MY FANS ALL WANNA LEAVE THE USA?? | Simplymailogical #7 

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Seriously so many of you wanna move in with me, I better start looking for an actual house cause we're all not gonna fit in this apartment 😂
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Sep 13, 2017




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Comments 100   
Hannah Nott
Hannah Nott 2 days ago
That kid who predicted bens death in 2020: Imma bout to ruin this mans whole career!
When we go to the store We have a budget And escape our mom It's usually 5 dollars
lily 4 days ago
6:00 lmfaooooo
Jane auger
Jane auger 15 days ago
when the zoey girl said she worked in Minnesota i freaked out because i literally live in Minnesota
Nat’e Kasiah
Nat’e Kasiah 19 days ago
Your channels are so wholesome:). It makes me happy to watch your videos, especially when I am in a bad mood!
Deborah Kolbe
Deborah Kolbe 28 days ago
Great that Ben talks to a 13 year old about making a budget, seems like I, 18, fist month in her own flat and three days before the new month completely broke, didn't got the memo.... Shit
Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones Month ago
ben you msy not di in 2020 but your sainity will
NIKALAUS13 13 Month ago
i have queston what is that thing with the glitter green polish on ur from bottom 1st nail polish sshelf lol i know wierd but i just wan know that red orange and yellow kinda thing heheh
Maeve Lavin
Maeve Lavin Month ago
It’s 2020 it’s hope Ben does not die if that was his death date
Leah Butchart
Leah Butchart Month ago
when your 23 and wishing you had bens school advice before! ---- im someone who is terrible for saving!
Maheen Gul
Maheen Gul Month ago
As someone who is obsessed with collecting notebooks and stationary everytime I see cris getting all these supplies I wanna rob her. 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Laura_balloon Time
Ben: schools dont teach how to budget Me in my self love class learning how to budget: ye-noo yesss maybe
Wöłf fåįñ
Wöłf fåįñ Month ago
Seems like a quarter of ur fans are 11
Jenna & Julien Animated
I was home alone watching g this and I heard Cristine say, “ Thank you Mia” and I legitimately got scared and turned around. But then I realized it was you and I started cracking up laughing. I broke my nose when I hit the floor. The neighbors down stairs have kids and they could here me blasting your videos and they screamed, “ BuT Is It HoOOOoOoollllllllOooOOooOoOooOooOoOo” and I started laughing harder and then I stoped laughing. I took a drink or water but started laughing again and I started choking on water but I didn’t want it spit it out because I didn’t want to clean it up so I just sat there choking on it like a lazy bitch. ( not really but it was a fun story)
Tim Olana
Tim Olana Month ago
Jesus been just admit that I don’t have a favorite color ridjejdjejduej, I don’t have to be three or 100 years old to know I like a color that’s best out of the rest
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew 2 months ago
I don't have social media because my mental health isn't great as it is and I know social media wouldn't help. This is my choice and not what my parents have told me to do.
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 2 months ago
Okay, listen up. You kids do not need to get political that is the grownups job. Also you Canadians need to stay out of it too. Don’t come for me just an opinion.
dani k
dani k 2 months ago
tf you live in canada
Kayla Strong
Kayla Strong 2 months ago
I’m from Oregon and when she said OREGUN it made me so mad 😂 but I could never be mad at a queen
Deliverance B
Deliverance B 2 months ago
1:25 this year’s 2020 😳
I have no life
I have no life 2 months ago
In Sweden we actually do learn how to make a budget. I had a class we call hem och konsumentkunskap ( home and consumer knowledge) a few hours ago and we are currently learning about private economy and how to make a budget. I'm 14 btw if you thought i was studying economy or smth. Just wanted to throw that piece of information out there.
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
black is my fav coler
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
im 15 and i hate trump
Ursopacos 2 months ago
We raise the flag on our head, and we wish Trump was ______.
maryam amer
maryam amer 2 months ago
Pov:you are watching from 2020 and Ben is alive
Trixie B
Trixie B 2 months ago
I'm 15, but I don't really like social media. I used to highly dislike technology but I've had to get over it as I've started online school permanently. I still think that I'm not supposed to be part of generation Z. Boomers rock!
Charlotte Favre
Charlotte Favre 3 months ago
11:13 hehehe.... me
Masabah Saeed
Masabah Saeed 3 months ago
Why does Cristine trust her fans enough to put on a gifted gloss on? Is it a Canadian thing?
Riley M
Riley M 3 months ago
"Ben 2020" is Ben gonna die of covid😳😳
sai sri nimilitha
sai sri nimilitha 3 months ago
What os going with my life Watching simply naillogical And graduation hidh school at the age 16
ZeroMoon 3 months ago
Mia Roblox
Mia Roblox 3 months ago
please do a video about playing roblox
Varda Shameera
Varda Shameera 3 months ago
Jennaration 3 months ago
They wanna leave the US, so, they live in ore-gone
Alison Beck
Alison Beck 3 months ago
COME BACK TO THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelita Sieber
Kelita Sieber 3 months ago
im am 11 years odl and i live in canada too and i realy want a shout out from your chanle and my name is kaylee and ppl call me diane and i have been watching you since the videos were you did not talk
Kelita Sieber
Kelita Sieber 3 months ago
how did you and ben meet
kknishanthan 3 months ago
candles are the same colour as their shirts
MinYoongis Cat
MinYoongis Cat 3 months ago
While watching this I got an Canadian immigration ad and I'm in the Uk
• Viviverse •
• Viviverse • 3 months ago
1:27 Ben is alive so she/he was wrong
Olivia Hickman
Olivia Hickman 3 months ago
this is was published on my birthday so like this comment
SWEET - SPICE 3 months ago
Ben idk 2020 “Are these our death dates” Me: welp Ben get all the bananas you can and get her as mush tea as possible
Maisarah 4 months ago
i kinda do want to send some things to you too but
Calypso Robson
Calypso Robson 4 months ago
Me in Scotland 😌💅🏻
Mikael Clémer
Mikael Clémer 4 months ago
vlada 4 months ago
it’s 2020 Ben.... did you remember to pay your taxes yesterday...?
Tracy Seng
Tracy Seng 4 months ago
Vera Eskerod
Vera Eskerod 4 months ago
I understand why Ben die in this year/we all wanna die
Mantas Dapolskas
Mantas Dapolskas 5 months ago
I like how one candle was red and another was pink which match their t-shirt
Meme queen
Meme queen 5 months ago
She said my name but I’m happy even though I didn’t send her those things
Sunset Hope
Sunset Hope 5 months ago
as i’m watching in 2020
sanjana and shriya
sanjana and shriya 5 months ago
Erin Shand
Erin Shand 5 months ago
U know fake glue on nails don't use them unless u want to get the top of ur nails like what happened to me my nail broke so now my finger tip is longer than my nails RIP😢😥😭😪
Aubrey Schnitz
Aubrey Schnitz 5 months ago
Did she die because she has not posted I new video in forever and I have to watch all the old ones 😢 also my holo is going dry
black lives matter blue lives don’t
can i just that cristine’s “see ya’ll later bai” in a british accent was so fucking accurate
Derpy Nail artist
Derpy Nail artist 5 months ago
Cristine: “Ben 2020 what is this our death dates.” Me: well, I mean 2020 is well that kinda seems accurate And also when Ben said teachers don’t teach u about tax’s my grade 5 teacher actually taught my class tax’s because my friends yelled at my teacher for not teaching us tax’s 😂
sapphire chicken nugget
I didn't GESS you could do jokes hahaha
Mary katherine Atwell
I’m in 6th grade and my school guidance counselor has been teaching us about jobs that would be good for us and teaching us about budgeting even during the corona virus.
Luna McBaker
Luna McBaker 6 months ago
Me at school: * zoning out * Math Teacher: "To day we will learn about taxes, how to make a budget, and insurance." Me in my mind: " Ben said that we don't learn things for the real world in school."
シhxnsey 6 months ago
🎶“And we wish trump was DEAD”🎶
rachael narimalla
rachael narimalla 6 months ago
You guys should take a trip to England and meet some subscribers so you can improve your accents. Work trip + Vacation
Nicole Sweeney
Nicole Sweeney 6 months ago
I'm alkape I'm alkapy budumpum ch
Victoria Gyldenlev Mortensen
You know it's real when you can vacuum glitter of each others pants lollll
Georgia Brown
Georgia Brown 6 months ago
Death date 2020 😱
Yap Thiam Lim
Yap Thiam Lim 6 months ago
Oooooooo Ben’s time is almost up!!!!!!!!! 2020!!!!
Cedrique Blakeman
Cedrique Blakeman 6 months ago
The weird thing about the cat candles is that Beyyyyn is holding the orange/red one to match his shirt and Chris The HOLO Queen has the pink candle to match her shirt.
Hi There
Hi There 6 months ago
Why does everyone want them to get married like if they are happy together and not married why do you care like it’s their decision it gets me mad that if the fans want it it has to be done that’s why it’s hard being a US-first no one respect your privacy 😡
Lily Maher
Lily Maher 6 months ago
One time I was watching Cristine with my little cousin and I was wearing holo nail polish and my auntie (her mum) asked me what nail polish I was wearing and my little cousin yelled at her “IT’S HOLO BISH” Highlight of my life 😂
sue burland
sue burland 6 months ago
Bring me the tea
Miriam Fuchs
Miriam Fuchs 6 months ago
I dont know what you guys think she is going to do with all those note books
TheScarletWolfs 6 months ago
Ben: you don't always learn everything ME: they grade us on spelling and they don't teach us spelling
Deimantė Pėtelytė
Well is 2020 and Ben is still alive
lps. lover
lps. lover 6 months ago
Not this guy
VX- 23gamimg
VX- 23gamimg 6 months ago
I wanna move to Canada when I get older. With my friends, and is any seeing this I’m Covid-19
Watamidoingwith mylife
people in usa:i wanna leave usa😒its so boring me:ok can we swich u go in iraq and ill go to usa😂slly be greatful🙃
Mood Swings
Mood Swings 6 months ago
I'm 17 and it's so weird to think i'm part of the "old audience"
Xxstarlight 2015xX
Xxstarlight 2015xX 6 months ago
Stupid its will you marry her idiot
Mikala Hunter
Mikala Hunter 6 months ago
At my school you have to take Finance to graduate which teaches you how to do a budget and other money thing's
Sheriffjessy 6565
Sheriffjessy 6565 6 months ago
I'm not allowed to have social media :(ps I live in Canada too I love it here except for the snow this year I made a 6 foot tall snow man
PokaDot Girl
PokaDot Girl 7 months ago
For the ones who don't have social media: :((((((((((((((((((((
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 7 months ago
the way Ben said Yorkshire made me cringe 😂
Bakugo Katski
Bakugo Katski 7 months ago
Ben: they don’t tell you how to save money in school, so you have to learn Me: mine did..... it was French class
Kimberly Zeggert
Kimberly Zeggert 7 months ago
To make it easy for beyn purple is a color of the rainbow right??yes it is so that means that purple holo is just one color of the rainbow that means that you can get any color of the rainbow in HOLO!
Fun and Games with CC
BEYYYYYYN you should be a taxes teacher
FC Tippecanoe Peterson
Big fan
Ella Tinnon
Ella Tinnon 7 months ago
I want set a hollow to a person that has started running away from me I just said holo
Art_Stop Semi
Art_Stop Semi 7 months ago
I love how everyone who watches your videos are 12 years old. I thought I was the only one lol. Also, how much does it snow, in 2017 I think it snowed like 6 feet.... that........ was fun... heh.
Nikko Neko
Nikko Neko 7 months ago
Um thought the old people age was 20 and older cuz I am 13 amost 14 in a week
Laci DeLuca
Laci DeLuca 7 months ago
6:38 its so funny how ben went from lazer focused on that purse to laughing out loud, he went from this: :/ to this: :D
ShOoKhObO 7 months ago
See the one letter about Fort McMurray burning down still got me and I lived there for a year
Turg Burg
Turg Burg 7 months ago
Oragone.. ooga booga
KALYANI CLASS 8 months ago
Cristin sings : and we wich Trump was......*stops* Me : GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! My brother from across the room: ⊙~⊙ .......
NiChole Gallo
NiChole Gallo 8 months ago
7:10 they did teach us budgeting and finance
Trashy_ Emo_ Sisters
When I'm older. Expect just like, 10 packages filled with holo shit
Lucy Dunne
Lucy Dunne 8 months ago
Love how I’m watching this in 2020
dark pink MiniCrewmate
*I am in California* I must go to Canada! •`×`•
:M i k u:
:M i k u: 8 months ago
*Simplynailogical* "Ben idk 2020" Are these supposed to be our death dates? Me: *Ben you might wanna be careful*
Yishuka P
Yishuka P 8 months ago
ann07 PS
ann07 PS 8 months ago
15:00 that's so true..I am a tutor and while teaching kids mostly easier 10 years ago but now, teaching kids with internet access (medsoc included) is easier than kids who are not allowed to access internet at all..well, school books in my country are less well written now so you can't get any comprehensive info w/o internet
Yamna Altaf
Yamna Altaf 8 months ago
What joke was on 12:53 a C and a B joke i didnt get it..🤔
Jessica Benson
Jessica Benson 8 months ago
My mom said unicorn skin was holo