I'm a "terrible influence" | Simplymailogical #14 

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Parents please feel free to leave your suggestions on how to be a better role model to your children in the comments section down below ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 100   
Anna Nesson
Anna Nesson 2 hours ago
I love Ben’s face when Christine says hello my name is classified
Piper Sparkles
Piper Sparkles 2 days ago
Holo Cristine, Would you marry ben if he got you a real holo ring.
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 4 days ago
House tour?? Yeah, let everyone see what they wanna break in and steal. Lol.
thatgirlaj 5 days ago
my mum finds you funny and both my parents don't really care tbh lol
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 10 days ago
Good morning sisters! Have you checked out yesterday's new video yet?! us-first.info/player/video/e5Wrd6eChmqHhGQ.html
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 17 days ago
I also binge The Holo Queen’s video’s for the last 72 hours...💿📀💿📀
XD HELLOO!! 18 days ago
I died when beyyyn did a accent while reading the poum😂😂😂😂
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 18 days ago
Idk why but Ben looks really handsome in this episode lol
Brinlee Nimeh
Brinlee Nimeh 19 days ago
Should I start watching with my cat 🐱 ¿
Piper Edits
Piper Edits 23 days ago
When Ben said can you touch both of your elbows behind your back I tried it and I smeared my polish 😔
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 25 days ago
Mom here. I watched you first and then dragged my daughter into the mix... so does that make ME a bad influence?! ahahaha
Musarat tahira
Musarat tahira 26 days ago
I like Simply's hell yeah and beyyynn more than Jenna marbles
Blueberry Brunette
Blueberry Brunette 27 days ago
The way i make money is pretty complex but really good, so you get birthday or Christmas money and if your parents always have problems with gas money then they will probably ask on their own to borrow it if now just suggest using it DONT SPEND IT THO so if they ask or agree say that they have to pay 5 more dollars immediately and 5-10 dollars each week keep count eventually from 20 dollars to 50 dollars then repeat and you will have 110 dollars like me :)
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels 28 days ago
16:53 🤣
Yeetskeetmageet 28 days ago
Cristine and Ben: don't use your parents credit card Ad SIGN UP FOR THIS BRAND NEW CREDIT CARD How did you know?😆
maria djdjxnsnsjjxjs
hola! ¿qúe tal? muy bien , ¿y tu?
Leave me alone Lol
2020 anyone
Rumman Raya
Rumman Raya Month ago
I am 9 years old I watch you on my mom s phone
Antara Naskar
Antara Naskar Month ago
Oh well don't tell me that I'm the only one who is looking through the comments section to find Angela's???
Emmy Rose
Emmy Rose Month ago
I started watching you when I was 9 and there’s nothing wrong with me. Well mostly
iiorangexuiceii 9 days ago
same, i’m 13 now
Nur Khairah
Nur Khairah Month ago
Oh my god, I totally get the thing about people touching your hair😂😂😂 I’ve been keeping it long for as long as I can remember
Mollie Stebbing
Mollie Stebbing Month ago
It was in this video that I realised that me and Cristine have the same birthday :)
Ferdousi Khanam
Ferdousi Khanam Month ago
Cristine: Just kidding I never leave the house Me: it’s not a problem anymore
Ariana Skye
Ariana Skye Month ago
my mum encouraged me to watch you
Beth Palmer-Brown
Olivia Osborn
Olivia Osborn Month ago
Video idea Christine is handcuffed to bed and Christine has to try to paint her nails
jia Month ago
To future me, if ur ever sad go to 24:55.
Kaylee Lorie
Kaylee Lorie Month ago
How long for #POLISHMOUNTAIN ya I have been here since then
Pancake Leader
Pancake Leader Month ago
why is it as soon as I saw the royal mail I knew it was from England xD
M GRAY 2 months ago
CopperArt 2 months ago
* Me watching this vid with my cat while packing a holo flip sequence back pack to go out of town *
Naveen Ahmed
Naveen Ahmed 2 months ago
16:54 COVID-19 has entered the chat
kavishya niruni
kavishya niruni 2 months ago
I don’t like when they talk sweetly of menchie while zyler is nearby 🥺
Hi Peeps
Hi Peeps 2 months ago
That accent sounds like hermione granger from Harry Potter
Melynda Swindell
Melynda Swindell 2 months ago
I’m 10 and I look 12 but my mom loves you and my dad don’t know I Watch you so ya and I love cats I have a cat her name is mia oh and my name is Mya so mia and mya I just got nails and life is going not ok lol but I love them 😍 and bens name should me tea man lol 😂
LAURA O' SHEA 2 months ago
SLynn Henson
SLynn Henson 2 months ago
I love the adult conversations about "friends having kids"... i relate.
Fiona Thorn
Fiona Thorn 2 months ago
Cristian we really dont sound like that in Britain sorry if I spelt ur name wrong btw
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose 2 months ago
I can confirm I can touch my elbows together behind my back
tal stone
tal stone 13 days ago
I think everyone can ? it used to be a cheeky thing the lads would say to tease girls into sticking out there chest,was popular sort of 'humour' back in 00's,Ben regressing from all the mail exhaustion lol
arceus pokefan
arceus pokefan 2 months ago
Cough cough Corona virus
yousif al-nassery
yousif al-nassery 2 months ago
16:54 And that's how crona was made
HemaBen Mojindra
HemaBen Mojindra 2 months ago
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
nail art plese i would love for some new thangs to try
lyra 2 months ago
Whenever they get a marriage letter from a fan, and Cristine says “NO” Ben has the look like “*ah shit I bought the ring*”
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose 2 months ago
My mom doesn't care
lincolnaha 2 months ago
ben puts up with so much bullshit and i love it.
Poppy.d 2 months ago
I’m from Ottawa as well
Caitlin Plater
Caitlin Plater 2 months ago
Who’s watching this in 2020 and got triggered by them coughing in each other’s faces 😂😂 cause same 😂😂
Me myself and I
Me myself and I 2 months ago
Jess is right, no one in England talks like that (except the queen.)
Shannon Balogh
Shannon Balogh 2 months ago
It really confuses me how people think you are a terrible influencer, Ben your right you always have some sort of nugget of influencing in every video that's a positive thing like go to school are stay in school, and a whole lot more positive influences. but the only thing that I could come up with is somebody that is super Christian and doesn't like your views on marriage that would be my only thing that I can see a parent maybe not liking if there extremely religious and believe in marriage before sex and all that stuff. But you are a well-rounded person and I would love my daughter to look up to you. Oh and I am not Christian it's just a thought
Ernie Carey
Ernie Carey 2 months ago
To me cristine sounds like Jenna marbles when she does the impersonation
Kharis Mann
Kharis Mann 2 months ago
Beyyyyynnnnnnn: open👏🏻that👏🏻mail👏🏻sis
VIOLET VOLLMER 2 months ago
you are not a terrible influence
maddie maniac
maddie maniac 2 months ago
So my mom said ur and ok influince but idrc ima watch u anyways F O R E V E R
maddie maniac
maddie maniac 2 months ago
Hi cristine
Sai Stuti Valluru
Sai Stuti Valluru 2 months ago
Who’s binge watching simplymailogical during quarantine?
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson 3 months ago
alivxia 3 months ago
I mean I'm 11 and I'm sure my mom wouldn't be happy if she knew I watched you lol.
madelyn 3 months ago
Why did you make him put the blindfold on he can't see without his glasses anyway..
Sneha Asthana
Sneha Asthana 3 months ago
"did u just lick me?" IM DEAD
WolfMusic Xxx
WolfMusic Xxx 3 months ago
I find that when you tubers are unboxing stuff from fans they seen sarcastic sometimes but u guys are so genuine and u guys r amazing love your videos
Đacota cloud coyote
Simple: stay in school kids Me: who has been home schooled since graduated kindergarten You know lots of people say that they wish they could be homeschooled but yet when you're me and you stay at home almost all the time and you don't go to school yeah it gets pretty lonely LOL I'm hoping if I bump up my grades a lot maybe just maybe I'll be able to go to school that is public schools for a little while because come on it's kind of pathetic that I can only say I've ever seen a real school during school hours in a movie like come on that is a little pathetic besides I want to socialize and actually have more friends but I can see everyday lol
Echo neko4life
Echo neko4life 3 months ago
Lmao I love how she blindfolded him and licked him
Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer Richardson 3 months ago
Everyone always says they don’t like Christine‘s hair but I love long hair in fact I’m trying to grow my hair out long
_Shadow _
_Shadow _ 3 months ago
Meghna Sengupta
Meghna Sengupta 3 months ago
These are the OG podlogicals!!
Eef is The best
Eef is The best 3 months ago
3:47 i love how she said "yet" lol
Lani Ashton
Lani Ashton 3 months ago
16:53 This did not age very well
Lani Ashton
Lani Ashton 3 months ago
12:02 Me being a child watching this 👁️👄👁️
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez 3 months ago
I don’t think its allowed to sneeze or cough on people nowadays :3
April Kean
April Kean 3 months ago
Yeah not many people talk like that in england I mean not where I live anyway cuz we live around the farmers
Bella Yjinx
Bella Yjinx 3 months ago
P.O. ? I always understood PeelBox. No it didnt made sense.
Gia Malhotra
Gia Malhotra 3 months ago
i take all my bday money and put it in the bank. i hv like $500 now
Choklad Monstret
Choklad Monstret 3 months ago
I’m Swedish cheeeeeek
Thegaminglemings Melon
the holo closet, thats where the holosexuals come oit of
Leslie Montalvo
Leslie Montalvo 3 months ago
Here, Ben,I'm giving you the "parental-child resentment" my mother gave birth to me at age 19 (So, not because society pressured her to, but because... well she didn't wait) She ABSOLUTELY without a doubt resents me completely. She and my father got a divorce when I was 4 and everything I've had since then I had to work for, and I mean actually illegally work "under the table", at supermarkets and things like that; however, now she has another daughter with her new husband, I love her she's my baby although I do kind of resent her because she get EVERYTHING when I don't and never did, I'm 17 and she's 8. I do want children, but not for a while more when I know that I can support them and I'm currently planning along with my school counselor a way for my to go to college, to get a teaching degree (Special Education specifically) and that's pretty much it.
• Potato forever •
It's not ok to feed ur cat, Dog food or human food. Please avoid this.
Mama Fernando
Mama Fernando 3 months ago
I’m a parent.. I’m 24. And I let my daughter watch your videos lol
crazy drawings
crazy drawings 3 months ago
I love how Christine is like WHERE CaN I BuY TICKETS when the person is making a US-firstr based on her in a play or script legit so supportive
MonkeySunSlime 3 months ago
anime is the best
anime is the best 3 months ago
My parents *are u watching simply again shes a bad influence! * me *shut up *
Anarosa Sierra
Anarosa Sierra 3 months ago
My dog Actually dose have phone and she did Subscribe and I am 9
galaxy Wolfe
galaxy Wolfe 3 months ago
👏 oPeN 👏 tHaT 👏 mAiL 👏 sIs 👏 That got me laughing that I feel onto the floor 😂
Leena Tran
Leena Tran 3 months ago
Cristine I know you won’t see this but I have all the halo folder that was shown in this video by coincidence
Rainbow_unicorn Pauley
My mum loves you Think you’re so funny and she loves Ben too🤣🤣
Rainbow_unicorn Pauley
Christine: I can’t choose a favourite tea it’s like telling me to choose a favourite nail polish Me:UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM... H💿L📀W girl!!!!
MomoMochiもも餅 3 months ago
House tour video??
The Cat Sisters
The Cat Sisters 4 months ago
The outro music reminds me of max and Ruby
Genova Rodriguez
Genova Rodriguez 4 months ago
Who else is a fan of my hero academia and when there was a kettle instantly shoto todoroki
Aimee Esbjug
Aimee Esbjug 4 months ago
iam also norwegian i am 11 i love youre vids and i want to start my own nail salong just becaus of you
Savannah Gazda
Savannah Gazda 4 months ago
My mom has children
Summer Rayne
Summer Rayne 4 months ago
"I wasn't popular in high school but I am popular at work" is such a MOOD
Just Kenzie
Just Kenzie 4 months ago
Giving some one a lock of your hair was a romantic thing in like the 1800’s
Stella Jewelrider
Stella Jewelrider 4 months ago
Yes it is wery fun in norway
Daysha Reeves
Daysha Reeves 4 months ago
13:55 I can do it- Anyone else lol 😂
NINA TRAVERS 4 months ago
Ben: did you lick me? Cris: *nuu.....*
Cermet 4 months ago
21:35 "mY mOm SAys YOuR A tERRIblE inFluEnce"
Randi Emanuelsen
Randi Emanuelsen 4 months ago
16:54 corona
Emmaley Newton
Emmaley Newton 4 months ago
Honestly Cristine did a better Jenna Marbles impression and I'm a big Jenna Marbles fan so I know