simply nailogical saying "holo" for 1 minute straight 

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Holo everyone, it's meme
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HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
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Aug 2, 2017




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Krisztina Győrfi
The video name: "1 minute straight" The video: 1:01 Me: im feeling betrayed
Tarere Leach
Tarere Leach 4 days ago
40 seconds in and I now don't know if she's saying holo or polo
Alissa Brock
Alissa Brock 6 days ago
you said it would be 1 minute straight then why is the video 1 minute and 1 second 🙄🙄🙄🙄 the click bait got to her
baby satan
baby satan 28 days ago
Mallory Fallon
Mallory Fallon Month ago
My favorite part was when she said “holo” 😂
Keeley Eubanks
Keeley Eubanks Month ago
Naomi Soria
Naomi Soria Month ago
Bhakti Birjerane
If you put in you head palo it will sound like that
Eleanor Kenley
Eleanor Kenley Month ago
This is the Best song I’ve ever heard Spotify is typing…
Eleanor Kenley
Eleanor Kenley Month ago
This is the best song I’ve ever heard Searches of Spotify...
Anbert Month ago
Near the end i heard polo and calo ✨💓
G Dalton
G Dalton 2 months ago
I love how somehow there was every single emotion and then some...true talent right here
UniSkate 11
UniSkate 11 2 months ago
Now it sounds weird, the word holo
Z Z 2 months ago
I think you forgot to say holo
Click For Shii
Click For Shii 2 months ago
Emily Caddick
Emily Caddick 2 months ago
Ahhh so close It is 01:01
sweet Mellie
sweet Mellie 2 months ago
Do a drunk make up tutorial pls
HoBi WaTeR
HoBi WaTeR 2 months ago
Who is watching this in god forsaken coronavirus 2020
Matilda Saielli
Matilda Saielli 2 months ago
I liked the part when she said *HoLo*
John Deacon
John Deacon 3 months ago
You mean 1 minute and 1 second
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi 3 months ago
I am so productive
Carbonated bleach
Carbonated bleach 3 months ago
0:34 HoloOeoeOOooOOo
Mia Basile
Mia Basile 3 months ago
Sometimes it is HOLO and sometimes it is HALO
נועה גאלסולקר
Lirio Hardy
Lirio Hardy 3 months ago
it started sounding like "paulo" ?? 😅
The Cliche Future Cat Lady
*Holo can ya go?* ●w●
Miss Oreo
Miss Oreo 3 months ago
It doestnt sound like a word any more
August Rae
August Rae 3 months ago
You look and sound like sofi tukker!
Laura Zhang
Laura Zhang 3 months ago
*idk when i liked this video but i’m glad my past self did.*
Ashton Blake
Ashton Blake 3 months ago
Holo doesn’t sound like a word anymore 😂😂🤣🤣
Erin Felicity Ong
Erin Felicity Ong 3 months ago
Why did 1 million and a half people watch this
Pickle The nonbinary kid
Holo holo holo holo holo holo 💟🧩😚this is the 2nd vid of yours I’m watching you seem rlly funny 😁 I’m excited to watch more xxx you are cool xxx From robin 🏳️‍🌈🤟😚🦋
Lilly Buzzard
Lilly Buzzard 3 months ago
JoJo Will
JoJo Will 3 months ago
Lol I love it
Idiot 4 months ago
Day 28 of Quarantine: Watching 1 minute of holo
Llama Party
Llama Party 4 months ago
excuse me but this is 1:01 it said it would onley be 1:00! were is the managar!!! -Karen
Roma D'Costa
Roma D'Costa 4 months ago
My mind right now “ holo holo ... Polo Polo polo polo 😹😹💀
Candie stone
Candie stone 4 months ago
What if u did polish mountain with your own brand
Cat lover Kaitiana
Cat lover Kaitiana 4 months ago
After a bit it sounds like she’s saying olive 😆
Adiem Ryale
Adiem Ryale 4 months ago
MaiaMushrOom ?
MaiaMushrOom ? 4 months ago
0:15 No one: Literally nobody on earth: Her: *_HoLLo_*
Jayla Kassaby
Jayla Kassaby 4 months ago
This competes me
Emilia Macoretta
Emilia Macoretta 4 months ago
I like the part when she said holo.
kxizukii 4 months ago
cuoali 4 months ago
What did I just watch
Little Tea pot
Little Tea pot 5 months ago
Holo doesn’t even seem like a word anymore!
Treena McGowan
Treena McGowan 5 months ago
Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo Holo
SophisLoomtique 5 months ago
For one minute straight The extra one second: *am i a joke you?!*
boyadzhiev75 5 months ago
I love it
carly graham
carly graham 5 months ago
By the end I heard Paulo
Lilly-Rose Freeman
Lilly-Rose Freeman 5 months ago
Hola doesnt sound like a word it sounds like h o w o l o
Jenny beans
Jenny beans 5 months ago
Holo doesn't sound like a word anymore
Nirmal Boro
Nirmal Boro 5 months ago
Holo nice
entrapta wannabe
entrapta wannabe 5 months ago
No one- Cristine's life flashing in her eyes when she dies-
Patricia Kappeller
Patricia Kappeller 5 months ago
Halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo
Katie Plays
Katie Plays 5 months ago
Layla Sparks
Layla Sparks 5 months ago
She said it so many times it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore
Rosey Posey
Rosey Posey 5 months ago
My favourite part was when she said “I think it could use more holo”
Lilli Norman
Lilli Norman 6 months ago
majawlask 6 months ago
I hear : holo,hello,Polo,paolo,paulo,halo v:
Okiedokie 6 months ago
After a minute it sounds like polo
Stupid Gacha Tiger
Stupid Gacha Tiger 6 months ago
The H word
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 6 months ago
She's freaky
Family Wicker
Family Wicker 6 months ago
this is my favorite video on youtube!
Cat lady
Cat lady 6 months ago
I dont know what to say 😂😂😂
Colleen’s Cookie
Colleen’s Cookie 6 months ago
When she said “holo” That really hit me
Aliens love broccoli
。 Yuni-verse 。
。 Yuni-verse 。 6 months ago
Who feels like holo is not a word anymore
Stacy 6 months ago
I heard polo like 10 times
chvnkqn 6 months ago
Is this every video in one video
flamego editz
flamego editz 6 months ago
I heard calo Polo halo and lolow
b.r.3.n_08 6 months ago
Started to sound like polo
Wakemeup. exe
Wakemeup. exe 6 months ago
Half why I started hearing: Polo Yolo(Ya lo) Calo
Starry_shadow 757
Starry_shadow 757 6 months ago
Who else thought if this was made it would go on for 3 hrs lol 😂😂😂
Amy Kane
Amy Kane 6 months ago
You need to take into consideration that she has said holo enough to be able for it to last a whole minute. 💿
koiminaru 6 months ago
It started to sound like Olive for some reason. Anyone else hear this???
Phoenix Jay
Phoenix Jay 6 months ago
This is hilarious 🤣
Eva Kowatch
Eva Kowatch 6 months ago
You know she ran out of ideas when she posts a videos completely on HOLO
Siddymama222 6 months ago
1 min 2 seconds
Zackery Wolf
Zackery Wolf 6 months ago
I’m now hearing polo even outside of this video help
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby 6 months ago
1 second: Am I a joke to you?
Anusha Suresh
Anusha Suresh 6 months ago
She Actually Said "h0Lo" 114 times😂 { Also Try Putting the video on 2 Speed }
hãîkú øŵø
hãîkú øŵø 6 months ago
This sud be your new intro
Aubra Hickerson
Aubra Hickerson 6 months ago
I dont like nail polish. I dont use it. Yet, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE US-firstR! I freaking love watching your videos. They make me smile! You are lovely.
Lieke van den Boom
Lieke van den Boom 6 months ago
Dutch people be like: Hallo 👋
Isabella Maldonado
Isabella Maldonado 6 months ago
This ruined holo for me
Johnny C
Johnny C 6 months ago
I like the part when she says “holo”
Emily Saucedo
Emily Saucedo 6 months ago
I needed this
Georgina Sotomayor
Georgina Sotomayor 6 months ago
i've never heard this much "holo" until today.
Samara Sodhi
Samara Sodhi 6 months ago
I hear halahala
Nani Deku
Nani Deku 6 months ago
That’s a lot of holo’s
This is stupid
Mikey’s puppet Show!
Athena Snow Fox
Athena Snow Fox 6 months ago
I'm weird. I listen to this every night before sleep to calm me down. For some reason it's very relaxing.
xShion Reid
xShion Reid 6 months ago
When she said “Holo” I felt that
Byakkosouls 6 months ago
Lianne Maltman
Lianne Maltman 7 months ago
Graphic Art Nerd
Graphic Art Nerd 7 months ago
this vid almost crashed my computer
lovergreen 7 months ago
longest minute of my life
Delilah Sauve
Delilah Sauve 7 months ago
At the end, it doesn't sound like a word anymore..... My favourite part is when she says "Holo"
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