manny mua repeating simply nailogical for 1 minute straight 

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Me: I love trolling.
Manny: Yeah, trolling.
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FTC Disclaimer: I asked Manny to sponsor this video but then he just repeated what I said and I never did get that #spons.


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Jul 29, 2017




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Comments 100   
lllhamms Alf
lllhamms Alf 17 days ago
I know this video supposed to be all manny repeating cris, but i was still surprised😂😂
Emma Nilsson
Emma Nilsson 6 months ago
that is to sweet! imitation is a form of affection, lets not forget that!:)
Lauren Verellen
Lauren Verellen 6 months ago
i'm like lmao!!
Nicholas DeSantis
Nicholas DeSantis 7 months ago
Wtf 😂😂
kim k
kim k 8 months ago
I have many questions
Malerie Johnson
Malerie Johnson 8 months ago
He just copied everything you said 🤣🤣🤣❣️
Mindy Sue
Mindy Sue 8 months ago
Hahaha love this!! So so funny
LeSyco 8 months ago
yall comments took my wig stop im crying 💀💀💀💀
Hope 05
Hope 05 9 months ago
The first time I seen her account was when she painted a car with nail polish and I subscribed lol
koogini 10 months ago
Cristine: lol manny i luv u Manny : lol manny i luv u
Melissa Broydell
Melissa Broydell 11 months ago
Tbh at first I thought this was going to be a video of manny saying “Simply nailogical” for 1 minute straight 😂😂😂 not manny repeating what simply nailogical said 😂😂😂 oh man to funny 😂😂 Love you both so much!!! No matter what Cristine you always make me laugh and manny you remind me to alway be me!! ♥️
Saii Kawa
Saii Kawa 11 months ago
I wish I could see mannys reaction to this
Gabby Pillay
Gabby Pillay 11 months ago
Holy shit is this the origin of x "beauty guru copying what y says"
Anime Lover Girl
rumor has it, if you say the channel name 3 times, your comment will get pinned Simply Not Logical Simply Not Logical Simply Not Logical if this doesn't work ill be sad lol
Achiii Year ago
y am i reminded of that one kylie jenner meme where she repeats what jordan said like LOL
Ay'ana Gaddies
Wait this is so cute tho lol
i think he was a parrot in a past life
The uncomfortable version of trying to bond with someone by following their body language
Miss Chicken
Miss Chicken Year ago
It took me so long to realize that Cristine was the one who posted this
S̷o̷m̷e̷o̷n̷e̷ ̷n̷o̷t̷ ̷i̷m̷p̷o̷r̷t̷a̷n̷t̷
wait You know the “save turtles and don’t use plastic straws” TEA STARBUCKS PLASTIC STRAWS
vic Year ago
I’m two years late but I’m still gonna watch lmao
Stephanie MacDonald
A like only for Cristine!
Lizzy Lou Who
Lizzy Lou Who Year ago
How Rude!
almonies Year ago
wow the views 1,153,106😲😱
Anne Volet
Anne Volet Year ago
It’s Me Gaby
it sounds like he learning new words lmaoo
K A Year ago
One of the best ways to make people like you is to imitate them
Jenny Gutierrez
I love this 😭❤️
『 J A D E 』
He copies almost every single word she says in this video at 0:25 sec lol
K1ng j0shc0s
K1ng j0shc0s Year ago
Wait is this actually simply nailogical or are these repost why do you have this channel
Zahra Saeed
Zahra Saeed Year ago
Bethany Year ago
idk why but this annoyed me so much xx also 2019 anyone
michaela 101
michaela 101 Year ago
I laughed way too hard when she put LOL Manny I love you twice
Mackenzie Greasley
The best ones are when he takes like 30 seconds to repeat it's like his brain is trying so hard to find something else to say and then settles on repeating her
•pickle_ Lattes11•
You should make a video of swearing for 5 - 10 minutes....... lol that’s a video idea!!!!
geeta manocha
geeta manocha Year ago
Omg he is literally repeating her...
kmlac Year ago
I think it’s sweet, Manny seems so nice !
Hatija Akhtar
Hatija Akhtar Year ago
Catgirl V
Catgirl V Year ago
violet rose
violet rose Year ago
what the even heck
geeidunno Year ago
I literally thought this was going to be a video of Manny saying "simply nailogical" the whole time over and over again 😅
I didn’t even realize that Christine uploaded this herself
Brenis Alvarez
Aayukta Raut
Aayukta Raut Year ago
If a person likes you, they start mirroring you subconsciously. Manny-pulative much?????? Huehuehuehue :))))))
Zoe Matthews
Zoe Matthews Year ago
Yes xD
Zoe Garcia
Zoe Garcia Year ago
He repeats everyone A lot
Lee The magnificent dumbass
Wow manny. You copy more times than I thought
Dora Ghossain
Dora Ghossain Year ago
Omg he is so annoying 2019 anyone
Ellie nevaeh
Ellie nevaeh Year ago
Do the teacher me how to beauty with jefreestar pleassssss 😍😍
Lauren Barbee
Lauren Barbee Year ago
Ohhh my lands I've never laughed so hard
beth 853
beth 853 Year ago
lailinshale Year ago
CUTE. I'm so here for cute friend footage.
Awkward Itzel
Awkward Itzel Year ago
im like manny i quote people a lot
katrina Ord
katrina Ord Year ago
This is hilarious hahaha 2018 anyone?
Ofelia Martinez
Kendra Williams
manny always does that
Jeanette Fonseca
Jeanette Fonseca 2 years ago
Why does he do this to everyone 😂😂😂
twig 2 years ago
min a
min a 2 years ago
omg haha
Emily Lindsey
Emily Lindsey 2 years ago
The end was everything lmao "lol manny I love you" 2x
Lara Gorčenko
Lara Gorčenko 2 years ago
What's up with him repeating after EVERYONE THAT HE COLABBSSS WITH?? Haha
UnicornGames 2 years ago
When you like this better than the actual video
バブSilvia 2 years ago
Remember when he wasn't cancelled yet
LBMX 2 years ago
**Cristine's wedding** Cris: "I do" Manny: *"OMG, like literally I doooo."*
Lorenzo Pessato
Lorenzo Pessato 2 years ago
He's the textbook definition of sociopathy
Annabelle Dodd-Sutton
That outro dont drag manny
michelle2 oii
michelle2 oii 2 years ago
Love that.
MK Bozeman
MK Bozeman 2 years ago
Omg I fucking cackled at this. Dying!
Melody Fussell
Melody Fussell 2 years ago
Am I the only one who thought he was going to say "Simply Nailogical" for a full minute instead of repeating whatever Cristine says?
Regina B
Regina B 2 years ago
Simon Gill
Simon Gill 2 years ago
😂😂😂😂 he’s so effing adorable! ❤️
Herbivore to the Core
ech·o·la·li·a ˌekōˈlālēə/Submit nounPSYCHIATRY meaningless repetition of another person's spoken words as a symptom of psychiatric disorder.
TheEmmaporium 2 years ago
*Cristine filming another video* "Ew, like look at it, it's so milky and not even holo" *Manny bursts through the door, leaps over Menchie, sprints into the room* *"YeAH, LiKe LitERaLly NoT EvEN hOLo"*
Autumn Taylor
Autumn Taylor 2 years ago
Literally the only thing that makes me sad about all this Manny Jeffree drama is because you once collaborated with him, thus in my mind he's a nice person
anggeling 2 years ago
People do that so the person they're talking too would like them.
taketheL 2 years ago
I just watched this video and i was like this time he wasn’t repeating anyone
lulu marsetti
lulu marsetti 2 years ago
whysol? whysol.
cassidy 2 years ago
Cristine: I rode here on my moose but you didn’t have any igloos so I had to stay at your house Manny: *in Canadian accent* house
Alena Prince
Alena Prince 2 years ago
omg this compilation was funny..😂😂 idk how she does it...🙆👍
Mike & Danielle Lawson
We all love Manny😁
bunbunbunnii 2 years ago
This video is too perfect
Meherunnessa Raìsa
First Name Last Name
Christine: Oops forgot to pay my taxes Manny: Omg like literally, forgot to pay for my taxes too.
moir a
moir a 2 years ago
Omg I love this
Kats Emeraldz
Kats Emeraldz 2 years ago
This proves that manny is an alien trying to blend in... *Shane* "Hey what's up you guys!"
Trixie188 Video Productions
I love how she repeated the “lol manny i love u”
trqix 2 years ago
Trixie188 Video Productions like LITERALLY repeated it
Avin Saraji
Avin Saraji 2 years ago
....... " *tea* "
Fatima De Anda
Fatima De Anda 2 years ago
IsaMRD 2 years ago
I'm JUST LIKE him XD I love to repeat so I can understand :v
Sarcastic Flower
Sarcastic Flower 2 years ago
Cristine: you know what would be funny? if you get tea Manny: .... tea .... I DIED
Octopus Food
Octopus Food 2 years ago
Tea ....... TeA
sharleners 2 years ago
this is my favourite video
DaBunne 2 years ago
DaBunne 2 years ago
that is all
Alice Peace
Alice Peace 2 years ago
I think he just is really shy and uses it as a coping skill to communicate ❤️
Theresa Dillon
Theresa Dillon 2 years ago
I love manny! You guys are the cutest
Miranda A
Miranda A 2 years ago
Lucy Goose
Lucy Goose 2 years ago
Can we be friend please...you guys seem so chill!!!
Giselle! 2 years ago
I found it cute when he copied her at 1:02
Jusstt Sebastian
Jusstt Sebastian 2 years ago
Is he doing that on purpose? I'm dieing of laughter!😂💀
wtf 2 years ago
Megan Hausman
Megan Hausman 2 years ago