My Boss Found Out I Was Dating My Co-Worker *tea* 

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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 100   
Suzy Kitten
Suzy Kitten Hour ago
Can this boss hold conferences, symposiums, & workshops on “how to boss”? She seems like the perfect boss. The kind an employee can confide in & very approachable. We need more like her at jobs...
Jolley 2 days ago
Day 1of trying to get the holo queen to like my comment
Cristine is trying not to get fired in this 16:36 minutes 😂
Rup 7 days ago
Sarah Northman
Sarah Northman 10 days ago
How her boss asked if there is mold in the peelie bag. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
earlyvix3n 10 days ago
*Cristine and her boss speaking fluent french talking about how people won't understand what they're saying* me: *Laughs in bilingual Canadian*
TheRevolverLady 12 days ago
...took me same seconds to realize that boss really means boss here :D
JuMixBoox 14 days ago
She watched all the Banff videos? Even the parts where they joke about swinging with Threadbanger?
Candice Sieber
Candice Sieber 16 days ago
Why dise Cristen have a maniquen in her office/nail polish room
Brantly 17 days ago
*why does this comment have so many likes?*
Sleepy VA Studios
Sleepy VA Studios 18 days ago
Cristine works too much that her boss is planing Ben and hers vacation
Tushita Arora
Tushita Arora 22 days ago
I like troom troom.. My younger sister watches the same video like 13 times
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 23 days ago
Omg,,,,I also drop class for group presentation,lmaooo
meriya sperry
meriya sperry 23 days ago
She looks like an older version of Holly from The Office.
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels 24 days ago
Love your boss
Vaishnavi miraculous
mnia faqish
mnia faqish 27 days ago
Sure i'll be ur agent... Just need place to stay and support my food... Just give me minima wage im okay with it... Sent a flight ticket to malaysia im flying over anytime u want, im tired anywhere working here... Maybe its fun to work at other country... Here my resume... I dont particular good with anything but that doesn't mean i bad with everything... Just because i dont know doesnt mean i bad... Its probably bad but i guarantee im fast learning... So basically im fine be slave boy (minima wage required)... And the most important one is i have big fingernails(much bigger than ben) *i guarantee that* Like this video if i'll be acceptable... Im waiting...🥺🥺🥺
zayneup _ cover
zayneup _ cover 28 days ago
when your french be like : mais oui sil te plait parle en frençais pour que puisse boire mon tea ( cest tellemet chelou de parler en frençais )
Mishqueen16 Toy show and more
I know French XD
Susanne A
Susanne A Month ago
The fact that you call her boss and not her actual name...is that normal in canada?
UwU Month ago
"And no one will know what we're saying" SAUF TA COMMUNAUTE FRANCAISE BITCH
Lindsey Golias
Lindsey Golias Month ago
ur boss is adorable!
Izzyinc. H-M
Izzyinc. H-M Month ago
Oh my god, when Cristine’s boss looked at the camera, it was sooooooooo creepy!
tatiana fernandez
“Or something else is gonna happen” Who’s watching this in October 2020
Sofia Garza
Sofia Garza Month ago
For some reason when she kept on saying "lovely" my mind just went to JIMIN going: "LOVELY ARMY! YOUR SO LOVELY, I'M SO LOVELY, WE'RE SO LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!!"😆
Cadence Hodges
Cadence Hodges Month ago
Alternative title: Cristine being awkward around her boss while painting nails
Pauline Kosmo
Pauline Kosmo Month ago
The boss reminds me of jen. She's so sweet too 😍
Lexie Madz
Lexie Madz Month ago
I know this is older, but I can outdo Cristine on one thing. When I was in University, I dropped classes if the classroom was on a floor above the 3rd storey. My phobia of falling is real.
GamingLass Month ago
"CAn i WrIte A ReaSearCH PaPer ON TroOm TroOm?" Ok umm me😂
Arushi Bhattacharya
Awww man your boss is so cute. I just can't believe how cool she is as well
Yihan Qin
Yihan Qin Month ago
Christine: I don't actually know who hired me SimplyBossLogical: They've left. Ben: They probably got fired for hiring you Christine: BEN! Me: oh, that sounds like something my mom would say. lol
kirsi macleod
kirsi macleod Month ago
Bruh! I speak French, I understand you! Phoques!
Hoe Hoe
Hoe Hoe Month ago
No lie she sounds like my therapist
Lucas Benoist
Lucas Benoist 2 months ago
2:35 (don’t forget that french peoples watch your videos)
Pooja 2 months ago
Cristine's Boss is giving me Raymond Holt vibes XD
Lolli 2 months ago
for the thristy peeps heres the tea 9:31
Smokeykat 29
Smokeykat 29 2 months ago
Please do a video entirely in your work personality or something
Green Haired Adventures
Wait in 2 years its Christine’s and Bens 10th (kind of) “anniversary”
natalia espinal
natalia espinal 2 months ago
Your here for 9:36
Kayla Sanchez
Kayla Sanchez 2 months ago
I'm surprised, Cristine didn't say bad words , pretty surprised, family friendly video 🙌🙌
치즈 2 months ago
Bro when they went french what the heckings
Nichole Parker
Nichole Parker 2 months ago
It’s really cute that her boss backs her up about validating her work on her channel while at her day job
Nichole Parker
Nichole Parker 2 months ago
If I woke up at two am thinking about math I’d know I was in hell
Isabelle Michell-Moylan
Boss: You take a month vacation for your 10 year anniversary. Ben: I am down for that! 10:41
Lana 2 months ago
I’m Cristine: I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable 😂
Lana 2 months ago
Basic Gal exactly
amXranthiine 2 months ago
That reminds me of chandler from friends
avdr3y 3 months ago
im also more comfortable through a screen than in person
avdr3y 3 months ago
i dont confidence either, Cristine. i feel you girl
Ahsi Sugarcane
Ahsi Sugarcane 3 months ago
~-sips tea-~
mortal being
mortal being 2 months ago
A Rose in a Jar
A Rose in a Jar 3 months ago
You can just send a child to represent simply and it would be accurate.
Alhea Lawrence
Alhea Lawrence 3 months ago
Good rollmodle were
Augustė Tamkutonytė
T M 3 months ago
She looks kind of like Taylor Swift's mom when she takes her glasses off
caelcynndarr 3 months ago
I love how supportive your boss is. This is the best work relationship I've seen love itttttttttttt
K.K.Y. SHE 3 months ago
Tbh your boss sounds a bit like own of my friends that analyzed memes that I showed him......yeaaaaa .....
Her boss looks so sweet ❤😊 she reminds me of my science teacher from my junior year of high school
LittleMiss Laz
LittleMiss Laz 3 months ago
leave the cuticles alone they didnt do anything to you!
Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta 3 months ago
Her boss is such a cool af
Miranda Sosa
Miranda Sosa 3 months ago
I just skipped 12 adds to watch this T_T worth it tho
Taylor MacKenzie
Taylor MacKenzie 3 months ago
Anime. Lover.online
Anime. Lover.online 3 months ago
I wish I woke up in the middle of the night because of a math question not because of a stupid reason
Stephanie Fujita
Stephanie Fujita 3 months ago
you know I speak French right?
Grace Comeau
Grace Comeau 3 months ago
Who is watching this in 2020 and what to know how her boss is doing
Kai Baby
Kai Baby 3 months ago
Lol me it makes me feel kinda nosey
Andrea L
Andrea L 3 months ago
Christine reminds me of my fav aunt
Madison Lewis
Madison Lewis 3 months ago
Everyone thinking, Christine isn’t smart enough to work for the government😂😂
Hunnipie 3 months ago
“its very white and bright” LIKE CRISTENS PASTY ASS FACE (no offense is a joke)
Hunnipie 3 months ago
ok karen
Angela 3 months ago
That’s really stupid of you to even say. Grow up.
ArtByAmber — Digital art, sketches, and more!
You look like Christine from simplynailogical. She used to be a nail art channel.
sφwad of youtubers csengeopotter
a holl 1:00 of fun and lafter😆
taylor aha
taylor aha 3 months ago
*a math problem*
Arimation 3 months ago
*Cristine trying to not get fired for 16 minutes and 38 seconds straight*
Zelene Wong An An
Zelene Wong An An 3 months ago
I wanna be your agent
Annabelle Darby
Annabelle Darby 3 months ago
So no one’s gonna talk about the fact that Cristine has a supreme blanket. *bUt ShE pUtS iT oN hEr MaNiCaN*
My edible logic
My edible logic 3 months ago
She's the most typical example of how a boss is
Estefanía Martínez Meza
‘Oh, you do that ‘
-*Choco Milk*-
-*Choco Milk*- 3 months ago
“Your a good role, and teach profanity is bad” Cris: FUCK YOU MILKY WHITE
《•RkcC•》 3 months ago
Whats the song at 8:02?
Neko 123
Neko 123 3 months ago
Moi je comprend
Vecka Manuseva
Vecka Manuseva 3 months ago
Troom troom is from Germeny
Maryum imam
Maryum imam 3 months ago
9:32 the thumbnail
galaxy cookie kitten YT
This means they WERE babbling too much 😂😂😂
Anarosa Sierra
Anarosa Sierra 3 months ago
When you talk a Another. Language
Anarosa Sierra
Anarosa Sierra 3 months ago
I have no idea what you said
harpzinsky 3 months ago
ten thousand thumbs up for Work Mom (tm)
Addy Czock
Addy Czock 3 months ago
you should count all of ur nail pollishes
Ana Villalon
Ana Villalon 4 months ago
Y O U ' R E G E T T I N G A C H R I S T M A S P R E S E N T T H I S Y E A R. lol
Zara 4 months ago
“Would you let me quit my job” no you like it. YOU LIKE UR JOB CRISTINE
Tanishq Gaud
Tanishq Gaud 4 months ago
Alize Perez
Alize Perez 4 months ago
“Life used to be simple” - simplybosslogical Sis you have no idea
Ali The Grape
Ali The Grape 4 months ago
Ben: cut the cameras... Deadass
hd Dorsey
hd Dorsey 4 months ago
When the tea is too real and also I'm watching this in 2020 and I thought it was funny so yaeh
Gacha Aj
Gacha Aj 4 months ago
I'll be your agent cristene an I'll manage your social media and everything
Artic CreamPuff
Artic CreamPuff 4 months ago
Simply simply
Sam Drake
Sam Drake 4 months ago
Wait... so what does she work as???
dojadontya !
dojadontya ! 4 months ago
crime statistics analyst for the Canadian government ♥️
Anika King
Anika King 4 months ago
Cristine: I have alittle bit of freedom... Plz dont fire me.
Peaceful Aesthetics 2105
Pls can u subscribe to me for no reason pls lol
theripper313 5 months ago
Have you ever thought about inviting your boss to your podcast?
Moon Lightbright
Moon Lightbright 5 months ago
(Personne ne va savoir ce qu’on dit) sauf les français 😂😂😂 your boss is so sweet ☺️❤️
Mohammad Mustafa
Mohammad Mustafa 5 months ago
Her boss is so cute UwU
《Rhea x》
《Rhea x》 5 months ago
Your boss's hair looks like anna's from frozen😂😂😂
Annika Patel
Annika Patel 5 months ago
Hello........:) :)
Annika Patel
Annika Patel 5 months ago