My boyfriend watches Troom Troom with AirPods 

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~*~Wires aren't a pRoBLeM aNyMoRe~*~
Troom Troom's couple pranks: us-first.info/player/video/rdl6mH2UoHiMloE.html
Troom Troom's how to fail on the first date: us-first.info/player/video/abmnqYCLc46jZ4k.html
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 100   
Stephanie Musselwhite
Can I just comment on how odd it is when I hear my name (Stevie) when watching TV or US-first videos?
Janina Tomczyk
Janina Tomczyk 7 days ago
I love how Cristine predicted OnlyFans
Limelight Sinner
Limelight Sinner 8 days ago
A ms Gonzalez and now a Ben oh no
Larry The Potato
Larry The Potato 11 days ago
Use the join button for more exclusive content.... only fans?? Wow she do be smart hey
Aküma 12 days ago
They once said that Troom Troom are aliens trying to relate to humans... and that is absolutely true.
Sara Takkoush
Sara Takkoush 14 days ago
Predicting only fans before it was a thing
It’s Henka You Psycho
The title of this video is my everything
Yuh Ig
Yuh Ig 26 days ago
OMG THE SHOOTER MCGAVIN THING- (idk how to spell it) I’m 12 btw and for those of you who don’t know it’s from happy Gilmore 😂
Meng Song
Meng Song Month ago
gangster's paradise
That One
That One Month ago
5:39 They predicted OnlyFans 😳
Serene Wong
Serene Wong Month ago
Emily Hou
Emily Hou Month ago
They really described/predicted onlyfans eh
Yurani Valencia
Yurani Valencia Month ago
Ben calling Cristine ¨dear¨ is the most wholesome thing on this whole channel
Anja Mägi
Anja Mägi Month ago
my dates are usually more along the lines of visiting the library and getting a coffee from the local coffee shack. I always tell my girlfriends to look for the girl in cargo pants, a hoodie, a book bag, and a bouquet of daffodils. #asexuallife
Eden Poe
Eden Poe 2 months ago
why is everything a popularity vote at schools i always get stuck behind the same people and they are mor epopular then me and it hirts bc its anytime the students vote
Vaishnavi Shetkar
Vaishnavi Shetkar 2 months ago
Ben was got jealous when Cristine said "that's me in all my dates" 3:04
Jade 2 months ago
We need am asmr podcast with Ben complaining and exposing about every national holiday ❤
Ana 2 months ago
I wonder how Ukraine feels about Troom Troom
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams 2 months ago
Yes we love shooter mc Gavin, we he was a bit of a twat but HAPPY GILMORE!!!! We get your references!! ☺️☺️
Krimson B.
Krimson B. 2 months ago
smashing pumpkins
krystal Marie
krystal Marie 2 months ago
I love how they predicted the future about only fans 😂🤣😂🤣
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q 3 months ago
At one point (I know this is hard to believe) troom troom was a legit crafting channel, and them making the box from scratch feels like when a character has been brainwashed but see something that makes them react like their original self, trying to fight their way out from the inside and it’s actually a little sad
stevielynn 3 months ago
my name is stevie LMFAO AHAHHAHAA
candee bar
candee bar 3 months ago
me watching this with airpods
Laurine van der Linden
The sexual tension thriving
• LimeOfficial •
5:19 Have you heard of ...... Belle Delphine....?
Kahkashaa Sarfaraz
Kahkashaa Sarfaraz 3 months ago
I quite liked the present joke😂
Carbonated bleach
Carbonated bleach 3 months ago
0:20 is Ben an ASMRtist? Lmao
Allison Ayotte
Allison Ayotte 3 months ago
When I was searching for this video it was like My boyfriend cheated on me My boyfriend pranks me And crap like that NO I WANNA WATCH CRISTINE AND BEN YOU BITCH
Ayla Rose
Ayla Rose 3 months ago
Why is no one talking about what Ben said about the origin of Valentine's day?
Purvi Naik
Purvi Naik 3 months ago
Thank you dear ❤
Sofia De Stefani
Sofia De Stefani 3 months ago
Hi Cristine I love your vids !!! (Umm I am actually Ukrainian and I am fluent in English )
Eman Fatima
Eman Fatima 3 months ago
1:02 'tHis iS hOw wE sPenD vAleNtinE'S dAy bEyyN' no,Cristine. You do that everyday.
Katmuss Woodwinds
Katmuss Woodwinds 3 months ago
Ben - that "present" pun was amazing, and you're a monster
B E N U 3 months ago
Im too broke for this video
Kita Aponiuk
Kita Aponiuk 4 months ago
My race feels ashamed. Troom Troom people are RUSSIAN. Not UKRAINIAN. I feel embarased.
Reanna Anderson
Reanna Anderson 4 months ago
Little did they know only fans became a thing
Elena K
Elena K 4 months ago
Back when airpods were not mandatory and Corona was just a beer name
Mel Herr.
Mel Herr. 4 months ago
30 seconds in and I just- DAMN lmaoo.. fuck Valentine’s Day then
Sophie Lou
Sophie Lou 4 months ago
Valentines day is just my day to feel even more lonely then i usually do
Miranda 4 months ago
hey, Happy Gilmore is a good movie
Katherine Meara
Katherine Meara 4 months ago
its the 21st century. if you are a woman and you arent paying for half of the date you can go fuck yourself.
Erin Winters
Erin Winters 5 months ago
wait they were right!! using youtube joining services and paying money so people get more content
Ramirez Elena
Ramirez Elena 5 months ago
after several years the blue eyed girl escaped! its not a problem anymore!
meesh.millews 5 months ago
is anybody else just really confused?
Alexandria Lisa
Alexandria Lisa 5 months ago
They did that with Danny Gonzalez too they called a character Stevie Gonzalez and made him a jerk 😂😂😂.
Sienna McKinney
Sienna McKinney 5 months ago
Has anyone realized the glitter in cristine’s hair
Thomas Camp
Thomas Camp 5 months ago
Have you ever seen the video about the dog with ocd who is obsessed with reflections? Cristine is the human version of that.
Ann Avocado
Ann Avocado 5 months ago
I was kinda bored before this so I started eating or is it drinking?anyways I started having this warheads sour spray stuff then I was even more bored (again this was before I saw this vid)so I sprayed it in the air and now my pillows all sticky 😥
Stupid Gacha Tiger
Stupid Gacha Tiger 5 months ago
I feel you u
NaRandall8910 6 months ago
Cristine: *loves the holo heart box* Ben: ......pranked
Ally Ross
Ally Ross 6 months ago
5:20 I think only fans took there idea
Carolina Hinojos
Carolina Hinojos 6 months ago
OwWwW mom and dad are so cuuuute
Dayton Brunetti
Dayton Brunetti 6 months ago
actually, valentines day is about St. Valentine, at the time soldiers weren't allowed to get married so St. Valentine preformed ceremonies secretly and illegally which I think got him killed so we celebrate it to honor him
•CAYN KUN• 6 months ago
..... youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Troom_Troom it mentions them in there lol
•Rue Beingcool•
•Rue Beingcool• 6 months ago
At least they didn’t meet on Craigslist like my parents did
Henson Asuncion
Henson Asuncion 6 months ago
I honestly have a crush on ben from troom troom
Gail Mcbride
Gail Mcbride 6 months ago
I wanna see you two do the smoothie challenge XD
Susihu 7 months ago
Who also wants to pet Menchie and zyler
Aoi Yui
Aoi Yui 7 months ago
3:59 every girl 😂 me on the first date: no makeup and over sleep that am late
Cooking with Lana : The full experience
It’s funny cuz I was using AirPods
Claire Marie
Claire Marie 7 months ago
Literally Cristine is the only US-firstr I watch during quarantine I'm binge watching all of your videos
sapphire chicken nugget
Wow your boyfriend watches troom troom with................AIRPODS WHAT THE HOLD UP STOP THE WORLD WE NEED TO CLAP FOR BEENN
Poppy Livin
Poppy Livin 8 months ago
2:37 Deleted Reaction To *A* Another Troom Troom Video
Cam Chau Nguyen
Cam Chau Nguyen 8 months ago
They can't say i love you with a serious face 🤣
yutsukio 8 months ago
ben with the canada hoodie. lgbt+ canada hoodie. i- ♡
Wanda S
Wanda S 8 months ago
*sexual pornos*
Ratna Roy
Ratna Roy 8 months ago
"BEn ThouGhT tHiS JoKE wAs sO bAd hE mAdE mE deLeaTe iT fRoM tHe maIn viDeo” 😂😂
emma birnbaum
emma birnbaum 8 months ago
She should try to find out how to audition for troom troom and see if they recognize he.
Ava Castano
Ava Castano 8 months ago
Can you just watch a whole heap of random Troom Troom shit? I enjoy laughing my ass off for 15 minutes watching you and Ben throw shade at Troom Troom.
NaDia VEra
NaDia VEra 9 months ago
Marely Gutierrez
Marely Gutierrez 9 months ago
Ben and christ wonder were they got those names from
Xana Lazuli
Xana Lazuli 10 months ago
Why cat clock ponk
Norah 10 months ago
ItS NoT a PrObLeM aNy MoRe
MsSierraAlexis 11 months ago
Zeta Alpha
Zeta Alpha 11 months ago
Wasn’t the origin of Valentine’s Day when a saint named valentines illegally married soldiers to their lovers as they weren’t allowed to marry under normally circumstances?
Laura Potter-Smith
Laura Potter-Smith 11 months ago
There was a condom add before this... US-first wants to get it
Isabel Marie
Isabel Marie 11 months ago
so i guess it's bad that i watch troom troom with my airpods....
HotEmoToaster Year ago
*asshole finger crack*
Maggie Wen
Maggie Wen Year ago
I don’t know how, but my dumb ass brain thought the title said “Ben watching porn with AirPods”
Spencer Mclaughlan
**watches this with AirPods**
softsun._yuku Year ago
“You think you’re special” K-pop: ...yeah....yeah.....
Maryam Malik
Maryam Malik Year ago
0:01 since when is Ben bald???
CrayCray Bananae
i love how ben is just wearing that toothpick on his lip like it’s normal
Rita Gritsko
Rita Gritsko Year ago
I’m Ukrainian......🤔
Natálka Banasová
I love this couple so much
Wxtch Do̸gs
Wxtch Do̸gs Year ago
BigAchoo Year ago
I love Happy Gilmore :p. That's the first movie i watched with Adam Sandler in it lol
HonestHockey Year ago
I was born on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t know that it started through beating people🤦🏼‍♀️
Sehar Year ago
I love you
Andrea Macias
Andrea Macias Year ago
2:39 “...to A another...” ummm 🤔
lostwitchu Year ago
damn. I'm very invested in their relarionship now. if anything happens to them, I might get irl upset
Sarah Everly
Sarah Everly Year ago
Shooter Mcgavin 😂😂😂
Laci Animations
Stop, you're scaring the kids
dusk481 Year ago
Did anyone else notice the mistake at 2:38? Lol
Ralkime Stroest
I love Happy Gilmore, so when you said Shooter McGavin, I was like "Oh Shit, a reference that none of my favorite US-firstrs made"
Aristele Millay
I’m literally listening to this using AirPods 🙃
aleah holloway
wait why do all the men actors characters get like real names and all the women actors characters get described by their most prominent attribute?? it was like, “mark walked over to the red headed girl.” like huh??
Tomato Year ago
I like how ben had toothpick stuck for most of the video
josephine margeret
Why do I keep getting condom ads on ur vids