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Nov 23, 2017




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Comments 100   
chai 3 years ago
Doctor: You have 48 seconds to live Me: *watches this*
Daysha Reeves
Daysha Reeves 4 months ago
chai yes me to
Ash• 4 months ago
Everyone who was taking it serious it’s a joke 😚😛😂😬😑
Arie Clafary
Arie Clafary 5 months ago
What if there was a fifteen unskipable ad?
Layla Mccarty
Layla Mccarty 5 months ago
Jana Kadado
Jana Kadado 5 months ago
chai relatable
shadow wolf
shadow wolf 4 days ago
XxBrooklynVibezXx 10 days ago
Oh no
penguins 123
penguins 123 19 days ago
This is a real work of art😁😁😁😁
Heather mcnamera can step on me
dang, i found this again in 2020 lmao
Shay Sez
Shay Sez Month ago
Best ever.
Kelli Labotkin
Kelli Labotkin Month ago
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
Best video to ever be made honestly all simply's videos are pure treasure
Leena Hunter
Leena Hunter Month ago
this was the best 48 seconds of my life
Olivia Dubois
Olivia Dubois 2 months ago
Can this please be my ringtone Nevermind I would never want to answer the phone and turn it off
Lily Schnipke
Lily Schnipke 2 months ago
best song in the world
The_Kawaii_Studios :3
I actually added this to my music playlist 🤣😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣😂
jatp fan
jatp fan 2 months ago
the most random thing on youtube
Alaina Schneider
Alaina Schneider 2 months ago
Menchie has the cutest eyes they’re like 🥺
nikkita zavillova
nikkita zavillova 2 months ago
I hope that simply makes a zyler gang video
Eve T
Eve T 2 months ago
I like it so much
simplynailoical_fan 1
I'm at my friend house
Kayla Bixler
Kayla Bixler 3 months ago
I’m doing my nails while listening to this🤣😂
Hi Peps
Hi Peps 3 months ago
Why.... just why what has the world come too
LilGayRatBoi 3 months ago
Came here after holo taco released their menchie and zyler nail polish
christina porciello
christina porciello 3 months ago
Why am i watching this is my question...
J.A. S.
J.A. S. 3 months ago
I hope there will be another Menchie Music Video coming up soon...... before i die! XD
Alexa WEST
Alexa WEST 3 months ago
I can see who the fave is ...
Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta 3 months ago
This actually so much better than the original gucci gang
Anushka Pandey
Anushka Pandey 3 months ago
Zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang zyler gang!
Daniella Cordon
Daniella Cordon 3 months ago
CATagory: Music
Pinki Kumar
Pinki Kumar 3 months ago
Fun fact: you are watching this in qurantine 😁
christina porciello
christina porciello 3 months ago
Fanders Sides
Fanders Sides 4 months ago
me: turns this on also me: completely BOPS to this song
Emma catzilla 0.2
Emma catzilla 0.2 4 months ago
Bexleby Starshine
Bexleby Starshine 4 months ago
It is kind of odd how much I love this video. It’s just so good.
bushara shemeer
bushara shemeer 4 months ago
I am in menchie gang♥️
Ash• 4 months ago
*Menchie gang* Me: *watches over and over* *Great way to live the rest of my life*
Keily S
Keily S 5 months ago
I wanna be in the Menchi gang!
Rose gamer
Rose gamer 5 months ago
Love the song girl love you
CyberWolf 9
CyberWolf 9 5 months ago
This is low-key fire though
Layla Mccarty
Layla Mccarty 5 months ago
I love this
jjegamer 2004
jjegamer 2004 5 months ago
lol cristine missed her calling as a cat rapper
zahra scott
zahra scott 5 months ago
i can't stop smiling about this
seabun cosplay
seabun cosplay 5 months ago
this is so old now but it’s still great-
abeer fatima
abeer fatima 5 months ago
Who here in quarantine
Robloxgirlyyxx 5 months ago
simplynailoical_fan 1
This should be on Apple Music because I would bye it
Deedra Nott
Deedra Nott 6 months ago
Andrea 6 months ago
simplynailoical_fan 1
At the beginning menchie look like he does not know what going on
Skylar Phoenix Thompson
Menchie is a PrInCeSS
Aylin Torunlar
Aylin Torunlar 6 months ago
I want this on spotify
Verity Preston
Verity Preston 6 months ago
what did i just watch?
S U Ranasinghe
S U Ranasinghe 6 months ago
This is so cuteee 😍❤
Tatum Lily
Tatum Lily 6 months ago
There should be mencci merch for Menchie!
krazy Katlady
krazy Katlady 6 months ago
Still waiting for the Menchie and Crusty collab😂
Sushi 6 months ago
Arturo Ramirez
Arturo Ramirez 6 months ago
I can't believe I just found this 2 years later. I've needed this since the day I was born
Hopey time
Hopey time 6 months ago
Thank was the best song I have EVER heard💓😅
jen jimenez
jen jimenez 6 months ago
Yeess Queen😂😎🤟✌🤗🥳🖤🤍💅
ArielGSB 6 months ago
This is just to good! BTW you should do one for zyler!
sl goerges
sl goerges 6 months ago
This is most funniest thing I have seen 😂
SoffieSoftly 6 months ago
So, simply, who’s your favorite out of your two cats?
NightFlight Studios
NightFlight Studios 6 months ago
This is just menchie being adorable and also not having a clue what is happening
Tessa Johnson
Tessa Johnson 6 months ago
Why did I love this so much?!
Jonnix Gummi
Jonnix Gummi 6 months ago
Christine was found the next day in a mental hospital...
baginthesystem y.w
baginthesystem y.w 6 months ago
I watched this at 9:19 pm And.... I loved it! 10 out of 10
Ankjé De Kock
Ankjé De Kock 6 months ago
Best rap song ever (everyone is shaking)
Anne Boylen Deserved Better
Zyler Gang
brownie 298
brownie 298 7 months ago
I sooo sorry but what was a I watching😕😂
JakiraCro11 7 months ago
this needs to be on spotify
emma :l
emma :l 7 months ago
this is the content I signed up for
Momochiki 7 months ago
This is beautiful dude 10/10 best song next to holo from the other side. lol
Hate Issues
Hate Issues 7 months ago
Can u make ben sing roxanne but in zyler form
R 7 months ago
lmao, this is the best version of this song
Midnightkitty 7 months ago
Tuuuuune~! Respect LARGE for Menchie~! Makes me want to nadenade until she gorongoron : )
Maria Beatriz Marques
THIS is the most epic thing I have ever seen.
chloe young
chloe young 7 months ago
no one messes with menchie!
ahem gulati
ahem gulati 7 months ago
Here this in 2× playback speed or 0.25× playback speed
Mark Heyes
Mark Heyes 7 months ago
Please put this on stopatif
Angelo Jose Manalo
Angelo Jose Manalo 7 months ago
Now we only need Zyler gang to complete the ritual of eternal bond between Zyler and Menchie.
Space Lover
Space Lover 7 months ago
Can I dislike the people who disliked? Or would that just be leaving a bad yelp review?
Yara Jasim
Yara Jasim 7 months ago
This is true art...
Nikki_slays_it_ All
Nikki_slays_it_ All 7 months ago
This is the first time ever watching this and I have been following you for a long time but as a fellow feline owner I must say this is adorable
Suseela Thomas
Suseela Thomas 7 months ago
Poor zyler make a song for him like if u agree
Vianna Mendicino
Vianna Mendicino 8 months ago
Lainey McNamara
Lainey McNamara 8 months ago
This is my new favorite song😂
lou heartman
lou heartman 8 months ago
This is why we have head phones
Šţŕäŵbêŕŗŷ ÇØŵ
This is literally my favorite song
Suseela Thomas
Suseela Thomas 8 months ago
Young Steezy
Young Steezy 8 months ago
Wtf am I watching?! It’s 1am
Scjariahlii Morrison
Val plays roblox
Val plays roblox 8 months ago
Yaveliz l
Yaveliz l 8 months ago
American money?
Declan Cramer
Declan Cramer 8 months ago
Put playback speed to 0. 25 and it sound like she’s drunk. Try it yourself DIY
Pam Montenegro
Pam Montenegro 8 months ago
First few seconds menchie looked scared of the money
Ben Scherler
Ben Scherler 8 months ago
This is amazing
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 8 months ago
Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang Zaylor Menchie gang
Ella_ Button_Gacha_
Ella_ Button_Gacha_ 8 months ago
Cristiano Marra
Cristiano Marra 8 months ago
I just don't understand y so many thumbs down
shelby buckelew
shelby buckelew 8 months ago
Adorable catttttttttttt
Barb101 8 months ago
sara gruelund
sara gruelund 8 months ago
This is the best 48 sec of my life
Sir Julian
Sir Julian 8 months ago
too cute!!! finally i found it!!!
jaeden erickson
jaeden erickson 8 months ago
i blasted this song in my room and my parents came in and was like what are you listing to i said MENCHIE GANG.
araceli juarez
araceli juarez 8 months ago
How many takes did the song get