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More videos I filmed while I was in LA during this trip (end of June 2017):
FIRST VIDCON/LA VLOG: us-first.info/player/video/pt5pgIp6hZilZ2A.html
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SIMPLY NAILOGICAL MAKEOVER (MANNY MUA): us-first.info/player/video/fNmmdX5faJuKop8.html
Shout out to H3H3 for inspiring me to go on the Hollywood and Vine safari: us-first.info/player/video/r8d4mJiLo6d_aqM.html
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Aug 9, 2017




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Comments 100   
Beanie-Queenie 4 days ago
ah the days when we didnt have to wear masks
Sasha Englebert
Sasha Englebert 8 days ago
00:00 Simpyl?
Harley MCRmy
Harley MCRmy 9 days ago
"That's a Corvette, not a Lambo, come on Ben!" -Cristine Rotenberg, 2017
Lily Reeves
Lily Reeves 27 days ago
Omg Ben was wearing a banana shirtttt
Isha Malik
Isha Malik Month ago
Do they make holo highlighter
King Demonophobia
Me sees the predator in the wax museum: HOLY MOLY I WANNA GO THERE HE LOOK SO REAL EIFBDIDBD IM SIMPIIIIIING Cristine: ew gross
Mariana Santiago
Cristine and BEYYYN: interacting with people and no one wearing masks Me: *sweats nervously* Also me: *checks the date* oh
Josie’s Show!
Josie’s Show! Month ago
I should be the head ligits
penguins 123
penguins 123 2 months ago
At least its fake holo
S&M Vlogs
S&M Vlogs 2 months ago
i’m shocked that simply wasn’t invited to be one of safiyas bridesmaids?
Kursty Mayes
Kursty Mayes 2 months ago
or shit hole
Ludic 2 months ago
imcaii _
imcaii _ 2 months ago
cristine with other ytbers: its them! 💕 cristine with jacksfilms: who the fuck is this guy
Trish E.
Trish E. 3 months ago
Nikkie is soooo tall my god
Charlie Adam
Charlie Adam 3 months ago
I heard kaleo in the background! 'Way down we go'.
Haven Hessenbruch
Haven Hessenbruch 3 months ago
Kara Nolte
Kara Nolte 3 months ago
#ss save sofia
Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta 3 months ago
Did anyone notice that simply was written wrong in simylvloglogical Anyone!!!???
FOTC Fan 3 months ago
Was that a shoutout to Glen from The Walking Dead at Universal Studios? (Around 12:52) “Beyyyn.... Gleyyyn!”
Cupid1144 3 months ago
Hi I have a US-first channel and I try really hard but I do not have many followers 🥳
666spider Girl666
666spider Girl666 3 months ago
This video is so good it makes me angry
Demon Heart
Demon Heart 3 months ago
Atleast your not allergic to the real HALO by the way I love your videos you make me smile more and more every day don't let any hater in your way my HALO queen keep up your amazing work you go girly hugs from me and my dogs 💖💅🏼🐶😇✌️🏼
Ree Ree
Ree Ree 3 months ago
When she is allergic to fake holo, you know she is high holo quality ❤️😂💿
Danika Moran hi
Danika Moran hi 3 months ago
You should make a channel called simplybenlogical🍌
Korryn Magnuson
Korryn Magnuson 4 months ago
Clic bate
Eryn Uy
Eryn Uy 4 months ago
I wanna buy holo cat ears lol
Eryn Uy
Eryn Uy 4 months ago
I can imagine cristine making a city or a town called holowood
Luis Ernesto Hernandez
weird question but whats the song called at 8:36 ????
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow 4 months ago
WOW! Look at the contrast between Cristine's head & Nikkie's head! Holy Shit 😳! 😱! Also, Cristine - my husband & I live in the Pacific NW - He's Irish/Norwegian - you know when people try to discribe someone's complexion and they're trying to find the right word/s - well, he's not dark, medium, fair, dark chocolate brown, ivory or white/white, cotton white - WE like to call him "powder blue". It looks to me like you might have similar heritage as you're a bit powder blue yourself. So HERE's what I'm getting at - maybe once every 2 years he'll find himself out in the sun in a different part of the world (where the sun is more direct) & even when he limits his exposure (say 2 hours) & uses sun-screen, he breaks out in a rash. Every Time - EVERY TIME! I'm just wondering if that's what happened to you? ({{[ Though I certainly don't mean to downplay the fact that you are SOOOOOOO VERY MUCH a HOLOperson that any kind of exposure to fake holo in any form could very likely become lethal. ]}})))
AdiBa DiGhi
AdiBa DiGhi 5 months ago
going thru so many mental breakdowns..I love you watch you again n again...Thank you Cristine ..
Byleth_T3H 5 months ago
I had no idea you knew Mykie! That could be such a good colab, a holo demon or something 😂😂
Ashleigh Fox
Ashleigh Fox 5 months ago
Ben was amused when Christine was with Nikki
Kelly’s Casa
Kelly’s Casa 5 months ago
You should make a yellow polish called BEYYNANA
Urvi Mande 25
Urvi Mande 25 4 months ago
Watch her and safiya's collab they make nail polishes in a store! Idk exactly! But search it up
Anonymous 5 months ago
Soooo....... we gonna ignore the fact that, Starbucks spelled Cristine's name right ?
I am cheese official
Holowood, the city of the ancient benana.
Hershey Grey
Hershey Grey 5 months ago
I had a shower thought:Should I call it monochrome because it’s all holo or should I call it rainbow because holo has all colour in it
Tilley! 5 months ago
I know I’m 2 years late, but I worked at the W for a while, and my favorite part of my job working the front desk overnight shift was switching out the “good evening” mats for “good morning” at 3:30 am.
Super Power Piggy
Super Power Piggy 5 months ago
Pause at 11:12- they spelled Cristine with a K I mean seriously 🤦‍♀️
ailie jang
ailie jang 5 months ago
Sad and Cristene are like the 7 years old daughters and their boyfriends are their dads 😂
Keerti Kumar
Keerti Kumar 5 months ago
Tiffany Tant
Tiffany Tant 5 months ago
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Tiffany Tant
Tiffany Tant 5 months ago
Tiffany Tant
Tiffany Tant 5 months ago
Oi FeLiX! cOmE hErE bRo! HeReS yOuR rAmEn
11:50 we get what we deserwe song
Amy Kane
Amy Kane 6 months ago
💿ωєℓcσмє тσ нσℓσωσσ∂💿
Emma Nilsson
Emma Nilsson 6 months ago
Ben looks like a grown up version of the kid in Moonrisekingdom (Sam)... and kinda acts like him too
Phoenix Jay
Phoenix Jay 6 months ago
I went to universal studios in Florida and LEGO land too
Klara Tomaka
Klara Tomaka 6 months ago
2020 I wish
Jennifer Eades
Jennifer Eades 6 months ago
No it is Holoywood
Mizu Zoup
Mizu Zoup 6 months ago
Simply Nailogical is going to get copyrighted because of the Hollywood sign! *Or SimplyNotLogical
Laura Caligan
Laura Caligan 6 months ago
No vidcon tgis year
Pêebž -
Pêebž - 6 months ago
Random ppl: “until you die. Nooo you can’t be saved” *corona has left the chat* 😂
I like tuna Ok
I like tuna Ok 6 months ago
When they were singing my dog started barking lol
Annalouis Foley Foley
When cris was skipping SAF made her look like. 6 year old
depresso. bean
depresso. bean 6 months ago
6:14 No-one: Not a single soul: me and my friends at 3am after having like 5 too many glasses of wine....
Lauren Verellen
Lauren Verellen 6 months ago
Did Nikkie come all the way from the Netherlands??? That's pretty far!!
Unicornkitty Plays
Unicornkitty Plays 6 months ago
*Awww mom and dad went on a vacation without us!* 😢
Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000
Imagine you just minding your own business, and all the sudden, you see: 8:13
Mary katherine Atwell
I love Nikki and cristine they are the best
TheBodyguard13 6 months ago
Either Cristine is short or Nikki is friggen tall.
Totoro Jones
Totoro Jones 6 months ago
Safiya abuse
Petrus 906
Petrus 906 7 months ago
Who would have thought they would be laughing about the nail salon manager
Lene Bak
Lene Bak 7 months ago
I just loooove rewatching your videoes
Marit Vermeer
Marit Vermeer 7 months ago
Does anyone see a comment with really much likes And then your like: "dang bro i wish i thought of that"
Amber Thorburn
Amber Thorburn 7 months ago
Nobody: Like fr nobody: That random toddler: *driving this tiny car on the sidewalk like a boss* Cristine: *that's normal*
Alys XD
Alys XD 7 months ago
Lol well u already new it makes u go baserck 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
edies complaints
edies complaints 7 months ago
i just realised she was in hollywood the exact same time as me.
ravisan03 7 months ago
12:10 #firstworldproblems
bunni 7 months ago
Can we talk about how cute tired Ben is?
Sarah.b.p.08 7 months ago
You know this video is from 2017 because the whole video is just fidget spinners
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 7 months ago
8:42 pause if ur a hp fan
richa mishra
richa mishra 7 months ago
Ben being lowkey bored is mood
Scarlett Faye
Scarlett Faye 7 months ago
Walking through the mirrors you look like my English teacher
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. 7 months ago
I saw a quick flash of Jenna Marbles!
CC Art&edits
CC Art&edits 7 months ago
WTF 9:13
TheSchroederShow 7 months ago
Nazifa Apshora
Nazifa Apshora 7 months ago
0:47 holowood
bithika borah
bithika borah 7 months ago
When she didn't add what you think video am addicted
Demonslayer64 7 months ago
if here’s any1 who listens to frågar åt en kompis and noticed simply put their new theme song and sang while it was playing like dis comment heh
Kara Leigh
Kara Leigh 8 months ago
Can we talk about how much cristine looks like Tati in the thumbnail
Claire Biermann
Claire Biermann 8 months ago
Ben's such a Dad 😂
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 8 months ago
Simply sly
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 8 months ago
Sly simply
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 8 months ago
I mean simply sly
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter 8 months ago
True holosexuals are allergic to holo lol
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter 8 months ago
Why am I watching this it's so old 😂
Isabel Hierck
Isabel Hierck 8 months ago
Why not holowood??? 😂
Bradley Jewell
Bradley Jewell 8 months ago
Sophocles 8 months ago
It’s great that you and Jenna both idolize each other.
Angel’s Corner
Angel’s Corner 8 months ago
@0:21 there’s an escape the night season 2 billboard
Tiny BNHA Pleb Alt
Tiny BNHA Pleb Alt 8 months ago
8:43 so no one's gonna talk about the superman, even 3 years later?
A Rat
A Rat 8 months ago
My nickname is Tati.
ohmarin 8 months ago
Nikki(e)’s a tall bitch
the purple puppet . . .
Ben looks like a benana
Bobby Oakes
Bobby Oakes 8 months ago
Christine you look a lot like my sister
Priscilla O'Neal
Priscilla O'Neal 8 months ago
ben looks like a dad even tho he is he looks like a 40 year old dad
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson 8 months ago
Nyix Acranøra
Nyix Acranøra 8 months ago
Did anyone notice at 11:11 that Cristine was spell with a K, not a Ch not properly but Kristine
Depressed spaghetti noodle
Those people yelling about god and hell were yelling at pride paraders that were walking during pride month.
vincecatcher 9 months ago
There were too many fucks on this video.
Cutiepie 3000
Cutiepie 3000 9 months ago
We have baby Christine and giant Safyia
The Furry Disease