Meeting YOU! / VidCon 2018 

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This sock is overwhelmed! VidCon 2018 was crazy (:
HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
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Jul 8, 2018




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Comments 100   
Cilla Bean
Cilla Bean 22 days ago
The car with the liscense plate that Crisitine showed: *I have to live in fear my constant life*
Madison Rigney
Madison Rigney 2 months ago
Christine: No we hate each other Person taking the picture: aww that’s so sweet
Diya Gupta
Diya Gupta 3 months ago
They were watching big bang theory 😂 in the baground
Tessa Furlow
Tessa Furlow 3 months ago
"I do drugs WHOOP! I hit a B***h WHOOP!" ben is he best kind of "dad"; he light heartily makes fun of pop culture without completely embarrassing his kids :)
vivian echo
vivian echo 4 months ago
Ben just needs a f***ing vacation
Oliee Adventures
Oliee Adventures 4 months ago
Christine me and you have the same flavor ice cream flavor chocolate cookie dough ice cream I love that flavor
karatemaster 2017
karatemaster 2017 4 months ago
I thought that was the santa mooch pier seen it in 1000 jordan matter vids lmao
Eryn Uy
Eryn Uy 4 months ago
Jen if you read this i love ❤️ you
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Panayiotis Soultanis
They wrote it wrong !!! Its cristine with no h 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️😂😂❤
Gabbin Tine
Gabbin Tine 4 months ago
11:37 haha Jen is savage
Corrine: What's happening in the world today? Corrine and Simply: *flips over newspaper* Me: Yeah you don't want to know, trust me.
charity murimi
charity murimi 5 months ago
I dare you to come to Africa
Annie's Shenanigans
Annie's Shenanigans 5 months ago
When is Jen ever gonna meet Liza
Genesis Quintero (Student)
Genny is my nickname
EvePeka 5 months ago
*crying in holo*
Peridot is the best Fight me
So wait we just gonna ignore the fact that someone called Ben DADDY?
Itz_Cat Queen
Itz_Cat Queen 5 months ago
Seema Lokhande
Seema Lokhande 5 months ago
Jen literally just said Phoebe's dialogue!
Anonymous 6 months ago
6:54 i got so excited seeing Safiya and Ro on a Escape the night billboard
JustinK 14
JustinK 14 6 months ago
What’s the music at the beginning of all your travel vlogs? I want to know because I want to make my vlogs more exciting
Alexis Fuhr
Alexis Fuhr 6 months ago
@1:00 Hi , vidcon 2018 , hey
Stacey Hale
Stacey Hale 6 months ago
Why did you leave your cats on their own
Sarah_does_artt 6 months ago
The theme park they were near kinda looks like the one in GTA
Aly afnan
Aly afnan 6 months ago
dani 6 months ago
4:38 jen is on drugs confirmed
• Aurxra •シ
• Aurxra •シ 6 months ago
I saw inquisitor master
• Aurxra •シ
• Aurxra •シ 6 months ago
I saw inquisitor master
Zoe Zelda
Zoe Zelda 6 months ago
"chocolate chip cookie dough" *and the crowd goes wild*
Lowen Deiana
Lowen Deiana 6 months ago
She was attack by alevera
Abeer Shahid
Abeer Shahid 6 months ago
at 20:33 imagine how horrifying it would be for a bunch of people to say your name over and over again...
Oliwia uss
Oliwia uss 7 months ago
11:52 when it said 12:01PM and it was also 12:01PM for me
leni bellemans
leni bellemans 7 months ago
help i cant open my holo nail polish
Princess Does random stuff
Emma 7 months ago
I literally started to cry halfway into the video because I couldn't go,♥️♥️♥️♥️
Hate Issues
Hate Issues 7 months ago
I hate jen!!!
Cate Davis
Cate Davis 7 months ago
am I the only one that is not a big fan of jen
Cj.Draw.Z Art
Cj.Draw.Z Art 7 months ago
Macey Orlino
Macey Orlino 7 months ago
4)44 .. lets just say its intresting
Macey Orlino
Macey Orlino 7 months ago
I meant 4;44
I kinda hate raisins
Can’t wait for tanacon 2020
Khanh Linh
Khanh Linh 7 months ago
4:01 Cristine: why’s you come to America? Jen : to save you... FROM DAD JEANS What I thought that she was going to say : TO MEET LIZA
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 8 months ago
How often to you go to vidcons
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams 8 months ago
chinmayee jeyapriya
chinmayee jeyapriya 8 months ago
Are we just going to ignore how at 6:31 she just launched herself onto her boyfriend?
Gina Victoria
Gina Victoria 2 months ago
So cute.
Samantha Nagai
Samantha Nagai 8 months ago
OMG! I just saw this! Was that JustDustin in the elevator with her @ 12:49 ?!
Willow Beam
Willow Beam 8 months ago
S Thill
S Thill 8 months ago
Cristina just saw all of her children!
Disco_Doga 8 months ago
Omg i went to the same hotel im holo shook (the first hotel)
Lance 9 months ago
the fact that Jen is just roasting Cristine while her fans wait tho. 😂😂😂
Gucci Banana
Gucci Banana 9 months ago
“I hit a bitch yup yup”😂😂
Ruby Woodfire
Ruby Woodfire 9 months ago
Eating banana was watching this video
Soft Demon
Soft Demon 9 months ago
*Jen has joined the chat with:Cristine,Ben* *Ben was Terrified* *Ben now has to deal with two cristines*
DimpleJoonie 10 months ago
They finally go somewhere warm-
Mar Does Stuff
Mar Does Stuff 10 months ago
Vanessa Davidson
Vanessa Davidson 10 months ago
How do you do this and go back to your 9 to 5 the next day
Silver Nightcore
Silver Nightcore 11 months ago
Silver Nightcore
Silver Nightcore 11 months ago
Am I the only one laughing my head off at the fact that Jen just _roasted_ her sister on stage in front of a MASSIVE crowd? XD
Silver Nightcore
Silver Nightcore 11 months ago
9:16 Cristine had no last name on the panelists........... WhY dOeS iT nOt SaY RoTeNbUrG!?
Sara Carr
Sara Carr 11 months ago
Cristine while editing this vid: yes it is very important for people to know all of our favorite ice cream flavors.
Donald Trump's grotesque wig
"menchie, that's my niece" I never realised that
Ana Z
Ana Z 11 months ago
Jen: *Menchie! Thats my niece!* I am deaad! Thats legut so adorablee😂😂😍😍
Family Gullett
Family Gullett 11 months ago
I learn my bad words here and I’m proud
Family Gullett
Family Gullett 11 months ago
I learn my bad words here and I’m proud
Melody Morning Star
Melody Morning Star 11 months ago
Cristine : WHY R U LAUGHING AT ME Ben : ur like the least threatening person ever 😂😂 *Cristine attacks
domoshij Year ago
for sure cristine can beat ksi
Maddie Rigney
Maddie Rigney Year ago
Picture guy: get closer you guys are family right Simply:No we hate each other Picture guy: awww so cute
Wxtch Do̸gs
Wxtch Do̸gs Year ago
Here's a poem Cristine is a sock She likes tea Her children are cat socks And so are you if your not.... I FUCKING BITCH AWWWWWW YEAWWW
Khush Marwadi
Khush Marwadi Year ago
Ben : Oh i look so unhappy in that pic Simply : exactly, thats so realistic Lmao
Kittycat Gacha08
OMG I wish i was there
Amit Maheshwari
BTW who is watching this in end of 2019???
Amit Maheshwari
2:29 Did I just see Cristine in a tank top???? What happened to all your sweatshirt??? But the tank is ROOTS
Amanda Louder
Amanda Louder Year ago
what is beyn's favorite ice cream tho
Wendasuraus Rex
Just Big dang theory in the back ground
Hey There Its Tiffany
Christine: beeen jeeen
Caroline Silka
Cristine got infected from germs from all those hugs
Shamsul Haque
Shamsul Haque Year ago
What's the music name of 15:23?
Emil Hund
Emil Hund Year ago
How on earth does Beeeeyn handle the two at you at the same time??? 😂😂😂 He must be so tired after vidcon. 💚💚💚
Robespierrey Year ago
- I love you so much! - Okaaay, but my girlfriend is right there...! Ben is so precious.
ded Year ago
Lil pump-Eskette Beeeeen-esketit
Sister Tea
Sister Tea Year ago
My name is Cristina
C Harleck
C Harleck Year ago
I can’t find you on Snapchat 😔😣😭💿
mr. mono
mr. mono Year ago
Okay who the hell called Ben daddy 😂
Devon Villanueva
No jen
Elisabeth Krojnewski
What's that song playing in the background, when they go onto the plane back to canada (outro)? Please I need to know, I love that song and I can't find it anywhere 😭
Gaby Peen
Gaby Peen Year ago
I hit a bitch YIP YIP
Polaris Frost
Polaris Frost Year ago
I wonder who that Other youtuber is 😂
Life with. Desi
I hit BiTcH
. Year ago
_italics hello_ hiiii
Hamilton Hargreeves At a dam Disco
Gracie Maxwell
Looks fun never been to vid.con only armageddon.expo don't think we get it in New Zealand if we do i probably work 😝
Kris Chaitram
Kris Chaitram Year ago
Jen should date Bens brother
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez Year ago
when Cristine said chocolate chip cookie dough i freaked out because its my favorite ice cream flavor too.
tayley wilson
tayley wilson Year ago
Joy Lopez hi
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez Year ago
@tayley wilson hi
tayley wilson
tayley wilson Year ago
HUMAN YEA Year ago
Ben watching his two children
Gees Momma
Gees Momma Year ago
Take Ben To Vegas!! In winter. Not for clubbing.. But for the chill && the romantic scene... Plus the rooms can be soo luxurious ❤❤❤❤❤ girlllllllllll Please☕
Wesley Bridges
Ben is a modern rapper.
Gacha_ Kelsey
Gacha_ Kelsey Year ago
Lmao the scooters are for anyone to use
Ralu D
Ralu D Year ago
6:39 #relationshipgoals
Ella Fuller
Ella Fuller Year ago
There was an army of people yelling beyn and he looked like he was so done with life at 20:33
Nica R
Nica R Year ago
"Aww Menchie! That's my niece!" Yes we love Jenlogical
The holo streamy award goes to SIMPLY NAILOGICAL
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