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Hide yo brushes, hide your highlight, cause simplyfacelogical is coming for them beauty gurus
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Disclaimer cause I'm a beauty guru now: This video was not sponsored but I wish it was. Lots of links above are affiliate links so I can buy Gewchi and setting spray.


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Jul 7, 2017




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Comments 100   
Audrey Mains
Audrey Mains 2 months ago
"One is like the long lost grandfather and the other is a cat" I've never laughed so hard
Jesus Trying heh
Jesus Trying heh 2 months ago
Nao Potátó
Nao Potátó 4 months ago
americans: smarties canadians: rockets hungarians: pEz
Erin Schnitzer
Erin Schnitzer 4 months ago
Love this! So funny! 😄
Louisnotonfire 5 months ago
Instead of using a safety pin I use a clean separate spooly and it achieves the same result
Rose Pearson
Rose Pearson 5 months ago
How are they both glittery
Shanmukhi Shikaram
Shanmukhi Shikaram 6 months ago
I thought they were same for a second
laurenkayel 6 months ago
I still laugh at England is my city
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 6 months ago
I never thought about it before but Cristine does the mandatory narcissist montage without the music on how am i so slow 😂
Madabilata Singha
Madabilata Singha 6 months ago
Omg I love Tati so much. She is the most beautiful person alive. She is Intelligent, Hot, Amazing, Tall, Elegant, Heavily Expressive, Ravishing women.
Lori Babcock
Lori Babcock 6 months ago
I love you Christine! Careful who your friends are. Next thing you know she will go on camera cring like she is 12 years old. Who has had a bad day?
Grand holly
Grand holly 6 months ago
1:00 The weirdest part is that this came up in my nail art section...
Camila Gayol
Camila Gayol 6 months ago
i love the fact that they are both really intelligent women but this video is pure dumb bitch energy
Have A Croissant
Have A Croissant 6 months ago
I used to be able to raise my eyebrows but i lost that ability
Tessa Maaker
Tessa Maaker 7 months ago
But smarties are chocolate candies!
SkylarkD 81
SkylarkD 81 7 months ago
They are hilarious together
Cedrique Blakeman
Cedrique Blakeman 7 months ago
my dad just walked in and said is she with her sister
What 8 months ago
*”my butts falling asleep”* -tati 2017
Babble Booble
Babble Booble 8 months ago
Babble Booble
Babble Booble 8 months ago
Actually 2:38 is how long they were goofing off 😍😂😂
Parisa 8 months ago
They look like sisters
lavender the Dino
lavender the Dino 8 months ago
That title tho 🤪😂
Leah Stephens
Leah Stephens 9 months ago
I never realised how awkward making the montage and thumb nail would be
Doge Da dogo
Doge Da dogo 9 months ago
Let’s not talk about the finger thing
Kyra Anne Rowlings
Kyra Anne Rowlings 10 months ago
Tati and simply are like Jeffree and Shane
Dawid Dudziński
Dawid Dudziński 10 months ago
Where's that palette Cristine???? And that collab with Jeffree
Sheana McLaughlin
Sheana McLaughlin 10 months ago
And another video! How did I miss these from both of you??? Omg this is great
Ananya Bijolia
Ananya Bijolia 10 months ago
Why did tati not send her pallete to cristine.... I is just me whose wondering?
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] 7 months ago
I don’t know if she did and Cristine just didn’t show it but it would make sense if she didn’t. They send PR for promotion and Cristine doesn’t review makeup
246kisses 10 months ago
She probably did
Alysse Winston
Alysse Winston 10 months ago
You have to put the triple 6 hand sign sign up huh?
MIDNIGHT MICE 11 months ago
green baby witch
green baby witch 11 months ago
star girl
star girl 11 months ago
I remember when I used to use safety pins to separate my lashes. I don’t live life on the edge like that anymorr
Rebeka Benavides
Rebeka Benavides 11 months ago
Awkward intro 😂 lol
Huma Warsi
Huma Warsi 11 months ago
That side of my face is broken too 😂😂😂...
Amy Rose 153
Amy Rose 153 Year ago
Simply collab with Molly Burke
Little Zia
Little Zia Year ago
The intro looked like porn
Evelin Aa
Evelin Aa Year ago
Cristine: *forgets to bring actual makeup brushies* Also Cristine: *brings those sponge applicators that every beauty guru hates*
Anushka Sinha
Anushka Sinha 5 months ago
mscn Year ago
Hi hello how're you? well i'm here begging you two for a collab together again, I have watched so many times this video I already know all the sentences. ANYONE HERE AGREE WITH ME? thanks
Umbreon Moon
Umbreon Moon Year ago
Am I the only one that thinks they look like they could be related? I mean except for Tati's blue eyes and Cristine's brown eyes.
Pame •-•
Pame •-• Year ago
1:51 *Blush intensifies*
Koolaidman Year ago
7:25 Cristine roasting everyone that doesn't live in LA
Eva Khonji
Eva Khonji Year ago
MissGRReen Year ago
"You know it's gettin' good when the hair goes up". Haha yesss! lmao. That little chuckle that Tati does after that statement is priceless.
Amitraa Vk
Amitraa Vk Year ago
Cristine and Tati you both are sooooooooooooooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maria Kaye Paola Manlapaz
It's 2019 and I still crack up watching this video! I love!
Alie Winograd
Alie Winograd Year ago
omg when tati was smiling and putting blush on she looked like momo
h0rsegurrrl Year ago
I also can only raise one eyebrow Cristine. 😂
Nagito Komaeda
So she calls Tati mom and Beyynnn acts like a Dad sooooo?
rain on halloween
Those are called smarties in the US and Rockets in Canada
phrög Year ago
Shane and simply are coming after your jobs
Nicholas Hanley
Gdog R
Gdog R Year ago
It’s unnatural that Smarties in the US is Rockets in Canada!! So if I say “can I have some smarties”, are they gonna bring me ROCKETS!??? I can’t handle it!! 😫
Menn Na
Menn Na Year ago
who is that short hair girl .. with no eye contact at all who tries to be sexy all the time ...auh it makes me sick . cristine I love u girl stay as u r .
“Do you know who Jake Paul is?” “No. I upload 5 days a week I don’t have time” “It’s almost like you upload everyday bro” 😂😂😂😂best joke ever that Tati didn’t get
Ms.Kwon Year ago
The montage in real motion is sooo funny
lauren marie
lauren marie Year ago
i can’t even raise one of my eyebrows
Hanny Begum
Hanny Begum Year ago
OMGGG. They are sooo cute togetherrrr. I found it soooo flipping cute at 0:08 when they both started laughing together
Thu Tran
Thu Tran Year ago
Loll I came back after Ed Sheeran ft Khalid new song 😂😂 . . . Beautiful people
Emma Renwick
Emma Renwick Year ago
Oml they’re so cute
Minh Phuong Nguyen
Lmao Cristine got less views than normal
Nims Bork05
Nims Bork05 Year ago
I was wactching this with my little brother and i pointed to Cristian and said is that Cristian? And he said no then i said is that tati then he said yes and its one of the funniest things hes ever said to me (hes only 2)
Sophia B
Sophia B Year ago
2 minutes before she even said her intro 😂
Katie _
Katie _ Year ago
I'm shocked, Cristine has the same nails on both hands!
Greg Putnam
Greg Putnam Year ago
Wow I actually thought she plays the narcissistic montage song will dancing and just overlays it in editing but they are literally sitting there making weird faces
Alex Year ago
Cristean: do you know who jake Paul is Tati: no Bless you innocent beauty guru
Jennifer Boyd
Jennifer Boyd Year ago
Ohmygod when tati has her hair in a ponytail she looks like a crazy lively teen, when she has her hair down she looks grown up and so friggin mature.
k a y l a
k a y l a Year ago
5:34 when she said roasted though
Marcy Lewis
Marcy Lewis Year ago
Fuck U tati
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Year ago
I double clicked the video thinking it was instagram
ALIS Asaad
ALIS Asaad Year ago
I love how Cristine looks like a sweaty tomato the whole time
i don’t have a personality
If we call simply our mom and she calls tati her mom does that make tati our grandma?
The neve Show
The neve Show Year ago
In Britain smarties are chocolate
xMoonVibesx Year ago
I can only raise one eyebrow to
Yaneli Diaz
Yaneli Diaz Year ago
All I watch is Simply nail logical even on my tv
Læsehesten Year ago
who else did the thing with the eyebrows as they talked about it?
kiricchan Year ago
teche meh booty plz
natural deodorant
Mica R.
Mica R. Year ago
I love your weirdness i swear i creep my friends out just like you hahahaha
Skeches Tips
Skeches Tips Year ago
Wtf ur phone...
Mar H
Mar H Year ago
Do you know Jake Paul Answer:No
"You upload basically every day bro." Cristine is a comedy genius...that was so perfect like it was planned in advance except it obviously wasn't.
ekibellacorn Year ago
I bet she found out who Logan Paul is tho
Alea Pena
Alea Pena Year ago
New collab idea! You do Tatis nails and she gives you a glam makeover!
Jess Express
Jess Express Year ago
Who else is here after the sugar bear hair drama just munchin on popcorn
ShyPhoen 21
ShyPhoen 21 Year ago
Im the same I can't raise my left eyebrow.
Ella Stephens
Ella Stephens Year ago
Tati is like my best friend and I'm like cristine
Shuf The XD
Shuf The XD Year ago
O really
Heather LaPenn
Tati's coming for yall.
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee Year ago
What the heck is the safety pin for?! I'm scared.
Maddie G
Maddie G Year ago
Cristin “ you basically upload everyday bro”. Jake Paul “ It’s everyday bro with that Disney channel flow Tati Doesn’t even relies. Lol
Evie Old
Evie Old Year ago
Anyone else here in 2019? Drama af
Malou Andersen
3:26 meeee
roshni roshni
roshni roshni Year ago
Where's the music in the montage
Rana Monje
Rana Monje Year ago
marlee dixon
marlee dixon Year ago
James is quaking.
Isabella Cook
Isabella Cook Year ago
who's here after the james charles scandal???
Alex Year ago
Yes Jame please leave
Ella Buckner
Ella Buckner Year ago
You can use a toothpick instead of a safety pin
cat cat
cat cat Year ago
Those smarties right? yeah well in Switzerland I call em fizzers
Melinda Rivera
Cristine I'm the same way. I can only lift one eyebrow too. I've always thought the same that one side of my face is broken lol
Nick Year ago
0:59: "James please leave" Tati: "say no more" * Bye Sister...*
maya Year ago
Bro her husbands name is James this was WAAAAYYYYYY before that drama
PastelPeepz Year ago
Mandie Alanzo she knows just you know the Tati an James Charles thing
Ava Year ago
0:58 might be better
Emer McCarthy
Emer McCarthy Year ago
Mandie Alanzo
Mandie Alanzo Year ago
Nick she was referring to her husband James