I AM NOT YET BEAUTIFUL PERSON CONFIRMED | SimplyFaceLogical at the Streamy Awards 2017 

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On my latest adventure to the Land of Beautiful People, I went to an award show for which I was nominated for Beautiful Person award! I also filmed a couple videos with Beautiful People, stay tuned for that!
Beautiful Person award winner announced: us-first.info/player/video/pKx-paaofXp6iJM.html
Check out the final cut of my US-firstr nails skit that was presented at the 2017 Streamy Awards to announce the First Person category nominees: us-first.info/player/video/eLx7gHprZmxrjoE.html
Watch how I put US-firstrs on my nails: bit.ly/US-firstrNails
The Beautiful People nominees:
Jaclyn Hill: us-first.info
Laura Lee: us-first.info
Manny MUA: us-first.info
Patrick Starrr: us-first.info
SimplyFaceLogical: us-first.info/player/video/aLx-rap6fZiFpGQ.html
Last year's simplyvloglogical from the Streamys (2016): us-first.info/player/video/fNxmiI58lmiom58.html
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Oct 1, 2017




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Goldenfredbear 202
Love how everyone is dressed up all fancy then we have cristine in a holo jacket. Such an iconic queen😌✨
Frances Wetton
Frances Wetton 5 days ago
TiNy FaNcY bAbIeS - simply
Yu Matthew
Yu Matthew 18 days ago
I miss jenna
Erica Sotto
Erica Sotto 19 days ago
Am I the only one who got excited to see Cristine in a picture with Molly Burke??
"WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
NINA CLARK Month ago
I remember when it was ok to leave your house
• Viviverse •
I heard Zach and Keith laughing why are they so loud
Manisha Jain
Manisha Jain Month ago
I hate beautiful ppl and that's why I love Christine
Silver Nightcore
No one: Absolutely no one: Simply: I’m A pOtAtO!
Lilly Hartman
Lilly Hartman Month ago
Cristine, what are you talking about, you are a very attractive and beautiful person.
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
Ahem ahem she glam she gore?
Cyra Novak
Cyra Novak Month ago
Savage Kathy
Savage Kathy Month ago
Christine , our queen here and the only beauty guru that doesn’t put on a sh*t ton of makeup and got nominated eventhough she uses those little sample swaps to apply eyeshadow .
Samara Sodhi
Samara Sodhi Month ago
Honestly , that outfit and the way she acts in general is sooo much better than the others (no shade) and makes her look like she is actually having fun (again no shade)
Catsoverhumans 2 months ago
4:27 A wild Kati appears!
Klara Barunović
Klara Barunović 2 months ago
Cristine,you are way more beautiful and real than those fake beauty guru people and nothing is going to change that!
Erica Wijaya 1302036
Hey...atleast they give you M&M's 0:50/0:51
Erica Wijaya 1302036
😂 (but i know Tea is very important to you 4give me plz😅)
Green Haired Adventures
Petition for the beautiful person award to be re-voted to have CRISTINE win
Fauziah Nur Izzati
Fauziah Nur Izzati 2 months ago
Cristine, Safiya, and Corinne need to do more collabs cause I think I deserved to see more of their collabs. They could come save the beauty community and I'll happily spend all of my money on them to make a good US-first video.
Angela's Crazy Life
Angela's Crazy Life 2 months ago
Isabella Barrios
Isabella Barrios 2 months ago
I heard Bon Jovi
nameera karim
nameera karim 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a kid with that jacket and makeup and shoes (no hate)
verytiny bean
verytiny bean 2 months ago
You are beautiful person lmao idk
BTS stan101
BTS stan101 2 months ago
At 6:00..... did anyone hear Zack from the try guys laugh really loudly? 😂😂😂
JIMIN - Topic
JIMIN - Topic 2 months ago
Mayø 15
Mayø 15 3 months ago
Oh gosh, when she started singing Black Hole Sun. I got flashbacks to my marching band show, when I played that song.
Fahima Chowdhury
Fahima Chowdhury 3 months ago
9:48 because it went fast i thought cristeen was in the suit case i cant spell cristeen oh yeah and DON'T ASK WHY I AM WATCHING OLD VIDEOS
Aakanksha Sonalkar
Aakanksha Sonalkar 3 months ago
she feels like the REALEST person out there. Love you cristine!!!!
Klara Barunović
Klara Barunović 2 months ago
Cheerios 3 months ago
She looks scary in the hotel
Ailish O'Connor
Ailish O'Connor 3 months ago
i think your WAY better than the ¨ Beautiful people¨
Saintly2 3 months ago
My dear, your natural beauty outshone the artificial masks. This is one time you didn’t need to apologize. 😘
•Killua_Is_ Gay_Like_Gon•
4:15 is that wild masochistic guy?!?!
Hannah bob
Hannah bob 3 months ago
I figured out what happened to her lips... SHE ATE THEM!!!
Eve Snyder
Eve Snyder 3 months ago
cristine with all the other booty gurus freaking out and yelling IMMA POTATO mood 😂
dumb bitch
dumb bitch 3 months ago
simply & ben + jenna & julien is the quartet we need to save 2020
Alison Beck
Alison Beck 3 months ago
I think you are a beautiful person
Aayana Shrestha
Aayana Shrestha 3 months ago
I just realized that the fountain area,i wemt there aswell aaaa I have no idea why i wrote that
NerdyGal 28
NerdyGal 28 3 months ago
Damien and Keith announcing Cristine filled me with joy.
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear 3 months ago
Is it just me or when it says into the wild then coyote Peterson looks at the cam like 👁👅👁
TheMafiaAdventures 3 months ago
Simply our queen 2019: ima potatoe If your wondering it’s 4:47
Maribel Salmre
Maribel Salmre 3 months ago
2 my favorite yt where in 1video Simplynailogical and LizaKoshy
Emmalyn Rose
Emmalyn Rose 3 months ago
Cristine: I look like a Vampire! Me: But you're a very pretty Vampire Cristine.
Abbey Lock
Abbey Lock 3 months ago
I just love her, such an unproblematic queen
Sharose h
Sharose h 3 months ago
Land of Beautiful people? Here in the US we call it the land of the douche bags
sneezeyfreez 3 months ago
6:02 i like how you can her zac and keiths laughters feom the backround🤣🤣🤣
Life as Stevie
Life as Stevie 3 months ago
Omg I love duck tails😂😂😂😂😂✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Dorothy Scott
Dorothy Scott 3 months ago
She met molly burke that was my fave picture
dailybujo 3 months ago
*ben reading flight departures and arrivals like a dad*
Grant Pax
Grant Pax 4 months ago
Wait was that coyote Peterson at 4:16
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson 4 months ago
Christine and Superwomen Are the only long-haired people I know
Jordyn J
Jordyn J 4 months ago
Wait she’s a booty guru ???
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn 4 months ago
At 4:14 it looked like everybody turned their heads to her! I love it!
MonkeySunSlime 4 months ago
Hey Guys!! Do you like my latest thumbnail??
Beth Mulgrew
Beth Mulgrew 4 months ago
is it just me that thinks most beauty gurus have the face of a boiled egg
Klara Barunović
Klara Barunović 2 months ago
WeaselToad 4 months ago
was tana mongoose there
Diah Larasati
Diah Larasati 4 months ago
awww cristine is so smol
Madelyn Castleleaf
Madelyn Castleleaf 4 months ago
your teeth shine brighter than my future
Vivi Game
Vivi Game 4 months ago
Imagine you’re sitting at the cool kids table and all of them got awards and you didn’t 😭
Ixa Cross
Ixa Cross 4 months ago
Music at 1:20 is Schumann's Horn Quartet Concerto, I love ittt\!!!!!
Miss Oreo
Miss Oreo 4 months ago
iM a PoTaTo same
Xio L.
Xio L. 4 months ago
Did she get the monkey????
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
I'm still laughing at this. Like. This is so funny 😂 She slayed~
that socially awkward Kid
Am I the only one thinking that Jen might be jealous cause cristine met Liza koshy.
Layla Howley - roblox crazy
04:16 the dude in the cowboy hat is from a channel called brave wilderness and he stings himself with ants
Eryn Uy
Eryn Uy 4 months ago
Cristine: IM A POTATO 🥔
Coconut Cat
Coconut Cat 4 months ago
Weekend x Warrior
Weekend x Warrior 4 months ago
Watching this in the future- seeing you and Jenna together I’m shocked the universe didn’t implode because YOU’RE BOTH SUCH BOOTYFUL PEOPLE 😭
Brianna Chapman
Brianna Chapman 4 months ago
how did patrick star from spongebob win
Panda Sisters
Panda Sisters 4 months ago
When u realize u live in la meaning u are a beautiful people ;)
Thomas Fury
Thomas Fury 4 months ago
I don't think Kristine knows that to be a beauty guru you have to get cancelled at least once.
Sunflower Squad
Sunflower Squad 5 months ago
6:00 who is that!?
Mobile157 Ngage
Mobile157 Ngage 5 months ago
Mubaraka Latiwala
Mubaraka Latiwala 5 months ago
The first thing She saw is Starbucks 😂😂
Lucy Isaacs
Lucy Isaacs 5 months ago
Pause at 5:48 and you can see Lauren and Alex together 😩😩😩
ASMR wuvley Rose bud
Coyote Peterson is in the back and he looked at u
Zazzy Christensen
Zazzy Christensen 5 months ago
4:48 IM A POTATO!!!!!
grace emily
grace emily 5 months ago
im loving watching this when everything is going on atm
Anonymous 5 months ago
5:52 i bet Jen's jealous
Roxan Amilexy
Roxan Amilexy 5 months ago
I’m still awaiting a video of Cristine, Ben, Corrine, Rob, Jenna and Julian! Gah what a dream it will be 😫💗
Everyone ‘The winner the winner!’ *points at cristine* Cristine ‘I’m A pOtAtO!’
Your local Dumb human
5:53 2 of my favs of US-firstrs everrrrrr
Julia St. John
Julia St. John 5 months ago
Cristine is like the only one of them who hasn’t gotten into any scandals
Marlee Di Angleo
Marlee Di Angleo 5 months ago
can we just appreciate how much better Cristine looked then everyone else???
Grace Gephart
Grace Gephart 5 months ago
ok but i want a collab with her and laurdiy
Sister Shook
Sister Shook 5 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Cristine's teeth are purrrrrfect
khaileen yvonne fausto
idk why she thinks she’s ugly. she’s super pretty i never seen a 30 years old women look like a 15 years old and those other beauty guru’s dont look that pretty without makeup and Cristine is the only one who’s pretty without makeup and can o just point out that the other beauty giru’s have cutesey back round and Cristine at the other hand have thousand’s of nail polish
mama mia
mama mia 5 months ago
4:17 is??? is that?? Coyote Peterson???
Anonymous 5 months ago
5:13 When my friends tell me to be on the photo and smile, but im on a bad mode....
Anonymous 5 months ago
No one: literally no one: Them: Winner! (points at cristine) Critstine: IM A POTATO!
kazzuo The Great
kazzuo The Great 5 months ago
Ben looks really sexy at 1:35
avery 5 months ago
cristine should've brought the peelies of the youtubers and given the superwoman hers when she won
Splish Splash Your opinion is trash
“IM A POTATO” -Cristine 2017
Nandini Bhadra
Nandini Bhadra 6 months ago
You are actually so beautiful. ❤
CHAYA IIMSR 6 months ago
At 2:25 cristine sounds like Miranda sings!
Mariana Piva
Mariana Piva 6 months ago
Cristine says she doesn’t like H’s, but Holo has an H!? Explain!
tory 6 months ago
aw wait lauren and alex were still together :(
Shannon Jackson
Shannon Jackson 6 months ago
Nevaeh Basnett
Nevaeh Basnett 6 months ago
yas holo queen u win for the holo queen and no one can top that but u :D im bored
Clo 6 months ago
5:07 when you feel left out at a party
Cloudsareorange 6 months ago
I saw coyote Peterson!!!
Ilse just me
Ilse just me 6 months ago
does someone know what happend to the monkey?!?!
When Satan Met 2020