I DIDN'T GET KICKED OUT OF VIDCON *not clickbait* | Simply Nailogical goes to VidCon 2017 

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What an insane time meeting so many of you!! THANK YOU for coming and for making it amazing! My experience with VidCon staff was also positive and they were very reasonable when I said holo to some of you (:
HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
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Jul 12, 2017




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Simply Not Logical
Simply Not Logical 3 years ago
HOLO EVERYONE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4M SUBS ON MY MAIN CHANNEL us-first.info !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have soiled 4 million minds with bad jokes, holo, polish mountains, and whatddya think montages... I apHOLOgize for that. Thank you for choosing to watch my shit and more importantly, for commenting on my shit, making memes or edits, and making me laugh as a result. That is the mushy shit right there but it's true!!! I just wanna have fun on this side of my double life and you guys make it fun by making me laugh or just laughing with me (or at me). THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHIN' AND I'LL SEE Y'ALL LATA BAIIIII
bxbblegxmchvr 8 months ago
You now have like 7.58mil sos if I got it wrong 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
Tara Clark
Tara Clark Year ago
Nicole Sun
Nicole Sun Year ago
I saw a fricken tv show that I hate holo
Ferdousi Khanam
Ferdousi Khanam 2 years ago
Simply Not Logical holo can never ruin someone
Cheerleader101 2 years ago
Simply Not Logical
Ally Travels
Ally Travels Month ago
Love rewatching these makes me laugh cry
Claire Hong
Claire Hong Month ago
Anyone else catch the "Thanks Dad" 🤣🤣🤣
Dibs Arteaga
Dibs Arteaga Month ago
Ira Khedkar
Ira Khedkar Month ago
10:07 rip all earphone usersss
kaylee Reece
kaylee Reece 2 months ago
Tiffani Erickson
Tiffani Erickson 2 months ago
"It's a jumbo shrimp!" That would be a prawn. 🤣
Tiffani Erickson
Tiffani Erickson 2 months ago
These fans are so young! They make me feel old.
Melanie Rae
Melanie Rae 2 months ago
8:14 Saf being all overwhelmed by Jenna... Then like 2.5 years later them all being friends and Jenna & Julien being at Saf & Tyler's wedding is SO CUTE!!! This is my kind of character development lol
Kheez Whiz
Kheez Whiz 2 months ago
me over here trying to read dan and phils lips to see what they were talking about: 👁👄👁
Kimberly Quinn
Kimberly Quinn 2 months ago
Why did security take her away like that?
Dahli webb
Dahli webb 2 months ago
8:44 dan and phill ????
_Shadow _
_Shadow _ 3 months ago
U know ur famous when meeting grace vanderwall is not a big deal
M Huzaifa
M Huzaifa 3 months ago
omgggggg u met Grace 😭💛💛💛
R B 3 months ago
Come to Ohio
Sharose h
Sharose h 3 months ago
This is so cute because i see how much my son loves his gamer you tubers & would be so excited ti meet them. Im 32 so im like agh they’re just people 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sharose h
Sharose h 3 months ago
Imagine having fans like this for basically making home videos? That must be so fn weird
Calypso Robson
Calypso Robson 4 months ago
Security did not pass the vibe check🙄
gachaidiot 4 months ago
strangecloud 4 months ago
Why does ben wear those white undershirts he don't need them!
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
Did I just miss the fact that she met Grace?! Or did I just screamed the same way 3 years ago when this uploaded?
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Saf and cristine so cute
Anusha Dhavala
Anusha Dhavala 4 months ago
Is that grace vanderval ?
Animations and Roblox
It was stressing me out just looking at the sea of holo sexuals...
WonderDressage 5 months ago
Anonymous 5 months ago
i love it on how Safiya is so proud that Tyler completed the warped wall
HalfBloodPrincess 5 months ago
Christine and Safiya's friendship is goals
Jenn Righter
Jenn Righter 5 months ago
Pretty sure Zoltar 11:39 is famous. The eighties movie 'License to Drive'.
ZzSparkzZ 6 months ago
I know this is 2yrs old but I just love you both!!!
Ashlynn’s Vlogs
Ashlynn’s Vlogs 6 months ago
Ben : get me out of here
Ashlynn’s Vlogs
Ashlynn’s Vlogs 6 months ago
Emmy Rose
Emmy Rose 7 months ago
Imagine getting to be best friends with Cristine 🥺
grace ryu
grace ryu 7 months ago
the fact that cristine got famous by accident lmao
Lou Gee
Lou Gee 7 months ago
I literally just remember this little clip at 7:01 of them just mocking Team 10 and it’s hella funny, that’s how you know your suscribed to the right people uwu
Diana H
Diana H 7 months ago
That’s shrimp Louie. I used to wear the costume :(
Red M
Red M 7 months ago
This Is what i watch after having to deal with a toxic relationship all day!
Sara Takkoush
Sara Takkoush 7 months ago
8:09 ICONIC historical moment!
Yessi Gonzalez
Yessi Gonzalez 7 months ago
You look like my mom
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 8 months ago
Visit engerland but Ann once it first tell me the date you must visit England
a dumb queer
a dumb queer 9 months ago
I swear to god if dnp dont collab with the holo queen some day I will be very upset
Esme Murnane
Esme Murnane 9 months ago
that was not a tampon it was a nerf dart
Amy Graham
Amy Graham 9 months ago
The nails she wouldn’t show were her 130000 manicure !!!!!
Willow The Nugget
Willow The Nugget 9 months ago
Is anyone else watching this in 2020
Lynie Brown
Lynie Brown 10 months ago
1:08 that’s grace vanderwaal from GT I saw her Edit: I just saw that cristine said so 😂
Crystal Ann
Crystal Ann 10 months ago
Who was the angry emoji chick
System_ Mistakes
System_ Mistakes 10 months ago
Now in 2020: safya Williams
datgal Year ago
I don’t know to be jealous of Safiya and Christine cause they met Dan and Phil, or to be jealous of Dan and Phil cause the got to met Safiya and Christine
Aneesa Salasa
Aneesa Salasa Year ago
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Mudabrah Amber
she started the trend of wearing scrunchies at 11:08
Enrique Eduardo Villegas
Devon Villanueva
Olivia Hickman
Anyone want to visit my channel
Abigail McMillin
I love Grace and Cristine
Anisah Azad
Anisah Azad Year ago
I love Grace Vander walls songs and personality
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy Year ago
All ma ladies plug your holo like dis, shake yo body don't poop don't piss
Salty Sarcasm
Salty Sarcasm Year ago
You just hear a cacophony of female screams. How terrifying.
SanDee McGeek
SanDee McGeek Year ago
wait there's a zoltar machine close to a bubba gump shrimps??
Hope Goldbeck
Hope Goldbeck Year ago
It is good morning usa.
Luciana choy
Luciana choy Year ago
Cristine whith jeansssss who is she jajaja
Twice for president
Ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
Fathima V.p
Fathima V.p Year ago
You are an insane mocker .yess girl it is the truth .
TheFd90 Year ago
Ben bringing her tea on stage was hilarious 😂 he's the best!
HeyItsCoreey Year ago
Corinne: cannnwaetaeekapixturew/u
Pug Kittens
Pug Kittens Year ago
Holo crap that’s a lot of people
von Year ago
i love how when ben pops out everybody screams
reggiesthings Year ago
my mom said if this comment gets 200 likes she will do nothing
chloeline Year ago
Dr. Omega Nebula
2:59 ALL THOSE PEOPLE(including my self my friend took me XD
Tea King
Tea King Year ago
When you realize vidcon meet and great is all femals 😂
lisa vennard
lisa vennard Year ago
Ben's voice sounds soo different in this video
X.-random person-.X
The parents are in the crowd at the meet and greet like "Wtf are we doing here and who is this gal?"
Haylee Year ago
Bens face throughout the fans screaming 😂
eat ha
eat ha Year ago
i think crustiness bf is a benana
Beth Goulden
Beth Goulden Year ago
She was just walking away smiling that was so cute
jennifer do
jennifer do Year ago
Not a banana but a benana
Pringles Year ago
I wish I wasnt a 12 year old with strict asian parents living in a third world couktry across the world
limonlu cupcake
Am ı the only turkish person in here where is the turkish holo sexuals?
Fabian Heider
Fabian Heider Year ago
Mr Husky in the background ^.^
Sunshine Australia
for holly wood u should of wrote: hOlO wOoD
Sarah MaeSings
Jasmine Adinda
y'all are so cUTE I'M CRYING
August Captor
August Captor Year ago
when Ben went on stage just to give her Starbucks I felt like this was couple goals 😂😂
Maddie Dixon
Maddie Dixon Year ago
Can anyone else relate to this ... Your in the car and your in the middle of nowhere and you have to pee out the tea but the nearest town is 1 hour away.My situation right now.😢
blood dragon
blood dragon Year ago
Ok, so what's the deal with Jenna? Who is she, and why does everyone talk about her ? I'm genuinely asking because I really don't know her It might have to do with the fact that I'm French and don't know a lot of US youtubers, just like not many people know French youtubers (which is a shame, we've got amazing ones), so can someone clarify it for me ? ^^'
blood dragon
blood dragon Year ago
@Angela Ok, thanks :) And seriously, check out French youtubers, a lot of them have English subtitles
Angela Year ago
blood dragon she’s like one of the original big US-firstrs in the US that’s still going and hasn’t either sold out or had their channel go to shit. US-first did sweep some channels under the rug at one point.
Brooke G
Brooke G Year ago
I'm new to the Holosexual community, so I'm catching up on all the Simply vids...stumbling across this video this morning brought me so much joy I can't even. When Ben brought your tea on stage and everyone lost their shit, I died. BEST. Thank you!
Maritza Barrientos
Ben was checking another women
Chase ☑️
Chase ☑️ Year ago
It’s refreshing to see actual decent people on US-first. Great role models for kids too. I think I’m actually becoming a fan of someone on US-first and I swore I’d never. I’m a 33 year old man and I watch a nail channel. Hath hell frozeneth overeth?
Ellé Year ago
This is just soooo cute 💓😭
Samantha C
Samantha C Year ago
What should have happened at 4:40 Guy: Because when like you think of a nail tutorial Cristine: Whats that?
Hannah Highborn
if I ever met Cristine and Ben I would say to Ben, Beyyyyyyynnnnn where's my tea LOL 😂
-Zara -
-Zara - Year ago
I feel like your whole house is goimg to be filled with holo😂😂😂😂😂
Little Angela11
Holo christine ps I purposely spelled your name wrong and BENS name right
blue cow
blue cow Year ago
12:35 you meen HOLOwood
Sarah Orozco
Sarah Orozco Year ago
So much goddamn filming, live in the moment
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Year ago
LOL MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marissa Knebl
Marissa Knebl Year ago
My one true love is in n out
Edith Hernandez
almonies Year ago
That must be so strange.
Clear Year ago
Sucurity hated you guys I wish I was there my mom says I'm too young to go somewhere like that
Elisabeth Animates
I died when I saw Jenna dan and phil
Bev Smith
Bev Smith Year ago
I’m sorry Simply I can’t watch lawyer ads even for you.
It Finally Happened...