My Dad said what if we had another sister 

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What if our entire lives were outtakes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Feb 17, 2018




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Comments 100   
Romily Lockwood
Romily Lockwood Month ago
cristine you dad is absolutely amazing haha! I'm legit dying
Leanne Weird
Leanne Weird Month ago
This was really funny
Sydney Stipe
Sydney Stipe Month ago
4:51. The wheezing tho
Sydney Stipe
Sydney Stipe Month ago
3:17 That's my senior quote. "Did you guys hear about the camels in Saudi Arabia?!"
Tanya Eddy
Tanya Eddy 2 months ago
the down below
Darcy Hassard
Darcy Hassard 2 months ago
your dad is the fucking best like what the fuck !!!!
Frances Wetton
Frances Wetton 2 months ago
Clap on! 👏🏻👏🏻 Clap off! 👏🏻👏🏻
edpz 3 months ago
Too precious! 🥺🥺🥺✨✨✨
dad: what if you had another sister? ben, in the background: is there something you’re trying to tell us? wow. this family dynamic is godly
The Panda
The Panda 3 months ago
obviously, chaos runs in the family
Abigail McMurdo
Abigail McMurdo 3 months ago
I love simplydadlogical so much 😂 he reminds me of my dad and it always puts a smile on my face!
-*Choco Milk*-
-*Choco Milk*- 3 months ago
I think he’s Ben who took drugs in 8 years
nessaann27 4 months ago
down below
Mihika Tillu
Mihika Tillu 4 months ago
the down below
Lena Bird-Pollan
Lena Bird-Pollan 4 months ago
0:23 that’s right Jen, social distancing!
Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl
down below
Nic 5 months ago
Dadlogical is a legend
Lil Q-tip
Lil Q-tip 5 months ago
Ok pause the video and click this put your head phone on max and play it. 3:12
- mikayla -
- mikayla - 6 months ago
they’re all clones of each other, they are the same people😂🧡
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 6 months ago
Down below
Layan Alnajdi
Layan Alnajdi 6 months ago
I’m from Saudi Arabia !!!!
Jasmine Washbrook
Jasmine Washbrook 6 months ago
Random person: oh I like your nails Dad: oh thanks Random person: so are you like gay Dad: no my dauter painted them Random person: oh how old is the lil girl Dad: 32😂
Maeve Ramage
Maeve Ramage 6 months ago
Now we know where Cristine and Jen get it from
Found .7
Found .7 6 months ago
Down below
Lomtif channel
Lomtif channel 6 months ago
I wish I had this relationship with my dad. He's around I just don't like talking to him😔
Suzy 6 months ago
“What are you gonna do Jenny? Cry?” 😂 😭 2:14
A username is useless
This is oddly enough really relaxing to watch x)
The Good Trisha
The Good Trisha 6 months ago
Down below
Ruth Cooper
Ruth Cooper 6 months ago
They should call the family ones “simply dysfunctional” 🤣🤣🤣
richa mishra
richa mishra 6 months ago
Imagine the normal chats in this house .. ben surely goes banana
makeup diaries
makeup diaries 6 months ago
jenny's bit on camel botox never fails to crack me up
Justine Time
Justine Time 7 months ago
Lol that “shake well before use” was such a sad joke. I loved it 😂
Genevieve Lindsley smith
Down below
karlaemelgar 7 months ago
Love this video girl. You have an amazing father!! And you two interacting with him is ADORBS! Another!! Again!! Bring him and your sis on again. Doung some DIY's something of each others intrests!!
Sophia Kittredge
Sophia Kittredge 7 months ago
Down below
Gacha Speed Edits
Gacha Speed Edits 7 months ago
1:43 the class when that one savage kid roasts the teacher
spacemonkey340 7 months ago
Amber Thorburn
Amber Thorburn 7 months ago
Am I the only one who actually dislikes Jen
hēłėń 7 months ago
Amber Thorburn HOW DARE YOU
Abbie Rizzo
Abbie Rizzo 7 months ago
I love her family do much what the heck 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toko Mas Nona Keriting
dad is lowkey hot
Eilish Engelhart
Eilish Engelhart 7 months ago
Platapus 8 months ago
at least her audio was super synced
Wynonna Villafania
Wynonna Villafania 8 months ago
They are so adorableeeee
Aloha 8 months ago
does anyone seem a bit high after that
Kokona Haruka
Kokona Haruka 8 months ago
Ur dad cool af
sage willows
sage willows 8 months ago
It'S nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE
loli pon
loli pon 8 months ago
the camel beauty contest is real and the botox incidence happened like 2 years ago... but Jen the prize is depended on the camel and how much it worthy and the 57 million was on riyal, not dollar.
Julie Ann Bantiyan Galao
I love this part (4:00) it's really funny!!! Love you so much Cristine! Can you please invite again your father next video in March 16, 2020? Love you so much!!!!
Julie Ann Bantiyan Galao
AJ Can't Dance
AJ Can't Dance 9 months ago
WeAr It LiKe A bAdGe Of ArMoR XD Its badge of Honur XD
Priti Bagade
Priti Bagade 9 months ago
Cristine looks so pale compared to jen and her dad
Julio Enciso
Julio Enciso 10 months ago
Thsts a great opcion for family time Messing with our dads
Sakurah 10 months ago
Down below
Nanapo Nanapo
Nanapo Nanapo 11 months ago
Millie Plays
Millie Plays 11 months ago
5:58 #rip headphone users
Sylvie York
Sylvie York 11 months ago
a badge of armor
Katlyn Aguilar
Katlyn Aguilar 11 months ago
Cristine....I listen/watch your videos while I'm working and your dad towards the end almost broke me. My eyes were watering 😂
Janai Sanchez
Janai Sanchez 11 months ago
Dad: You don’t like coffee? Cristine: no Dad: Not my daughter 😂😂😂
sammie m
sammie m 11 months ago
Her voice when she said hulk
Linzi Easter
Linzi Easter Year ago
Omg I love your dad!! Reminds me of my dad 😍
Hadley Goddard
two years later and this is still my favorite video on the internet
Fungs Folleys
Fungs Folleys Year ago
down below
phoenix noel hemming
I love watching you all together. Wish my family close like this.
Lazygirl Year ago
Down below
Kt Hines
Kt Hines Year ago
I watched the actual video and now I’m watching the bloopers
Paris vlogs
Paris vlogs Year ago
What are you gonna do Jenny cry 😂😂
Arianator Year ago
~WoW CriStInE iS NorMal~!
bribri irie
bribri irie Year ago
I don't know if it's just me but whenever simply nailogical uploads a video i always get high af and lord jesus christ AMEN its the best thing ever 🤣
miss gaspar
miss gaspar Year ago
madeline s
madeline s Year ago
This is a video to add to the “do not watch while eating soup, you’ll ChOaK”
PKcoach PS4
PKcoach PS4 Year ago
*In Public* Stranger: Aww, did your daughters paint your nails? Dad: Yeah they did. Stranger: How cute, how old are they? Dad: Almost 30.
Shaikha Alhasawi
I’m from Kuwait 🇰🇼
I could watch this all day
Moonfun 850
Moonfun 850 Year ago
3:10 had me dying of laughter Edit: and 3:13
Stephanie Coffey
The down below
Stephanie Coffey
If you watched the whole vid you will get it
ELLA Phant
ELLA Phant Year ago
Ralu D
Ralu D Year ago
1:16 it just looks like he has big hands
Kirsten Reddoch
this camel story! im hyperventilating
Crusty Narwhal
Down below
Grace Dougherty
I love your family so much
ella nieborg
ella nieborg Year ago
petition for jen to start her own youtube channel
Suvana Kimball
I want ur dad lol my dads lame!!!!
Mindfulness With Sarah
this is canadians in a bad mood
Valerie Longo
Valerie Longo Year ago
Buh-down below
Stacey Johnson
Jen is my spirit animal!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love you jen!
Elianna Hanson
We NeVeR aSk WhAt JeNnIe'S dOiNg BeCaUsE wE wErE sCaReD oF tHe AnSwEr!
Isabel Randerson
Nothing gets better than 5minutes of humour with Cristine
luki s
luki s Year ago
Where is Cristines mom??
Camryn Bouvy
Camryn Bouvy Year ago
we wear it like a badge of armour
Aubrey Rutledge
Why does Cristine not ever show her mom
Wibu gak jelas
I know hulk hogan! He's a WWE LEGEND
Emi Year ago
Down below
Olivia Pennington
Down below
Megan Purves
Megan Purves Year ago
omg I was laughing so hard that I started crying
Jessica McWilliams
Yall shouldn't joke about that my mom just found out she had a sister she didn't know about because of one those DNA tests.
Kaytla Maldanado
5:53 her dad is a mood
Tallulah Jones
The down below i did it lol your dad and benn and simply are the best
Eme Haegele
Eme Haegele Year ago
3:17-3:42 I’m literally crying of laughter😂
Sukhdeep Kaur
Sukhdeep Kaur Year ago
*Clap on!* *Clap off!* *😂😂😂😂*
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Year ago
simply dad logical is EXACTLY like my dad, but with less hair
Anamma Kurian
Anamma Kurian Year ago
I LIVE in SAUDI ARABIA and I never heard about that.... but I don't keep up with the news much
Claudia Trammell
Funny family
tough kids in movies