Is my Boyfriend Holosexual? | Simplymailogical #2 

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HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
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Oct 23, 2016




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Comments 100   
Lavender Hazel
Lavender Hazel 2 months ago
did someone really send you weed?
Kathryn Pelaez
Kathryn Pelaez 3 months ago
Who’s here in quarantine?!
Psalm Manansala
Psalm Manansala 4 months ago
AGE CHECK!!! Reply to this comment with your age!!
hxuntedkisses_ 2 months ago
I'm 14.
lili_is_ a_weeb
lili_is_ a_weeb 4 months ago
No one : Me : BEYYN IS WEARING THE SAME SHIRT AS MY DAD!!!! The blue HIP shirt! Also me : ThEY HavE sO MuCh iN CoMmOn! But my dad doesn’t bring my mom tea... oH WeLl!
Ami R
Ami R 4 months ago
Why is no one talking about her NOT painted nails !!!!!!!
Taiylor LeDrew
Taiylor LeDrew 4 months ago
I love how the girl who sent the receipt didn't know why she sent it either 😂😂
Kiwi Sweet
Kiwi Sweet 4 months ago
She meant (ex-Ah-Mah because you say ex-zee-ah) she was just trying to saying you pronounce it differently.
Gaby 5 months ago
I though her audience was about my age ( 16) but damn she has a really young audience
Katelyn Sabler
Katelyn Sabler 5 months ago
The 12 year olds are more prevalent in these videos because adults don’t typically write fan mail. I used to write fan mail when I was a preteen/teen, too.
Kashmirgames Roblox
Kashmirgames Roblox 5 months ago
Simply : ITS A CAT me: *dies of laughter *
Awesomeperson 101
Awesomeperson 101 6 months ago
I am 17 years old, I love re-watching your videos, I lost both of my parents when I was 9, so I live with my aunt now I was going through a tough time. When I turned 15 I found out I had lung cancer, and that's when I found her channel and it's helped me through all of my surgeries and chemo therapy.
Daisy pirie.
Daisy pirie. 6 months ago
Hahaha I'm a smart ass 12 year old Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro 6 months ago
Don't worry you didn't break the cat collar lol
CutePengy 7 months ago
oh ben 😂😂😂 bed bath and beyond body works 😂😂😂
Joyce L
Joyce L 8 months ago
ebae, got it
floater .•`
floater .•` 9 months ago
The 13 year old who said she wants to have a boyfriend who will bring her Starbucks made me "awww" so loud, and laugh
Nina D
Nina D 10 months ago
KY =Kentucky
Hello :D
Hello :D 10 months ago
I know Catherine from Oregon,I go to school with her
Paradise Watt
Paradise Watt 10 months ago
It’s pronounced xma no exeeeeeeeeeema
Amy Parker
Amy Parker 10 months ago
Where do I get the holo slippers!!?? pls help this cold holosexual
Austin :D
Austin :D 11 months ago
Ben, bath and bananas.
RandomWeirdo 1
12 year olds stand up!
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
Jocelyn J ok
Dougie26200 2
Dougie26200 2 Year ago
5:58 I didn't know CVS was also a library.
Dawn Winn
Dawn Winn Year ago
i have the epsy bag
makeup girl 101
I'm from Oregon
Sharon B
Sharon B Year ago
“Donde esta parle español?” “Where is speak Spanish?” Only Cristine would mix Spanish and French together 😂
lil toxica_miraculos ._.
@Nina B ...hi
Nina B
Nina B 2 months ago
Morgan Debenham
It's a cat! -Simply
Parker Phillips
I'm almost 20 years old... I feel so old now with all these little kids watching the videos
Maha Year ago
who else is here in 2019 probably nobodyyyyy
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
Maha 2020
Naokomii Year ago
Hey Cristine, you can get those scratch off holo papers at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby or the likes, not sure what y'all have in Canada. But its a black paper that you scratch with a provided tool to remove the black to reveal the holo or color underneath. Also, I'm a 27 year old single mom who loves your channel! We are not all 12 year olds! Lolz
Muy Curioso
Muy Curioso Year ago
30yo here.... I should leave 😱
Temari Asazuki
I am from Oregon too! Lol
julie jules
julie jules Year ago
😍 plz like
JoJokes Year ago
Where do I fit in? Im 15. 😂
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
GroovySmoothy I’m 12
Gelimary Silverio
Anyone else see the glitter in her hair?no just me ok🤣
I'm 37 I feel old LOL
Varshagururaj J
I'm 10
Danasiah Nay
Danasiah Nay Year ago
Ben said. it smells like bed bath beyond and body works lmao.
KingOfLazy Year ago
Isn’t KY, keystone? I don’t know but I’m English and if I got that right I’mma proud bean
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
KingOfLazy Kentucky
XPLR gang
XPLR gang Year ago
When you think your early but your 2 years late
Arielle Rodricks
Donde esta parle espanol = Where is spanish?
Angela Hicks
Angela Hicks Year ago
Im 37 getting ready to turn 38. Im probably the oldest fan. Im a child at heart. Im a holosexual. I worry my kids cuz i watch your videos where they can hear them sometimes. My boys think im crazy. But i don't care they don't get it. They are boys. Lol
Danielle Hobson
I’m pretty sure Ky is Kentucky I only know bc I live there
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
Avriexe Delos Santos
make a video reading your DMs
Avriexe Delos Santos
if i have many money i wil give you the whole Holo Kingdom where HOLOSEXUALS like me can Live.. with Beyyynnn and Youu and Menchie at Zyler? ( sorry if I'm wrong, I'm just high of Holo and Glitters here )
미아Mia Year ago
Lol I’m 16
glitter queen angel
you know the thing cristine was holding at 7:11 i have that in gold
Liz Gridley - Artist
Yes!!! What happens to the Simply/Ben trivia quiz episode idea ♡ itd be awesome to quiz you two on your history of nailogical!
Oreo Duckling
Oreo Duckling Year ago
Now there’s three polish shelf videos 👀
El _
El _ Year ago
When Cristhine says stay funny kids...They learn that from you xdddd
Oana Costinela Constantinescu
us-first.info/player/video/fdekhWSmop-Li58.html a table fit for a holosexual all made of CDs
Mia Busansky
Mia Busansky Year ago
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer Year ago
All of these 12 year olds need to leave! - A 12 year old Wait...
Kieran Kitty
Kieran Kitty 8 months ago
Gacha Gamer I’m staying
Remmi Nyburg
Remmi Nyburg Year ago
I am from Oregon, the state of bipolar weather, as well frans
Panic! 2221
Panic! 2221 Year ago
OMG a fellow Oregonian although sometimes I wish I lived in Canada because all of my favorite US-firstrs of there
meow -
meow - Year ago
Grace, I hope you read the comments WE LIVE IN THE THE SAME STATE!
jaymie moore
jaymie moore Year ago
go to England do not use your horrible accent but they have lots of tea they love it like Canadians and maple syrup
jaymie moore
jaymie moore Year ago
I'm nine
Steve Hedge
Steve Hedge Year ago
Lilylizard Year ago
Um actually 10 soooooo😳
Lilylizard Year ago
Nora Perez
Nora Perez Year ago
you Alar. español
Nora Perez
Nora Perez Year ago
you. Ablar. español
HI BEN!!!! also, why is everyone 12-13? I feel inadequate.
nic0le Year ago
Where can I get ebae. 😂
Ne0n•Gray Year ago
Ne0n•Gray Year ago
The old days
Madison Heape
Madison Heape Year ago
Im an amazingly sarcastic smartass double gifted rare 12 year old girl ( I have ADHD and i have an extremely high IQ of 145) (The average IQ of an average 30 yr old is 110) This is why u are my fav utuber
Horse Lover
Horse Lover Year ago
Do you know what cristmas (no h) looks like in my house it looks like a lot of fans and icy poles because cristmas (no h) is 40 degrees Celsius.
Squishy Face
Squishy Face Year ago
Key west = KY
simran maan
simran maan Year ago
im not 12 im 10
Angela Banta
Angela Banta Year ago
I spot a shopkin in her nail polish 💅
Ice Tino
Ice Tino Year ago
Ice Tino
Ice Tino Year ago
Hi I don't think Cristine will see this
blue lily.03
blue lily.03 Year ago
"Oh no don't put this in the video" ben is so cute lol
Tea King
Tea King Year ago
Yall know she throws away these things after the video 💁🏻‍♂️💅
Ana Fdez
Ana Fdez Year ago
Omg they are babies in this video. Look at baby Beeeeyyn
truelyjulie_. Edits
I am younger than a lot of viewers I'm 10 years old >:3
angela attical
Is anyone 10 here?
Heather Helmick
im 19 but was 16 when this video was posted
Molly Ememems
Molly Ememems Year ago
You look like Kate Middleton here idk 😂💁🏼👸🏻
Runychan Year ago
Well, those 12 year olds are not 12 year olds ANYMOOOOOOOOREEE.
Gacha Potatoe180
I’m-im- im so conf- is ther any connection to the- I’m so comf- DiD sHe GEt mE a BoOK?
Harper Maullin
5:05 I can't breath!
Alexandra Fernandez
Smells like bed bath and beyond bodyworks 😂😂😂
hannah bono
hannah bono Year ago
Someone really send her weed tho ? Lmao
iiLola Mspii
iiLola Mspii Year ago
Everyone is talking about "OMG HOW MANY 11-12 YEAR OLDS WATCH HER CHANNEL IM WEIRDED OUT AF!!!" I am seriously 11 but on this vid there is a flippin 9 year old who sent her something 😕
iiLola Mspii
iiLola Mspii Year ago
Anyone scrolling down the comments to see if anyone actually sent one of these PO boxes? (Give me a like or you DON'T get a cookie 🍪)
Payton Payton
Payton Payton Year ago
Stop shading the 12 year olds I’m saying this because I am 12
Elicia Adams
Elicia Adams Year ago
Cute tiny backpack
cali hume
cali hume Year ago
im ten
Penny Kline
Penny Kline Year ago
Patricia Holbrook
So many young holosexuals 🤣
Maille McNicholas
Ok so ,so what I am 12 I am a holo sexual what can I say!
The cat With a scarf
I’m ten... I’m I suppose to be here?
Alexis Lollipop
when ever i go in school i say HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO EVERYONE
Evy moerman
Evy moerman Year ago
Im evy from the netherlands and your channel is my life Ps.im 11 years old
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole Year ago
The kids make me regret looking at the comments
Emily LaBarge
Emily LaBarge Year ago
We're is her peel box address
Ariana biggest fan Girl666
The receipt is probably for the ‘’taxes”
Leona Wenn
Leona Wenn Year ago
2019 anyone???
Simplymailogical #1