MY FANS' PARENTS HATE ME | Simplymailogical #9 

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In today's special holoday edition of SimplyMailogical, I learn about the wonderful things your parents think of me! Holo bless the wonderful holoday spirit!
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Dec 21, 2017




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Comments 100   
Anthony Cutajar
Anthony Cutajar 3 days ago
Beeeeen get her teeeea
Anthony Cutajar
Anthony Cutajar 3 days ago
My parents don’t hate you you are the best
Anthony Cutajar
Anthony Cutajar 3 days ago
Simply mention logical
Poor person who ATE their peely
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 10 days ago
Nice head band Ben
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 10 days ago
Ben wondering why he’s still here LOL
dumb popstar
dumb popstar 11 days ago
Cute Unique Never unfaithful Trust worthy
Drawing with coffee
Hi I am a human and I have 15 cats
KatThorn 27 days ago
Menchie! You got a job to do! Menchie leaves Okay I guess I'm all alone This should be no different from a 2020 daily life and most certainly Cristine's life
theo fairy
theo fairy Month ago
i hope the drawing at 21:00 got framed Q_Q IT IS A BEAUTIFUL RECORD OF YOUTH
Sophia Rohe
Sophia Rohe Month ago
Ermwgerd my name is Sophia...
Pride World
Pride World Month ago
Ummm I'm 10 and I'm turning 11 on December first... no but actually 😂😂😂wtf!
Liberty Flagg
Liberty Flagg Month ago
I love your videos and I am sorry to say but I hate tea
lily oung
lily oung Month ago
"OH MY GODISH THRE 5 DOLLES I HERE I'M RICH" every 5 year old 😂
Titan Griever
Titan Griever Month ago
Me in 2018: "Damn Cristine's loud as fuck" Me in 2020, rewatching the video: "DAMN CRISTINE'S LOUD AS FUCK"
Toni Elyse
Toni Elyse Month ago
What the fuck I never noticed the cunt joke hahahahaha
Rod Smith
Rod Smith Month ago
Bens youtube would be bentendo
Liliana Frank
Liliana Frank Month ago
when she was reading that letter from sofia i started laughing so hard my sister asked if i was ok and then when she said im sure your mom would mind me steeling this i lost it and started litterly crying
Sally 2 months ago
Bens yt. Would be him going to get tea while complaining about having to go get the tea
Yoshiko :3
Yoshiko :3 2 months ago
Ayyy! Polish Squad! | V
stacy Gloomson
stacy Gloomson 2 months ago
I think I'm late 😶
Kate’s Cove
Kate’s Cove 3 months ago
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos 3 months ago
Ben if you made a US-first channel you should Film yourself going to Starbucks every time you go for Cristine
Isabelle Patrikas
Isabelle Patrikas 3 months ago
bens channel would be vlogs to starbucks to get her tea, how to do taxes, and behind the scenes of filming haha
Andrew Arthur
Andrew Arthur 3 months ago
10% gang where you at ?
Maryum imam
Maryum imam 3 months ago
Cristine:drugs? Ben:just glitter. Cristine:drugs Ben:just glitter!! Cristine:DRUGS!!!
Sydnee Frias
Sydnee Frias 3 months ago
90 million people have cats and 900 million people have dog
High and gay
High and gay 3 months ago
Imagine the honor of buying Cristine’s starbucks
Leia Cariappa
Leia Cariappa 3 months ago
The nine and a half one was pure gold
Crazy Cartoonist
Crazy Cartoonist 3 months ago
I like tea.
Manuela 3 months ago
Special 101
Special 101 3 months ago
When I saw the title I was like ... Oh no
Larissa Almosleh
Larissa Almosleh 4 months ago
Hi I was puting on a taco as watching this video
stan 4 months ago
Yell Jal
Yell Jal 4 months ago
Ben's channel •tea vlogs •blue eyed girl: her life •how to file taxes •banana anything •Living with a Cristine: the ups, the downs, and the tea
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 4 months ago
Sophia was savage lol 😂
Keera Thiessen
Keera Thiessen 4 months ago
Ben US-first channel would be doing taxes
Grace Horton
Grace Horton 4 months ago
:P Boomer parents hatin on simply
Urvi V.
Urvi V. 4 months ago
8:55 to 9:05 is all Ben questioning his life. Choises
Abby Henry
Abby Henry 4 months ago
Ben: we don’t believe in magic cristal powers Cristine: but I believe in things that look pretty Ben:... haha lol
Dior_ Princess
Dior_ Princess 5 months ago
Ben would have vlogs to starbucks and how to do taxes and how to be a cat dad
Dior_ Princess
Dior_ Princess 5 months ago
13:35 was my fav Menchie is so cute
Mohammed Anwar
Mohammed Anwar 5 months ago
Well, that was obvious.
Michele Ricca
Michele Ricca 5 months ago
My grandmother always told me that when you gift a wallet or purse it's good luck to add money inside. It's usually a coin, not $5.00. 😉
Michele Ricca
Michele Ricca 5 months ago
My grandmother always told me that when you gift a wallet or purse it's good luck to add money inside. It's usually a coin, not $5.00. 😉
Yuna Leek
Yuna Leek 5 months ago
I really want to send fan mail that says: Hi I'm Sophia. the 4th Sophia you've gotten in the mail.
Susanna Fuddy
Susanna Fuddy 5 months ago
if cristine actually were to have a child she could name it catrine. this is because it has cats and no h! ;p
Susanna Fuddy
Susanna Fuddy 5 months ago
you think you get our name spelled wrong on starbucks cups? my own friend spelled my name "suzanah" instead of "susanna". also a lot of ppl call me suzanne or add an h! I AM SUSANNA WITH NO H PPL
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 5 months ago
is it bad that i peel off my nail polish and eat it?
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 5 months ago
Yuna Leek just wondering lol
Yuna Leek
Yuna Leek 5 months ago
chuckclemente 5 months ago
did you know that slime was invented in 1976
rimona maad
rimona maad 5 months ago
Georgerella Cat mouse
rimona maad is it your letter
addison houle
addison houle 5 months ago
just so you know cristine my mom did no know what holo was.... i put her stright! lol
Georgerella Cat mouse
addison houle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leo 8
Leo 8 5 months ago
Hi cristine I’m Sofia
Unicorn Sprinkles
Unicorn Sprinkles 5 months ago
I am the proud mother of a birdie! And she always chirps and dances whenever she hears you! She and I both love your videos 💜💜
tr rahman
tr rahman 6 months ago
When you two sit together like in the video (before Ben went to Starbucks) you guys look like a bride and groom.
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw 6 months ago
Do a house tour
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw 6 months ago
Do a house tour
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw 6 months ago
Do a house tour
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw 6 months ago
Do a house tour
Karly Wise
Karly Wise 6 months ago
C. UNT 🤣🤣🤣
Zara Toomath
Zara Toomath 6 months ago
0:55 😂
Patricia Maxey
Patricia Maxey 6 months ago
Your video content does not matter only the thumbnail does yes christine think about troom troom
シhxnsey 6 months ago
If Ben had a US-first channel he will teach us how to do taxes 😭
I like Animal memes
I like Animal memes 6 months ago
Beyyyyynnn would make TEA 🍵 videos!
Dani van Kruining
Dani van Kruining 6 months ago
If Beyn had a channel it would just be 300 videos of him talking about Tati
stormy ahidokes
stormy ahidokes 6 months ago
Omg I used to take the stickers off also and put them in the right place 😂
adelynn sue
adelynn sue 6 months ago
Ben we would see u go get tea!!!
connerskylar1978 6 months ago
Sadly there are still SLIME videos even now in 2020. Lol
I got 2 notifications saying I got attacked by Christina and Sophie on Coin Master while watching this vid...
Amber Fischer
Amber Fischer 6 months ago
Does it stress anyone else to watch Simply open a package like a she's the star in a slasher movie?
Genevieve Trout
Genevieve Trout 6 months ago
I'm only here for the eye candy... me OW
Makayla Weise
Makayla Weise 6 months ago
my aunt has 27 cats help it always like cats
קרן חד-קרן
קרן חד-קרן 6 months ago
Hi my nam is Keren🌺
Bella S
Bella S 6 months ago
cristine said Jojoba oil ja-ja-ba-oil and i tolf my mom and then she said its pronounced hohoba oil so my mom said that she should if she had a nail polish line so she tld me to not watch her like jockngly
Ice skater
Ice skater 6 months ago
When she strokes menchie she looks look a super villain 🦹‍♂️
Pagu Ecaterina
Pagu Ecaterina 6 months ago
The next time Cristine or Ben goes to Starbucks: “Cristine with no H” Cup: Anna
Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker 6 months ago
If Ben had a US-first he would make conspiracy theories about bananas
Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker 6 months ago
Remember when slime and squishes were everywhere in 2017 and 2018? I still find random slime and squishes randomly around my house XD
fnAF Circus baby
fnAF Circus baby 6 months ago
ik in her will she left out ziler in her will
Elžbieta Launikonytė
Omg I didn't expect Cristine to open a pacage from Lithuania!😂I am from Lithuania too lol
Kim Veronica
Kim Veronica 6 months ago
My parents don't hate u 😀
Kristine Hudgens
Kristine Hudgens 6 months ago
i feel the pain of them spelling my name like Christine instead of Kristine
Laura Kovalovsky-Kiaurakyte
I'm from Lithuania
Roo Cav
Roo Cav 6 months ago
at 8:54 can u spot cristine's photo?
Maja Osmalek
Maja Osmalek 6 months ago
Roxanna if h ever see this then know that I am also polish. Who else loves Cristines name: Cristine Rockelle Rottenbourg. Idk how to spell the surname
Winterbear Kim
Winterbear Kim 6 months ago
frick you know what, My name is Sofia too. not Sophia. Its kinda like Cristine with no H but mine is Sofia with an F.
Emma Hofvander
Emma Hofvander 6 months ago
12:28 omg!!!!!! Your face Cristine💕Toooooo cute💕🧸
i want ben to make a utube account and make like kids learn how to do taxes and challenge cristine to do it for a month...i kinda feel like i just said to ben to force kids to learn and do taxes
you know that holoday is actually holiday but i kinda forgot that its holiday NOT holoday and sometimes when i hear holiday i am like "isnt it holoday "? yeah cristine is really taking over my dictionary
Xan 6 months ago
what is your po box
JHolmes 6 months ago
Ben: "Power Couples like David and Liza..." Me @2020: That didn't age well. hahaha
sunny babe
sunny babe 3 months ago
Wow bitch im waching in 2020 too shit
Eyeyeyeh Manvienodaiseijp
Labas sofija (I’m from lithuania too )
Victoria Gyldenlev Mortensen
Ben's laugh is everything!! Can someone please make a compilation??
Lost Silver
Lost Silver 7 months ago
I feel like Ben would just vlog a lot, and like. Every video he'd eat a banana in front of the camera.
Dakota Stewart!
Dakota Stewart! 7 months ago
Oh cristine you could do more mailogicals during quarantine
Michael Persico
Michael Persico 7 months ago
To the child who stole from their mother and the parent who cant be bothered to properly discipline their child i hope you're happy now that your 7 year old is technically at large for Grand Theft since she stole from your house and sent it across international land borders without your permission. That was my kid(im 22 so i was parented the old school method) i'd have taken them and cracked a wooden spoon across their ass and sent them to their room idc if their crying or what not. They'll learn quick to listen to you. Took me 4 times getting smacked hard with a wooden spoon as a kid to learn if I don't listen to my parents ill get the spoon so i just stopped defying them.
Calli Flower
Calli Flower 7 months ago
crissy: DRUGS? ..ben:glitter ..crissy: DRUGS? ..ben:glitter. .crissy: DRUGS?..ben:no just glitter
Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu 7 months ago
Bonjour,comme ca va?
A Theater Kid
A Theater Kid 7 months ago
Ça va bien, et tu?
CC Karas
CC Karas 7 months ago
ben make a youtube channle about taxes,banana hacksand or going to starbucks everyday
Emily DeArmond
Emily DeArmond 7 months ago
Make the cats there own US-first channel
How I Lost $100,000...