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I wish I didn't open my Cristmas presents early...
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Dec 9, 2018




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Comments 100   
Marissa Newman
Marissa Newman 21 minute ago
‘MaykOver bEg’ lol
Alice in Disneyland
I feel bad for Ben
Amanda McKay
Amanda McKay 6 hours ago
Froggy 11 hours ago
I have question, Why do you tag some swears but not others even if its the same one and u tag it once but not again
Johanna Blackburn
, blurry and mint teaf🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦊🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Johanna Blackburn
You need to play girls go games please🐱🐱Riley and I are they cut you have
Some Rando
Some Rando Day ago
She was a cent away from getting $69.96
anxious child
anxious child 2 days ago
The unicorn part. I was crying.
lila is weird
lila is weird 2 days ago
Christine: 0:29 Me: Christine... why’d you wish this? 😀
babs 2 days ago
"there's so many people in here, how do I get out of here and quickly?!" okay but like this sentence suits 2020 perfectly
Naisa young 06
Naisa young 06 2 days ago
"BeEEeEn" Lol
Nathalie 2 days ago
*Piano falls down* Also piano: ✨s p a r k l e✨
elemeniah 3 days ago
Is this year f**king over yet? 2020: No.
Daryn andrews
Daryn andrews 4 days ago
Santa:- So what do u want for christmas? Me:-Can i have a dragon? Santa:-Tell something real Me:-I would want to go to korea meet my bias and have some Tteokboki Santa:-So which colour dragon would u like ? Me:-............
Nightwolf 1121
Nightwolf 1121 4 days ago
ben and Christine are like the PERFECT couple
Sherlyne Moreno
Sherlyne Moreno 5 days ago
i forgot this was pre-covid so i was like wtf where is her mask 😷!!🤪😂😂 then i checked the date😂 Love You ❤️❤️
Clous 6 days ago
First one reminds me of Nikita Dragons line
Aubrie Stewart
Aubrie Stewart 6 days ago
I started laughing when Ben said I think this unicorn girl turned into a unicorn woman
Chumon In Chains
Chumon In Chains 7 days ago
All children are fecophiliacs. Confirmed. Also, 5:52 Cristine: *full concentration* Beyn: ._.
ASMR i guess
ASMR i guess 7 days ago
The ad on this was for a chocolate pen so obviously the US-first algorithm thinks this is for kids 😅
charlotta koleta
charlotta koleta 7 days ago
When she said holo bless i was having an asthma atack
Ratamaster3000 8 days ago
JaguárTM 10 days ago
5:55 that's me and my parents looking on my laptop to see how much fucking homework my teachers gave me for my online classes
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart 11 days ago
Childhood isn't real so why should the toys be real.
LPS Pink Guava
LPS Pink Guava 13 days ago
The blank face on Ben's and Cristine's face watching the Poopsie Slime Suprise was priceless!🤣
Joei Christopherson
Little did she know what 2020 would be like.........Lol
Brianna Kotru
Brianna Kotru 15 days ago
7:22 😂
staci beschamend
staci beschamend 16 days ago
staci beschamend
staci beschamend 16 days ago
Heather M
Heather M 16 days ago
her: when is this year gonna be over?!?!?! me: if only she knew what 2020 held for us...
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 16 days ago
Beyn: Why do you need to take the monkey to the doctor? Disappointed ol' me: Cause them monkeys were jumping on the bed and one fell off and hit its head
prison mike
prison mike 16 days ago
period bad bleep
period bad bleep 17 days ago
and i genuinely liked the video
Thehufflepuffinme 1
I almost dies when ben said "heart shaped butt hole" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thehufflepuffinme 1
The barbie thing omg I used to have that lol I was like 8 💀💀 I'm dead
Drishti Gulati
Drishti Gulati 19 days ago
If Cristine is the adult then the child's opinion would be better 😂
evil potato
evil potato 19 days ago
You think you want the year to end in 2018 think in 2020
Marsha Motcheck
Marsha Motcheck 19 days ago
Nom nom lol
Just to comment Just to comment
Why were the online ones so true tho
Jack Woodward
Jack Woodward 22 days ago
Is this a ream second channel?
Tina Smith
Tina Smith 22 days ago
Its not a unicorn girl anymore is a unicorn woman lol I laugh so hard
Sarah B
Sarah B 22 days ago
We had Meghan Trainor take a few of our favorite holiday quizzes and it didn't disappoint 🎄 Watch the the video here: us-first.info/player/video/qtxuhY11op14eYk.html
Viswesh Seshan
Viswesh Seshan 24 days ago
Throughout the years I have watched numerous videos and none will ever be as funny as Ben saying “I think this unicorn girl just became a unicorn women”. I watch this video every couple of months just for that one line.
Ellie Edmonds
Ellie Edmonds 26 days ago
Ben: why am I here? Me in 2020: same bro same
Moon_Spells 26 days ago
3 Years Ago... My Mom: Hey What Do You Want For Christmas Me: POOPSIE SURPRISE Now... Me: Freedom from Quarantine
Nightcore Court
Nightcore Court 27 days ago
6:59 i wish that was what the fire alarm in my school sounded like so i wouldnt go deaf everytime it went off
Miriam Cuquerella
Miriam Cuquerella 27 days ago
I love how Ben is having none of it at 4.00
Astor the Gay Demon
2:23 I can't be the only one who felt that
Gie Veloso
Gie Veloso 28 days ago
This should be a series
Kiera Marshall
Kiera Marshall 29 days ago
anyone else wishes the full video was released on the main channel like it was supposed to be :(
Zoey Murphy
Zoey Murphy Month ago
Trust me I wish 2019 never ended I thought 2019 was bad but 2020 was a slide to hell
Selina Thoma
Selina Thoma Month ago
7:20 I cant 😂😭😭
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan Month ago
I had a fake vanity when I was like 4
Trin_Towers Month ago
“heart shaped butthole” i’m dead
siti.a Month ago
2020 had been so long that i was actually shocked she could go to the store without a mask. But then i realized it was 2018....
Claire Plays Roblox
me: watching this in 2020 also me: 😭😭 poor her
Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon Month ago
Ironic that she couldn’t wait for 2018 to end. She should meet 2020!
Chikiru Uchiha
Chikiru Uchiha Month ago
This is one of my favorite vids
Mina Bailey
Mina Bailey Month ago
they got foam makeup?!........ no fair i only got plastic
Dogo To Dogo UWU
Remember when we could actually go outside
Olivia Rainbow
Olivia Rainbow Month ago
I would choose an adult with 30 years of experience.
Cassidy Month ago
I am curious as why the sponsor didn’t work out
Kayleigh Hayden
Kayleigh Hayden Month ago
I spent ages rewinding this cause I saw a George sign in the Walmart - we have a supermarket in the U.K. called ASDA, and yeah they’re (used to be? Idk there been a lot of news lately about two brothers buying asda) owned by Walmart but I never though you had George in Canada/ The states 😂
Ivanna Guerra
Ivanna Guerra Month ago
Holo bless
Lila Torres
Lila Torres Month ago
I almost ran because when the fire alarm sounding thing went off, it sound like my school bell
Kerstyn Boseak
Kerstyn Boseak Month ago
I love that simply pucked up kitty litter too for her kids
dragon 1234
dragon 1234 Month ago
Praying when my brother leaves the house that’s what I want for Christmas
CarissaEllyn Month ago
Bye honey
chuuqie ??
chuuqie ?? Month ago
a good present idea for next Christmas: therapy
Riya G
Riya G Month ago
Ben: sneezes Me: OMG COVID
BelleRose Mettise
Please give us another kids toy review this year it's been too long and they are amazing 😂💕
non biodegradable trash
The bill: $69.7 Me: Nice
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson Month ago
I’m so confused as to what the fake Taco Bell logo (6:05) is supposed to say- best I can make out is twat smells and that certainly isn’t very child friendly
Alexa Sharnett Angelo
you bi#$ch
Everyone at the store watching them film random stuff: 👁👄👁
sonia quevedo
sonia quevedo Month ago
Remember when she did nail art
Kay's Beauty Breakdown
Lol you poor tormented souls LMAO!! BUTTTT I love it lol the unicorn craptastic surprise thing was my all time favorite LOL
Alyzza Evans
Alyzza Evans Month ago
yo am i the only one that just mis going to the store wit no mask
Reese N
Reese N Month ago
I love how she calls a 5 year old a b*tch
It’s Henka You Psycho
Gen z did have the best toys cause wtf is this
Uraraka Ochako
Uraraka Ochako Month ago
lol this is so funny
0:30 this is me on 2020
Some Body
Some Body Month ago
Fake Botox lmao
brinlyrocks Month ago
I had my captions on for some reason and it said clever little fox o-o Idk but I’m pretty sure it was suppose to say the f word XD
Ilona The artist
This is the amount of people that where here when she was a nail art Chanel ⬇️ ⬇️
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia Month ago
I wish I can go to Canada and Tell you how it is actually done and I love your videos
Abbey Phillips
Abbey Phillips Month ago
I’m watching in 2020 I wish 2019 lasted forever
Melanie Crabtree
Never let Ben have a daughter
Ashley Rainey
Ashley Rainey Month ago
why all I wanna know is why ;-;
Kelvin Rodriguez
I am mad I am disturbed I am dead inside I wish it was 2018 and you are here saying "Is this year over yet" someone get ride of 2020 plzzzzzz I am depressed help😭😭😞😩😫. F🖕🖕k Donald Trump
Navya Sriram
Navya Sriram Month ago
I just noticed theyre matching jackets and thats super cutee
Funtime Foxboi the animator
*I'm surprised that Ben didn't get bananas in the shop. I need a NOT LOGICAL REFUND.*
Jaycee Smith
Jaycee Smith Month ago
I fuckin hate ryan so thx so much
Galy V
Galy V Month ago
Late but my sister has some of these😂
Random Stranger
Random Stranger Month ago
The person who said their parents credit card number IS A FUCKING GENIUS
shirley Month ago
This is not the real chanell
kawaiix.stitch Month ago
Its October 2020 and I'm watching this to remind me of good times when we could go out without masks and social distancing. G o o d t I m e s
H&A 2 months ago
Well ther actually is kids lip infections
Khloe Cassidy
Khloe Cassidy 2 months ago
Hahahahahahhaha I literally got a Ryan toys reveiw ad watching this😂😂😂😂😂
audrey m
audrey m 2 months ago
I would LOVE to see the rest of that video