I worked at my Holo Taco booth | VidCon 2019 

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I hope I didn't mess anyone's order up 😅 Vidcon 2019 was W I L D
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Jul 28, 2019




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Comments 100   
Gina Victoria
This entire experience looks EXHAUSTING.
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 4 days ago
Cristine: “Have I ever painted a child’s nails before? No I don’t think so.” Did you forget? You painted Jen’s nails this video.
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 4 days ago
"are you here to meet her" "I'm her sister, i see her enough" SENT ME
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 9 days ago
Song title: 1 day Days until: 3 days
eldiaz 16 days ago
I'm exhausted just watching this! 😅
iially 19 days ago
haha my sister is the girl at 12:48
Laina Yang
Laina Yang 22 days ago
Anyone else still confused why Cristine was crying when she was filming a vid with Saf?
Hadley J
Hadley J 22 days ago
Here’s a new challenge Take a shot for everytime cristine says TEA
Carmen De Santos
Carmen De Santos 27 days ago
lmao, I don't know any youtubers, I only watch youtube cuz of Cristine
chumg chia
chumg chia Month ago
I wanna see Cristine go to Nail Sunny!
chumg chia
chumg chia Month ago
Cristine could name her nail polish manual as "HOLO BIBLE"
Tjena Kexet ;D
Tjena Kexet ;D Month ago
Ya´ll remember when we could actually meet people? I miss that |:
Spuds Month ago
i just started streaming and this is my dream. i’ve been smiling this entire video ❤️
Abhisikta Gupta
Abhisikta Gupta Month ago
I mean I know that this video was posted like a year ago, but still Cristine is just such an amazing person, love u so much 😘😘
Carissa Nathania
people in 2020 watching the crowds in full jealousy.
Emilly Melo
Emilly Melo Month ago
cristine and safiya have the same cat flipping people off tshirt but in different colors lmao
Emily Yee yee
Emily Yee yee Month ago
Wasn’t cris crying cause rob had a heart attack at the time
Abigail Marshall
It’s so hard to watch this video after hearing the podcast behind it. I totally relate to feeling all the emotions at once and being forced to push through for obligations. I look up to this woman so much!!
17:09 it's idubbz
EastCoastLady Month ago
At the beginning of what you're going to say we're in the airport on our way to Vacation helping like what the okay
Craig Davis
Craig Davis Month ago
Omg both saf and simply has the rude cat if thay are not best friends then thay are sister's
Greg The Greg
Greg The Greg Month ago
I haven’t watched this video for a a really long time solely based on the fact that I was gonna jealous as fuck that I’m Not there and I was right I’m crying
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson Month ago
16:03 Ben being a sassy dad
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Month ago
Remember when we could see people?
C. Jayabharathi
C. Jayabharathi Month ago
Where is your fluffes
Cookiee _
Cookiee _ Month ago
Cristine hugging everyone there in 2019 Me in 2020: CoROnavIrUsss loll 😂
Oda Nordstrand
Oda Nordstrand Month ago
Me in 2020 looking at all the hugging. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
Lily DuCraine
Lily DuCraine Month ago
Watching this hits differently in 2020 😅
Ash. png
Ash. png 2 months ago
Howard Nowes
Howard Nowes 2 months ago
msjg 2 months ago
me everytime i see how tall actually cristine is: oh wow never thought she'd be that short? also me: but we're probably the same height 😂😂 i may be taller than the average woman for my country but I bet i'd look short too next to canadians/americans 😂
Sowbarnickha .j. Sivarajan
Sandra Silva
Sandra Silva 2 months ago
7:10 ok A Disneyland!!! and B Ben can legally drive in the US
IchibaraYT 2 months ago
Did no one notice how when she asked her sister what they did last year she said MADE OUT like what the frick
Yvette Branch
Yvette Branch 2 months ago
6:30 is literally what my grandma keeps telling me every time I see her
Violet Playz
Violet Playz 2 months ago
right before this i was watching saf lol
ashleigh ! ?
ashleigh ! ? 2 months ago
21:12 will never fail to make me laugh
Holly G
Holly G 2 months ago
That was great to watch. I'd be overwhelmed with all that con and I'm an extrovert
divine rabino
divine rabino 2 months ago
They look like twin
Chloe Rochester
Chloe Rochester 2 months ago
I have never seen her cry
Mirabel Breckenridge
Ah yes, airports. I forgot those were a thing
Courtney Martinez
Courtney Martinez 2 months ago
Dione Spiller
Dione Spiller 2 months ago
Syed Amanur Rehman
Syed Amanur Rehman 2 months ago
u sisters are soooooo cuteeee!!!!!!!
Ellie 3 months ago
I first saw Cristine in Safias mixing nail polish vid and was like 'WOW! Her hair is long!' been watching her ever since.
Evan Emerson
Evan Emerson 3 months ago
you can see her checking all of her fans nails lmao
Piper Smith
Piper Smith 3 months ago
Sydnee Frias
Sydnee Frias 3 months ago
Beeeeeeeeeeeen go get me something tea ☕️ love lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Munna Lipi
Munna Lipi 3 months ago
Lolo there
1M subs before BTS disbands?
Purple 3 months ago
You can really tell what Cristine’s Audience are! Girls and Dads FOR SURE
game wanderers
game wanderers 3 months ago
Cristin how much people did you hug on those days
Wolfie girl
Wolfie girl 3 months ago
It’s crack head hours
Potate Club
Potate Club 3 months ago
22:25 the girl in the background is me meeting every famous person 🤣
Eliza Andersen
Eliza Andersen 3 months ago
27:49 y e s I w a t c h e d a l l t h r e e s e a s o n s I n a w e e k
Shivali T.pattanashetty
Eman Fatima
Eman Fatima 3 months ago
14:19 it sound like the music is saying "bring the horse,Jen" over and over
Eman Fatima
Eman Fatima 2 months ago
@Random Baker ok I hear it too but now I hear 'pinky horse jen'
Random Baker
Random Baker 2 months ago
I hear "Pinky first, Jeanette"
Catherine Roberts
Catherine Roberts 3 months ago
I’m exhausted just watching this. I can’t imagine how Cristine felt.
StanMyFatherSatan 3 months ago
Oml wait why do I feel like cristine and lili reinhart would get along well- Like the whole 'facetune is a bad influence on young people' you know?
Ampers&nd cakes
Ampers&nd cakes 3 months ago
Oh how I cringed when she hugged all the those people! Think of the corona!!!!
Angela 3 months ago
This before that 🤦🏻‍♀️ and corona isn’t as serious as the media makes you think
Ursopacos 3 months ago
"We made out?"
Izzy Tree
Izzy Tree 3 months ago
Cristine poor child what’s wronggggggggg?? I do it when I’m alone it’s okay!
taylor wensil
taylor wensil 3 months ago
Ben saying it’s not real holo is just what I needed rn😌
Teagan Moffet
Teagan Moffet 3 months ago
23:50 i’ve watched this a million times and it makes me so happy
Teagan Moffet
Teagan Moffet Month ago
@Kimiya B omggggg
Kimiya B
Kimiya B Month ago
Oop that’s me
ClouxdyPearl 3 months ago
When Jen says holo yo the crowd Jen: HOlO!!! Everyone: holo! When Cristine says HOLO to the crowd Cristine: HOLO!!!!!!!!! Everyone: HOLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Star Butler xx
Star Butler xx 3 months ago
Nobody: cristene at 0:20: purrs like a cat
queen potato
queen potato 3 months ago
If you all are wondering why she is crying is because rob from threadbanger suffered a heart attack and you can see what else happened in one of her podcast
charflow1979 3 months ago
Omg my sister was in the video! She was in at 19:21 and 19:22 with the yellow panda shirt and my mom was behind her And she was in the time lapse at 19:49
YouYa Zou
YouYa Zou 3 months ago
holo!!!!!!! ( I said holo even before i saw your videos
Laure Coenraad
Laure Coenraad 3 months ago
Christien: Jen you know What we did last year? Jen: we Made out? Christien: no, we opend the vidcon bag. Hahahahahha
Mickey mouse!!
Mickey mouse!! 4 months ago
I hate watching this bc i wasnt there😭😭😭😭
Naomi Hammer
Naomi Hammer 4 months ago
Is it just me but when some of my favroute youtubers talk about my other favroute youtubers it makes me feel so freakin happy
MomoMochiもも餅 4 months ago
oh man I want a holo taco shirt :
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 4 months ago
One time my dads friend had a bunk bed with his room mate his room mate was so big that when he was on the top bunk the top bunk broke and landed of my dads friend (p.s he is okey)
Zoe Bevans
Zoe Bevans 4 months ago
If Ben is BEYNNNN then Jen should be JEYNNN
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
Cristine is the workaholic I aspire to be 😂💜
Anlight 4 months ago
0:48 The guy behind BEYYNNN is sleeping with their mouth open LMAO
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Emily Draws
Emily Draws 4 months ago
In the first few seconds Ben looks like he’s been crying and was held hostage.
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Jessica Ratliff
Jessica Ratliff 4 months ago
Shes FINE!!! = Freaked out Insecure Neurotic and Emotional
Dinosaur 4 months ago
I love these types of videoooooooos MAKE A SIMLPYVLOGLOGICAL CHANNAL!!!!!!
nicole hughes
nicole hughes 4 months ago
When Cristen was signing that girls shoes, I saw lilsimsie name. Thats cool. !!!
Gwen D
Gwen D 4 months ago
When Jen said “VidCon cancelled”, it hurt
Chinmayee Jeyapriya
Chinmayee Jeyapriya 4 months ago
"Nope, that's the Bible" slams the drawer. *every gay felt that*
CassBlast5 4 months ago
My inner introvert is stressed just watching this.
Sempioen 4 months ago
Cristine: “Have I ever painted a child’s nails before? No I don’t think so.” Did you forget? You painted Jen’s nails this video.
Jaima Stephenson
Jaima Stephenson 4 months ago
Cristine is really pretty tho