My Boyfriend Is So Extra 

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Feb 11, 2017




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Comments 100   
Iris Was Here
Iris Was Here 14 days ago
We not going to talk about how deed Ben’s voice is?
Mikayla Baker
Mikayla Baker Month ago
“She reminds me of rob” that was the funniest shit in this whole video for absolutely no reason 😂😂😂
SaiBoiAnimates Month ago
cAtCH mE oUtSIdE
Macey Clarke
Macey Clarke Month ago
I think the title of this should be changed to “I’m so extre” not Ben 😂😂
Kamély Lachance
Kamély Lachance 2 months ago
No one: Cristine: Ben ur racist!! Ben: *laugh* 😂
Cupcake doo surprise
I do my nails Aftr watching u videos
Nichole Parker
Nichole Parker 2 months ago
Female who watches: I think you’re funny and would like to be better at nails. Also I like watching people try products I know I’d never buy
Gina Rojas
Gina Rojas 2 months ago
Omg..i just love Ben!!!. He goes along with whatever Cristine wants to do to him. Big time love there!!!
Sandilya Bhagavatula
Finally found proof that cristine has heterochromia. Found it. Found it. 😁😂
Boris G
Boris G 3 months ago
7:29 lmaoooooo so true!
Kasey Barrell
Kasey Barrell 3 months ago
You’re right, I don’t do my nails 🤣
Little Red
Little Red 3 months ago
I always think I have no nails, then I see Ben's nails and I feel a lot better tbh.
X_ Squidalib _x
X_ Squidalib _x 3 months ago
Who else did get the flintstones reference Just me Ok
Dimas Bahari
Dimas Bahari 4 months ago
Say with me now...😠😠
Tall Tale
Tall Tale 4 months ago
5:24 Even in the olden days, Ben was still one shady queen
Alex Howard
Alex Howard 4 months ago
I love how they have a nice respectful/fun balance in there relationship it warms my heart.
yorkie7624 4 months ago
This is PREAK “Goofy Cristine” .. and I love it :)
Amanda Cogswell
Amanda Cogswell 4 months ago
I miss boomerang
Isabelle 4 months ago
My names isabelle
Gracie A
Gracie A 5 months ago
Remember when she did nails? Or posted? 😂😂
negautrunks 6 months ago
2020: still waiting for Ben's period hack video
Lee Linda
Lee Linda 6 months ago
Really extra
Pien schreurs
Pien schreurs 6 months ago
Simply troom troom has a tik tok account
Brooke Calhoun
Brooke Calhoun 6 months ago
Amy Mars
Amy Mars 6 months ago
This is truly the man who started the eboy nail painting trend
Zips the Space Bandit
"no one here even knows what that's from" Uh. I'm 27 😂😅
Rosegram2006 6 months ago
The background piano music is reminding me of cooking mama 😂 anyone else¿
Alannah Rennie
Alannah Rennie 6 months ago
3 years later. And it's now i realise Ben is just as unique and quirky and Cristine
Stella Star sign
Stella Star sign 7 months ago
What u did the backstreet boy thing it reminded me of the Scooby doo movie where shaggy and Scooby dress up to get into that evil villain hangout thing does anyone else remember that
Ashley Timm
Ashley Timm 7 months ago
I really reallllllly like Ben's shirt color.
Ami 7 months ago
If there’s about 200-300 cotes in a nail polish that means that if Cristine (I hope that’s how you spell it) could paint her nail every hour every day until she dies, and still have enough nail polish to do it again....just I thought I had
Aleece Haughton
Aleece Haughton 7 months ago
Little did Ben know he definitely got used to his nails being painted
• m o c h i • c r e a m •
Ben and cristine. they are basically Kermit and miss piggy. Not married, not fiancees, but just boyfriend and girlfriend.
• m o c h i • c r e a m •
But the super bowl is american? I think???
Floor 7 months ago
Theater Geek
Theater Geek 7 months ago
Cristina would be so disappointed in my nails they look like actually shit
XxCreepy_KillerxX 7 months ago
I think you Should change the title to Cristine being extra
What 8 months ago
When this video is just Cristine being extra-
Joy Downs
Joy Downs 8 months ago
Just watched this video while painting my cat’s nails... It’s 3 weeks into the corona quarantine
Joy Downs
Joy Downs 3 months ago
Schmimbel Nah bro it’s all good
Schmimbel 3 months ago
Don't paint your cats nails.
Umbra Witch
Umbra Witch 8 months ago
Ben's hair is so thick before then in these past few years/months his hair gets thin..
CutePengy 8 months ago
i do my toes the polish actually adheres to them and im a preschool teacher and an artist sooo my nails take a beating id have to use gell
chinmayee jeyapriya
chinmayee jeyapriya 8 months ago
2:32 💞
Odysseus S
Odysseus S 8 months ago
Love them so much!!! ❤️💕😁
sugar bear
sugar bear 8 months ago
Me: gEt MeH tEa Gets no tea Cristyn: BENNNN Sorry if I spelled it wrong😅
Its Zoey TV
Its Zoey TV 8 months ago
There was a troom troom girl and a 1-2-3 go girl on 5-minute crafts
Nina Evermore
Nina Evermore 8 months ago
I feel like Cristine has slowly gotten more and more insane because of her US-first personality and Ben is just ROLLING with it like she painted his toes while he was sleeping and he was just like, “You could just ask me, Id l’ve let you paint my toenails...” like no issue 😂
natalie lora
natalie lora 8 months ago
Around 4:30 ish when she is saying Dab Dab Dab Dab! I couldn’t help but notice her nose twitch up and down
Marss 07
Marss 07 8 months ago
Actual life hack incoming. If the bottlecap is stuck, put a rubber band around it and then try opening it again. It gives you the grip you need :)
Mac 8 months ago
I want a Ben pls
ForestBunny 8 months ago
Scooby doo?
Mary-Jane 8 months ago
I'd genuinely just want his US-first to be his and yours discussions about legit things. I love listening to them
Elananasna Winchester
Ben has really nice hands 😏
Kurisutori618 9 months ago
6:53 where we get to appreciate Ben adoring Cristine's weird self moment. 💕
VAwriteS 9 months ago
5:40 yo she is actually weird tho but that's why we love her
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 9 months ago
Every british person got triggered when cristine called rugby football
Rainbow pixelzzz
Rainbow pixelzzz 9 months ago
Me: reads title Also me: SAME
Eva Manral
Eva Manral 9 months ago
People asking * *where can I find a ben* *.. Ask the blue eyed girl she has one
Evan Swiech
Evan Swiech 9 months ago
I GET IT, BEN! FRED FLINTSTONE! (I realize he will never see this comment.)
wordwillbepower 10 months ago
The irony that i chose to watch this today and tomorrow is the super bowl again
Bekah Brown
Bekah Brown 10 months ago
Back watching this vid in the 2020 hiatus listening to Ben talk about how nail polish isn’t for him knowing what we know now about him TESTING ALL THE HOLO TACO POLISHES FOR CRIS and having the FEELS. I’M A SOCK. 😭😭
shmickful 10 months ago
“there’s this little girl who’s been sending me video messages on twitter and sings about holo” wtf 😭😂
Mehnas Saleem
Mehnas Saleem 10 months ago
Where do I get myself a Ben?
Melissa Collins
Melissa Collins 11 months ago
"ben is sooo extra" *proceeds to show footage of Cristine being extra af for 10 minutes straight while Ben just goes along with it*
Ain't Life Crazy
Ain't Life Crazy 11 months ago
It's the Flinstones, you children. I'm also a child. Lmfao 17 and going strong
Aubriyana Wentworth
Aubriyana Wentworth 11 months ago
Watching as I drink tea lol
suyanie !
suyanie ! Year ago
we'll see about that
carley Year ago
Is she saw my nails she would vomit.
Boognish2784 Year ago
LMFAO. Yup. I watch your channels but I don't do my nails. I can't have fancy nails doing what I do (medical sonography.) :( You're hilarious, though!
Jenni Marie
Jenni Marie Year ago
Not that I’m saying you have to or anything. Just that IF you guys ever had a kid. It would be the most hysterical up bringing to witness on US-first
Joseph Phillips
Yay I’m part of the 10% 😊😊
Georgina Jaime
Goals ❤️
McKenna Paige Kelley
Morgan Year ago
this tana shade....maam......
Animal Lover
Animal Lover Year ago
I know bout dabba dabba doo.. I mean it's in Flinstone... I saw it in *FULL HOUSE*
Stephanie Olivarez
omg how does she think the flinstones is not known lmaooo
Anusha Nandan
Anusha Nandan Year ago
Z Payge Raven
Z Payge Raven Year ago
In the thumbnail he’s fleaxing
Rebeka Ocztos
Rebeka Ocztos Year ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how muscular Beyn is on the thumbnail?
emii Year ago
Sometimes Ben gives off the chaotic energy that I cannot explain
Marygrace Merrill
Doesn't Cristine and Ben have the same job
Ignacio Jofre
Ignacio Jofre Year ago
Not the same, but they work on the same floor/division
neversleepagain p
When y'all gettin' hitched?
neversleepagain p
Wish I could find a guy just like beyyyyn. Lucky bitch.
Calico Ponies
Calico Ponies Year ago
Ben cracks me up ay
Stella Chambers
Find someone like Ben who puts up with you
Aloha Creativity
Criste can you do a video on how you and Ben met? ( Sry I spelled ur name wrong )
emmy paw
emmy paw Year ago
I loved watching the Flintstones
Willa Gritten
Willa Gritten Year ago
Yeah because Ben is soooo extra 😂
Viva Lia
Viva Lia Year ago
Did no one notice that Cristine knows West Side Story
Hazar Yousef
Hazar Yousef Year ago
4:46 I pity anyone who doesn't know the Flinstones
Olivia Ferrie
Olivia Ferrie Year ago
Where does one find this... Ben
Treemarie Year ago
I wish a BEEEYYYYN to myself and to all others a BEEEYYYYNNN as well :)) he's the perfect bf and proves it many times over! Cristine, you're a very lucky woman! I'm sure you already know this :)
G A Year ago
Beeeğnn, probably yellow nail polish spilled on your tshirt ! Respects from Turkey 🇹🇷 ( not 🦃 , yes COUNTRY )
Grace Nava
Grace Nava Year ago
I just realize this video is 2 years old, oops lol
Grace Nava
Grace Nava Year ago
I can’t even get my nails done cuz of work, so you right about me not doing my nails lol
Chels S
Chels S Year ago
Cristine and Ben breaking up would be Life shattering to me!!!
Heather Fortney
HE IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!! I love watching you guys together!!! I got my boyfriend watching too!!! I love where your channel has gone. THANK YOU!!
Ben: how to get more views on US-first , throw shade at other youtubers 😎
Arushi Bhattacharya
omg its so fucking cute when ben is trying to figure out the to show off his nails
Arushi Bhattacharya
omfg what ben says makes so much sense. Like it's actually so smart and logical, like yeah that is probably why she wasn't in yt rewind. and he says it in such a humorous way
Anyyaaa _.x
Anyyaaa _.x Year ago
I know aboit velma im 13💕😂