Holographic Cat Pumpkin Carving | Threadbanger (un)box(ing) 

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Why go orange when you can go holo? Watch us unbox the Halloween Threadbanger box from these guys us-first.info and carve some vegetables. Or are pumpkins fruit...?
The Threadbanger pumpkin carving 2 hour live stream fuckeryfest was held on October 22 2016 for people who bought the box! You can get one here, or a holiday box!
Thanks to Rob and Corinne for letting me edit the shit out of their live stream.
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Oct 26, 2016




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Nate Abahazi
Nate Abahazi Month ago
I saw zyler during the intro and I thought, what a handsome man!
Vegar Kristiansen
ITS 2020
_ha1kyuu kageyama_
Random guy: *holds gun to Ben's head* Cristine:Becareful your nails!!
Krishna 2 months ago
Love the simply intro
Just a lil potato crossing the street
don't some foods like cake have drinks in them so...we all started drinking at like 3 or 4...oop
Who still watching this is 2020 ? 😂😂😂😂😂
Bel yeet
Bel yeet 4 months ago
Kids when vine was alive:savage OoOoOoO thug life!! Roasted Kids in 2020:I'm a savage classic bogie rachit sassy moody
Heather McCormick
Heather McCormick 5 months ago
I care lol
Nu Entrulion
Nu Entrulion 5 months ago
When she mentioned the Livestream of the Livestream at 4:03... well life's like that right now 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rainbow Harts
Rainbow Harts 6 months ago
Holo menci 🖐👋🐱
VX- 23gamimg
VX- 23gamimg 6 months ago
Yes that was cool
I NEED SOME SPACE 6 months ago
Just like quarantine time hahaha
Franny worldxo
Franny worldxo 6 months ago
You both are losers (JK) I was drinking when I was 1 years old. The story: me, my mum and my aunty, went to my older cousin's house and they had a plan to drink. Then fast forward, they all ordered 3 beers for them, and a orange juice for me. Then the 3 beers came but the beers were orange too and it looked like the orange juice...... but, the 3 beers were in shot glasses( I think). So they gave me the shot glass. My mum said this while telling the story, “you were talking all that time while we were there at your cousin's house, but when you drank the beer, you stayed quiet now”. *I translated it, so if it doesn't make sense, that's why*
Vasundhra 7 months ago
This is how we hangout with our friends these days... *LITERALLY* 😂😂😂
Krishna 7 months ago
I love the starting music 😍❤️💙
Kennedi McNealy
Kennedi McNealy 10 months ago
Why does Ben sound like my band teacher?😂
Jessica Year ago
5:03 Vacation foreshadowing of Rob complaining about being cold.
Samantha Davies
ItS HoLo😝😝😝😝🥰😘🥰😍🤩😻😻😻😻😻😻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜sorry no HoLo emoji
AsianXvibez zzz
AsianXvibez zzz 5 months ago
💿📀💽 Thank me later😌
Daddy's Angel
Daddy's Angel Year ago
10:04 IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!! Ok I'll go now
Ms_Pixi Styx
Ms_Pixi Styx Year ago
I have hollo nail polish Christine❤️❤️❤️!!!!
Jimi Hau
Jimi Hau Year ago
U know how u said its her talent its her only talent
Julia Juda
Julia Juda Year ago
These pumpkins are sooo good
Nicole Rose Ann
The ending was great, you and ben should continue to do that!
Elizabeth Wilson
Isabella Year ago
Why did youtube recommend this to me now...
kookie_loveee kookie_loveee
Savanna Rios
Savanna Rios Year ago
It’s mind blowing watching this video from 2016 and seeing how far you have come! Get it girl! 💛
Jessica Ward
Jessica Ward Year ago
Miley Anderson
Go to 2:54 and it looks like Ben is stabbing a bitch
Miley Anderson
Go to 2:22 and look at her face
Miley Anderson
Go to 2:22 and look at her face
Selma Year ago
This is the visual representation of listening to a podcast
Annushka Noor
Annushka Noor Year ago
holy shit I can't believe this came out three years ago...
Calvin Bird
Calvin Bird Year ago
Why did I only now find this video like this is amazing!!
Darbie Games
Darbie Games Year ago
one like for a 1% chance of cristine to steal zelda
Darbie Games
Darbie Games Year ago
and yes i know im late to the party
Jessica Servin
Oof Wait...oooooh holo cat duh Hehe *use your brain*
Llovellamas27 27
I’m watching this in 2019
b4bytaes Year ago
Rob before he had that whole death experience
Emmy Rose
Emmy Rose Year ago
Cristine: my arm hurts BeYNN: that was from earlier😏 Cristine:😶
Mele Uzeta
Mele Uzeta Year ago
wait...did you seriously start drinking when you were eight!?! Please noooo Cristine
Citlali Alvarado
Cadence Oerlemans
Probably my favorite ending of her videos
Jae1 3ilish
Jae1 3ilish Year ago
It’s almost H💿L💿ween bitches 🤣
Amelia Hicks
Amelia Hicks Year ago
5:00 omg!
Notpurrsueded Year ago
Didnt realize how much like Jen you seem in this video
Is it just me or when they black out on screen u get kicked out of US-first?
Aki's planet
Aki's planet Year ago
eefje eenhoorn
One of my friends is a big fan of u (i am too btw), and last year she dressed up as the scariest thing u could imagine: *FAKE HOLO!* She made a nailpollish bottle costume wich had 'holo' on it, but she made the costume.... *pearly!!!* (the horror)
Alix Year ago
Two years later they actually go on vacation together (in Canada no less!!) 😂😂
Jacie Harlamert
I love you so much, when I am feeling upset or sad I watch your videos and it makes me happy and laugh.
Trashman Year ago
That outro had so much chaotic energy and I'm here for it
Just Jada
Just Jada Year ago
Ben has a bald spot now he’s a real dad 😂
Faylyn Hillier
M’y dog is named Zelda and she keeps getting excited when she hears her name.
Bar de Beauty
Bar de Beauty Year ago
Bring Cristiiiinee!!!
9:41 thanks so much for watching and we'll see yall later bye
Honor Davis
Honor Davis Year ago
5:20 ⬇️
GeoGal TwoThousandFive
Omg you texted "we want Zelda" and my iPod did the *ding* thing with my friend texting me about a test. omg heart attack lol
Kai Chiasaki
Kai Chiasaki Year ago
cremes and holo tacos of every theme come together for holoween yes it is june and yes it is 2019 i am aware this was made in 2016 i don't care
XxOreo•Gacha• LifexX
Ben ur balding
Marijana Dujmović
Christine i put out the seeds out of that every fall
ayeblondiee _1
Post more on this channel plz I'm tired of watching old videos but I'll continue to do it until you unload again
Cassidy McHugh
This title reminds me of s(he’s) br(ok)en
Samara McKenzie
Congrats this is the first video I ever likes :3
YamiNoGame Year ago
Why does it seem that Ben never wants to be there or put up with Christine?
Lisa Poeltl
Lisa Poeltl Year ago
You should do a remix
Abby Faith
Abby Faith Year ago
I searched nail polish girl carving pumpkins to see if it would come up, and it did😂🤣💅🏻 🎃
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
Milly Rose
Milly Rose Year ago
9:69 lol
Ashley Werner
Ashley Werner Year ago
When i carve a pumpkin i get to use power tools. Im not even a teenager yet
samara weaver
samara weaver Year ago
halley amelia
halley amelia Year ago
Omg the kitty is so beautiful
Elizabeth Iline
i love barbie
Sir bean. bean
omg at 6:50 bens pumpkin looks so good! :D lol true talent
Queen in the North
Whenever Cristine is with/watches Rob, she starts swearing alot😂😂😂😂😂
Veronica V
Veronica V 11 months ago
I think its when shes with other people cuz she swears when jen is there or ben or literally anyone is with her
What am I doing, with my life?
Rob is drunk
diaana eberlina
Un means in Latvian and
Daniella Cobb
Daniella Cobb Year ago
e-girl who..???!!!! ILYSM
Scarlet Cooley
STFU and do more will it watermarble
Megan Wilcox
Megan Wilcox Year ago
Are you gay! 🏳️‍🌈????
badonkier Year ago
Wtf no!!!
Faith Stacy
Faith Stacy Year ago
aim comlah
aim comlah Year ago
My screen froze at this 0:08 and it was great.
cat lover XD
cat lover XD Year ago
When BEEEYYNN says your outro he sounds just like male Siri
Ryan H
Ryan H Year ago
Bens first drink was the same as Katyas... no one will probably ever get my reference
Ava Smith
Ava Smith Year ago
I am 10 years old I might not be a 12 year old smart ass but I am A 10 year old smart ass
Raven Eclipse
Raven Eclipse Year ago
Cristine, you are dirty minded. At somewhere around 4:30.
6:52 Cristine:we want Zelda! What I hear:We are fighting heros! (Don't ask why I heard one of the Naruto intros cause Idk either I'm just weird 😂)
Ela Dudley
Ela Dudley Year ago
Cristine- my arms hurting Ben- Thats from earlier today Me-😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
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One Simple Feather
Power outage Q&A- what did I do that made people think I’m bisexual? This video- it’s actually Corinne that I’m into
rayleigh bomar
rayleigh bomar 2 years ago
your holo cat should be their cats zelda
Gabriel Angel
Gabriel Angel 2 years ago
Wait, was Menchie trying to do that Nicki Minaj dance move in "Anaconda"??
maddy .l.n
maddy .l.n 2 years ago
You know this is an old video when u see that old intro...
bozena oramus
bozena oramus 2 years ago
Space Ace
Space Ace 2 years ago
Now there is a coffin in your back yard Rob
The Gaming Lidard
The Gaming Lidard 2 years ago
i it its its a its al its alw its alwa its alway its always its always g its always go its always got its always gott its always gotta its always gotta b its always gotta be its always gotta be h its always gotta be ho its always gotta be hol its always gotta be holo! its always gotta be holo its always gotta be hol its always gotta be ho its always gotta be h its always gotta be its always gotta b its always gotta its always gott its always got its always go its always g its always its alway its alwa its alw its al its a its it i
Watermarbling Pumpkins
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Angels Like You
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