Taking off a face full of holo glitter (R.I.P my face) 

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~We may not be around forever, but the holo glitter will~
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Oct 27, 2018




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Comments 100   
Abi Malfoy
Abi Malfoy 12 days ago
How to get rid of glitter: 1. Cry holo tears 2.Vacuum 3. Burn your house down 4. Move to Argentina 5. There is nothing you can do. The glitter has followed you and will continue to follow you until you die.
UncreativeJulia 29 days ago
Simply: I don’t know why but my face hates me. Why do I have a rash????22 Also Simply: (Just joking... 🙈)
Alberto Takahashi
She really said at 0:51 “cut the cameras... deadass” 😂😂🤣🤣
Aspen Rose
Aspen Rose Month ago
Rubbing glitter off your face
Leandra Mccarty
Leandra Mccarty Month ago
Imagine not knowing in 2020 your face is going to be swollen af
Maria Month ago
Watching this video and thinking about Cristine's skin allergies 🧐
SaiBoiAnimates Month ago
Rumor has it simply finds Holo in her hair up to now
Cheerios Month ago
wow it’s a lace front that’s exepencive
Duanne Scremin Miyazaki
Maybe this was the day that you fucked up your face so much that ir got angry with you! Lol, but seriously, you should see if this paint or holo did something to you idk
and to this day if we still look closely on Cristine's face we can still see the holo glitter
Miranda Jones
Miranda Jones 2 months ago
SimplyPuffLogical could never.
Angie Holdahl
Angie Holdahl 2 months ago
Just figured out thet cristine is younger then wengie😶
Ninotshka Martinez-Valle
It's been a whole year since this video, I've followed her for 6 years now and I just realized her PIERCINGS WTFFF
Shrek Shrek
Shrek Shrek 2 months ago
And she wonders why her rash came back on her face a year later
UncreativeJulia 3 months ago
Funny to have this vid in my recommendation today.
Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales 3 months ago
It’s official I’m binge watching old simply holo videos
namjoon is hawt T-T
namjoon is hawt T-T 3 months ago
I found out I’m a Cristinosexual-AKA-only attracted to men unless it’s cristine
Jayme Wheeler
Jayme Wheeler 3 months ago
She should cut and dye her hair like her wig
Jayme Wheeler
Jayme Wheeler 2 months ago
Angela ok then 😑😶
Angela 2 months ago
Barbzz Edits
Barbzz Edits 3 months ago
She really said “ cut the cameras dead ass”
Freya Burgess
Freya Burgess 3 months ago
She’s gonna be finding that for decades now!
Molly Pritchard
Molly Pritchard 3 months ago
*Is no one gonna talk about how nice Cristine looks with pink and short hair?*
Yanaika Jansen
Yanaika Jansen 3 months ago
Charis MW
Charis MW 3 months ago
I mean, with the wig to complete it... i really has NO idea Queen Holo could look sexy. That wig suits her. Mama Holo you HOT
Angela Fox
Angela Fox 3 months ago
Hyram is typing....
Sophie’s Crafts
Sophie’s Crafts 3 months ago
Ok she actually nailed that makes
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz 3 months ago
2:05 **troom troom voice** pUt a hOLo gLittER-- --iN yOuR eAr I can't breathe
Kotokid :3
Kotokid :3 3 months ago
Is it dandruff, is it snow NO it’ HOLO
leviartthan semprelevi
camila 4 months ago
2:57 ahem miss you didn't do your homework me:
Tahiya Jannat
Tahiya Jannat 4 months ago
You should take off the glitter with tape and then use the wipes
l gollings
l gollings 4 months ago
im in legit the middle of nowhere the wifi is hella slow and its taken me neraly an hour to watch this video and that my friends is a country holosexual
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. 4 months ago
Looks so creepy
Forever Twilight
Forever Twilight 4 months ago
She started using tape😂😂
Angie blood
Angie blood 4 months ago
She looks beautiful in every way even if she doesn't cut her hair
Iron Idol
Iron Idol 4 months ago
I actually did this exact same look as well. This was in 2018. I'm still finding glitter to THIS DAY! But holo damn it, it was totally worth it 😂💿
a wooden spoon
a wooden spoon 4 months ago
I JUST realised Cristine put the make up on her channel "Simply Nailogical" and she's cleaning her face on this channel- why didn't I realize it BEFORE..?
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 4 months ago
You should get pink hair
Harriet Sarah
Harriet Sarah 4 months ago
Duct tape is how drag queens remove it
nafisa tabassum
nafisa tabassum 4 months ago
The best way to take out glitter is 1 vaccume your house 2 burn your house down 3 move houses 4 glitter has still followed you Just kidding use tape if on ur face if in your house follow the steps given above
Kirsten Kirsten
Kirsten Kirsten 5 months ago
pUt A hOlO gLitTeR iN uR eAaRrR
cassie chapman
cassie chapman 5 months ago
Cristine is one with the holo 💿💿
EA GachaStorys
EA GachaStorys 5 months ago
Her:is this ever going to come off Me: but do we want it to
Keri Bri
Keri Bri 5 months ago
Best way to remove stuff like this, vaseline or baby oil.
Cadence Rivera
Cadence Rivera 5 months ago
The holo shall be with you forever now.
KAI 5 months ago
Should've used oil
Henriette Mittag
Henriette Mittag 5 months ago
Her hair would look so nice like that the pink
Blue Eyed Girl H
Blue Eyed Girl H 6 months ago
Glam and gore reference
Planet Earth
Planet Earth 6 months ago
Bet the skeletton had a boner
Maya Rose
Maya Rose 6 months ago
Why didn’t she just get in the shower 😂
Baby Pineapple
Baby Pineapple 6 months ago
When I was 5 I thought I was tinker bell so I threw glitter in the air as “pixie dust” and it was stuck in my hair for a year
The pink wig looks real
Bekah Hardy
Bekah Hardy 6 months ago
That's got to hurt the glitter rubbing off and stuff
sichen 6 months ago
she lowkey reminds me of maze from lucifer with the hair
Just some dust particle on planet earth hi
Christine , ofc she knows it’s u who else would put holo glitter on there face TwT
Lara Ysabella O. Faller
You look good with short hair
Elizabeth Dulas
Elizabeth Dulas 6 months ago
I think she would look great with shoulder langth hair
Adeena 6 months ago
She looks good in that hair
Tiny PSYCHO!!!!!!!!
Tiny PSYCHO!!!!!!!! 6 months ago
When she zoomed in on her hair to show the holo is still there, I thought she was trying to show her dandruff
the man behind the slaughter
She looks so good in that holo
Dozy Doggie
Dozy Doggie 6 months ago
0:44 RIP Beyyynnnn
Sandra Anthony Samy
Sandra Anthony Samy 6 months ago
it’s simply not logical indeed
Elise Curran
Elise Curran 6 months ago
GG cries in bad Russian accent
꧁BCon Gaming꧂
꧁BCon Gaming꧂ 6 months ago
Omg the Make-up looks so good
Matt Liczbinski
Matt Liczbinski 6 months ago
Bruh this isn’t even her
the man behind the slaughter
Are you dumb or something it is her🤦🙄
Fatima Zahra & Jamaluddin
Matt Liczbinski it is her 🙄
valle x
valle x 6 months ago
I think it would be easier to have a shower
Anthony Zuniga
Anthony Zuniga 6 months ago
Her: "cut the camera" Me: * in my head* "cut the camera deadass"
Lilly Goforth
Lilly Goforth 6 months ago
She cheated on beyyyyyyyyyn with a skeleton
Mari Keating
Mari Keating 6 months ago
@Hyram That’s all
Mayella Burton
Mayella Burton 6 months ago
noice skeleton
JulieARMY 6 months ago
Cristine is an army...? 0:35
Mark Heyes
Mark Heyes 6 months ago
I love the wig cristen has it looks very booty full
Bianca Louise Cruz
Bianca Louise Cruz 6 months ago
at least her dandruff is hOLO
study_beagle 7 months ago
gacha _rat
gacha _rat 7 months ago
Troom. Troom stole your idea. Dead ass
Top Hat Clan
Top Hat Clan 7 months ago
I watched both of the holo skeleton videos and I think that she looks WAY younger when wearing the makeup
mugdha patki
mugdha patki 7 months ago
We want a video of cristine with the wig on!!
Moon Light
Moon Light 7 months ago
She is beauty she is grace she has holo on her face
Carolyn Wilson
Carolyn Wilson 7 months ago
0:47 Ben has left the chat
fruityl00ps 7 months ago
Christine: "cut the cameras deadass"
How to get holo dandruff
Matzo 7 months ago
She is giving us holo sans vibes
honney mommy
honney mommy 7 months ago
Sans undertale.
Phantom Death Afton
Phantom Death Afton 7 months ago
Get some duck tape!
Dylan miranda
Dylan miranda 7 months ago
how about bianca delrio!
Stacy Cowles
Stacy Cowles 7 months ago
You had holo glitter dandruff!!
Petty Princess
Petty Princess 7 months ago
you should have used a peel off face mask under it lmao
LilCraftist 7 months ago
That's actually really cool
Sarah Foster
Sarah Foster 7 months ago
Ben’s sigh at 0:20. I felt that.
Demonslayer64 7 months ago
why is this on category nailart on youtube im confusion
The Dumb Ravenclaw
The Dumb Ravenclaw 7 months ago
That feels like getting sand off your face it’s not fun it’s always everywhere
Default 7 months ago
Jokes A side but she looks HOT
Veronica E
Veronica E 7 months ago
Why does Ben sound so much like James Deen? I'm sorry
Kat Latimer
Kat Latimer 7 months ago
Is that one of mykies wigs?
Kat Latimer
Kat Latimer 7 months ago
Oh I didn’t catch that... I thought it was because I seen the one where they collaborated a few years ago .
Shelby Oldenburg
Shelby Oldenburg 7 months ago
And at 1:27
Shelby Oldenburg
Shelby Oldenburg 7 months ago
Yea, she says that in the main vid
Joku Anna
Joku Anna 7 months ago
Just realised she was wearing holo taco in the last clip...
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 7 months ago
And this is one thing people do NOT tell you about gaming children: sand and glitter does not come out of hair well at all it can take weeks before it's all out!!!!
Lorelain Hoxhaj
Lorelain Hoxhaj 7 months ago
Not gonna lie the day this was posted I got scared a little cuz it was so dark in my room idk but I got a scary feeling of how she looked so I avoided watching it for a week
Jaden Bright
Jaden Bright 7 months ago
This is what the 'normal' people are trying to do now since quarantine
Mackenzie Stanton
Mackenzie Stanton 8 months ago
You should’ve put a peel off facemask on before you put the glitter on so you could just peel it all off
Slowly losing my sanity
The skeleton is ben from the future
CristinaDivine Gajero
She did great in doing that tho.
I'm a Mobile Game