Please Do Not Send This To Me Anymore | Simplymailogical #15 

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~*~How do I delete my address?~*~
In today's episode of SimplyMailogical, we learn that my sister Jen read my diary, we get a bag of dicks in the mail, Jen takes all my money, and people send a lot of strange plastic bags. This episode was filmed a few months ago. Sorry for the delay, my editing skills got lost in the mail.
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Dec 18, 2019




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Comments 100   
Rebecca Hernandez
once i saw cristine at Disney land but in California not Canada. But i think I’m positive cause she had the same shoes on as the gold nail polish video where they went to a super fancy nail polish salon.
penguins 123
penguins 123 3 days ago
Cristine almost never says dicks.😂
Aww you got someone's first peely
Chocolate OhKayy
Chocolate OhKayy 8 days ago
Jen always sounds like she’s drunk and I LOVE it 🤣 also, you should name your vlogs “simply vloglogical” or “simply nail-vlog-gical”
noah al3xand3r
noah al3xand3r 9 days ago
The electronic Avatar
Can you please re-release the menchie hoodies I want one soooooo bad
Baybe Dolly
Baybe Dolly 25 days ago
you know how cats walk on ur keyboards? i have a conspiracy that her cats know how to work the computer and have a nip dealer
Addison Nordwick
Addison Nordwick 29 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Cristine flipped us off...
Bradley Byrne
Bradley Byrne Month ago
My wife was the stalker that sent the pink envelope with holo inside. I'm so proud.
Violet Sanders
Violet Sanders Month ago
at 6:31 the trump thing made me gag
Sampoorna Huparikar
Poor crisinte now she has to give 71k $ to jeyyynnnn!!!
RoyaleHigh Month ago
God boy God brother
Poop / wow / y love you Kristine
Liberty Flagg
Liberty Flagg Month ago
I love your cat!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra Arambula
Sandra Arambula Month ago
Sreeja Month ago
This was a train wreck. _I love it_
Riana Conklin
Riana Conklin Month ago
I have 3 teenage daughters and I have always told them that I know that they swear, I'm not an idiot, but as long as they know there's a time and place (hanging out with their friends, not in front of teachers or adult family members etc.) they won't be in trouble, because I agree, the more you tell a kid that something is forbidden the more they want to do it lol I found your channel because my 2 younger daughters were watching it, and I have been watching you since. Love your work, thank you so much for sharing 😊❤
Aleksander Weedman
If you look carefully enough, you see how Jen breast is more worth with every minute.
mr. YouTube
mr. YouTube Month ago
OK I don’t know if that Harlow girl was the Harlow I’m talking about but I have a friend name Harlow
Michaela Marr
Michaela Marr 2 months ago
You are soooo stupidly funny I love it
Mikayla Craghead
Mikayla Craghead 2 months ago
“No murder please” -Jen
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
its not a problem eny more
Seek The Balance
Seek The Balance 2 months ago
I remember learning the word "bitch" when I was 8 and thought I was being edgy saying it.
Es Leigh
Es Leigh 2 months ago
The way she cuts the tape fills me with fear and anxiety
Margo Milo
Margo Milo 2 months ago
i love at 1:00 when cristene turns into zyler
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford 2 months ago
Holo Cristine I really want to send you something but I don't know if you will like it its a different type of holo slippers and not to be weird or anything but what size shoe do you wear?
makkie 1313
makkie 1313 2 months ago
Holo I am the Mackenzie that sent the cat treats
Daria Krawczyk
Daria Krawczyk 3 months ago
I hope jen got all the money from the likes XD
7lil7 3 months ago
I love teach you I’m obsessed with it.
Coco 3 months ago
Jen: _come and get it_ Zyler: *oh i'll fucking get it alright*
Janai Sanchez
Janai Sanchez 3 months ago
Jen revealing to Cristine that she read her diary and knew where she kept her key. Cristine: “you little fucking bitch” *proceeds to beat Jen* If this isn’t me and my sister... 😆
Linda Rollisson
Linda Rollisson 3 months ago
holo were is her p.o box
Famishedbat 3 months ago
Cristine race They are screaming and Jen, “ You got tea Cristine “ TEA WHERE”
Isabella Hairston
Isabella Hairston 4 months ago
Georgerella Cat mouse
I clicked on this video and it was already like half way threw and the first thing she said was”YOU BICH”and I was like “thanks” because I am a sad teen on my period
Vibing Frogg
Vibing Frogg 4 months ago
Whats with all these 10-11 year olds swearing? 😂
Manasvi Mahadik
Manasvi Mahadik 4 months ago
There’s 2 of them 😂
Sophia •-•
Sophia •-• 4 months ago
At 15:25 Jen I So HuNgRY sHe HaSn’t fEEd In DAyS
Nicole Xavier
Nicole Xavier 4 months ago
I know Jen is straight but damn, I can't help but crush on her, I'm sorry.
Jadyn Phillipz
Jadyn Phillipz 4 months ago
Jen Rich with 70k likes
Audrey S.
Audrey S. 4 months ago
lmao jen seems drunk af
CityKatter 4 months ago
Jeyyyyn Beyyyn Cryyyystine Dayyyyd Menchyyyyyyy Zyyyyyyler The yyy family!
June Bodnariuk
June Bodnariuk 4 months ago
I'm so thankful to the person who sent the first package that Jen opened cause I was a victim of one of the wild fires
juliane 4 months ago
my crush on jen keeps on increasing 😭🥺🥺
I am cheese official
Cristine should make herself a holo corona mask
Paris Turner
Paris Turner 4 months ago
Okinawa is in japan but it’s culture is almost entirely different because it’s positioned very far away
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes 5 months ago
Is it just me or did they seem really annoyed to be opening things their fans sent them?
baxtiyar tofiq
baxtiyar tofiq 5 months ago
Iam eating over night oats
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Why people sending you money You don't need it.
Wonton 5. Goulasch
Because they want to. Not like she can stop them. Right?
Bri Morales
Bri Morales 5 months ago
you should make a video of sorting your nail polish by the numbers on the top.
Jackson U'Ren
Jackson U'Ren 5 months ago
If you put playback speed at .75 they sound so drunk 😂
SharaDaPotaot 5 months ago
*it feels really weird when someone sends mail and their name is the same as yours.*
Madeline Diop
Madeline Diop 5 months ago
I'm learning french... CRISTINE HELP!!!
Abby Martin
Abby Martin 5 months ago
I think Jen is high
judith hamilton
judith hamilton 5 months ago
Every like this comment gets give $10
Mykie V. Gorges-Klug
So that means Jen got 69K in cash from you?
addison houle
addison houle 5 months ago
is jen her sister
Katja Macabre Patron Posts
Jen and her tiddy dollar 😹
Jasmine Parson
Jasmine Parson 6 months ago
When you get a full box of holo and or iridescent glitter, "What do you want me to do its the language of my people" truth 💯
Maya Kowalski
Maya Kowalski 6 months ago
Jen: Stop dying people!!! People with corona: I cAnt HeLp iT
Seth McCubbin
Seth McCubbin 6 months ago
1 like = gives Jen $1 . I wonder if Jen ever got her $69K
Mackenzie Laros
Mackenzie Laros 6 months ago
Why does Jen lowkey always sound drunk😂😂😂
Spicy Oregano
Spicy Oregano 6 months ago
New album: 1. Menchie Merch 2. Science Queen 3. Troom Troom Views
Mylie Malfoy
Mylie Malfoy 6 months ago
I sent you the one from art class and yeah prety much
KillerFox Raspberry Plays
Jenny looks different... she looks ... less like she’s on drugs then I’m used to
Mackenzie Broadwater
5:43 Jen: aright, im going in Me in my mind: thats what she said...
Pagan Holden
Pagan Holden 6 months ago
never meant to make your daughter cry. I apologize a trillion times.😇 5:48
SkullyRau 6 months ago
Hey Jen... nice boob money you got there..... just wanted to say that.... oraholo.......its like oravoir.... and holo mixed together... but i forgot how to spell... so ..... htere ya go....
Calais Gray
Calais Gray 6 months ago
2 days ago me and my family were driving to my grandmas place for Mother’s Day and we drove past a black holo mustang
Pimmie wtf Inc
Pimmie wtf Inc 6 months ago
1 like is 1 dollar for jen... its at 69k now...
Jane Lee
Jane Lee 6 months ago
My order of youtube channels when I'm sad 1) Simply Not logical 2) Simply Nailogical 3) Simply Podlogical This has been a brief list of youtube channels I watch when I'm sad
Juli Jess101
Juli Jess101 6 months ago
My Rubix cube is covered with nail oil(no comment) love you , baiiiii
Rose 6 months ago
It’s simply snailogical 😂
Lexi Blodwell
Lexi Blodwell 6 months ago
I’m under age I’m 9
Mika .N
Mika .N 6 months ago
Okinawa is Japan!!!
andrew r
andrew r 7 months ago
all of jen’s yawning is making me tired
Cooltroll Trolling
Cooltroll Trolling 7 months ago
I want to send you something but I don't know how!!! 😭😭😭
Justine Jayco
Justine Jayco 7 months ago
for some reason i feel like jen will be the last person to find out about covid 19 pls don't feel offended and fans don't come for me
LittleLaanekas 7 months ago
I would love to try on different color lenses but I never buy them cause they're so damn expensive. Love your channel Cristine 🤗
{AFRIN FAATINA} 7 months ago
Jen is really funny
Cora greer
Cora greer 7 months ago
This is literally me and my best friends opening their lunches and eating all of their snacks
syed abrar
syed abrar 7 months ago
You should have a bag of your fans pealies .
xXXxsophiagmackxXXx 7 months ago
“YoUv GoT TeA!!!!!”
liss r.
liss r. 7 months ago
Omygosh her "American" accent.
Matt Wood
Matt Wood 7 months ago
Oh I loooovvveee Jen pleeeeeeeeeessssssseee have her on your channel more !!!!!!
Sis Kuta
Sis Kuta 7 months ago
Next time you do a nail care video will you please do how do stop bending your nails
ABBY DUVALL 7 months ago
Simplymailogical #15 aka Jen throwing shade at Cristine for 20 minutes
Julia Bicalho
Julia Bicalho 7 months ago
I wish I had holo
Sarah Olney
Sarah Olney 7 months ago
is Jen just tired or like me... a little drunk?
anika mckuhen
anika mckuhen 7 months ago
okinawa is japan
Dayani King
Dayani King 7 months ago
Is Jen drunk
Anja Mägi
Anja Mägi 7 months ago
can i mail you a bit of tea?
troy corwell
troy corwell 7 months ago
Btw tell Ben to get you your tea
troy corwell
troy corwell 7 months ago
My dad got me tea today 🍵🍵🍵
troy corwell
troy corwell 7 months ago
I haven't met one single person how likes or knows you 💔💔💔
Payton Walker
Payton Walker 7 months ago
More foken Holo beouch
Ryan Straws
Ryan Straws 7 months ago
I'm Olivia and I'm from Australia but that not me dis my dad's account
Rhianna Brown
Rhianna Brown 8 months ago
Can I be your adopted sister?
Rhianna Brown
Rhianna Brown 8 months ago
Jen and Cristine make me wish I had a sister. I love my brothers, but will always be jealous of their bond as sisters. 🖤
emmasa animallover
emmasa animallover 8 months ago
i love cristain i sent you mail
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???