Simply’s Safiya & Tyler's Wedding Vlog | LA 2019 

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We went to a wedding! And it wasn't ours 😇 Happy marriage to our good friends Safiya & Tyler!
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Jan 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
This Is Why Mom Doesn't F Love You.
Ben and Julien are my favorite duo now
Avah & Bella
Avah & Bella Day ago
It looks like your scalp hurts...
Brynn Kelly
Brynn Kelly 4 days ago
she actually got tea for herself wooow good job Christine
Goldenfredbear 202
"nO prESsUre" same cristine
Carly Thacker
Carly Thacker 5 days ago
Tip for the hair frizzies: you can use an eyelash/eyebrow spoolie with Vaseline or brow gel on it and run it over the stray hair. It may be little weird but it keeps the hairs in place and looks clean
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 6 days ago
Damn. Cristine wasn't lying..she rely did film Saf's wedding and make money off it. Lol
Disha Chakravarty
8:04 thats holo tacos glass nail file
YoIm JohnLaurens
YoIm JohnLaurens 9 days ago
That shocking moment when you find out Christine is Canadian not British
Zoe Nicholls
Zoe Nicholls 9 days ago
I want to meet you too someday
Galaxy Supernova wolf
15:00 in the corner you can see Jenna marbles. (I didn’t no that they new each other so I thought that was cool)
Kristen Horn
Kristen Horn 13 days ago
Unicorn skins! we never noticed !!
Holly France
Holly France 13 days ago
Who else is surprised by the fact that her dress is holo
Holly France
Holly France 13 days ago
10:51 she's photoshopping holo taco!!!
PolarTornados101 14 days ago
The Trump impeachment 😂 simpler times
leila9194 15 days ago
I love how theres just a taco floating trough the screen and everyone of her followers know what that means.
Purple Sorcerer
Purple Sorcerer 15 days ago
You know it’s 2020 when you think ‘SHE FORGOT HER MASK’
Mattea Eleshio
Mattea Eleshio 15 days ago
So pretty much Phil De Franco looks like Muselk looks like Elon musk. Wonderful.
DrSudhakar Handigol
You can see that she is s wearing the unicorn collection before it was released at 11:11
Stxr Fruiit
Stxr Fruiit 20 days ago
The food looks so good-
Clara Meier
Clara Meier 20 days ago
Lol watching this and hearing about the trump impeachment makes me both happy and longing for being in a classroom
Midnight's_Moon 21 day ago
Their friendship gives me life
Thehufflepuffinme 1
So I just watched the video where she did Safiyas nails and she said she would post the wedding and I'm dieing bc she actually did it 🤣🤣
Piano 22 days ago
Viixxxie Manrique
Viixxxie Manrique 23 days ago
4:16 "color options"?! bruh ik u might call me retarded or something but that's the same color
SimplyNoone 24 days ago
omg its so funny that they did the addams family dance XD
Bradley Byrne
Bradley Byrne 25 days ago
Why aren't we talking about how buff Cristine is?
humininnn potat
humininnn potat 27 days ago
Trump shouldda been empeached
Emily Peyton
Emily Peyton 27 days ago
I can't believe how blasé Safiya was about the stunning present Cristine got her; maybe just because they're both filthy rich?? I feel it deserved a bit more appreciation.
egarlord 15 days ago
Emily Peyton god yeah same watching it I was like damn bitch at least pretend to be a little bit excited????? maybe they had their emotional moment off camera but idk :(
Lizz R
Lizz R 29 days ago
the "trump impeachment" part hits harder now that people still think he is a good person and actually voted for him. Can you please take us back to Canada with you if he wins!
Bradley Griffiths
Bradley Griffiths 29 days ago
Why did I put myself through this?! I *knew* that I was gonna see Jenna at the end of the video and I watched it anyway! *JENNA:* We *all* miss you and love you like CRAZY!! _Aaaaand_ we all hope that you’re happy, heathy, and healing! (Also I, rather selfishly, hope and pray that you’ll return to us _someday,_ whenever you’re ready, to finally fill up the Jenna shaped hole in our hearts! *XOXO* *LOVE YOU, JENNA!!!* 🤍🤍🤍🤍
rose mae
rose mae 29 days ago
Why does the dance look likes it's from the adams family
Ãrlêth 25 days ago
Cause it is
Anshika Bharti
Anshika Bharti Month ago
The way they nodes when flight was delayed.....it was incredibly cutee😍😍
HiimSophie Month ago
Miss Zee xx
Miss Zee xx Month ago
damn this was just January?
Lifewith emann
Lifewith emann Month ago
14:36 is that jenna marbles???
Jacob Niemeier
Jacob Niemeier Month ago
LOVED that travel intro! haha the music
LinseyFilms Month ago
Oh my god Christine should of “proposed” to sophia because the necklace box looks like a ring box!!!
Francie Greenberg
12:38 why is she actually so good at makeup, but nobody ever says so?
lisa and friends
mood thats me no thats me
W Month ago
Does anyone recognize the hotel? Looks nice I want to stay there
Mizuki Month ago
I watch this video about once a week cause after watching this I can sleep well, don’t know why
Levi Lammers
Levi Lammers Month ago
Wow that 15:40 from the Adams family 🤩
Nina McKay
Nina McKay Month ago
I swear Christine's dress is in The Sims
HorseGamer 101
HorseGamer 101 Month ago
LA with no smog!! That’s one amazing view!!!
Annie Potter Cosplay
The bras in the mirror tho 😂
Emma Swift
Emma Swift Month ago
Was that the unicorn skin collection!
Aliel Bunny
Aliel Bunny Month ago
They spelt her name right
Kaleb Petrosyan
Kaleb Petrosyan Month ago
Zoe Wid
Zoe Wid Month ago
Its simply NOT logical so nothing is logical here bff
Sandra Arias
Sandra Arias Month ago
seeing shane casually in someone else's video from before shit hit the fan feels like seeing kevin spacey in an award show from 5 years ago,, so fucking surreal
Naomi Park
Naomi Park Month ago
yall i just looked at the cover I thought tall and ben were getting married ahhhehheheheh
Kaylee Lorie
Kaylee Lorie Month ago
What the f*ck does she get at starbucks
jeevv Anand
jeevv Anand Month ago
She gets the f*cking tea
Jenna Hitzeroth
Jenna Hitzeroth Month ago
l like your vlogs
D M Month ago
I've watched this vlog TOO MANY TIMES to not notice that when she re-did her nails to match her dress, she only did one hand lmaoo. Like what was even the point of matching one hand if the other was gonna be a different color anyway?? Maybe Cristine wanted people at the wedding to ask WhAtS oN hEr OtHeR hAnD?!
Tea, alcohol same thiinnnggg
Ashination Month ago
I am very disappointed this is not titled safiya and Tyler’s wedding bitch!
Puppyholly Month ago
15:10 that reminds me of Addams family so much
No Month ago
It is a recreation of a scene from The Addams Family Values
Wombat Person
Wombat Person Month ago
The fact that they did the Addam's family dance....God I love that
Ari's Fashion life
Fake channel fake channel worning 💢💀 go to the real channel 🙄 Like if u know it all ready 👇🏻. 👇🏻 👇🏻
laura fernandez
laura fernandez Month ago
its her second account LMAO
Professional Multistan
It’s not a fake channel it’s her 2nd account
Ari's Fashion life
Fake channel
Amina Parič
Amina Parič Month ago
Is it Just me or. Sofias aesthetic is Just 😚👌
Lucinda Chan
Lucinda Chan Month ago
I miss when it was still January 2020...and the world was so peaceful and wholesome.
Keri H
Keri H 2 months ago
I love the glass finger nail file from holo it even works on my babys nails. ❤❤
Dibs Arteaga
Dibs Arteaga 2 months ago
Go to your room "tHe tOiLeT"
Naomy Aguilar
Naomy Aguilar 2 months ago
Safiya and Tyler are going to have their 1st year anniversary I wonder what they are going to do lol
Niko Augustine
Niko Augustine 2 months ago
**sees Cristine lift weights** I love it when women
Danae DU TOIT 2 months ago
She do be muscular thought
Lindsay Gomez
Lindsay Gomez 2 months ago
im very sorry but us mexican party 15 to weddings stay up to 11 am the next day..............
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer 2 months ago
Watching this for the second time. I choke cry every time at Cristine's key necklace gift!
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew 2 months ago
Cristine has the same watch as me! I live on the other side of the world!
Mimi Grabner
Mimi Grabner 2 months ago
I loved there first dance.
Amy Wall
Amy Wall 2 months ago
Wait, Ben's an aries, you would think hes a virgo or something
Allison Martinez
Allison Martinez 2 months ago
Omg they had their wedding in front of my old elementary school
Da k8
Da k8 2 months ago
*real tilte:* _Canadians freaking out at the stuff in LA_
Serena Bean
Serena Bean 2 months ago
13:19 spray hairspray on a toothbrush and use that to stick down wispys
Kirsten Lau
Kirsten Lau 2 months ago
12:29 there's a bra in the background... it's hanging on a hook... simply? 13:40 OOH THERES ANOTHER ONE
mahiru koizumi
mahiru koizumi Month ago
wow women wear bras what a shocker
Eve K.
Eve K. 2 months ago
literally cristine is SO gorgeous. she obviously takes good care of her body and her hair and she just looks so healthy
Fragile Like a Bomb
Fragile Like a Bomb 2 months ago
How is there almost 4 million people who watched this but, not even 200k likes. Come on people, it takes no energy and it’s well deserved for EVERY VIDEO.... with BEEYNNN! Just kidding. You put so much time and effort into recording, editing and uploading, Cristine, you are truly a (science) queen.
Cottage core Gay frog
Cristine still having blue nail polish on her other hand. Lol.
Kayla Sachs
Kayla Sachs 2 months ago
Safiya and Tyler's dance is the most iconic part of there wedding Like this comment if you agree
Christy Chau
Christy Chau 2 months ago
Who's here in quarantine that is just watching and then feeling bad for themselves because they can't go out
SteelStudios 2 months ago
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 2 months ago
I knew you will say something about your bras
Shiloh Flores
Shiloh Flores 2 months ago
Why was the plane montage felt nostalgic because were in quarantine
Aven Koontz
Aven Koontz 2 months ago
wasnt the key given to the groom so he could unlock the girl's metal underwear (so she would remain 'pure' until marriage)?
aastha malhotra
aastha malhotra 2 months ago
The iPhone is just chilling on the handle of the door at 7:30 😂😂
Deanna 2 months ago
11:08 it looked like her nail was falling of lol
Lisa's gaming and more
Autumn Queen Mangle Wild
I kind of hope she wrote on the card "Heres the key to your heart (suck it Tyler)"
Nadja Bergendahl
Nadja Bergendahl 2 months ago
I am really excited about Ben and Julien dancing.
Kayla Sanchez
Kayla Sanchez 2 months ago
Next wedding is... Cristine and Ben !!!!! Ben, when you gonna propose !!!!????!!!
Mehlsuppe 2 months ago
They don't want to marry. Watch their relationship podcast.
oops i’m falling again
16:15 a friendship i didn’t know i needed 🤧💗
caroline grace
caroline grace 2 months ago
Before the whole Shane Dawson scandal I thought is was iconic that him and Ryland came to the wedding. That opinion did not age well.
@Raksha B M if you wants to know more dangelowallace has a very good video about it: us-first.info/player/video/rpeMdbCmmIh5o4E.html&t
Raksha B M
Raksha B M Month ago
@No whoa thanks for putting in the effort to type so much! I didn't know any of this. I don't follow Shane so was unaware of these.
No Month ago
@Raksha B M it's a lot to summarize but mostly, a lot of Shane's old content resurfaced and from today's view it was disturbing as hell. A lot of racism, blackface in his skits, and a lot of inappropriate jokes and behavior around young people (including pretending to be j*rking off to a poster of Willow Smith who was like 11 at the time, telling a young fan on omegle to twerk -which, of course she did because she was young and a fan, 15 I believe-, inappropriate comments made on a podcast...) with some of the stuff you can tell they were jokes, albeit problematic and inappropriate ones, but others are a little more unclear in intention such as the twerking fan and some of the podcast comments. Looking at it while keeping in mind the time period, I do feel inclined to believe that at least a majority of it was intended to be humorous because the internet and especially the comedy space back then was full of people saying and doing stuff for the shock value and it created a loop where you always had to raise the bar and the things you'd say had to be more and more out there and more horrible, after all you weren't only competing with yourself but also others, and back then that's the stuff that got you clicks, thus money, people talking about you, thus more clicks and more money... But looking at it today of course none of that would ever fly (which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing, I was never a fan of offensive humor anyways and while a lot of people got a kick out of it, I'm sure a lot of people also felt hurt but unable to speak out because back then you'd get shit on even more than today if you "couldn't take a joke") so people were calling him out on that. Then there's also the fact that he surrounds himself with some problematic people like Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas who both have their own checkered history of doing some deeply problematic stuff, Jeffree even more so than Trisha because Trisha is mostly just trolling while Jeffree has been maliciously racist and horrible in other ways and associated with known r*pist Dahvie Vanity for a while and he's known for being a very mean and manipulative person
caroline grace
caroline grace Month ago
@Raksha B M oh uh
Raksha B M
Raksha B M Month ago
What's the scandal!
Maria Savage
Maria Savage 2 months ago
She’s in a dress 👗 👁👄👁
Beth Fialko
Beth Fialko 2 months ago
If it's a lesbian viking wedding, do they both get a key? And if it's two gay male vikings, does neither get a key? And yes, these are the questions that run through my mind.
Beth Fialko
Beth Fialko Month ago
@Abby nah its my bad
Abby Month ago
@Beth Fialko sorry about that!
Beth Fialko
Beth Fialko Month ago
@Abby ohhhh... you did not make that clear
Abby Month ago
@Beth Fialko I was making a joke based on yours lol, like, if you're gay no one gets a key? So you won't be able to get your things out if you lock them up.
Beth Fialko
Beth Fialko Month ago
@Abby im sorry, what?
İpek 2 months ago
I love the ending music in these vlogs. It is so peaceful and really feels like coming home
Denki Oncrack
Denki Oncrack 2 months ago
Lipstick 💄 is 🧚🏻 HMM🦹🏼‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧙🏿‍♀️🧙🏿‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️
Kiterpuss 2 months ago
So... did Ben and Cristine not realize that Ben's nail looked patriotic to the Americans?
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe 2 months ago
Shane, Jenna, Julien, Ben and Cristine. The people who should have collaborated & stuck together.
laura fernandez
laura fernandez Month ago
just take out shane
Ruth Pfendtner
Ruth Pfendtner 2 months ago
A time before Corona. I’m in a country where quarantine isn’t that intense, but I still have cabin fever. God I just need to rant.
Kristin Roberts
Kristin Roberts 2 months ago
Is it just me or when they are dancing they remind me of the Adams family
Kristin Roberts
Kristin Roberts 2 months ago
Sorry I’m dumb
Kristin Roberts
Kristin Roberts 2 months ago
Kelsey that explains a lot
Kelsey 2 months ago
They were doing the dance from the Addams Family.