My Family Helps Me Open All Your Mail | Simplymailogical #16 

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I can't handle them all at once.
HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!

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Mar 29, 2020




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Simply Not Logical
Simply Not Logical 8 months ago
Holo everyone! This video was filmed in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020, pre-quarantine era 😫😫😫 Hope you enjoy this longer extended simply-fam version of SimplyMailogical! Hope everyone is doing well in self-quarantine! If you're watching this, then you're doing great things with your time🤣
Dalia Dawit
Dalia Dawit 8 days ago
Taylor Halliday Careen
You need a bell to summon the tea slave
Sahasra Mettu
Sahasra Mettu 19 days ago
I love you Christine ☕️🫖🐱
Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené
You should really maka a video about temperature colour changing nail polish (you can find it on wish: www.wish.com/search/Heat%20changing%20nail%20polish/product/5f27b423a0fae75e3937fb8a?source=search&position=32&share=web)
The Owls Nest
The Owls Nest Month ago
@Planet Pluto try sending this message to her newest video.So she doesn’t have a hard time finding it.
Dustin aron Dadivas
I'm watching this just now I loved the parts with her dad!!!!!!
Julie Sieben
Julie Sieben 21 hour ago
Honey, you know that Rotenberg was a famous doctor right? OMG ARE YOU RELATED TO HIM?????? Also there is like a millionaire dude who's last name is also Rosenberg, just letting you know.
Gianna Bray
Gianna Bray Day ago
At 18:48 when Cristian was talking about the letters. I always thought "they could be CPB&J" you know like Crunchy Peanut Butter & Jelly.
Hi hello Go away
22:13 nothing here just a place holder
Kookie Crum
Kookie Crum Day ago
By the way the mu is me mispelling my
Kookie Crum
Kookie Crum Day ago
I am 9 and mu dad found a rock and i cant stop croching things for the rock
Julia szulc
Julia szulc Day ago
engela otto
engela otto 2 days ago
Love your dad!
Educated Waffle
Educated Waffle 2 days ago
PBJC- peanut butter jelly crime 🤠
Ayati Shahi
Ayati Shahi 4 days ago
This is the longest simply video that isn't a podcast but is almost an hour long! It's still nice to see though.
Chante Loren
Chante Loren 4 days ago
My God Christine towed us her age this was only like 8 months ago select she's proudly lying 33 or still do too
olivia besserud
olivia besserud 4 days ago
you should do a vid were you take a bunch of tea and (drum roll) *inhales *holds breath till I turn red *exhale put it on your nails and you can attach tea bags to your nails put tea in there and then you can make tea whenever you want.
proxymoxie 5 days ago
Matt sounds the most Canadian out of you all 😲
I'm Just Sage
I'm Just Sage 6 days ago
There should be more mail videos,
Jenny _
Jenny _ 7 days ago
0:42 I just realized Menchie's white spot on her face looks like the silhouette of a cat lol so cute
Ariana A.
Ariana A. 8 days ago
Cristine reading letter: "you are my idol" Her dad: why? 3:50
Live with AA
Live with AA 9 days ago
I love her dad and jen so so much
miiissfox 10 days ago
your dad sounds very german lol
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 12 days ago
Can we talk about Matt ❤️👄❤️
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 12 days ago
Cristine: du bist dumm, Arschloch Me: 👁️👄👁️
Lucy Johnson
Lucy Johnson 12 days ago
I think one of these letters were from me but I can’t remember
Vince Misa
Vince Misa 14 days ago
Probs the 5th time I've watched this one.
Taylor Halliday Careen
You need a bell to Summon the Tea Slave
Lenka Krdžić
Lenka Krdžić 15 days ago
I am from Serbia that is next to croatia btw croatia is in eastern europe
XxBrooklynVibezXx 15 days ago
Cristine Did ANYONE spell your name right
The electronic Avatar
Does anyone else realize that when her dad does an English accent he sounds like a chiken
Precious Mendez
Precious Mendez 18 days ago
I love Cristine’s dad he makes me smile🥺❤️ COMMENT HEARTS ON MY POST TO SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR SIMPLYDAD!!!
Stephani Luna
Stephani Luna 20 days ago
My favorite was Matt
Javiera Figueroa
Javiera Figueroa 20 days ago
So unfair that all the nice letters to Jen appear when other people are opening the mail but the ONE annoying 11 year old got his letter delivered just to Jen’s hands 😭😭 we love you!! ♥️🥺
Ania 21 day ago
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart 21 day ago
More Mattlogical!
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 21 day ago
Not gonna lie. Sometimes I have to close my eyes when Cristine uses that damn knife on her packages. Girlfriend, you're scaring the hell out of me. Watch yo' fingers.
Marco Guzman
Marco Guzman 22 days ago
Togepi is like 1 year old XD also kawaii is cute in japanese
natsume hana
natsume hana 24 days ago
kawaii means cute in japanese
Winnie Marie
Winnie Marie 25 days ago
48:18 ME TOOOOO (frm SoDakota:D)
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie 25 days ago
Cristine finally asked what I was thinking: "Why didn't you teach me how to use a knife?"
Marisa Nell
Marisa Nell 26 days ago
With everything going on in the US right now videos like this save me from all the videos of rants and news when all I want is a fun and funny distraction!!
Noacceptance 27 days ago
Anybody notice that Ben has more hair lately? EDIT: That's his brother...
Ava Eastman
Ava Eastman 27 days ago
Your dads hilarious
SAMA Ayman
SAMA Ayman 28 days ago
Your dad is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!
Eva Evlogi Dontcheva
I fking love you 🤷🏻‍♀️😢💕💕
Mimi Thus
Mimi Thus 28 days ago
Wait. From that one letter...... “i have 1 twin baby brother” wHaT?
Raleigh Pacheco
Raleigh Pacheco 28 days ago
Mimi Thus hehe idk
Jack Owen
Jack Owen 28 days ago
Your British accent is terrible.
Rebzy Rebz
Rebzy Rebz 28 days ago
Is quarantine/lockdown finally the time Christine can get on top of all the fanmail she gets sent?
Indrakshi Chaudhury
Wait a minute.. Astrid is a real name?
Raleigh Pacheco
Raleigh Pacheco 28 days ago
Indrakshi Chaudhury What the hell are you dumb how did you not that
shuvom khan
shuvom khan Month ago
the moment she said 'US-first advertisers' an ad popped up🤣🤣🤣
Elandré Steenkamp
Cristine, your dad has a different accent than the rest of you, is he not originally from Canada?
Sarah B
Sarah B Month ago
What made Angela and Michael smile so much? Find out here! >>> us-first.info/player/video/a7mggIRqZ2aRqoE.html
Anita Rathod
Anita Rathod Month ago
Me :clicks on the video and sees its 57 MiNuTes and gets scared Also me : Let's watch it and do my work afterwards.
Ninja Keks
Ninja Keks Month ago
"Kawaii" (it's not spoken as Hawaii) mean "cute" in Japanese.
Silver Nightcore
When Cristine mentioned all the cultures she may or may not have been apart of I started choking It wasn’t because I was surprised My milk just went the wrong way. 👍🏻
Kate army
Kate army Month ago
Not to be mean but your dad looks the old man way of your sister Jen
Scarlet May
Scarlet May Month ago
Does anyone know if she is still accepting fan mail during Covid-19???
Grace Wu
Grace Wu Month ago
Its raining holo from out of christines house holo dont ask her why just get so holo and paint your nail its raining holo ( im really sorry if it doesnt rhyme i mad it up on the spot )
Beanie-Queenie Month ago
I love who you are wearing a different colored sweatshirt with each person!
Fun With Rain
Fun With Rain Month ago
as a fellow Holosexual of the male species at the age of 12 living in the Philippines and currently binge-watching Cristine, Safiya, and other US-firstrs, I am currently freaking out the fact that Cristine (with no H of course) said Pesos at 12:27 which is the current monetary unit of money here in the Philippines and I have been given the knowledge that Cristine knows about us fellow Holosexuals in the Philippines LOVE YOU CRISTINE STAY SAFEEEEEEEE AND KEEP BEING A HOLOSEXUAL
Jessica Mae
Jessica Mae Month ago
Me as a tired 30yo mom of 2 that also takes care of my 70yo father and finds time to spend w him &laugh over silly things every day. I totally love watching how you and your dad interact, so many people forget about their parents once they become adults. Y'all are the best.
Unapologetically Me Azaia Richardson
Lmao he said you can have him🤣🤣🤣we don’t want Justin Bieber either!! Take him back
Luke Via
Luke Via Month ago
Beyyyyyyyn: where do you want to go Cristine:sailor venus
george the cat
george the cat Month ago
I’m watching this in bed 6 months later cuz why not 😾 and it’s almost midnight and I’m feeling anxious and This stuff helps with my anxiety so no judging 😾😾
iiorangexuiceii 8 days ago
@george the cat oh when were you diagnosed?
george the cat
george the cat 9 days ago
@iiorangexuiceii yes quite badly
iiorangexuiceii 9 days ago
do you have anxiety?
Sharon McCartney
its 20 cents not 20 euro cents
Kirstie Samnath
Kirstie Samnath Month ago
i love your videos simply not logical
Wecan Do
Wecan Do Month ago
“US-first advertisers” (ad plays) perfection
Kaylee Guerra
Kaylee Guerra Month ago
Matthew and ben have the same laugh
Zaily Moon
Zaily Moon Month ago
My anxiety is up the roof watching you open up packages with a knife 😂
Halle Steadman
Halle Steadman Month ago
You know the drill.. the last digit of your like is who you are: 1. Ben 2. Cristine 3. Cristines dad 4. Jen 5. Matt 6. Menchi 7. The blue eyed girl 8. Dolly 9. Jens dog 0. Zyler
Kaitlyn Hoy
Kaitlyn Hoy Month ago
i need SLEEP
LiliexEnid Month ago
Bro I love Cristines Dad and I love Matt🤣🤣🤣they are both the best🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️and Jen obviously but them two are just super funny🤣♥️
has Matt gotten any mail now? 😂😂😂
chumg chia
chumg chia Month ago
I would say Matt is the most appropriate one to open mail with (*´∀`) and I wonder if their last name is kind of uncommon? or is it just Canada style last name?
• _Dxddy._.Alex_ •
I am surprised Benn didn't get that much Benana Stuff, get it "Ben"ana
Milo Martinez
Milo Martinez Month ago
I'm sorry but my daddy issues are speaking : MATT IS WAY TO HOT AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL
Mmathulo Sejake
Mmathulo Sejake Month ago
Cristine, please get an assistant whose job is only to handle your mail
Mmathulo Sejake
Mmathulo Sejake Month ago
"Well, I'm glad Jen is so popular" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elli Pirelli
Elli Pirelli Month ago
Cristine and her knive "skills" ist making me nervous 🙈
Chantal Month ago
Your dad is awesome. Seriously, those moments are precious.
Amanda Mecsics
Amanda Mecsics Month ago
Ich spreche deuch also
Loren Whidby
Loren Whidby Month ago
holo fellow crochet enthusiasts!
VX- 23gamimg
VX- 23gamimg Month ago
I’m learning German right now! My teacher actually lived in Germany
Monika Taska
Monika Taska Month ago
It would take 40$ to ship from Estonia sooo I am not doing it as student I do not have so much money
Your Dad is the cutest! 😍😍😂 I wish I had a cute dad.....or a dad at all...
jewlz m.
jewlz m. Month ago
Her with a knife gives me anxiety
Isaura Torres
Isaura Torres Month ago
I love you Cristien and I love your videos
Divya Nair
Divya Nair Month ago
Is it just me or did Jen's whole mood go down when the ''fan'' told her to not be in Christine's videos :
Molly Geoghegan
Molly Geoghegan Month ago
Cristines dads accent always reminds me of the moose from brother bear 😂😂
David Levin
David Levin Month ago
Matt was awesome!
Ash leE
Ash leE Month ago
Victoria Abril
Victoria Abril Month ago
Hi, can someone tell me how can I send a letter to Cristine please:(???? lots of love holo family!
Luke Via
Luke Via Month ago
No one: Cristines dad: I like it
Kirke Karus
Kirke Karus Month ago
😹😹😹 20 euro cents 😹😹😹
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! Month ago
Someone send Matt some mail lol
Anja Mägi
Anja Mägi Month ago
Christine: we'll be eating the candy to lunch. Her dad: no. Me: say what now? Her dad: were are the caramel ones? Me: 😅
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
miss crochet nerdy has an etsy shop go check it out if your reading these
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
are you making more of these by yourself cause i would love to send something 😊
Rose G.
Rose G. Month ago
Matt and Ben laugh alike
Reema Bandyopadhyay Das
Holo Christine... Watching your video with your dad like that... I really miss him so much at that moment.....I am really emotional right now.....
SpankyCharly Month ago
Time for a new one
Renee Mckenzie
Renee Mckenzie Month ago
Matt pronounced Newfoundland right!!!
Sara Month ago
I came here to find Rose's comment.