My Boyfriend is A LIAR!!!! (the Fib Finder said so) 

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I entrust in the critically acclaimed Fib Finder fib-detector to find out whether or not my boyfriend has been lying to me all this time.
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Jan 11, 2017




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Comments 100   
Simply Not Logical
Simply Not Logical 3 years ago
We just hit 1Million on this second content reject channel😂!! Thank you guys so much for showing me the holo love! Enjoy my other video on commercials I was in as a child BEFORE US-first even EXISTED ikr what even was life then: us-first.info/player/video/g5doZbGKcXZ6gmQ.html
Dalia Dawit
Dalia Dawit 12 days ago
Simply Not Logical play more kids toys
Reeanna Dixon
Reeanna Dixon 3 months ago
Your brother
Crazy Cats
Crazy Cats 3 months ago
Good for you and I’m from 2020 and its FUCKING!!! sucks
Elizabeth Schull
Elizabeth Schull 6 months ago
I found my moms old fib finder in our garage. The battery had exploded but it still ficking worked. WoOooOoOW
vKookBtsGacha AndMore
I went up to my mom and asked if she knew what this was.. she said yes 😂 she wanted this SO bad as a kid.. but when my aunt got it- she didn’t want it anymore😂 then i asked if she remembered the commercial- she said yes 😂 so i played the part and said “my favorite youtuber was in the commercial! *laughing so much*” she’s like really confused and says really- 😂 it’s 1 AM and i’m showing her commercials she might remember 😂
fuck2016 2 days ago
The joke Beyn attempted to tell was supposed to say " a little boy and a pedophile walk into the woods" not a little boy and a man
Jeff Ab
Jeff Ab 5 days ago
See if you’re friend is Lying Ben just go friend zone
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 9 days ago
Styling for the one day music video someone help
iiDrxmyCharlxtte 9 days ago
“YoUr brOThEr!” -Beyyn, 2k17
Lol No
Lol No 11 days ago
This could easily turn into a horror channel. Old clips + creepy music = horror. Actually creepy music on top of anything can automatically turn it into something horrific.
Abby taylor
Abby taylor 13 days ago
only true fans will know this "your brother"
Jamais is a icon
Jamais is a icon 18 days ago
fun fact: there's a version of this based of a book
Gabriella Harbinson
Love bens jokes
RANDOM STUFF 20 days ago
I’m sorry, did she say she was 12 and she went to a party but didn’t drink because she was driving?
No 3 days ago
No she said she was in grade 12 so she would've been old enough
Waldina Alcime
Waldina Alcime 22 days ago
The joke was so cringed that I laughed
Æsthĕtîc Cøøkîe
Little did they know that now. 3 years later. we have the first female vice president- jeez this was so long ago. A time before Covid and social distancing. before Biden and Trump. wow.
Cats and Cappuchinos
It's really scary. There are owls hooting and they can SEE THEIR BREATH!!!
No 3 days ago
To be fair nowadays people's breath is scary, because of the rona
Zax Plays
Zax Plays Month ago
Grandson : grandpa im scared.. Me : ItS nOt a ProBlem AnYmoRe..
Rissa Maloney
Rissa Maloney Month ago
if yall want this game its 15 dollars on ebay
Props to Ben for trying very hard to derail the disturbing pedophilia joke.
Vivian Golembiewski
Did they just assume Beeeeens gender ugh
Vivian Golembiewski
I’m uncomfortable
Katie Smith
Katie Smith Month ago
Wait a minute... It says at the beginning the fiber has to put their thumb on the big yellow button... so Cristine was actually the fibber all along!! :O
Little Swedish
Little Swedish Month ago
Introducing the Fib Finder the ouija board for kids by now
Rigor Styx
Rigor Styx Month ago
Me and the other 1% of viewers over here that laughed at Ben's joke :D Thanks Dad!
junko36 Month ago
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Month ago
When Ben was telling the joke, i could see it turning over in his head, trying to think what to say next.
chantal smith
chantal smith Month ago
I have that game
Frankie Jacob
Frankie Jacob Month ago
my stepdad has the longest here and stop being rude about little boys with long hair😾😾😾
Nezuko_ Chan
Nezuko_ Chan 2 months ago
HAH! I knew he was lying. Ben DOES like dress up!
i ain't never seen two pretty best friends hehe
Christine : who-who-who-who-who- The random man : who- Me : WHOOOOOOOOO
Cupadooowo YT
Cupadooowo YT 2 months ago
yOuR BrOtHeR!!!!!!!!
Saintly2 2 months ago
❤️ the joke! 😆😆
Esme Wood
Esme Wood 2 months ago
I laughed my asp off at Ben’s joke!
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
TheReal Demized
TheReal Demized 2 months ago
LOL when Ben said your brother
Jared Sales
Jared Sales 2 months ago
tHeReS oWLs WHoOtInG iN ThE wOoDS
Viki Steffek
Viki Steffek 2 months ago
i thought the person who is being asked the question puts their finger on the yellow button, not the green one.
Tibor Person
Tibor Person 2 months ago
And to this day there still ain’t a female president of the United States😂😢
Tibor Person
Tibor Person 3 days ago
@No that is true, and I’m happy for that at least!😌
No 3 days ago
At least the vice president is, that's progress, right...?
Alysia Jade
Alysia Jade 2 months ago
simply: benn. how fucking dare u its BEEYYYYN
Mad Dance
Mad Dance 2 months ago
who who who who v troom troom
Molly Preston
Molly Preston 2 months ago
WhAt dO yOu ThInK?!?!
Japheth Olmillo
Japheth Olmillo 2 months ago
Cristine 3yrs ago: Ben! Me: Beeyyynnn!
Pearl pie
Pearl pie 2 months ago
Sabertooth Triggers
Sabertooth Triggers 2 months ago
I'm 15 and I found ben's joke hilarious
Blerona Berisha
Blerona Berisha 2 months ago
Simply:DON'T CHEAT ON A TEST Me:ofc i won't Me in my mind:hehehe 🙃😏
greenetaa aa
greenetaa aa 3 months ago
When ever she tells ben "ur fuckin lying" i remember the "ur fuckin lying let me see" meme😂
Bellatrix Malfoy
Bellatrix Malfoy 3 months ago
My dad has long hair
avdr3y 3 months ago
id rather be smart
Charlotte Favre
Charlotte Favre 3 months ago
You would be 50 when I would be 30 and running for prime minister of Canada......
Nina B
Nina B 3 months ago
Please play with more kids toys 🤣
Jennaration 3 months ago
I literally said Ben's dad joke to my sibling, and they didn't get it😪
Scarlet Grace
Scarlet Grace 3 months ago
“You need a group of tween girls” “BEEEENNNNN”
AlyssaAnimated 3 months ago
Whenever Cristine says “in case you were ever curious” my Siri pops up 😅
VX- 23gamimg
VX- 23gamimg 3 months ago
You make some pretty smart a** remarks! Makes it funny as heck! I like how y’all make it serious too! Best fricken channel ever!!!!!!!! 😀
Susy Hunter
Susy Hunter 3 months ago
YoUR brOTheR!!!!!
Little_Meh .-.
Little_Meh .-. 3 months ago
I used to cheat on my spelling test in 1st- 4th grade, by looking at my neighbors test. Then they put it online and I would sit in the back corner,and google some of the answers. Because I sucked at spelling and still do.
Beka Kunkei
Beka Kunkei 3 months ago
Ben is a group of twin girls?
Ak The Ravenpuff
Ak The Ravenpuff 3 months ago
*tween xD 😂
Lottie Bruzdzinski
Lottie Bruzdzinski 3 months ago
Who else kept on replaying the part when Ben said "Your brother!" XD
Chantelope Wolfie
Chantelope Wolfie 3 months ago
I thought bens joke was lowkey good
Hanna Calkosz
Hanna Calkosz 3 months ago
I was literally like watching the lobby commercial right way and I'm like I wonder how they look like now I'm a very old and then I'm like oh they look like that
Hanna Calkosz
Hanna Calkosz 3 months ago
Sorry aduio correct
Hanna Calkosz
Hanna Calkosz 3 months ago
You drove at 12
No 3 days ago
12th grade. So she would've been 18 ish
꧁ Sugar ꧂
꧁ Sugar ꧂ 3 months ago
I’ve talked back to my dad before 😂 Me: *fighting with my mom* Mom: *trying to figure out why I’m fighting with her* Dad: Little girl I don’t like the way your talking to your mother Me: Well I don’t like your tone of voice!! 😡 Dad: Excuse me?! Me: What did you fart?! Mind you I was 4 🤭
Ralkime Stroest
Ralkime Stroest 3 months ago
Its funny because Ben is wearing Red and mostly got lies, and Cristine is wearing Green and mostly got truths
Emilija Emilija
Emilija Emilija 3 months ago
“The little boy looks up at the little man” -BEYYYNN
Alysa Gustafson
Alysa Gustafson 3 months ago
Ben: looks at Fibfinder Also Fibfinder: *THIS DOOD BE FIBBIN*
Bailey Nicole
Bailey Nicole 3 months ago
It’s funny to hear the updated, maybe actual story of her sleeping at a friends house 😂 I think it was on their podcast where she said it was her boyfriends house ahaha
Shrek Mercury
Shrek Mercury 3 months ago
I LOVE ben's joke
Kasandra Kaz
Kasandra Kaz 4 months ago
Karsyn Richer
Karsyn Richer 4 months ago
Ur brother! 😂😂😂
Feya Pearlhoof
Feya Pearlhoof 4 months ago
yOuR BRotHeR
Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen
Your pieces didn't move on the board for so long XD
Little Bat
Little Bat 4 months ago
She is gonna get Ben cancelled! Be careful!! 😂
Lily Ma
Lily Ma 4 months ago
Their shirts match their chess thingy
Ami R
Ami R 4 months ago
Ben = a group of tween girls
Jen Nagel
Jen Nagel 4 months ago
Ur giving me a headache
yuna 4 months ago
4:20 “when i’m the ultimate liar?” *kokichi ouma has entered the chat*
Godsworst Mistake
Godsworst Mistake 3 months ago
I have been looking for this comment for like 20 mins now, I’m so happy someone actually made it.
Dean Lee
Dean Lee 4 months ago
I don’t know this ben i only know bbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyynnnnnn
jocisco_2.0 4 months ago
the joke is funny
SmolChild1_12 5 months ago
I have never heard her say "Ben" so lightly before. usually it's so loud.
Nagito Komeada on the Nintendo DS
*Y O U R B R O T H E R*
Dk.Nails16 5 months ago
Did I just unsubscribed from this channel quickly and then subscribe to this just for the Autre? Yes. Yes I did
Dk.Nails16 5 months ago
Now, if Cristine and Ben were to get married This would be a great moment at nine minutes around, when it says do you have secrets from anyone in the room? And then his answer would be the proposal LOL😆😂😅
Aadyasha 5 months ago
Did she...did she just call Ben just Ben and not Beyyyyyn...
Love Amelia08
Love Amelia08 5 months ago
I liked ben’s joke
-Stormy Gamer-
-Stormy Gamer- 5 months ago
Christine: what are you trying to teach these kids Also Christine: Your a fucking lier
Jocelyn Lowe
Jocelyn Lowe 5 months ago
I’m just waiting for them to say Liar and Truther when they call Ben a liar and cristine a truth teller
Drew L
Drew L 5 months ago
The weird purple sparkly plastic makes me feel nostalgic
Clarisse Gomes
Clarisse Gomes 5 months ago
4:50 she told this story on her podcast 😂
Deborah Baube
Deborah Baube 5 months ago
this video has too many ads
Hailey Playz
Hailey Playz 5 months ago
just get an ad blocker
midnight rain9
midnight rain9 5 months ago
no i got 1 add in the whole vid
sophia sframeli
sophia sframeli 5 months ago
The guy who goes "wHo??" was hilarious 😂😂😂
Valeria Rivera
Valeria Rivera 5 months ago
cristine told this story abt the keys in her most recent podcast too oh my GOD
- maddog88 -
- maddog88 - 5 months ago
yOuR BrOtHeR
Devon 5 months ago
you fucking lying dude
Cardinal 5 months ago
your fucking liar
Olivia Froggatt
Olivia Froggatt 5 months ago
I'm dying of laughter right now 😂😂😂
Monsie Holland
Monsie Holland 5 months ago
Lol when she said "no woman's in the horizon" there was an ad and it was trump
Alayna Gymnast
Alayna Gymnast 5 months ago
I love Ben’s joke😂
Soph is Dope
Soph is Dope 5 months ago
Cristine: Did you ever cheat on a test/quiz? Ben: *nervous laughter* .....No Cristine: YOURE LYING
ded isJadA
ded isJadA 5 months ago
Cristine: Have you every spent more than two hours on the internet? the internet: oop
redmoon the lazy demon 0w0
When Ben tells his joke: cristine dosent get it. Me: * dying laughter* 😂😂
Safari B
Safari B 6 months ago
When you said in case you were curious, my Siri turned on thinking that you said hey Siri
Sarah Danielle
Sarah Danielle 6 months ago
Notice how Ben was wearing red and was wrong all the time, cristine is wearing green and is always right! 🤣
The odd canadian
The odd canadian 6 months ago
this video just.....lmao
LlamaLil 6 months ago
Ben: It was very scary there were like *owls hooting* Yes very scary Beyyyynn. Wait... Hoo Hoo Who WHO WAS DAT MAN