying XD
Abbygale Tirado
I think it’s so weird because when I hear Nicole in this video her voice sounds normal not to be rude but if you hear her videos now she sounds very New York And has a very thick New York accent what the heck happened
Jessica Asa-Ailts
Every time I hear Bens voice I swear it’s H. Jon Benjamin from Archer/Bobs Burgers. “LANA!!!”😂
Madeline H.
Madeline H. Year ago
Aw this was back when Mykie still did SFX makeup
Mariam Year ago
Sowwy girl your the best *and cristine with no h* LYSM edit: * why did it EDIT HMP *
numbsy Year ago
8:01 you lovely creatures 💕
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas Year ago
With the Nicol makeup, you have a young Demi Moore thing happening
DogCatBow Year ago
My name is Beverly and I screamed when you sang Beverly Hills.
Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka
OMG! The holo blood make up thing look amaizing! I want to draw it but i don’t know how to draw holo... Time to find video on youtube on how to draw holo
DiamondArena09 11 months ago
Did you figure it out? Im intrigued now
Cube Rabbit
Cube Rabbit Year ago
Da doggo is really cute dah!
Kristin Hammond
unenthused seal
I love how nicol makes cristine look fabulous and mykie goes all out making her melt in holo
niq cool
niq cool Year ago
You 'r so cate
David Kirk
David Kirk Year ago
This was two years ago and I wasn't involved in your stay in my country, but I hope you had a nice time.
Just a small town girl
Ok so I always thought that I was just unusual ok let's be real weird hahahahaha till I watched another Canadian you tuber hahaha you're amazing. I don't feel so alone and so weird anymore teehehehe it has to be us homegrown Ontarioians hahahahaha
Fey3690 Year ago
No, your name is actually spelled CrisTEAn!
Madison Fletcher
petition to chang Cristines name to CrisTEAn
Jill Sutton
Jill Sutton Year ago
OIoioIOiioioiiiii.oiooioioioiioi. oi.
Leila Year ago
I feel just like Ben because I have a cold, I'm really sick 😧😩
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth Year ago
You’re how I know who Mykie is because of the candy cane queen now 😂
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Year ago
Stop right now thank you very much i need someone to sub to Cristine
Carmen Year ago
Ngl Nicol had REALLY ugly “open lip thingy”
Abby Shirah
Abby Shirah Year ago
What kind of dog is that?
Harini Nat
Harini Nat Year ago
iS bEn OkAyyyyyy?
Jayda Rosenow
Jayda Rosenow Year ago
Like if yoy are holo sexual
Dani CG
Dani CG Year ago
9:13 omg! What kind of dog is it?!? ITS SO FRIKIN ADORABLE!
Twice for president
Ripley: *makes a noise* Simply: ” i can make a noise too”....”yooeyooeyooey”
Rylie Pengelly
Cristine I can make the same noise lol my firmed taught me
Myriam BL
Myriam BL Year ago
OMG, yes another collab with Mykie where you paint her nails would be so awesome! (if you could manage) ^^
RandomPerson Year ago
this was posted in October 2017 but the thing at the bottom says September 2017 WhAt Is ThIs ScIenCe? 🤨🤨
Amethyst Mei
Amethyst Mei Year ago
Cecilee Thomas
they got rid of the H but they also got rid of the E
haley Year ago
What abouttt Tatiiii
Slytherin Lover
Holowood sounds like a better place to live instead of Hollywood I should move there some time
Наталья Нагорская
0:15 saw julien and jenna at the bottom ahahah
Mary Mac
Mary Mac Year ago
Oh my god that first girl's lip injections are so bad 😳
minaaa* Year ago
what song is the intro?
Jen Nik
Jen Nik Year ago
خالد Year ago
She Said simplvlogical instead of simplylogical
Aubrey Christensen
Ben is sick of all of the bull shat 😂 (And tea?)
Antoinette Marlow
Hmmmmmmm . . . I think that Canadians naturally have purple contour - ya know? Like NO SUN, so a cold shadow is simply purple! Sorta grayish purple - the only thing brown in Canada is Maple Syrup!!
Valentina Sosa D'aquila
Who is watching this on 2019?
Zizou Lounis
Zizou Lounis Year ago
Hi just wondering i make holographic lotion if you want some
The Purp Person
6:54 Time stamp for myself, carry on.
Iulia Burlacu
Iulia Burlacu Year ago
I love the wæ you scream " *BEHNN* "
Simona Damyanova
What is the dog's breed? Pls tell me Cristine
Nika Patka
Nika Patka Year ago
Did anyone else notice that she misspelled simplyVlogLogical at 00:01
Yasmin Hufflepuff
OMG Cristine that dog I'm in LOVE ❤❤❤❤
Haylee Year ago
Are you going to continue the teach me how to beauty tour??
Obxru Vxrus
Obxru Vxrus Year ago
2:58 I would so wear that if I was a witch for Halloween or if I was a goth.
Brina Year ago
Is anybody as crazy as I am and watching this 2 years later then this was posted ( its 3-25-19)
Na dja
Na dja 4 months ago
@Keira Ski Yea lol😂😂
Keira Ski
Keira Ski 4 months ago
Nadja C ugh this video was made in the good old days 😂
Na dja
Na dja 4 months ago
Huda Kaise
Huda Kaise 9 months ago
I’m watching this at 2089
Elaine De Sousa
omg what breed is Ripley?! she looks like a Chihuahua and husky mix she's gorgeous!
Hannah Fuhlhage
She's an Alaskan Klee Kai and she's pretty much the best
Kay Belcher
Kay Belcher Year ago
Bini1211 Year ago
Brynn Stewart
Brynn Stewart Year ago
i can do the same noise Christine can do!
AVPM Year ago
Alice Brooke8
Alice Brooke8 Year ago
Whad da ya think? WhaAadDd da yAa think? *WHhHaAaaAdDDdD daAa yaAaA tHhIinkKk?*
Stephanie P
Stephanie P Year ago
Bloated Whale
Bloated Whale Year ago
Hannah Park
Hannah Park Year ago
7:31 *ahem collins key ahem*
I think I’m probably gonna think that snap in my dreams
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