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Here's a clusterf*ck of clips from the weekend where we went to visit Threadbanger in the Americas. Watch, like and subscribe if also no life.
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Oct 16, 2016




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Comments 100   
Vitoria Magalhães
Ben knows how to play piano ?!
Bacon and Chicks! Fuck Yeah!
Smokeykat 29
Smokeykat 29 2 months ago
I think Cristen might have ADHD because I do and she seems very relatable lol
Emma Drew
Emma Drew 3 months ago
IS BEN PLAYING BURN? Or just arpeggiated minor scales or something of that sort????? I must know????
Emma Drew
Emma Drew 3 months ago
Not arpeggited...and I listened back. It’s just a warm up of pentachords or whatever it’s called when you play the first five notes of the scale. But it’s still clearly minor ofc. I’m a music major but I’m a freshman and school starts Tuesday so idk lol.
Kadú Martins
Kadú Martins 3 months ago
The illegal kinder eggs are also super popular in Brazil.
Debbie Challand
Debbie Challand 3 months ago
Corrine I really love The color of your hair in this fun vlog! I like everyone’s hair.
Alexys Norris
Alexys Norris 3 months ago
I love Corinne she’s my galaxy mom
Prachi Verma
Prachi Verma 4 months ago
The kinderjoy that rob showed is indian and is illegal to export it
Mills 4 months ago
Y'all should do massive water marbling in a massive pool. you should water marble cristine
Patricia gavrialov
Patricia gavrialov 4 months ago
Love your vibe together 😭❤️🥺 goals
Patricia gavrialov
Patricia gavrialov 4 months ago
Omg the song in the background 1:45 dollar dollar bill y’all 😂
Laura Starbrooks
Laura Starbrooks 5 months ago
I love it ❤️C to the 4th power Corinne n Cristine Canadian Club
emnat321 6 months ago
Wholesome content that just looks like family videos
Nerdy Tomboy
Nerdy Tomboy 6 months ago
man why have i never seen this video?
Tessa Brown
Tessa Brown 6 months ago
Such a weird thing to be allergic to but I can’t eat the “magic seasoning” aka MSG🤣🤦‍♀️
ItsjustJordanCy a
ItsjustJordanCy a 6 months ago
They haven’t gotten rid of kinder eggs in Texas
pip 6 months ago
2:09 is that burn I hear?
Pao Nich
Pao Nich 6 months ago
We are the only fcked up fandom who would ship the opposite/wrong partner from two couples (and the other one is married!) ...but i dont complain, i still ship rob and cristine 🤣🤣
ICABFNT 6 months ago
I still can't believe they didn't go to the dollar store or find a bunch on ebay to get all the nail polish needed. Even at 1.97 that's almost double from the dollar store... double for a whole hell of a lot of paint.
Simon 4 months ago
ICABFNT they’re more like bickering brother and sister.
Christian Ureña
Christian Ureña 6 months ago
Ben saying “that looks like fun” and jumping on the bed to join Cristine is so adorable
Margot Buddy
Margot Buddy 6 months ago
Asheville is such a boring place to live. Nothing ever happens here.
Simon 4 months ago
Margot Buddy I was wondering why they lived there and it looks kind of chill compared to the fake ness of LA
Gwendolyn Smith
Gwendolyn Smith 7 months ago
Oh my gosh! No one ever goes to North Carolina! We are finally kinda represented in a video
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 7 months ago
7:50 *he went for it* Im kidding chill
tøxic cloud
tøxic cloud 7 months ago
*Ben taking his daughter to meet long lost triplets*
• Rosie is dum •
Oof I read it as “Join our homosexual party” :p
SacrificialLamb 7 months ago
So like, are Corinne and Cristine fucking or...?
Ellie Victoria
Ellie Victoria 8 months ago
cristine: smuggles kinder eggs me: wAiT tHaTs iLlEgAl
Platapus 8 months ago
rob doesn't care about beauty until film shots come into play
Emily Eyink
Emily Eyink 8 months ago
L.A. Toribio
L.A. Toribio 8 months ago
Wait I'm i only the one who heard the piano playing burn from Hamilton??
Wanda Marzec
Wanda Marzec 9 months ago
1:30 such a daaaaad😆
Irish Cats - Meowing Irish Songs
Can not stand these 2..especially him.. Cristine and Ben, associate with better less immature, loud, obnoxious people!
Claudia 9 months ago
I'm trying to enjoy this but I cannot stop thinking about the pollution you all are generating.
Jamie .n
Jamie .n 10 months ago
2016 was gold 💔
Rainbow Elf2004
Rainbow Elf2004 10 months ago
Can we just talk about the fact that Ben is playing the piano!!!
Elicia Adams
Elicia Adams 11 months ago
"Wanna make out?" comes up a lot haha
madella Olie
madella Olie Year ago
I’m just imagining you going through the body scanner and then them patting you down only to find kinder eggs 😂
Chris Jeremy
Chris Jeremy Year ago
..... that nail polish looks awfully similar to the brand new Halo Rose Gold Polish :L lol
patricia raasch
They don’t want kids because they’d have to tell them they can’t jump on the bed because they’ll get hurt and then they won’t be able to
Paddy Waddles
Paddy Waddles Year ago
that poor cashier
Rylie Brown
Rylie Brown Year ago
CNC is a pretty strong term you’re throwing around.
Lisanne Koning
omg a vsco girl kskskskkskskss i saw a hydroflask a 9:36
sunshine pugh
sunshine pugh Year ago
I live in Asheville, NC and it is super weird to see them there, everytime I recognize someplace I just think, huh i've stood there before and it's weird
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Year ago
9:32 corrine or rob was already ahead of the game with that hydro flask
Jack of Some Trades
Rob: food slave Ben: drink slave
Jack of Some Trades
2:08 is Ben playing "Burn"?
niq cool
niq cool Year ago
What is wrong with you
Jessica Year ago
I wonder how these two ended up meeting Theadbanger.
A.J. Millo
A.J. Millo Year ago
I'm still not over how Cristine aged backwards
TheUlitmatePieceOf Garbage
this video is evidence that they are all in a poly relationship(poly means there are more than two people in the relationship)
Me when I'm in school avoiding everyone: 1:08
NatY AGuIRre
NatY AGuIRre Year ago
Ahhhh reminiscing ❤❤ times like these will come back . had me laughing the entire time
Anne Weeks
Anne Weeks Year ago
Wow, those are some serious dad shorts on Ben.
Lea Seidman
Lea Seidman Year ago
Dad gum, the shipping comments and the “Cristine used to be chubby” comments make me think y’all need to learn what bodies really look like and also get some damn manners and not post shipping comments. Corinne, Rob, Cristine and Ben are real people, not characters. Stop being gross.
Nanami Haruka
Nanami Haruka Year ago
They both look a little chubbier in this vlog, they must´ve started eating healthier or something together the past 2 years (not meant mean at all awesome to them!)
Rulieta Jane Tolosa
i wish threadbanger can do this kind of vlogging on their channel .. love them both ..
bleh bleh
bleh bleh Year ago
I legit took a minute of pure shock when rob felt cristine I died 😂😂❤️
nessagirl1911 Year ago
The US are the only country I know of where Kinder eggs are illegal......
Stupid Bee
Stupid Bee Year ago
2:08 Ben is actually really good at piano
Efimeros Year ago
Need to hear more ben playing piano asap
Imp Year ago
put a sprinkle of it on anything and it will taste good .. SoUnDs LiKe WhAt CoRrInE sUgGeStEd We SmUgGlE
maddie Year ago
When u realize 2016 was only three years ago
stasha mendivil
its 4am and im lying here eating pretzels and watching cristine
Scintillating Singer
How I wish I had the relationship Ben and Cristine have, like he accepts everything she does no matter how f**cked up she is
Aria Ravolf
Aria Ravolf Year ago
maria csc
maria csc Year ago
is threadbanger a couple too?
JBTlmnop Year ago
Yes, they are married.
Nicole Sullivan
At 3:55 is something that happened in Rick and morty. Hey morty shove these seeds up your butt
Isabel Shearer
Real maple is flucking delicious
moonxstar _
moonxstar _ Year ago
At 3:11 just listen to Ben’s laugh 😂
lucydoll2096 Year ago
One of my favorite Ben and Cristine moments is when Ben watches her jumping on the bed and tries to be annoyed but finally goes "okay that looks like fun"
Natalia Year ago
un sure
un sure Year ago
If its Rob I'm gonna die
un sure
un sure Year ago
Isn't it Rob
Julie Z
Julie Z Year ago
This is exactly how I pictured Cristine would look like after a hologasm.
Ladz Xoxo
Ladz Xoxo Year ago
Cristine looks a lot healthier here. So what happened to the holo car?
vilma castillo
Ariana DeLeon
Ariana DeLeon Year ago
The fact that Ben was like”that looks like fun” was cute because he joins in on her Childish behavior and loves her for it one million percent goals and always a blessed to see them
Smokeykat 29
Smokeykat 29 2 months ago
The only reason I didn’t like this was because it was at 69
Lyrica Year ago
Rumor has it the car is still in threadbanger’s backyard
Alice Kettle
Alice Kettle Year ago
Beth Smith
Beth Smith Year ago
These guys + Safiya and Tyler is squad goals
Rachel Year ago
Purple hair so pretty 😍
Froggie Chan
Froggie Chan Year ago
3:11 beyn has a mini stroke
Argent Hale
Argent Hale Year ago
i prefer the other eggs hahahah
Grace W
Grace W Year ago
Omg I live really close to Asheville. I didn't even know you were here😂
Abi_39 Year ago
"I just fucking felt cristine up" 😂😂😂
Amy Berry
Amy Berry Year ago
I love how they went to staying in a hotel when visiting threadbanger to sleeping in the same room as threadbanger, it is awesome to see the threadlogical family grow closer together
Phoebe Year ago
0:50 This just shows that Cristine and Ben have a love that is so amazing, because they can be stupid together, and act like their teenagers together without caring what hate they get. You’re both such an inspiration, and I say that on most of your videos! 😂❤️
Tarya Miranda
Tarya Miranda Year ago
2:09 the song sounds like “burn” from Hamilton
Pozzezed_ Catz
I use to live in Asheville.....WHY DID I HAVE TO MOVE!? XD
_rainbow narwhals_
8:03 cloudy with a chance of meatballs "SPRAY ON SHOES"
The Purp Person
Ben casually playing piano in the background is the best part.
The Purp Person
The Purp Person 6 months ago
Taco Potato Holy shiz you're right wait--
pip 6 months ago
Zo's Channel
Zo's Channel 7 months ago
Olive Tang
Olive Tang 7 months ago
it kinda sounds like burn to be honest
Emgral Year ago
simply slime lover powers
I love how she was yelling paint a car!
sope x jhope
sope x jhope Year ago
I want a relationship like theirs
eilishdotexe Year ago
I click and they already smuggling illegal substances into America
Rina Why cant i leave this blank
2:09 that song on the piano is from hamilton, or close to it at least right?
-Feather- Kaitlyn C
Is nobody going to talk about how well Ben played the piano? I always wanted to be good at the piano...
Laura Branta
Laura Branta Year ago
Kinder are so f*** good 2019 anyone?
BIC Customer
BIC Customer Year ago
Thast a beautifull house
Energy Year ago
I thought Ben was about to play first burn on the piano
no name MOARMY
7:51 - 7:54 I like how rob apologies
Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring Year ago
My friends were in the background of this video at the end😂😂 long before we knew your channel existed