I GOT A SKULL IN THE MAIL | Simplymailogical #5 

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It's mail opening time friends!! Get your tea ready, and don't spill it, drink it (:
HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
Menchie's fave holos: bit.ly/MenchiesFaves8
P.O. Box to simply send mail to:
Cristine / Simply Nailogical
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Ottawa, ON
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Mar 5, 2017




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Comments 100   
Madison Rehberg
Madison Rehberg 4 days ago
Those bracelets you think their hair ties
XxBrooklynVibezXx 13 days ago
Menchie was on your back😂
XxBrooklynVibezXx 13 days ago
Lol you spoke something in french it was funny
Pink Gorilla
Pink Gorilla 15 days ago
I’ll be honest, you won’t look bad with short hair.
Tina Toivanen
Tina Toivanen 21 day ago
12:12 is killinggg mee 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Safia Khatoon
Safia Khatoon 23 days ago
I love her British accent 😂😂
Lulu Lulu
Lulu Lulu 28 days ago
Omg this was 3 years ago 😢😭😢
Bradley Byrne
Bradley Byrne Month ago
2017 Ben: I'd never start a US-first channel. 2019 Ben: starts a channel named bentendo
Arianna Studios
Arianna Studios Month ago
Agnieszka Howett
Christen once I was gouing to the shop with my mum and I saw this holo packing and inside was very expensive tea then I thought of u and showed my mum but she thought nothing of it so I put it back 1 because it was expensive and 2 because she didn't allow me
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
BEYYYN: It's almost like nails don't grow back CHISTINE: UM YOU CAN LEAVE NOW! 😥 ME: wheezing and cracking up hahaha ALSO ME: wait that's kind of sad though
Angela Month ago
Those skull bottles are the BEST vodka ever. Expensive 80$-100$ a bottle but the best
Leah Butchart
Leah Butchart Month ago
the amount of views compared to likes on most of her videos is shocking! PEOPLE LIKE THE VIDEOS!! love to the HOLO queen!!
Tila’s Taco
Tila’s Taco Month ago
Cristine should save all the coins she gets in letters and packages, and at every milestone she could count out the coins and donate them to a charity!!!! 😊😁🙃
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
but really us Texans don't got nothin to do around here also watching this in 2020 who else
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
@Angela maybe just not where i live i just want to to be at target all the time ha
Angela Month ago
There is stuff to do depending where you live
Emily Hou
Emily Hou Month ago
Cristine: "What is leaving the house" 2020: WELL let me show you
Timea Radovan
Timea Radovan 2 months ago
Who is here from Romania?! Here was open the first box from Romania! It wasn't mine but I am happy😁😁😁
M1kan Tsum1k1
M1kan Tsum1k1 2 months ago
7:39 I didn't met any holosexual in romenia before, till I met Daria, daria if you see this bună! Ce mai faci? Cum mai e cu școala în România?
Alejandra Alferez
Alejandra Alferez 2 months ago
😂🤣😂🤣 “Terrible, it’s almost like nails don’t grow back” - Ben
Phoebe H
Phoebe H 2 months ago
I could make some bomb-ass harvest moon water in that skull bottle! 🌒🌕🌘🌧️🌻🍂🍁🌾🌼🐿️🦔🕷️🕸️🦇🐴🐍🌽🥖🍵
2glockks. mayaa
2glockks. mayaa 2 months ago
I love when she talks in French 😭
nikkita zavillova
nikkita zavillova 2 months ago
Video idea: Cristine does Ben's nails blindfolded Video idea: Cristine mixes all her glitter
Kelly Marsh
Kelly Marsh 2 months ago
Lol as a Texan watching this 3 years later, it's too hot to go outside. So we watch y'all and write fan letters.
Jennie Whitten
Jennie Whitten 3 months ago
Simply I'm your biggest fan and I have Watched every video
Jennie Whitten
Jennie Whitten 3 months ago
My mom is on fun because of that my mom will not get me Nail Polish AND I NEED IT XD
Suzy Kitten
Suzy Kitten 3 months ago
Oooh can you imagine those glass skull bottles filled to the brim with loose holo glitter?!! Yas!
Ashlynn McInnis
Ashlynn McInnis 3 months ago
WARNING: that hair tinsel holo thing that was in one of the package those things are bad for cats because cats can swallow them and die 😅 you are welcome .
Ειρήνη Ψημμένου
If she kept every single penny...
Amara 3 months ago
You should make a horror Christmas film called the nightmare before the holodays lmfao
Scott Mahoney
Scott Mahoney 3 months ago
Auzzies don’t have an accident!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Lynder Gimli
Lynder Gimli 3 months ago
You mean accent and yes they do
Victoria Endresen
Victoria Endresen 4 months ago
Time for a new Mail video??
Patt H
Patt H 4 months ago
I'm from Texas and literally spend every minute I'm not working watching your videos!
Anna Dai
Anna Dai 4 months ago
That anime character , simply, is Canada, from hetalia , or rather the personification of canada.( also my favorite out of all the characters in that anime next to 2p England )
Anonymous 5 months ago
*Nightmare before Holo*
Ashleigh Fox
Ashleigh Fox 5 months ago
The girl that does my hair knew you before polish mountain ⛰
0:35 I cracked up laughing when I saw her smile 🤣😂🤣😂
Jennifer Bolding
Jennifer Bolding 5 months ago
Me, sitting in Texas, watching.
EA GachaStorys
EA GachaStorys 5 months ago
If she dies before Ben he better put hollow in her ashes
An Gel
An Gel 5 months ago
When she said old people write me letter with mentioning 20 yo girl, ı feel attached Im watching her and ım about to turn 22
Maya Stefania Gheorghe
Holo! I am Maya and I am from Romania. I am 10 years old I have a question for you: How many packages you open from Romania?
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 5 months ago
Yo should make a channel called simpleymaillogical
keira bertelsen
keira bertelsen 5 months ago
point for the Texans
Hallow 220
Hallow 220 5 months ago
Ben used to be so much less confident on camera lol
Sophia Joy Santos
Sophia Joy Santos 6 months ago
Who has been here since polish mountain
Abigail Small
Abigail Small 6 months ago
"What is leaving house" -Everyone in 2020
Amy Akerman
Amy Akerman 6 months ago
Comment a Emoji you never knew existed
Lisa Vandenberghe
Lisa Vandenberghe 6 months ago
3:41 her voice is so cute😍
your local weeb
your local weeb 6 months ago
*cristine* shut up i am trying to be hip *ben thinking* why am i still here just to suffer
Jeanine Walker
Jeanine Walker 6 months ago
crafty gamer
crafty gamer 6 months ago
When she said that we don’t have anything else to do but watch her videos in Texas that’s true
Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker 6 months ago
Cristine: Omg these are so dope Ben: Dope? Cristine: Shh I'm trying to be hip here Ben: OK?...
Dhruw Singh
Dhruw Singh 6 months ago
You think you are old but Rosanna is 34
whosmena 6 months ago
I’m from... TE H J A S
Anu Majkvist
Anu Majkvist 6 months ago
You can't find Swedish fish in Sweden🇸🇪♥️
lps. lover
lps. lover 6 months ago
Poor zyler
Carmen Thorbjørnsen
Doesnt ben have a US-first now???
Jessica Brewer
Jessica Brewer 6 months ago
Carmen Thorbjørnsen yes he does it is bentendo
Victoria Arias
Victoria Arias 6 months ago
Holo cristine and beyyyyyyn
Bridget Henkel
Bridget Henkel 6 months ago
It’s not Kentucky fried chicken it’s Kentucky fried children
pøg 6 months ago
Maaaan Matthew is the anime boy!!! Oh dear I swear Hetalia is running my mental sanity
Naybel Naybel
Naybel Naybel 6 months ago
you should make a holo room
myn mynnn
myn mynnn 7 months ago
bex C
bex C 7 months ago
yes we have nothing to do in Texas so we watch your video's instead of riding horses
Maria Munch Tolstrup
Im from denemark🇩🇰
Lauren Newkirk
Lauren Newkirk 7 months ago
You should try American candy/food
Dat doggo Lover
Dat doggo Lover 7 months ago
Pennies are not useless, my friend and I actually hired her brother with 1cent to be in our video project. >:3
Marie Thaxton
Marie Thaxton 7 months ago
have you never herd of the derby
Katy Bolles
Katy Bolles 8 months ago
no we don`t have didily squat in texas.love your vids
PunkerFaith 8 months ago
Lol im from new Orleans Louisiana
Jamie Rae
Jamie Rae 8 months ago
No one: Me: *watches a 3 year old video*
What 8 months ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA kill me not every art style without almond or circle eyes is anime
natalia UwU rat
natalia UwU rat 8 months ago
1:15 and my name is natalia
natalia UwU rat
natalia UwU rat 8 months ago
0:40 i have a cat named starbucks
Priscilla O'Neal
Priscilla O'Neal 8 months ago
i’m going on a search for holo highlight
Maria Clara Monachesi
I love Cristine speaking in french, her voice gets so soft
sun kum
sun kum 8 months ago
Love from india❤️❤️❤️
꧁Rinkakika chan꧂
România , oameni mei!
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 8 months ago
-ERROR 101-
-ERROR 101- 8 months ago
I’m Kentucky, do they call Kentucky fried chicken just fried chicken...
Robloxian._. Myaa
Robloxian._. Myaa 9 months ago
Her australian accent just sounds like a British one with “aye mate” a few times 😂
Adella Gilbert
Adella Gilbert 9 months ago
The picture of anime u got was Canada from hetalia
Mackenzie McCormick
Mackenzie McCormick 9 months ago
Am I the only one who realized that BeYnNnN is wearing a banana 🍌 colored shirt without being asked?? Confused abt BeYnNn’S love for bananas? Well.... iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!
Baby Pineapple
Baby Pineapple 9 months ago
1:55 I love Kentucky and KFC
Patricia Garcia
Patricia Garcia 9 months ago
Ruby o
Ruby o 9 months ago
I'm meant to be doing school work but instead I'm on youtube watching simply nail/ not logical videos..... sigh..... I have not life
シRyan 9 months ago
*Cristine is the Holo Queen* *Fighting the science kits* *Debunking the fake holo that’s.... poop?* *Noo Noo Nu Nuu*
Kearnsティリー 9 months ago
Kearnsティリー 9 months ago
If-chistene- cristene was single I can imagine her going to a club and saying holo boiiiiis XD
Ãni.x.gâtch 9 months ago
You should buy a holo wig xxx
Armando Reyes
Armando Reyes 9 months ago
that the F* i live in texes and you can eat BBQ[bar be q
Cameron Blue
Cameron Blue 9 months ago
The KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) company is known to be homophobic. So that’s what would be wrong with it maybe?
angelica mayorga
angelica mayorga 9 months ago
8:28 in what video does that happened? Anyone knows? I wanna watch it
Julianna Dismore
Julianna Dismore 10 months ago
I live in KY which stands for Kentucky and it is crappy that’s why it’s so horrible and I relate to that girl who lives in Kentucky literally there’s nothing to do it’s all boring vertical jump Yaya‘s and Chuck E. Cheese
Laura Barry
Laura Barry 10 months ago
You should go full Jojo Siwa style and make a holo room
『 Moøn 』
『 Moøn 』 10 months ago
*Lady bug stairs into your soul from behind cristen and ben* Me: oh my, FU**!!!!! GOD!!!! WERE DID THAT THANG CONE FROM!. 😂
KaterinaTalantliva 10 months ago
Please show us your museum of fan mail!!!
Lisa Braem
Lisa Braem 10 months ago
Holo you neet to lisen to blackpink
Daria coroian
Daria coroian 10 months ago
I'm from Romania too end my name is Daria too wtf ?
Lynda Dodd
Lynda Dodd 10 months ago
WTH 7:30
Vivian Ingram
Vivian Ingram 10 months ago
How come everyone is 21
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 11 months ago
watched this after learning my two of my online BFFs were talking crap about me to one of my other friends online. It really calmed me down