My boyfriend acting like a dad for 4 and a half minutes (compilation) 

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"Don't make me turn this car around!"
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Aug 1, 2018




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Comments 100   
Keanna Paquian
Keanna Paquian 5 days ago
Whelp. I’m convinced.
Livy Guy
Livy Guy 20 days ago
YUUGE dad energy
Irtiza Tafannun
Irtiza Tafannun 20 days ago
when your girlfrnd and here sis CALLS U DAD
Bethany Woodroof
Bethany Woodroof 21 day ago
4:10 WAGWAN~beyn
Dam Damfino
Dam Damfino Month ago
It’s fascinating seeing someone who doesn’t have kids act so much like a dad. It’s a chicken or the egg paradox....
Alyssa Month ago
3:23 what video is that?
KateSinging InTheSnow
Ben is dad, cristine is mom, saf and Tyler are the awesome aunt and uncle, and threadbanger is.....idk
Those 28 stab wounds
"I see you when you're sleeping" Is that a dad thing? I-I'm concerned
h0rsegurrrl 2 months ago
You know Cristine and Ben get kinky with that daddy shit sometimes. Don't @ me I don't make the rules.
Sharon 2 months ago
Ben tries so hard to be cool I'm cringing. Stick to what you're good at Ben, Being a dad. 😎
Star Tylers
Star Tylers 3 months ago
My dad needs to up his dancing game.
veellia 3 months ago
Ben acts exactly like my dad
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat 3 months ago
Now all he needs is a new child *cough cough* Ben that’s your cue to surprise Cristine 😂✨
Eva Doodnath
Eva Doodnath 3 months ago
He’s such a dad he even has the same phone as my dad
Scarlet Jean
Scarlet Jean 3 months ago
Ben and cristine are the best US-first couple
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki 3 months ago
0:47 uuhm..I have a dirty miind :(
chaengry 3 months ago
3:51 unless you're a savage [bone crack dab]
friskgender xx
friskgender xx 3 months ago
“𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝓈” -Ben
Becky H.
Becky H. 3 months ago
e a r m u f f s
Isabelle Diplock
Isabelle Diplock 3 months ago
" dad wait up!" " earmuffs"
Heaven Moon
Heaven Moon 4 months ago
U guys are my online Parents
CityKatter 4 months ago
whEre'S mY mOnkEy?!?!
Zaira Naseen Hossain
I'm surprised she didn't say that Beyyyyyynnn breathes like a dad lol
Rodrick’s NutSock
Rodrick’s NutSock 4 months ago
Ben’s a dad without the children
Haley Kantor
Haley Kantor 4 months ago
" were 28 years old!"
Christine Ru
Christine Ru 4 months ago
im wondering why there was no main channel video of ben reacting to this that would have been holarious
IamMuskaan 4 months ago
Are lost baby gorl?
Fefa Henriquez
Fefa Henriquez 4 months ago
i think im fallin in love
Valentina Coldlund
Valentina Coldlund 4 months ago
"dad wait up!" *earmuffs*
lyd 4 months ago
we gonna sell drugs and make money? *lets get it*
Ellie None of your business
OK I just realize this on my friends dad looks sounds and acts almost exactly like Ben 😗🤚🏻
Anika King
Anika King 4 months ago
I didn't know only dads wore socks
Teodora Gabriela
Teodora Gabriela 4 months ago
1:50 2018 cristine: excuse me little girl are you lost 2020 365 dni: are you lost babygirl conclusion: 365 dni was inspired after cristine's video PERIOD
Kiwi Sweet
Kiwi Sweet 4 months ago
I like how Hes is a dad & she’s a grandma 😂
Jocelyn Lowe
Jocelyn Lowe 4 months ago
No one: BeeeYYYNNnn: whoop-dee f*ckin doo
Food Frenzy
Food Frenzy 4 months ago
Honestly my dad does all of this.
Ureveryday Potato
Ureveryday Potato 5 months ago
PaY tHe TaXeS, dAd
Noodle Face
Noodle Face 5 months ago
he looks like the dad from inside out
Linda Maňkovská
Linda Maňkovská 5 months ago
Poor Beyn now i feel bad :(
Anny dey
Anny dey 5 months ago
Ben is so cute
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 5 months ago
As i don't have a dad, i'm now adopting Ben as my dad
Kimaya Jagtap
Kimaya Jagtap 5 months ago
I love how she made one before we made this video 😂❤️
Sandra Beltran
Sandra Beltran 5 months ago
AWW! U and Ben are so fun!
Nerine 5 months ago
I want a Ben
Charlotte Hine
Charlotte Hine 5 months ago
Did... did Ben say.. wagwan? In the car. Or was that just me? Also UK people probably only ones who gone get this lol
Kennedi McNealy
Kennedi McNealy 5 months ago
"dont drop out of school and make slime videos"😫😂
Ash• 5 months ago
Dancing like a dad XD Taken it chill XDDD :3
ooga booga
ooga booga 5 months ago
I mean he would technically be old enough to be my dad. Albeit a young dad
N Thebear
N Thebear 5 months ago
Anyone watching this in 2020???
Jess 5 months ago
Cristine: “what are you doing right now?” Ben: “our taxes”
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 5 months ago
i just realized this video was posted 2 years ago on my birthday
p e a c h y p o v s
p e a c h y p o v s 5 months ago
I assume beynn is ur secret dad and the person who u say is ur dad is actually ur grandad or an actor u hired
Brookex Edits
Brookex Edits 5 months ago
He acts like more of a dad than my dar
Jynny Chian
Jynny Chian 5 months ago
You forgot bring you tea like a dad 🍵 Actually tho my dad brings me tea almost everyday ehehehehe
_Griizzlyy Bearr_
_Griizzlyy Bearr_ 5 months ago
But does Christine call Beeeynnn Daddy?😏
connie x
connie x 5 months ago
Why do I want Ben to be my actual dad 😂
Tianna Eldridge
Tianna Eldridge 5 months ago
When can dad teach us how to pay our tax’s
Aj Spellers
Aj Spellers 5 months ago
Abigayl Monick Barasi
Ben's sleeping style and dancing Is literally like my dad's Yes i am binging every video from simply as i could
Hxney Bvnn
Hxney Bvnn 5 months ago
Maybe he is a dad.. Dun dun DUNNN (I'm not talking about cats I. Talking about babies😂😂😏)
•DitsyDaisy• 5 months ago
Cristen should call Ben *daddy*
Merle Meraño Gonzales GiGi
Bens dancing reminds me of my grandfather dancing that died 2 years ago I miss him..
Lavender Hazel
Lavender Hazel 5 months ago
Instead of #likeagirl, he does everything #likeadad
nina g
nina g 6 months ago
if my future husband isn't like ben i don't want him
Layla Gorman
Layla Gorman 6 months ago
Vidcon just exposes Dad Ben
Furret 6 months ago
If only my dad was like Ben! (No hate to my dad he's awesome too.)
AcediaEthos 6 months ago
3:12 "sweetie" 😭😭😭😭😭
Maarij Babur
Maarij Babur 6 months ago
That dab................so dad
Shrek 69
Shrek 69 6 months ago
Dam, wish I had a dad
lisa and lena
lisa and lena 6 months ago
Cristine loves his dad sooo much ( because he is her boyfriend ) Well........i think everyone knows that ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )
Carp 6 months ago
Ben is our dad now Dad can I borrow the car
The Eclectic Fairy
The Eclectic Fairy 6 months ago
I know this is an older video but he actually looks just like my dad! I had to let someone know...
Gaming like crazy 0506
You should do a video of you being a drug dealer for 3 and a half minutes
Dan Daves
Dan Daves 6 months ago
0:58 Balding, like a dad
lyd 6 months ago
you wanna sell drugs and make money... ✨ les get it ✨
A 6 months ago
Minghao's nunchucks
Minghao's nunchucks 6 months ago
0:46 well that's a position
Red KoyoteK
Red KoyoteK 6 months ago
they're dad jeans bc the are worn by the essence of dad.
Moonchild 0016
Moonchild 0016 6 months ago
No one: Ben: DO YOUR TAXES!
Hetanshi V.
Hetanshi V. 6 months ago
I didn't know I needed this to make me smile
:D whoIam
:D whoIam 6 months ago
This video made my day, never late than never ♥️
Oli M
Oli M 6 months ago
He reminds me of my dad like the way acts
Felicia Goh
Felicia Goh 6 months ago
Seoyeon Park
Seoyeon Park 6 months ago
me, watching this video: im so glad they found each other
safi idin
safi idin 6 months ago
Cutie ❤️
Marshal Green
Marshal Green 6 months ago
I would've laugh but I don't have a dad.
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 6 months ago
Uncool Potatoes
Uncool Potatoes 6 months ago
i just need to see him mow a lawn like a dad now
Kalyca Emily Chia
Kalyca Emily Chia 6 months ago
Ben: *breathes* Literally every one of Cristine's fans and her: *bEn BreAtHes LiKe a dAd*
{Peachy Belle}
{Peachy Belle} 6 months ago
-m -d- -s- -f- -p- -w- -ahhhhhhhhh-
{Peachy Belle}
{Peachy Belle} 6 months ago
Ben is the realy a dad figure for me cuz i didnt have a dad he left when i was born for Kuwait and HE STILL DOESNT PAY CHILD SUPPORT.. -n- . Edit:help why id this -n- a thing i was try to do this - n-
Glenda bactad Lingat
0:50 great dance moves,dad!
10k Nails
10k Nails 6 months ago
Wow I just realized not only Colby Brock is daddy...Ben is also daddy 4:27
Kelsey Detko
Kelsey Detko 6 months ago
i respect cristine and ben not wanting marriage or children, but you can't deny that they would be awesome parents
OrangeGraffiti 6 months ago
We need an updated version now. EVEN MORE DAD EVIDENCE!
Klara Gorkic
Klara Gorkic 6 months ago
happy fathers day! wait wha..???
Bunnii 6 months ago
Maddie Pearson
Maddie Pearson 6 months ago
Can dad teach us about the stock market??
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 6 months ago
cristine and ben are the parents safiya and tyler are the really chill aunt and uncle and corrine and rob are the drunk aunt and uncle.
Andrea Perez
Andrea Perez 6 months ago
Tell me why my dad actually sleeps like that
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???