My Boyfriend Does My Makeup and MAKES ME CRY 

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Feb 15, 2017




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Comments 100   
Darci Hebenstreit
Darci Hebenstreit 3 hours ago
How did he make it SO bad
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 13 hours ago
when he asks "does it hurt are you ok?" my heart melted
Jsmn._notfound .___.
I wonder if they actually do the dirty or they just dont
Berenise Arriaga-Pacheco
“I just don’t want any guys to look at you.” -Ben Aww❤️🤡
marylopez0812 15 days ago
Karla Andreasen
Karla Andreasen 18 days ago
I’m dying lmao
penguins 123
penguins 123 Month ago
Ya guys what the fucks a Morphy also ben looks gay because of his nails . But to be completely honest Christine probably made him gay because of her language and shit. And im not being rude just having fun.😂
Veronica Calero
Veronica Calero Month ago
the real highlight of this video are Beaaan's nails lol
taniaa .k
taniaa .k Month ago
Emilie Groth
Emilie Groth Month ago
How long did it take to take this off
Ivy Desch
Ivy Desch Month ago
i just realized i have that same concealer in the same colour
Shayna Barak
Shayna Barak Month ago
Cristine: “ I once knew nothing “ Me: “ I also once knew nothing... when I was 5!”
Soba Meme
Soba Meme Month ago
I don't even wear makeup and ik what all the stuff are supposed to go XD but tbh I thought ben was going to do a good job.. but I guess I was wrong
Sydney Stipe
Sydney Stipe Month ago
Ok. But. How much is one of these? I'll pay 30 bucks for Beyyyn to do my makeup.
What if I did this makeup look for Halloween with her shirt stain and everything
potatopouf 2 months ago
bens views on make up reflect my own
Josie Newhouse
Josie Newhouse 2 months ago
Do Jens makeup.
smurfy 2 months ago
omg cristine you guys had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt from laughing so dang much!!!! ben is an awesome BF, you guys do really funny things... hope you guys are staying safe and healthy during these time right now... i love my holo blue flakie anniversary polish!! love ya guys!!
Kayls :0
Kayls :0 2 months ago
He genuinely cares ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cat lover Kaitiana
Cat lover Kaitiana 2 months ago
Simply: Dab dab dab (1:50 Me: dab dab dab make Make ur girlfriend fab
Vera Krot
Vera Krot 2 months ago
RIP Simply facelogical 😭
Masabah Saeed
Masabah Saeed 3 months ago
"People are gonna think we're racist now" boy this aged well
Unique Gachatuber
Unique Gachatuber 3 months ago
Me: what's makeup? Also me: the smartest person in all of my classes My cousin: you dumbas- It's true XD
Tessa Furlow
Tessa Furlow 3 months ago
Ben: puts a ton of contour on her four head also Ben: you look splotchy, it looks like you have leprosy
Hobi_Oursunshine_ 3 months ago
Beyyyn being iconic lol 😂
Jessica Courtney-Ashton
Is it just me who realised that Cristine wears the same blue top in three makeup video : this one , the one where Tati is teaching Ben to do make up and when Cristine does bens drag makeup 😂😂😂♥️
Conner Nicolas
Conner Nicolas 3 months ago
"What the f*ck is a morphe" -Ben, 2017
Tony Leon
Tony Leon 3 months ago
Dude i really love this video, it always makes me laugh and make me go in a good mood 😂❤️
Teddy12 3 months ago
All the bags cristine wants is tea bags
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) 3 months ago
Ben: _does something wrong_ Ben, ten seconds later: why would you do that Cristine
Leah Llama
Leah Llama 3 months ago
I can't be the only one who wants to see Rob do this to Corrine XD
Aarohee Gondkar
Aarohee Gondkar 4 months ago
He literally made her look like a dirty potato with that contour🤣🤣🤣
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Me : made me laugh But, cristine made u cry
Ben: it's special effects Me, a SFX artist: oh gee is that what your trying. Well...tip one..have SFX makeup to start with. XD
orgne juce
orgne juce 4 months ago
ben swings from wholesome to savage in like .2 seconds cris: *starts crying* ben "are you okay? does it hurt?" cris:"put it on your di-" ben: "thats where your lips are gonna be later"
Giuliano and Bernadeene Cangelosi
Her eye is a wing and then ben asks if he can use the egg and then turns her into a ninja turtle then her face becomes a heart and she has a green beard and then makes her lips purple but her lips look nothing like lips
Katia Fenton
Katia Fenton 4 months ago
The evolution of beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn
varanidae 4 months ago
Ben after he messed up her makeup: I don’t think it’s MY fault
Mila Oyama
Mila Oyama 4 months ago
Cristine: How much did you pay for me Me: Thousands of dollars in teaaa
heliophile _
heliophile _ 5 months ago
**uses concealer as foundation**
Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett 5 months ago
I am 11 and I can do makeup better than ben
Sophie Gaunt
Sophie Gaunt 5 months ago
Ben “I want your nose to be really shiny like that kid who has acne in high school.” That’s me 😢
Andrea GonzalezQuintanilla
U might be jealous Cristine but I have holo sunglasses muahahahahaha
I am cheese official
Cristine= beautiful people Lysm
Jazzie Chameleon
Jazzie Chameleon 5 months ago
Cristine your so beautiful inside and out! Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Alexander LeBlanc
Alexander LeBlanc 5 months ago
I'm in love with "I'm so pale" girl- the secondhand embarrassment I just got whacked with I swear
Marina Riquelme
Marina Riquelme 5 months ago
I have never laughed so much
Tsukki but a girl
Tsukki but a girl 5 months ago
... he put the falsies on her crease. wow 😂
Anna Mansouri
Anna Mansouri 5 months ago
''I don't want to get it in your eyes''. Ben and Cristine are the cutest couple
connerskylar1978 5 months ago
I laughed so much watching this. Thank you!!!!
at me
at me 5 months ago
Fallon Head
Fallon Head 5 months ago
Cristine wasn’t mad at Ben for just saying “hey”😂
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller 5 months ago
This just now popped up on my recommended 😂 I’m not complaining tho
Sofie Eckhardtová-Zandl
2:17 púdra fesiál 😂😂❤️
jacquesix 6 months ago
Kaskade- I remember.
Stephanie and Justin
“i don’t wanna ruined my nails” ben, you really are becoming cristine aren’t you.
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 6 months ago
BuZgal 6 months ago
how u manage to have a day job and 2 channels? I feel like im always editing with only one channel! lol tell me your secrets u multi tasking goddess !
Gina Monfeli
Gina Monfeli 6 months ago
rip Simply
Sarah Afroz
Sarah Afroz 6 months ago
Absolutely no one: British ppl be like:
Slightly Distressed Slug
I usually “like” videos before seeing them. Not that unusual
Magikarp Octopus
Magikarp Octopus 6 months ago
"is it weird that this is turning me on?" *yes*
Rebecculous 6 months ago
I was laughing so hard I nearly wet myself. Okay, I did wet myself, but just a little.
Rachelle Yeung
Rachelle Yeung 6 months ago
OMG-- this video really shows how well-behaved Beyn is in every other video, bc this has SUCH strong chaotic Aries / horrified Libra vibes
Rachelle Yeung
Rachelle Yeung 6 months ago
i'm an Aries and my Libra friend would NEVER let me do her make-up, for this exact reason lmao
Carp 6 months ago
Ben predicted egirls
KatKrim 12
KatKrim 12 6 months ago
Why do I think that my boyfriend (when I have one) is gonna know more than me about makeup😂 and if he is a you tuber is gonna be like "my girlfriend with zero makeup skills does my make-up"😂😂
youstupidcat 6 months ago
“It’s not a problem anymore :)”
Jayda Olivia
Jayda Olivia 6 months ago
Who else is watching this in 2020?
StomBear Beatz
StomBear Beatz 6 months ago
Nikola Karaterziev
Nikola Karaterziev 6 months ago
Im i the onley one who think ben and cristine with no H dont match like she is a crazy bitch and he has the spirit of an old man wko likes bananas ¿?
Invictus Arcana
Invictus Arcana 6 months ago
I actually said BEYNN! to my screen watching this lmao
Jacqueline Em
Jacqueline Em 6 months ago
I'm getting mad old Greg vibes 🤣🤣🤣Hahahah you guys kill me.
Sterna 6 months ago
Aw he kinda painted a heart
Blanca Velasquez
Blanca Velasquez 6 months ago
pepa pig
strawberry._. cow
strawberry._. cow 7 months ago
No one: .... Ben:I just wanted to make you look tan, 😂😂😂
Another Day With Lori Van Horn
Love it!
Samantha Rogers
Samantha Rogers 7 months ago
jane m
jane m 7 months ago
Stace 7 months ago
Ava Donaldson
Ava Donaldson 7 months ago
Ben:*starts putting on eyeliner Christine:*starts crying* Ben: are you okay? Why are you crying.
Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray 7 months ago
Ben: so i put this on your lips? Simply: you can put it on your you d- -cuts off-
• Aᴜʀᴢx •
• Aᴜʀᴢx • 7 months ago
At 5:44 Ben is such a caring boyfriend 😇
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 7 months ago
PURPURMonster_EMU13 7 months ago
7:40 I don't like to have my face naturally glow. I feel like that's kinda weird.
Just Cuz Cousin's
Just Cuz Cousin's 7 months ago
Welcome to simply drag makeup done by Ben. 😂😂😂😂
Just Cuz Cousin's
Just Cuz Cousin's 7 months ago
LMAO love you guys
a•b•b•e• y
a•b•b•e• y 7 months ago
9:04 that is the face of instant regret 😐
Lines n' scribbles
Lines n' scribbles 7 months ago
simplyNOTlogical dude cristine is never logical
Aya Javier
Aya Javier 7 months ago
I have to pause the video every now and then just to laugh oh my god I can't breathe 😂😂😂😂😂
Shae Justice
Shae Justice 7 months ago
xxanabananaxx 7 months ago
They should try this again, imagine the savageness/tea that Ben will spill 😂
Ratty 7 months ago
Ben: *drops eyeliner* Cristine: Beyyyynnnnnn ahhh its all over my f*ing arm! Ben: how did you do that? Me: watches 17 times and laughs every time
nevaeh 106
nevaeh 106 7 months ago
A "SPONGE EGG" I'm dead😵🤣😂
What 7 months ago
I have pizza
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 8 months ago
8:40 DoNt bE sHy PuT sOmE mOrE
applecat1231 8 months ago
" you look like you have leprosy.. i dont think that is my fault"
Kitty Cookie
Kitty Cookie 8 months ago
Ben: I don’t want to mess up my nails Me: boyfriend of the year * clap clap clap *
Calciyum88 8 months ago
I would have liked to see Ben actually try. Maybe you shouldn't have let him do whatever he wants but given him a youtube tutorial to follow... 😅
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 8 months ago
Hi!! I really love your vids u r super funny and awesome can u please say hi back it would mean a lot to me!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crystal Wang
Crystal Wang 8 months ago
I would have liked to see Ben actually try Cristine’s actual makeup look tho.