My Boyfriend Bringing Me Tea for 3 Years Straight (for you, Ben) 

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Happy Valentine's Day to my loyal, dedicated, patient, caring, charming, intelligent, understanding, and ONLY Drink Slave BEYYYN😘❤️
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Feb 14, 2019




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Comments 100   
Sahar Bajouri
Sahar Bajouri 23 hours ago
I am feeling 😌 for benhe is the best
Froggy 4 days ago
I accidently farted in my tea,, Twice
Ashley Marie Stack
I hope they know your order.
ageoftheexile 9 days ago
this is so so so sweet! I want something like this. the level of thoughtfulness! the love in her eyes for tea (and ben)!
Astro Rivaille
Astro Rivaille 17 days ago
I like seeing all the different things written on the cups.
the official ratatoullie
Ben:Sorry theres a kid in the car Cristine:BENN
Łᴜɴᴀ _ᴡʜʏ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ
The way you say bENnNnNNnNNn. Just makes me laugh.😂😂😂😂😂
Luna Wright
Luna Wright 28 days ago
At first I got sad because I thought Ben had died and this was a tribute😹
Amelia Racisz
Amelia Racisz Month ago
why do I remember all these videos 🤣
Allison Riley
Allison Riley Month ago
I love how many of the mentioned videos I have seen.
Hannah Vinitsky
Hannah Vinitsky Month ago
Is it impressive or sad that I know which videos almost all of these clips have come from?
Sister Shook
Sister Shook Month ago
What do u call Ben when he loves Cristine? SIMPly ben logical
Kaylee Ogle
Kaylee Ogle Month ago
May 2017 was the first “BEYYYN”
• Malia •
• Malia • Month ago
1:38 why does she remind me of Ballora from FNAF Sister Location
Zoya Agboatwalla
Zoya Agboatwalla 2 months ago
i watch this video for the first time, and i know where each clip is frommmmm
Luka Vujosevic
Luka Vujosevic 2 months ago
Well now i need TEA🤤
Laurie Jin
Laurie Jin 2 months ago
ben, just propose already man
Kelsey Month ago
They don't want to get married.
Gymnast_Forever 0925
What killed me, Is when Ben got Cristine the vanilla latte and Cristine said “What is this?” *Spits all over table* I order a vanilla latte without the vanilla! Take it back! *gives back* Then Ben be like “What the frick is wrong with you?! Then Cristine in Canadian accent “I’m sorry”. “What do you want it back?!” Ben said. * Gives it back* 😆😆😆
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 2 months ago
Ben must be a favorite customer
Sonia Martinez-Arias
cristines just soaks up all the love 3:57 i love her vids
nonamenecessary 3 months ago
And here my boyfriend of almost ten years of can’t even fill my water cups up right 😂
Vicky Manzana
Vicky Manzana 3 months ago
its crazy to also see how much yall changed and grew together throughout the years. i really been watching yall since 2016 jesus lmao
Crazy Fun Girls
Crazy Fun Girls 3 months ago
Ben watching this: 👁👄👁 💧 💧
Z 3 months ago
3:39 his 'oh shit'😂😂😂😂
Ak The Ravenpuff
Ak The Ravenpuff 3 months ago
He always makes the tea go along with the video xD
Coco 3 months ago
Cristine: "How do I look?" Ben: "uh"
•Nin Maė•
•Nin Maė• 3 months ago
CrisTEAn and BenANA
Bec Dunst
Bec Dunst 3 months ago
The way he gets the drinks to match the videos 🥺🥺
Emma_lea _the_slytherin_
With the amount of tea cups she could build the Great Wall of China
Bri 4 months ago
6:30 How they wrote her name on the cup though
Rosita Tayari
Rosita Tayari 4 months ago
That just made my day😻
Cursed 23
Cursed 23 4 months ago
What kind of tea is it?
Brenna games
Brenna games 4 months ago
Ben has been bringing you tea for over 1000 days. Such a true man
Agnes McWilliam
Agnes McWilliam 4 months ago
Jessica Medina
Jessica Medina 4 months ago
Annie J
Annie J 4 months ago
When she said venti I thought she said ben tea-
Annie J
Annie J 4 months ago
The only one of Cristine's vids I've ever liked (I'm usually too lazy to hit the button but this was so wholesome I made the effort)
UrsaGaming 4 months ago
Why am I crying?! 😭
Vanquish12V 4 months ago
I look forward to finding my own Beyyyn one day. 🖤
olivia zwarts
olivia zwarts 4 months ago
Why does Jen call Ben Bae?
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber 5 months ago
You know he loves you when he puts up with THIS every day...
Anonymous 5 months ago
i wonder if the people who works at Starbucks are like: Oh, Hey Ben! what tea are you ordering Today?🍵
Cookie.the. ham
Cookie.the. ham 5 months ago
6:36 what video is that???????????
Cookie.the. ham
Cookie.the. ham 5 months ago
If u want coffee just say “mmmBEYYYEYYEYHHHHHHHNNNNNN” it may take a while however depending on where you are located he has to gallop on a moose to get to uZ
Cookie.the. ham
Cookie.the. ham 5 months ago
And one time he got her coffee
Scarlett Lane
Scarlett Lane 5 months ago
Get someone that looks at you the way Cristine looks at tea.
Rowen Batts
Rowen Batts 5 months ago
Sorry there's are kid in the car 😂
Ash• 5 months ago
Her eyes grow bigger whenever she see’s Ben :3 she truly love hi- THE TEA Just kidding she loves him :3 and dah tEaA
Natalie Espinal
Natalie Espinal 5 months ago
2:17This video shows irresponsible behavior and could encourage it to many young adults. REMEMBER ALWAYS PUT THE CHILDREN IN THE BACK
Emma Corley
Emma Corley 5 months ago
Beyyn: [brings the tea] *happy Cristine noises*
K G 5 months ago
khaileen yvonne fausto
Theres a Legend if Cristine yells BEYYYYNNN 1 time a nice kind man will enter and bring Cristine her tea
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 5 months ago
I love how Ben matches with the theme of the videos 😂
Natasha Dame
Natasha Dame 5 months ago
What tea is that
Soph is Dope
Soph is Dope 5 months ago
He protecct He atacc But most importantly, he bring the tea bacc
shanelle 5 months ago
everyone needs a ben in their life 🥺🥺
Zoya Agboatwalla
Zoya Agboatwalla 5 months ago
whyyyy did this vid make me cry...
elyse 5 months ago
christine aged so beautifully
Aj Spellers
Aj Spellers 5 months ago
Freya Burgess
Freya Burgess 5 months ago
Get someone who looks at you like Cristine looks at Ben when he brings her tea!
Lily. bubbels
Lily. bubbels 6 months ago
Hello, beyyn beyyn is that my tea 🍵 😂
gamer710_skywalker 6 months ago
what Starbucks tea does everyone love? I love tea latte❤️
gamer710_skywalker 6 months ago
ice tea until October 2016 and hot tea from January 2017
Eva Cano
Eva Cano 6 months ago
I’m a bit late but idc 😂
Chat how Mfd2says
Chat how Mfd2says 6 months ago
What kind of tea does she get???
Aoki Aud
Aoki Aud 6 months ago
She reminds me of the art teacher on tiktok
B- me challenges Boss1
Thats it?!? I think Cristine deserves more tea from drink slave!!!😈 (p.s. lots of love BEYYYYYYYN❤❤❤❤)
negautrunks 6 months ago
Aww, watching this again made me want a HOLO IT'S ME shirt :0
rina 6 months ago
hes such a cuTEA
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee 6 months ago
If Ben proposes, he needs to do it uses tea some how😂
Mehlsuppe 3 months ago
They don't want to marry 😉
Julia Abungu
Julia Abungu 6 months ago
Imagine how much money Ben waisted on tea 🍵☕
Muffin Bandit
Muffin Bandit 6 months ago
Yassss beyyyyyn
That one Extrovert
That one Extrovert 6 months ago
Get married so we get some more tea uwu 🥤
20 Annikaatje09
20 Annikaatje09 6 months ago
Melon Head
Melon Head 6 months ago
Holy SHIT that's a lot of tea
Naty Jimenez
Naty Jimenez 6 months ago
2:19 hahaha
Samantha Winks
Samantha Winks 6 months ago
I like how is not just homemade tea it Starbucks so he had to go out of his way that’s really nice of him
S&S Gacha
S&S Gacha 6 months ago
the BEYYNNNN started in November 2017 Also I have a bf called ben so whenever I wasn’t to shout at him over text I send him Kristine saying BEYNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
A D 6 months ago
I can't believe i've been watching all these years
Jaycie LovesVampires
Awwwww I love this!!!
Chloe 6 months ago
Yoonjung Chang
Yoonjung Chang 6 months ago
This is the video you will play IF you get married lol
Itszosia 6 months ago
I want tea now
Bri 6 months ago
I love the "What did you do?!"
Someone who needs a friend
I brushed my teeth and was heading to sleep.. *..but now I want tea.*
Kermit Flows
Kermit Flows 6 months ago
Isn’t that every video. Lol 😂
Samara Sodhi
Samara Sodhi 6 months ago
SoRrY tHeRe’S a KiD iN tHe CaR
sofia ruth
sofia ruth 6 months ago
I just thought...there is probably holo in the tea because she uses a lot so she is for real made of holo next video idea.holo cats.
Scarlett Betz
Scarlett Betz 6 months ago
Meme Human
Meme Human 6 months ago
4:11 Jen: there's only three of us.. Jeyn: OH. dID U GeT yOuRSeLF soMthiNg?. 😆
Ыыы Ыыы
Ыыы Ыыы 6 months ago
This really made me cry ❤️😍😍😢😢😢💖💖💖💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸
C Harleck
C Harleck 6 months ago
Simply Beynnnnnn loves you SO much that he gives you tea ❤️❤️ love your vids ❤️ and I have a question what’s your favourite tea? And what’s your favourite kind of species of cat?
Daania 6 months ago
Oml i thougt he was leaving
Liliana Berlingeri
Liliana Berlingeri 6 months ago
Her reaction every time he bring her tea❤️❤️
Jane Sofie Thomsen
Jane Sofie Thomsen 6 months ago
When is Ben gonna propose and get her tea instead of a ring
Helga G. Pataki
Helga G. Pataki 6 months ago
Did @Bentendo watch this???
Deepa Santosh
Deepa Santosh 6 months ago
It’s beyyn
xJessychan 6 months ago
I love the fact that Ben always gives her a specific tea depending on the video she is making 🥺
Timberlyn Miles
Timberlyn Miles 6 months ago
She better name a nail polish after Ben after all of this. Ben should get to pick the kind and colour.
Mermaid Angel
Mermaid Angel 6 months ago
Christian: Ben Ben do you want your nails done Ben: ............... no