Never going in the kitchen again / nail polish cake outtakes 

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I hereby issue a restraining order against the kitchen.
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 100   
lukemike 3 days ago
why did this get so many dislikes um 🧍
lukemike 3 days ago
oh 🧍
Forest Blue
Forest Blue 5 days ago
0:50 food insecurities would be solved if everyone went vegan
Montana Specht
Montana Specht 27 days ago
Bens little, "Awww, it's ok... It's all ok..." MAH HEART, MAH SOUL. #COUPLEGOALS. Timestamp: 9:03 - 9:12
Makayla Nicole
Makayla Nicole 28 days ago
"I consider myself a feminist, but it would be nice to come home to you in a apron, baking a cake" "Yeah, well fuck you"
Makayla Nicole
Makayla Nicole 28 days ago
For a minute I thought Ben could smell Colors lol
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart Month ago
Anyone else just watch these videos to see how much Ben will put up with? :D
Zoë Murray
Zoë Murray Month ago
I have a scale and use it to measure for baking and portion control lolololol I also used it once to make sure a painting would not call off the wall on my command hooks
April Gallicano
April Gallicano Month ago
My Indian grandma drinks buttermilk, but I don't like drinking it... I only like buttermilk pancakes 🤤
Zillah Wolff
Zillah Wolff Month ago
Ben: "Who said that about you?" ARIES BEN: "I'll fight them."
Tila’s Taco
Tila’s Taco 2 months ago
I was like ...Ben that was mean Also me ...😂😂😂😂
jojo jojet
jojo jojet 2 months ago
3:06 - I like how whenever anyone sees a stick of butter we think about the Americans and their Deep Fried Butter. Like it just one of those uniquely American things I guess.
Penelope Karasko
Penelope Karasko 2 months ago
My cats eats spiders and when we lived in Texas my cat would um rip up cockroaches and leave them for my mom!
Gabriel Paddock
Gabriel Paddock 2 months ago
"No, that's like character development" That's so relatable
sam !
sam ! 2 months ago
feminist ben🥰
Sebastien Robinson
Sebastien Robinson 2 months ago
When they didn't know what butter milk was 😂
no hope for humanity
Ben pushing cristines face down+white stuff on her face My brain:oh no no no,don't think about it no DON'T!!! I'm so sorry, please don't hate me😂
Angel Violet
Angel Violet 2 months ago
i keep rewatching this bc theyre so cute
Olivia Dubois
Olivia Dubois 2 months ago
2:37 Me..... Churn butter churn, churn butter churn, we are waiting at the gate, waiting for our butter cake, churn butter churn. Am I the only one that knows that? I am OK Bye
Danielle King
Danielle King 2 months ago
OMG Cristine was legit *traumatized* after he failed to push her face into the cake!!! Quick, grab a knife nearby and defend yourself, Cristine!!!!!! 🔪
Kathleen K
Kathleen K 2 months ago
Couple of bougie idiots...
Nena Mocte
Nena Mocte 2 months ago
Christine: analize cryme data for the government Also christine: calls unitades states, America
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez 2 months ago
9:05 I love how Ben cares for her here and just awe
Mady Luttringer
Mady Luttringer 3 months ago
Maple Taffie
Maple Taffie 3 months ago
If you are cristine reading this, you can make butter-milk at home. It’s just milk and vinegar. And no it can’t replaced with normal milk
Carlie Ren
Carlie Ren 3 months ago
the only reason i disliked is because she told me to
Tender Darkness
Tender Darkness 3 months ago
Ben really has that dad energy
Maya Tang
Maya Tang 3 months ago
buttermilk is milk from making butter
_my_pets_x0x0_ 3 months ago
I’m sorry but 2:48 is goalsss
_Night Light_
_Night Light_ 3 months ago
This is real late but if anyone was wondering, you can literally make buttermilk yourself by adding vinegar to milk :)
Masabah Saeed
Masabah Saeed 3 months ago
I'm confused... do I dislike or like?
Maja Isawesome
Maja Isawesome 3 months ago
“We don’t do drugs!” Cristene doesn’t need drugs after huffing nail polish
Maja Isawesome
Maja Isawesome 3 months ago
The whole butter conversation made me think of the butter cow 😂 🐮 🧈
Yoshi plays
Yoshi plays 3 months ago
You think its butter, but its s'not
radiophononut 3 months ago
Ben wants his sourdough bread
charlie andrews
charlie andrews 3 months ago
The 7.3k dislikes are from people actually listening to simply and BEEYYYNNNN
charlie andrews
charlie andrews 3 months ago
3:08 .......you laugh about it but its real
Lizey Goldglitter
Lizey Goldglitter 3 months ago
8:58 Christine’s face is forever in my camera role.
The Incomplete Realm
I know this is a little late but it’s called butter milk because back before things were industrialized fresh milk from the cows would be set out over night to separate the cream from the skim milk and the cream part was called butter milk because that is what was used to make butter
TeasBlog 3 months ago
I fucking loooooooost it at 4:03 😂😂😂😂😂 love you Ben
Hannah Macbeth
Hannah Macbeth 3 months ago
Just give the cake to trump!
Aimee Dale
Aimee Dale 3 months ago
I'm from Iowa and some people actually deep fry butter. Does anyone else do that or just my crazy neighbor?
Ava Wat
Ava Wat 3 months ago
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz 3 months ago
Noooo more people should have disliked this video lmao
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson 3 months ago
Of course, I had to drink water as Cristine said "I went waterskiing ben".
Emily Yee yee
Emily Yee yee 3 months ago
tHe LeVeL oF cRaCkHeAd EnErGy Is ThRoUgH tHe RoOf 🤪
Sam 3 months ago
What a waste of food
Happy as The sun
Happy as The sun 3 months ago
I’m watching this 5:00 in the morning opps like 🥱
Nadia Hill
Nadia Hill 4 months ago
butter covered in sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles
Geert De boer
Geert De boer 4 months ago
I love them making fun of America with the “deep fried butter”
Fribbit_the_Frog 4 months ago
3:00 I live with people who eat butter
anshika prasad
anshika prasad 4 months ago
does anyone know the name of the piece at 8:13 ?
Faith !
Faith ! 4 months ago
The thumbnail for this video is so perfect
Misaki Aogane
Misaki Aogane 4 months ago
When Ben said "Who said that about you? I'll fight them" That genuine reaction tells me that he's one of the best boyfriends in the world and I want one
Prachi Verma
Prachi Verma 4 months ago
Butter milk is curd mixed with milk which is used to make masala chaas where you put salt, roasted cumin, and other spices it is an Indian drink which helps in digestion
Anna Peeler
Anna Peeler 4 months ago
I told her no but she just went for it
felinefrost 4 months ago
This entire video is just Ben being a dad and cris being his annoying younger sister
Sophie Wells
Sophie Wells 4 months ago
Lily Mis
Lily Mis 4 months ago
who else is dead at 6:56?!😂
Elsa Torres
Elsa Torres 4 months ago
2020???? I'm dying/cracking up 🤪🤣
Ed 5 months ago
It’s kinda disturbing with the peelys for sure.
Chinmayee Jeyapriya
Chinmayee Jeyapriya 5 months ago
2:48 Mom and Dad are so sweet ❤️
Razzberry Art!!
Razzberry Art!! 5 months ago
#7.2k dislikes lmaooooo ... “You diSLiKe this video.”
AmbblyPuff 5 months ago
2:52 aw
Nu Entrulion
Nu Entrulion 5 months ago
3:20 that's literally My boyfriend doing the cooking and stuff and me, just leaning in his shoulder, loving him 💖🥺💖
Megan Appleby
Megan Appleby 5 months ago
I appreciate that you guys made a cake and posted it on my birthday 😂
dojadontya !
dojadontya ! 4 months ago
😂 happy late birthday
Nerine 5 months ago
2:56 9:05 awww beynnn
Vixel’s Coffee House
I love how people are actually disliking it
Aria Searancke
Aria Searancke 6 months ago
I actually have tiny scales to weigh my cat not the drugs so yeahssds
Jasmine Adkins
Jasmine Adkins 6 months ago
If you go the IOWA STATE FAIR try a 12 inch hotdog and a DEEPFRIED TWINKIE
Genevieve Mackey
Genevieve Mackey 6 months ago
When Ben said idk I read he sounded like my dad
Madeline Diop
Madeline Diop 6 months ago
you can just put heavy cream in a jar, shake it, for like an hour, then you have butter
Sara _Marie13
Sara _Marie13 6 months ago
Who else is from Iowa, and has eaten a stitch of butter...? Cause I am!ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
naotby 6 months ago
2:57 Own so cute, Beynn saying that
Ava’s Corner
Ava’s Corner 6 months ago
The day they break up the world is ending
Amanda Mejia
Amanda Mejia 6 months ago
lmao rip headphone users at 8:50
Clo 6 months ago
Everyone knows Ben is a good guy.
MidNightMares 6 months ago
7.2k dislikes. It's more than the likes.
shuidere 6 months ago
Bien Adams
Bien Adams 6 months ago
qrustnyy 6 months ago
I want to show this to my friend. But she had no idea what holo or nail peelies are...
Chamancha Miel
Chamancha Miel 6 months ago
9:04 SO CUTE! 😍
Chamancha Miel
Chamancha Miel 6 months ago
Beyyyyyn and Cristine: *both very smart people who work for the government* Also Cristine: What is buttermilk? Do they just add butter to milk? Also Beyyyyyn: Do they just feed a cow a lot of butter? Me: *Silent but also dying on the inside* 😂
Cece Laird
Cece Laird 6 months ago
Okay, *Ahem* so once I was eating some terimisu at some really fancy restaurant and my stepmom was sitting next to me and I said I just wanted to lick the cake, so she said well if you do I’ll stick your head in there, and I doubted it *Ahem* not a good idea... I kept licking it and, about five licks later the waitress come by and I lick the cake and *BAM* my face is in the cake... The waitress had a *Field day with that one* heh
abigail tong
abigail tong 6 months ago
Why is Ben hitting simply boob the funniest thing to me 😂😂😂😂😂
Sylvie York
Sylvie York 6 months ago
i care of oats
Riddhi Kapadia
Riddhi Kapadia 6 months ago
I can't stop laughing ar Ben's face at 5:08
kineto kun
kineto kun 7 months ago
8:51 traumas from the past about other men activated lol
shikiscamera 7 months ago
i died laughing when ben almost face planted her into the cake
Z G 7 months ago
“I’ve seen people in America do that!” Haha that’s not true cristine lol I’m American we only do it sometimes
Tyler 7 months ago
I never realized that they are wearing opposite clothing. Cristine has a black shirt and a blue sweater. Beyyyyn has a white shirt and an orange sweater. Opposites attract. Cute.
Dani Taylor
Dani Taylor 7 months ago
3:03 Ben's little "omf" was everything 🤣
Nicole Baculima
Nicole Baculima 7 months ago
Ben: we need to check you into a rehab or something Me: chokes on my smoothie/ it came out my nose
Catgirl V
Catgirl V 7 months ago
In Iowa, we have more than deep fried butter, WE HAVE DEEP FRIED WAFFLE SNICKERS TOO!
Julianna Esposito
Julianna Esposito 7 months ago
When Ben said “ Who said that? I’ll fight them!..” My heart😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭
Valgerður Björnsdóttir
My dad keeps talking about the eating bugs thing so this just confirms even more that ben is a dad
*. ʚ nora 光 ɞ .*.
their such a sweet couple *omg*
Kätzchen Schätzchen
Moonlite_Gal 116
Moonlite_Gal 116 7 months ago
Most of this is adorable fluff mixed with Jokes, Dear go this couple is adorable.
smooshyb 7 months ago
cristine: hehe fight me beyn ben: *pushes her ever so slightly into cake* cristine: BEYYYNNNNNN... u hurt my fweelings ;-;
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković 7 months ago
My dog once ate a stinkbug. Very useful
Aman Agarwal
Aman Agarwal 7 months ago
Can we please have a Cristine X Rosanna video 😂😂♥️♥️
The Furry Disease