I peeled off $130,000 gold nail polish and kept it 

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Saving it in my peely bag for a rainy day when there's no more US-first money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Jul 23, 2017




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Comments 100   
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 14 days ago
No way that polish costs that damn much lol
Marisa Twigg
Marisa Twigg 15 days ago
Don’t be shy Sell it
indygirlie 18 days ago
frame it
Amanda Z
Amanda Z 21 day ago
Lol she brought a curing lamp to LA😂
Burn In Lava
Burn In Lava 21 day ago
They’re slowly building a body Safiya is the lips. Cristine is the nails. Ben is uhh.... the stomach - tea, I guess?
Nat aaa
Nat aaa Month ago
I was like « why aren’t they wearing masks?? » then I realized..
Lila Torres
Lila Torres Month ago
Is it nighttime because I see stars
natti mac
natti mac Month ago
Thats so unsanitary!! 😷😷😷
kytti kane
kytti kane 14 days ago
What do u mean?
ichana Month ago
“does dat bUuRn yOu”
xStellar ඞ
xStellar ඞ Month ago
Tyler: Hey Cristine, Canada is your city right? Cristine: *disappointment noises*
creative girl
creative girl Month ago
Will you give me your peeling bag please 😭😭
gonebytrain Month ago
From a confused Norwegian.. you’ve only seen 1 moose in your life? Norway should now be the new capital of moose!(if that was ever a thing) I’ve seen more moose than I can count, and I lived in an urban area!
Audrianna Facemire
Her peele bag is now worth a Trillian dollars 💵 💵
DUA FATIMA Month ago
Ewwwwwww I hate you guys
Bridget Guinan
Bridget Guinan 2 months ago
Biggest fan of all times
Kortni Christian
Kortni Christian 2 months ago
Now that Safiya's moving to the east coast, I hope we can get more colabs between her and cristine!!
anukrati seth
anukrati seth 2 months ago
I think she loves eating taco 😂😂😂😂😂
Layla Santini
Layla Santini 2 months ago
You should paint and peel off your nails for 24 hours
FatimaSheikh 2 months ago
If you think you are a weird ass 30 year old then, You are wrong. Sike you're right biatch Ily anyway
Aelyn Banegas wallace
You guys should of put a glossy taco with u and put it on ur nails😆
Caroline Arthmann
Caroline Arthmann 2 months ago
I love how i got a ad for tea before the video started
Anna 3 months ago
they literally got robbed
Moonisa Kamran
Moonisa Kamran 3 months ago
Me :Who is prettier menchie or christen? Menchie:it's me mom it's so obvious 😂😃😁😀
Mahek Basantani
Mahek Basantani 3 months ago
Is she wearing menchie the cat?????
Charisse Florida
Charisse Florida 3 months ago
GUrL how u buy it u rich??.
Haku Senpai
Haku Senpai 3 months ago
Nelly Rumpler
Nelly Rumpler 3 months ago
Who is still here after three years Bc you have nothing to do better in ur life?
JP Blaquière
JP Blaquière 3 months ago
Are you're notifications on so you can read this Well do you live in Canada cause I live in canada
Vitoria Magalhães
Vitoria Magalhães 3 months ago
Cristine probably make the lady that was doing her toes very confused with those questions 🤣🤣🤣 Not everyone use Christine's techniques Like the dab dab dab dab make your nails fab Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian and I'm still learning english ❤
Vivi Game
Vivi Game 4 months ago
Image driving by the place and see two grown woman dancing, hiding behind trees, and kissing a wall. 😂
SophisLoomtique 4 months ago
Cotton Kaitlyn
Cotton Kaitlyn 4 months ago
One day she will have to switch to a larger bag cuz of her addiction🤣🤣(makes me wanna start a peely bag!)
• Maiya•is•not•my•name •
It's not gonna sell well cause it's gold, it's gonna sell well cause it's *Cristine's*
Wolf Pup
Wolf Pup 4 months ago
Tylor and Ben must get a long so well cuss of them
Rebecca Branchau-Besaw
Simply where are you H💿L💿!!!!!!
Lucas Cupp
Lucas Cupp 4 months ago
-when you really want your favorite you tuber to give your comment a heart, but you know that the’ll never read it...- (ily your vids Cristine, and Safiya, and thanks for making me laugh at 2:30 A.M. when my family is all asleep)
Yen-Ju Tsai
Yen-Ju Tsai 4 months ago
The holo caught my eye. Cristine, what’s the polish you have on when you’re putting the peelies into the peelie bag?
Prachi Verma
Prachi Verma 4 months ago
for gold we have a machine which will tell you is it gold or not
Mia Cooley
Mia Cooley 4 months ago
thats because all of the moose are in alaska
Kenzie Weasley
Kenzie Weasley 4 months ago
If there was a fire the first thing Christine would grab are her peelys lol.
lia free
lia free 2 months ago
Her cats
Isabelle R.
Isabelle R. 5 months ago
0:30 Madison beer at the plastic surgery place
Tanaka 4 months ago
Nadia Leitch
Nadia Leitch 5 months ago
She forgot to say now I gotta bake that shit for a minute
Corrine Grace
Corrine Grace 5 months ago
rafhael llanza
rafhael llanza 5 months ago
wtf safiya u hug the wall, the wall has corona... i know its 2 years ago...
Sophia Aquino
Sophia Aquino 5 months ago
“Cure for one minute” Bake that shit for a minute!
i love tré
i love tré 5 months ago
very expensive peel porn
Mihika Tillu
Mihika Tillu 5 months ago
You would probably make the same amount of money selling those "gold' peelies as if you sold your subscribers 1 peely
Hunter Anon
Hunter Anon 6 months ago
That nude lips on saffyd is corpse like gross
Hide.yo.food. —-foreverhungry
Best collaboration ever! Both my favourite youtubers!
Just Lyrics
Just Lyrics 6 months ago
I think cristine should start a salon😂
Liv Playz
Liv Playz 6 months ago
Every youtuber:Okay I need the camera focused back a bit Menchie:-puts face at lense-SeE YAlL LaTeR
Helga G. Pataki
Helga G. Pataki 6 months ago
Who else went immediately to the peel pr0n part???
Silver Puppy
Silver Puppy 6 months ago
_I ain’t sayin’ ima gold digger, but check my prenup and go figure_
Kate Century
Kate Century 6 months ago
cristine can you heart my comment? i love youu
Isabel Mojica
Isabel Mojica 6 months ago
i love painting my own nails
moriya yfrach
moriya yfrach 6 months ago
Olivia Kingston
Olivia Kingston 6 months ago
Kaisa Mikalsen
Kaisa Mikalsen 6 months ago
Yes, Safyia u can eat moose....
Chance 6 months ago
They said there were only 2 in the world but the workers were using the super cheap ones because I saw 2 bottles of the gold polish with no diamonds and the other one with the silver cap and diamonds so there is no gold and I have a feeling the diamonds aren’t real and it’s it’s a gimmick to get a lot of money and the cost is mostly the gold leaf, the massage, champagne, and chocolate food stuff
charles antony
charles antony 6 months ago
i predict a troom troom video. replacing your nails with chips! fashionably cHiPpEd
czean mikhaela
czean mikhaela 7 months ago
lol who just watched the main video of this vlog 😝
Lailas the best Rayner
But what if she went to do 1000layers of peel
YuYu’s Property
YuYu’s Property 7 months ago
Quarantine bought me here!
Tapas Jana
Tapas Jana 7 months ago
Your peely bag is 💀💀💀
Lexi Blodwell
Lexi Blodwell 7 months ago
My mums a nail tecnition
sj 7 months ago
7:30 Nobody: Cristine: menchiemenchiemenchiemenchIEMENCHIE
Gacha_ Maddie
Gacha_ Maddie 7 months ago
Is anyone gonna tell cristine that shes the aame color of the white towel
City Cowgirl4
City Cowgirl4 7 months ago
You should have added like 10 glossy tacos 💿🌮
ANIMEtion Freak
ANIMEtion Freak 7 months ago
A million years later humans discover her peely bag. History class: long ago humans stored their nail peely's in a bag....
• S u n s h i n e•
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin 8 months ago
Sara Takkoush
Sara Takkoush 8 months ago
gross idea - but have to put it out there - " I got my peely bag professionally organized" - I know I'm on the wrong channel - but my inner organization freak really wants to categorize and sort the content of that peely bag.
Michael Georgiou
Michael Georgiou 8 months ago
Who elts is wearing nail polish
All about Gramfree and studying
2000dollars in my country 2 million rupees
Seema Javed
Seema Javed 6 months ago
Are you a Pakistani Muslim or a Indian ( I'm a Pakistani a ture Muslim )
cj222100 8 months ago
Cristine travels with a gel nail light? Lol imagine if airport security found the baggie with the peels, I wonder what they'd think😂
*Darcey Caroline*
*Darcey Caroline* 8 months ago
Christen should do a video "Selling my Peelie bag"
Racoono 9 months ago
I never realized how deep cristens voice is until now
•Mister_Toca_Boca• •World•
I mean...this is 130.000 gold nail polish
Elois Joseph
Elois Joseph 9 months ago
What nail polish are you wearing toward the end ?? Such a yummy color!!
Astrozombie and Fitch
I don't even dislike Buzzfeed but I still live for Cristine shading them!
Pastel Girl
Pastel Girl 9 months ago
3:18 when beyynnnn looked!! 😂🤣
Lulo Nuki
Lulo Nuki 9 months ago
Simply justmcarry around alien light
Vlera Lahu
Vlera Lahu 9 months ago
I love you guys ....! You guys are so funny 🤣🤣🦋🦋❤❤
Lillian Thomason
Lillian Thomason 10 months ago
Saf: are you ok? Chri: I haven’t decided Me: hm..... sounds like me and my friend.
Call me Kiki
Call me Kiki 8 months ago
Lillian Thomason Without an h pleasr
Elise Bourdon
Elise Bourdon 10 months ago
I’ve only ever seen a Mose when I went to America 🤣
Lucita Lou
Lucita Lou 10 months ago
WHO HEARD SAFIA SAY "it looks like you came from the upside down"
Zuzanna2002 Czarnota
Zuzanna2002 Czarnota 10 months ago
6:00 Oh look, your nail are still the same colour! (I know why it is don't eat me it's just a joke)
Anna C.
Anna C. 10 months ago
7:31 7:31 7:31 7:31 7:31
Gummy Panda
Gummy Panda 11 months ago
How to find if it’s real gold well you don’t really need to gold is much shinier and obviously it’s a beautiful gold color you’ll know if it’s gold when you see it
Avery TheBalm
Avery TheBalm 11 months ago
You should do a video on all your peelies
draco is my husband
draco is my husband 11 months ago
*i like Wall*
Summer Oh
Summer Oh 11 months ago
Carl Grimes
Carl Grimes 11 months ago
Both her hands have long nails and their even
Kat 11 months ago
Justin Trudeau’s face on a peely had me CRYING
Holly smith
Holly smith 11 months ago
Kymlee Berthiaume-Trépanier
Some one need to get her a holo pile beg
Lana Awad
Lana Awad 11 months ago
WHAt Do You ThinK?
Shikha Ln
Shikha Ln 11 months ago
This amount of money converted in my currency is about 4,680,000 😐
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh 11 months ago
Your 30 and have seen one moose I’m 10 and have seen 4 Lol
Liisu Teng
Liisu Teng 11 months ago
Christine after the video: I wasted my money to show them that im rich
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???