Oops I Broke Her Kitchen | Outtakes ft. How To Cake It 

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Honestly why do people even let me in their kitchen haven't they seen my nail polish in a cake video???
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Jan 24, 2017




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Comments 100   
MBA AJMER 19 days ago
Ben:she made me make a carrot cake and added expired nail polish in it so I didn't get to taste it Christine's mind: hE dIDn'T diE sO iTs fiNE
Victoria Kuy
Victoria Kuy 28 days ago
I also thought of the Bee Gees when cristine said how deep is your love - as its definitely the better of the too 😂
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb Month ago
BITCH EAT THIS!!!! 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
sunjit gill
sunjit gill 2 months ago
yolanda hates mess
Sophie's Channel
Sophie's Channel 3 months ago
People keep saying Yo looks uneasy, but I feel like she’s more relaxed than other US-first collabs. Usually, when watching collabs, I get the impression people get a bit awkward when they see how detailed Yo is and they don’t realize cakes like hers take forever for high quality and don’t know how to be helpful. So usually Yo is the main person and main energy and director of what’s going on. Which makes sense and we love Yo for her dedication and attention to detail. :) But here she’s more letting Cristine be Christine with her chaotic fun energy and just reacting to it all. I like seeing them together. ❤️ It’s a different more relaxed side of Yo and I like it.
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow 3 months ago
That's Okay, Yo - I thought of the Beegees too!
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow 3 months ago
I love watching Yo, but FINALLY there is actual humor on HTCi ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Miss Oreo
Miss Oreo 3 months ago
I am suggesting this again please collab with Jackie from Nerdecrafter when this coronavirus finishes. You can react to troom troom or something
katie louise xo
katie louise xo 4 months ago
Me waiting for round 2 👁👄👁
Ryan Shxun
Ryan Shxun 4 months ago
andy 4 months ago
Wunmi Obilanade
Wunmi Obilanade 4 months ago
FYI i am a kid in africa and we are not beggars this soo not cool
CS K 5 months ago
They're so PG13 and IM DYUNG
EnasYas 5 months ago
U should make the shirt say Go commit EPIC cakes 😂
EnasYas 5 months ago
Litterly notices da word EPIC on her shirt Me: now dis is EPIC Probably nobody gets ma joke T°T
Abderrahmane CHENAFI
I know that im a little late ( 3 years) but always remember: YOU ALWAYS NEED BIGGER BALLS
Gurcharan Singh
Gurcharan Singh 6 months ago
Not the mona banana, it's the banana lisa.
Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell 6 months ago
Yay I am 3 years late
Kayleigh 6 months ago
But if you’re cousins and sisters, that means: First your parents were born and they got you two together. So that means that your mom is also your aunt and your dad is also your uncle. And then your sister is also your cousin. That’s weird but it probably happened somewhere😂
Raquel 11
Raquel 11 6 months ago
it’s weird seeing Ben and cristen’s full body’s. usually it’s just shoulders up.
Kinsey Ray
Kinsey Ray 6 months ago
Idk why but I feel secondhand embarrassment from this video💀
Kristine Hudgens
Kristine Hudgens 6 months ago
funny because my sister is also my cousin haha not incest tho
Fallen Chaos
Fallen Chaos 6 months ago
The green spatula when YEET
Kokab Saleemi
Kokab Saleemi 6 months ago
Kokab Saleemi
Kokab Saleemi 6 months ago
Lilly mayo
Lilly mayo 6 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks they look drunk
Yvonne Spier
Yvonne Spier 6 months ago
Gigi Hadid is now pregnant with Zayn Malik’s child!
Lorraine Downey
Lorraine Downey 7 months ago
I’m fir- last
Alys XD
Alys XD 7 months ago
Yes very odd fam relationships 🤔🤣
Marlee Goodyear
Marlee Goodyear 7 months ago
Is anybody singing this song Ha Sylvania Feliz Navidad because it just sounds right but you’re actually saying ha Sylvania merry Christmas
Graham the carrot
Graham the carrot 7 months ago
Unpopular opinion Cristine is like lowkey kinda rude here. Ok ok ok hear me out. Ik it's kinda cristines thing to be all "fuck that bitch oh this is a kids channel tee hee" like that's very cristine and shes changed alot for the better in her newer videos but like I was kinda annoyed at her in alot of clips. Like when she spilled the alcohol and many other things like at least once she could have been all "oh sorry" genuinely and not all "aw fuck I spilled that oops" and her overall attitude in this video is just rude overall. Ik I'm gonna get alot of hate for this and I dont mind hearing your opinions but remember present cristine is so nice and that's alot that matters so like dont get into heated arguments about something that doesn't rly matter just a thing I felt the need to point out
Bobbie 4 months ago
I know this comment is really late. But If u watched there podcast I think she said she was trying too hard when she does collab.
space tunes
space tunes 7 months ago
6:05 was- was she just carrying that around??
Keara S.
Keara S. 7 months ago
Hold on, did Cristine make Mr. Positivity laugh?? BREAKING NEWS!!!
Simone’s Vlogs
Simone’s Vlogs 7 months ago
Anyone notice at 6:05 simply was using on of the holoday polishes?!
Sophie Koscielny
Sophie Koscielny 7 months ago
There are twins in my year in high school (in the uk) There brother and sister And cousins Take a stab what happened And imagine Christmas...
SangitaSunshine 7 months ago
*Fun fact!* Ben in Hebrew is “boy”!
That one peppa Obsessed girl
Rip spatula
Kayla Perry
Kayla Perry 7 months ago
10:26 😂
Patricia Kappeller
Patricia Kappeller 7 months ago
Wow this was 3 years ago
Lady Lynx
Lady Lynx 7 months ago
No one made a "Holanda" joke and I'm disappointed.
Paige Dubroy
Paige Dubroy 7 months ago
orbezze are TOXIC dont eat them pls
Braelynn A
Braelynn A 8 months ago
Instead of the song halo, she should sing it but holo
Isabel Capes
Isabel Capes 8 months ago
Now I'm just thinking out how that would work sisters and cousins
Maddi Grace
Maddi Grace 7 months ago
They are sisters and one was adopted by there Aunt/uncle that's how it would work lol
Yaery Min
Yaery Min 8 months ago
They have the sme nose
Cornel Cipcigan
Cornel Cipcigan 8 months ago
The Bananalisa
夢叶加 8 months ago
how to cake it:....Dont mess the mess tho...
• Deci •
• Deci • 8 months ago
Simply: BEN!!!!!!!! Me: =< she didn’t say BEEEEEYYYYYN
dumbysaidcalmly 8 months ago
Most people after hearing 'whatch till the end to see me eat this' skipped to the end
Jeffery Beecher
Jeffery Beecher 8 months ago
Pls sub to meeeee!
Alyssa Habeger
Alyssa Habeger 9 months ago
lol my sister is my cousin because my parents adopted her, so that’s how that works 😂
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 9 months ago
Dab Dab Dab Make your life feel f a b
Random._.Rebel 10 months ago
Kiara Gaspacho
Kiara Gaspacho 10 months ago
watching in 2020
Erin Morgan
Erin Morgan 11 months ago
She should put edible nail polish in her overnight oats. 😂😂😂
Tab4 Account
Tab4 Account 11 months ago
2020 anyone
Kerry Franklin
Kerry Franklin 11 months ago
we are fine in africa
Boombeno Rusinova
Simply nail logical is stronger than how to cake it! LMAO!
blender red
blender red Year ago
RIP spatula
amber stockman
It's not a problem anymore
Lilith Langdon
I mean. My mom's brothers are also her cousins, because my grandfather cheated on my grandmother with her sister. 😅
Tessa D.
Tessa D. 9 months ago
Lua Na
Lua Na Year ago
Ben looks like a tired dad
Alexandra Fuller
Why are you so fucking entertaining! You make me laugh so often.
Anna Roehl
Anna Roehl Year ago
I’m homosexual
Madelynn Hennessy
When I watched the actual vids I thought they were very uncomfortable bun now that I see this, they aren’t... well I guess a tiny bit but idk
Missy Edmonds
Missy Edmonds Year ago
Holo my egow plese😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
Danderoolee Kennett
This reminds me of me and my aunt at Christmas
Sophia Petrillo
She's worse than having a 3yr old in your kitchen 😑
Minh Phuong Nguyen
But Yolanda always seem uncomfortable and fake lol. There, I said it😂
DZH Girly How
DZH Girly How Year ago
Simply it wasn't ur fault the utensil broke, it was cause Yolanda smacked ur utensil hard with caused hers too break Btw I used the word utensil cause idk how to spell the name of the utensil k Also btw love u simply And also 2019 anyone?? Lol
Charlotte W
Charlotte W Year ago
If 69 is inappropriate isn’t 96 as well?
Sophie Year ago
They are Siamese sponges! No. They are 69-ing
Stephanie Rodriguez
Not to be rude or judge mental but u have lost a lot of wait and I no that's not bad and not I'm not saying I dont like u think I like u for who u are -2019
Charlotte edits
I just realised Evan in in my school year but I’m in England so it’s year 9 instead of 8th grade 😂
sweet yandere gacha
My mom is Canadian and she is like that
Mila K
Mila K Year ago
Watch 123 Go!
Caliana Hain
Caliana Hain Year ago
2019 anyone ?🤣🤣
yolanda Year ago
hi I’m yolanda, am I late?
Nobody Don’t care
I wonder what app Christina using for editing !
Olivia and Justin's World
Christine become super thin in 2019 like literally omgggg😶😮🤔😋😧😦😔😔 Like if u think the same
Feel Special
Feel Special Year ago
10:25 it happens…
Marija Mijovska
You shouldve said 'outcakes'
Devon Villanueva
Holo Ti ‘s. My
Coff33Bunny Year ago
"Where do we put the balls?" (simply wonders if the video would get reported if she answered-) "Don't answer that."
Rabbit Year ago
Thing is, my name is Iolanda, and I keep feeling like people are talking about me in the comments lol
maddie llewellyn
i’m watching this in 2019 and dang you lost a lot of weight
당신은 너무 아름답고 단순히 손톱 논리 당신은 최고입니다 ❤️💙 💜 나는 당신이 정말 오래 사랑 사랑 당신을 너무 많이 살기를 바랍니다
Loyxi Fen
Loyxi Fen Year ago
No glossy taco?
Sara Year ago
2:49 if Ben had left he never would have gotten his VaCaTiOn
- Knoxinu
- Knoxinu Year ago
Attila Gergely
Actually, if a brother and a sister had two(or more children), then those children are siblings, and cousins at the same time. So yeah, it's possible to be sisters and cousins at the same time.
Ashton Garland
Ashton Garland 5 months ago
I think most people know what incest is, but it’s frowned upon in modern time for obvious reasons.
Kenna Scott
Kenna Scott Year ago
Yo's wins
Gloria Sanchez
There complete opposites
Yvette Branch
Yvette Branch Year ago
isn't anyone going to mention the fact that when the words CAKE OUTTAKES were on the screen, you were probably thinking OUTCAKES and then all of a sudden the word appeared on the screen.
shu Year ago
Pheobes Art
Pheobes Art Year ago
To have a sister who's your cousin you would need insest parents
Gummi. Phrog
Gummi. Phrog Year ago
Monanna Peelsa is Ben's nail
Orbyz r Palmer balls
Britney Tsai
Britney Tsai Year ago
They’re personalities don’t mix at all
Mia Smaltown
Mia Smaltown Year ago
2019?? Someone ok Only me sure
SARAH Johns Year ago
A xx