I SNUCK INTO YOUTUBE REWIND 2017 (I was invited) | Behind The Scenes | NYC 

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US-first rewind is an annual large-scale production featuring over 250 of the top US-first creators! Not sure why they asked me lolololol
Plz no demonetize this video US-first lololoololol
This vlog was filmed in early November, 2017
Watch US-first Rewind 2017 here: us-first.info/player/video/fNGodqGffZ14oac.html
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Dec 6, 2017




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Comments 100   
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart 5 days ago
I love these videos because her "we're going on a trip now" music is so upbeat and it makes me excited, but why does her "we're going home now" music make me want to cry??? T_T I don't get it.
It’s Henka You Psycho
Ben taking his selfie was the amount of wholesome I needed
omg November 7 is my birthday
Anna Banana Gaming
Anna Banana Gaming 2 months ago
Rn 2020 no rewind..
kokona haruka
kokona haruka 3 months ago
all the recent ones havent been good because cristene hasn't been in them
Kalli Steinbarge
Kalli Steinbarge 3 months ago
That squirrel was so friendly
Emily Joyce Chesser
Emily Joyce Chesser 4 months ago
You can't see me holo taco 💿💿💿💿
Nao Potátó
Nao Potátó 4 months ago
3:41 fuck yea gayss
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez 4 months ago
9:07 Lol, I’ve always disliked New York. Overcrowded & for $2 million you can get a dog cage...
Bill Joe
Bill Joe 5 months ago
“Ben I spilled the tea”
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 6 months ago
4:20 OMG it's Natalies outlet so cool
Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack 6 months ago
George Floyd
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 6 months ago
i only noticed two people in that line. which was cristine and jenna. thats it. lmao
Jeanette Rodriguez
Jeanette Rodriguez 6 months ago
Bro she need to go back to nyc (after this pandemic shit) bc there’s a LOT to see Ps. I live in nyc dats why I know
[ deleted ]
[ deleted ] 6 months ago
Naila Naeem
Naila Naeem 6 months ago
Good u at least weren't in the 2019 and 18's rewind
Fufaa Jejj
Fufaa Jejj 6 months ago
You deserve more scenes tho 💗ily queeeennnnn 👑
Katiekat 3000
Katiekat 3000 6 months ago
My cousin lives in New York
Molly 6 months ago
Casey Alexa
Casey Alexa 6 months ago
7:21 Me:☺😊
Pinakamataas 7 months ago
Love the music of to them travelling home, gives me the chills
Sophie Star
Sophie Star 7 months ago
It’s funny, when they first started filming it was Nov 7, yet it was posted 7 of Dec, a month later.
Aubrianna Maxwell
Aubrianna Maxwell 7 months ago
We all need a beyyyyn in our life
LEILA MANGLA 7 months ago
You walked past my house! Why am I only seeing this now?
Nana Yaw Appiah
Nana Yaw Appiah 7 months ago
How am I only seeing this in 2020
The squirrel 😂
somedaymorning 7 months ago
i sometimes forget how pretty cristine is. ben is lucky
Craftsycat 7 months ago
Hey Cristine! Could you please tell me what editing app you use because I want to make my own channel and can’t find any decent editing tools. Plz help!! Thanks 😊
Alkaneice Burgess
Alkaneice Burgess 7 months ago
At 5:23 I bet no one can say No _ ONE EVER REALLY DIES really fast
Grace Griffin
Grace Griffin 8 months ago
I just realized This intro song is used for every travel vid
Nele Viskov
Nele Viskov 8 months ago
I just realised... They filmed on my bday😂😂😂
Amaani Mubeen
Amaani Mubeen 8 months ago
Ben used both his hands to take a selfie what a Banana Dad
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter 8 months ago
3:23 you would have never known it was Cristen
Laure Coenraad
Laure Coenraad 8 months ago
Ben: when is New York fashion week Christene: When im here
CrystalGVmations 8 months ago
Do you guys say ca-mo-mile or ca-ma-meel tea
Meena M
Meena M 9 months ago
Nov 7th that's my bday😋
『 LEMON 』 9 months ago
oml i live in nyc but sadly i didnt know about yu
Alexis Shank
Alexis Shank 10 months ago
i live in PA but i swear NYC is my second home i fit in so well
Scarlett Bornhorst
Scarlett Bornhorst 10 months ago
The holo banana is a mixture of Ben and Cristine
Scarlett Bornhorst
Scarlett Bornhorst 10 months ago
Was it cold in New York or no because your already freezing your but off in Canada for Girl Scouts we’re studying canada
The Middle Twins Foever
Does ben have a yr channel
Eli Idfk
Eli Idfk 10 months ago
Simply said HELLO 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
Victoria Mire
Victoria Mire 11 months ago
I saw Natalies outlet!
Christine 11 months ago
6:18: Cristine: “That is one stylish goat” 🐐 Me: Wrong that is two stylish goats 🐐 🐐
Sophie K
Sophie K 11 months ago
Omg MEET FUNNEH and the krew they also live in 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 FUNNEH real name is Kat I love her too. Kat has blue hair so LOOK for her
Spontaneous Sam
Spontaneous Sam 11 months ago
You know Ben is a dad when he takes a selfie with two hands
single pringle tils
single pringle tils 11 months ago
It was good now but not any more youtube rewind whyyyyy
「 cloudiemilk 」
「 cloudiemilk 」 11 months ago
“Oh my god they got tiny fancy babies in New York too!” -Cristine 2019
claymation station cause why not
I went to a hotel and was about to drink the water and my aunt says... wait dont drink that! And I was like whattttttt! I am thirsty and she says drink out the sink!
Chai latte
Chai latte 11 months ago
Camomile i hate it.
Mizuko Umeko
Mizuko Umeko Year ago
Cristine sounds like she’s drunk during the whole video
Stina Johansson
5:20 professional
Stina Johansson
I wanna see u vlog
_ Geekytime67 _
When you realize that rewind 2019 is probably coming out in a few weeks
Closet Fudanshi
@_ Geekytime67 _ It was like a Watch Mojo video, but with a higher budget. What a ripoff.
_ Geekytime67 _
@Jamie Shay I already saw it. coincidentally it was the next day I posted this comment. It was still garbage
Jamie Shay
Jamie Shay Year ago
_ Lemonpop _ You had no idea of the garbage that would be ensue 😂
Ruby Arana
Ruby Arana Year ago
Who is seeing this in 2019
Monica Truong
Monica Truong Year ago
thats my birthday
madella Olie
madella Olie Year ago
so what exactly was the point of that? lol
Honey Cakes
Honey Cakes Year ago
Who else thinks cristine should do a series called "Cristine vs The World"
Hellen Vee'
Hellen Vee' Year ago
Wait so the first time they didn’t even invite her and just stole her idea??? How fucking rude. US-first’s a bunch of assholes. They just care about the cringey ass beauty gurus and the vloggers that show their big ass houses and luxurious ass cars 😑 god forbid US-first give you the attention you need. A US-firstr with a day job that promotes staying in school. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m annoyed. I’m glad Ben is practically a walking drama channel. He was insulted for you and I’m glad
Cheesy Paws
Cheesy Paws Year ago
her nails matched the banana
Annabelle Charron
Where you filming at Calvin Klein ‘s house
Sabrina Fartz
Sabrina Fartz Year ago
I don't know why people are asking Cristine to do a colab with TroomTroom, you could obviously see that she already had one just by looking at the holo-banana
Gundham Tanaka
In New York the walking traffic light things are just like recommendations I think. I'm pretty sure that was what my dad said. If not it is something like that.
Gundham Tanaka
4:30 it's the double play button
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
I could totally see you two living here in NYC. You walked the streets like locals.
jybs s
jybs s Year ago
Crystal Kintop
I've never binge watched something soo much on US-first before. It's been 2 days in a row, I can never get tired of you
rainyz Year ago
Where does one get a Ben?
KattheSad Year ago
You shoulve made a video of going to Brad mondo and getting your hair cut XD
Tricia Best
Tricia Best Year ago
If Ben & Cristine had a baby it'd be this Holo Banana! 🤣🤣🤣
TobyTheEnglish ToySpaniel
In New York waters no 12 dollars it’s 15
Tanta_Cat & Cat_Tanta
3:41 somebody hung a pride flag on the fire escape balcony thing
snatched Year ago
8:38 Why is BEEEYNN so red lmao???
Lucianne Stoltzfus
Did they put a peel-off base coat on the benana so you could save it in your peelie bag?
Grace Villarosa
Ben: eats a banana 🍌 💿 Cristine: OMGAWWWDD
Lynn Chin
Lynn Chin Year ago
Nidhi S.
Nidhi S. Year ago
You guyz filmed this on my B'DAYYYYYY
Emma Ayuso
Emma Ayuso Year ago
I put milk and sugar in my hot tea Like if you do to ! I can’t live without my tea!
Aaliyah Toys To See 2
U spilled way to much tea my WiFi stoped working BEYNNN GET ME MY WIFI BACK THANK U xD
Michelle Champness
Why didn’t they let frickin BEYYYYYYN in it to like he better be in 2019 OR ELSE 😂😂😂
Riley S
Riley S Year ago
They walk when it says not to walk because if you live on new york for a long time you learn to basically sense when the cars are coming lol its complicated. Plus in the city no one really cares what the lights say if theres no cars they just go
Riley S
Riley S Year ago
I can't believe you were in my city and I didn't know 😭😭😭😭😭 No offense but NO NEW YORKER SOUNDS LIKE THAT LOL
prosevspoetry Year ago
AR VLOGS Year ago
My brother bday is on November 7th
Judy Wu
Judy Wu Year ago
in NYC no one gives a crap about the signs, if you don't see any cars coming you can go. I'm not recommending it, because I'm a responsible person and I don't want anyone suing me for the stupid child who got ran over
Lunaria Eclipse Starlight
Holy crab cakes- Ik im late but Nov. 7 is mah b-day
Fxchsiia Year ago
She was holding the button as “US-first fast-forward”
Jayden x Lily
Jayden x Lily Year ago
dang I never knew Cris(tea)n was in rewind
Henson Asuncion
Never realized that I've watched for years. I though this was recent lol
Chilli Town
Chilli Town Year ago
Pause at 5:22 ...... WHY THE F*CK DOES IT SAY THAT?!
ratsa _tydruk
ratsa _tydruk Year ago
8:26 is that from troom troom's vid?? ,,1 amaizing banana hacks"
cute pinky
cute pinky Year ago
Thank god you weren't invited to the disaster that is youtube rewind 2018
Kai Reed
Kai Reed Year ago
7:58 that is the most beautiful banana I've ever seen
Lol . Karii
Lol . Karii Year ago
This would have been my birthday but it’s now 2019
shannon Year ago
'OMAIGOD! They got tiny fancy babies in New York! ' That part killed me
kenneth woods
kenneth woods Year ago
8:43 Troom Troom thumbnails be like:
Tea King
Tea King Year ago
I went to pornhub and searched holo banana porn 😂
Tea King
Tea King Year ago
Ben is wearing yellow Ben is the banana 😂
Ryuu Mai
Ryuu Mai Year ago
Ben is best waifu
Shayla Puhalla
💿 💿 💿