Mixing All My Tea Together *warning: some tea was spilled* 

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Dec 13, 2017




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Comments 100   
Fire Flair
Fire Flair 58 minutes ago
many years late but I also collect nail polish, notebooks, lip make up products, melty beads, the rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom thing, and also jewelry.
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan 6 hours ago
So Cristine's cold tea's are fruity and her hot ones are candy and/or cake flavours.
Sabina Tsang
Sabina Tsang Day ago
Years late but I have a keychain collection
City Cowgirl4
City Cowgirl4 3 days ago
I also collect nail polish
Leanne Grobler
Leanne Grobler 3 days ago
Cristine just mispronouncing Rooibos made my night. 😂
-Mystic Gacha-
-Mystic Gacha- 4 days ago
This video has inspired me to buy a 24 days of tea advent calendar lmao
Varsha John
Varsha John 4 days ago
Well i collect pencils,pens,erasers and different kinds of papers 😂 and i want to know why there are not many variations of teas as this much in sri lanka even though ceylon is well known for best teas.
gachachannn :}
gachachannn :} 4 days ago
I have a full collection of slytherin ties ( 34 and a bow tie) but I'm a griffindor 😅. Also I have ALOT of manga books .
gachachannn :}
gachachannn :} 4 days ago
Ik this video is old but still
Brianna Kotru
Brianna Kotru 5 days ago
I know this is very late but I collect plushies, lipbalms and lollipops
Gabby Santemma
Gabby Santemma 5 days ago
omg u should make a video of mixing each tea family...
Danika Sanchez
Danika Sanchez 5 days ago
im loven all thosebtea puns
Riley Morris
Riley Morris 6 days ago
I collect snow globes and pigs and yes I do treat the pigs very well oh yeah don't forget about dogs and hamsters
Josie Vlogs
Josie Vlogs 7 days ago
Was that milk not in a BAG
Hey You
Hey You 7 days ago
I wish ur name is Cristea :)
sonyapeach 8 days ago
Antiques, Barbie’s and Tea. But I have only just started to get into fancy teas and I have never heard of this David’s tea before, but I want to try it.
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 8 days ago
Saucy like a BBQ but you won’t get yo baby back 😛 #BODY us-first.info/player/video/bbV3jH6nZHasbKM.html
Vivian Thach
Vivian Thach 8 days ago
What does she love more holo cats tea nail polish
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 8 days ago
This half of the tea my sis has. I can not get through her pantree
Kate 8 days ago
Books. I collect books even if the series isn’t great.
Steindór Gíslason
I culect shuse
XxBrooklynVibezXx 10 days ago
I don't collect stuffed animals But I have 68 I can't collect them Because they are my like only friends 🙁
Holly France
Holly France 10 days ago
Holly France
Holly France 10 days ago
Cristine is becoming Safiya!!!
May Chen
May Chen 11 days ago
rewatching in 2020 bc I missed my favorite fellow Canadian and just noticed she said “puree” teas for pu’erh. It’s actually pronounced like “poo-er” LOL
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 12 days ago
You're turning into safiya nyagard
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 12 days ago
I feel like she likes David and his tea more than beyyn and his love for bananas
Mercades Moorhead
Mercades Moorhead 13 days ago
damm i did not know that everyone in this chat is a total hot-tea 😏😅
Raven Gray
Raven Gray 13 days ago
I collect a lot of things... 1 books 2 art supplies (different types of pencils, paints, paintbrushes, even different sizes of canvases) 3 stuffed animals 4 cards (birthday cards, Christmas cards, basically if someone gives me a card I will keep it. I even have a few birthday cards from my tenth birthday) 5 glue sticks for a glue gun (they make them different colors and some even have glitter, I have yet to find a holo one yet though) And I think that’s it lol
Sarah Wolf
Sarah Wolf 13 days ago
I collect Books and Knives
georgia & kenzie
georgia & kenzie 13 days ago
me watching this as I drink tea with agave syrup in my tea ☺︎☕︎
Joshua Crabbe
Joshua Crabbe 13 days ago
Wow so tea-reffic
Carl Marx
Carl Marx 13 days ago
You made "fraken" teas, just like safiya nygaard does. 😄
Little Buttercup Playz
I have more nail polish than I do friends 😂😅😄🙂😐🙁☹😔
Fatima 15 days ago
Cristine you ain’t the only one,, I’m addictive to collecting lip gloss
Maria Breum
Maria Breum 15 days ago
Remember when Cristine actually did nail art... Me neither🥸,but I like her new form of videos🤗
Priscila m
Priscila m 16 days ago
Sav The bae
Sav The bae 16 days ago
Who else craves tea when she’s talking about it
Burn In Lava
Burn In Lava 17 days ago
You should mix a load of overnight oat addins like fruits, honey, chocolate chips and more - then try the oats and see how it turns out.
mations 17 days ago
pencils. i have about 7,962 somewhere in my room, but those are the ones that have gone missing. i only have 1 on my right now.....i think
Nat Stu
Nat Stu 17 days ago
Between jojoba, rooibos, eczema and countless other examples I have concluded that Cristine is not a fabulous pronouncer of words lol #blessher
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh 19 days ago
I collect rock's
Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll 19 days ago
I collect unicorn figurines
Sarah Lincove
Sarah Lincove 19 days ago
I love DAVDs TEA!!:)
Corey Schmitz
Corey Schmitz 20 days ago
I love that david actually sponsored her lol
Levi Baxter
Levi Baxter 20 days ago
I’m looking for another kind of T Laughs in trans man
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 20 days ago
"since it's no secret that I'm a serial k-" Me immedietly in my mind: KILLER
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez 20 days ago
Skinny Tea actually taste pretty good IMO. Like I ordered one for the lols and I actually like it a lot. Didn't lose an ounce I think but tasted amazing
Weird things I do with my life
I collect photo cards of kpop idols
Janvi Rao
Janvi Rao 21 day ago
Sharon Chua
Sharon Chua 21 day ago
Back here again cos i want some tea recommendations, I hope David's Tea ships to Singapore someday. Binge watching your old videos makes me feel nostalgia 🥺
Gurcharan Singh
Gurcharan Singh 21 day ago
Can we get a count on how many times Cristine says, "TEA" ?!
Diana Jordan
Diana Jordan 22 days ago
In every video I watch of her I feel so bad for Zyler because she always talks about Menchie and NEVER him.
Blake Marsh
Blake Marsh 22 days ago
this is one of my favorite videos of her idk why
Sophie Stallcup
Sophie Stallcup 23 days ago
I am trying to collect burts bees lip balm so do with that what you will😂❤️
duck telepathy
duck telepathy 23 days ago
Things I collect: random facts, playing cards, eyeshadow pallets, tattoos, and candles!
Luna Wright
Luna Wright 23 days ago
I’ve collected every Scooby Doo movie and tv show ever made
Caitlin Rodgers
Caitlin Rodgers 24 days ago
South Africans watching Christine pronounce Rooibos: 👁👄👁
dylan lab
dylan lab 25 days ago
I collect goggles and caps because as a swimmer i always lose my gear but no matter wear they are i hope their happy🤷‍♀️
Vainavi 25 days ago
My collections include old unused notebooks, fancy beads and rings Lots of rings I don't even care if they're cheap or not I just want em to be pwetty
Olivia Maendel
Olivia Maendel 25 days ago
After the video: I'm sick of tea Me: sick of tea that's like being sick of breathing
I. Petra
I. Petra 25 days ago
I collect earrings, but not simple earrings like food earrings or animal earrins it´s like funny earrings I have 40 paires now but I am going to buying more
Mona 26 days ago
Wait...i thought u were gonna mix the cold and hot together at the end... :< probably would've tasted horrible but 😂
Ailen FartFace
Ailen FartFace 26 days ago
I collect cats.
Ireland Tebo
Ireland Tebo 26 days ago
Every time I were sweat pants I get rashes or anything wool on my legs so I stick to legging still comfy though but I still wish I could wear sweatpants without getting rashes
Annabelle Doll
Annabelle Doll 26 days ago
I don’t know why this made me think of feeding my hamster but thanks for the reminder 😂 thanks
Juliana 26 days ago
God dang it Simply Nailogical, now I gotta go mix all of my teas together
louisa DIY
louisa DIY 26 days ago
I collect Hoodies
Laura McNall
Laura McNall 26 days ago
I am starting my tea and nail polish collection next all the holo tacos
I tougth this was a fans chanel but it was real 😂🤣😂
Lexie Meyers
Lexie Meyers 26 days ago
shopkins is what i hoard
Taiden Grace Roberts
Monster energy cans anyone. Where my tired bitches at
Charles Lacy
Charles Lacy 27 days ago
Hey simply try raspberry flavored green tea
The Amazing
The Amazing 27 days ago
Cristine- talks about sweat pants and stuff Me- just looks at baby menchi
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay 27 days ago
The fact that T2 is one of the “weird ones” always confuses me because it’s like the most intense tea brand with wild flavours here (Australia but also like maybe I’m just not aware of others)
Xoeilove G
Xoeilove G 28 days ago
I collect teddy bears
Erin 28 days ago
Super late, but my collections are: 1. Books 2. Notebooks/diaries/journals 3. Hotel pencils 4. Lipsticks 5. Jars
Fuchsia Pasta
Fuchsia Pasta 29 days ago
Anyone else thought white tea was just black tea with milk in it?
Bhavna Sinha
Bhavna Sinha 29 days ago
Safiya would be so proud :3
OJ’S Story
OJ’S Story Month ago
TeaganTwilight Month ago
I love when Cristine does the real talks, especially about body image. There's a lot of crap on the internet and US-first especially shaming people for not having the "perfect" body type, and I think we need more people like Cristine to make sure that their channel is an area that excepts all body types, and people in general.
Saeyoung Choi Lol
A weird one ; I collect teeth , I know it ' s weird but yea . Some cuter ones ; Monster Cans , Hello Kittys and Lalaloopsys
lexiaspen11 Month ago
THEY ALL LOOK LIKE HAMSTER FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mango898 Withcat
I collect paper. Not for any reason.
Minty Fox
Minty Fox Month ago
No one: Cristine while making tea: “it’s *your* style”
Madeleine Harvey
I collect 50p coins with pictures on them
Sam Month ago
Little did u kno David would actually call u
Crack_ Head
Crack_ Head Month ago
I would like to start my hoodie and sweatpants collection...maybe add a few leggings in there 🤷🏽‍♀️
Emma Month ago
Why does it bother me so much that you have so much rooibos tea 🤮 and so little white/green tea 😭
galxay gacha
galxay gacha Month ago
Tee Jaa
Tee Jaa Month ago
I keep adding to my stuffed animals
MakoDewy Month ago
Emily Oldham
Emily Oldham Month ago
I collect glitter and coshans
Fatime Ahmeti
Fatime Ahmeti Month ago
I'm collecting highliters😂
Here have a Potato
Yeah we know you have a lot
tamsen Month ago
😩👑🌸🔒🐞🌜🌻😳🎨🙄😜🐸😃😭🎬🔮💿🧚‍♀️✨😢🤠😂🎃👉👈 Edit: Why tf did I post this.
Minustheno Month ago
I like to collect notebooks and office supplies
AmyX Month ago
Such waste. I get easily 3 steeps per batch of tea. Well, for good tea. Cheap tea is easily tossed. But you’re not tossing cheap tea.
Nina Mahne
Nina Mahne Month ago
i collect foot scrubs
Brian Nguyen
Brian Nguyen Month ago
I think simplynailogical spends her money on tea all for her youtube money on TEA!!!!
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