he broke my nail polish 

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Apr 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
Aria Nelson
Aria Nelson 8 hours ago
Why the hell are there so many nail polish 💅
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 6 days ago
Ben you need to propose with a halo nail polish if you are married I’m so out of the loop
Bryar Ashby
Bryar Ashby 6 days ago
Beyyynnnn how dare you brake one jk jk LOL hahaha
Palak Chowdhary
Palak Chowdhary 6 days ago
The ending ❤❤
K's World
K's World 14 days ago
Wow My name
Wow My name 15 days ago
"You can take your Aires and L E A V E" ME, Execpt imma Leo (Close enough😂)
Mae Davies
Mae Davies 19 days ago
Aries bullshit
Tyler Albert
Tyler Albert 23 days ago
3:52 work cool down
Tyler Albert
Tyler Albert 23 days ago
0:58 Ben doesn’t respond
よしかわYuge 29 days ago
Cristine and Ben are like one of the few couples that I just honestly adore
Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki
He protecc But he also atacc (in Twitter)
Alaunt Month ago
I don't know why (maybe I do) but that first BEYYYYN had me cackling.
Kačka L.
Kačka L. Month ago
1:22 looks like a scene from the big bang theory when they made pennys headpieces and sheldon had coffe and said stuff.
Crab_ Abble
Crab_ Abble Month ago
midnight shadow
midnight shadow Month ago
Does anyone know that this is not the real simply!!??
LPS.out.of. thisWORLD
Sassy Ma
Sassy Ma Month ago
I'm scared Ben may kill you one day for getting on his nerves. I love ya but Ben may hurt you one day. White middle aged men are the scariest just saying. Be safe bye
Jorja Hann-Barke
I got a Starbucks ad on this video😂
Isobel F
Isobel F Month ago
Extras/outtakes aka 5 mins of Beyyyn getting in troube
Caroline Patricia
matte top coats 😁 Ben : it's foggy matte top coats 😑
shannon menendez
Mengi in the background like shut up 🤫
_Zane_Games Month ago
Guess what, she did rearrange it back xD FIVE MONTHS LATER
Milko Chew
Milko Chew Month ago
Natalie Espinal
Natalie Espinal Month ago
who here before she uploads her re reorganizing her polishes bc I saw them on her storyyyyyyyy
Tonya Shortridge
I like it in rainbow 🌈
Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen Month ago
She look like such a mom when she said “come help your mother clean” and that effect was EVERYTHING
It's.me. Dreamz
It's.me. Dreamz Month ago
I'm in love with the cat impressions,, 😂😂❤️
Eryn Uy
Eryn Uy Month ago
Me:bf i need water Remembers i have noone
Siya Mungole
Siya Mungole Month ago
why can't you just say VIBGYOR instead of ROYGBIV
Valentina Jovanović
Cristine: There's no more room- Beyyyn: *Drops like 2 nail polishes* Cristine: BEN!
David Church
David Church Month ago
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy best US-first ever
daftoptimist Month ago
I’m glad I’m not the only one who yowls back at my cat.
sam jia
sam jia Month ago
Ben is becoming homeless after CORONA
ashlyn miller
ashlyn miller Month ago
Ben: closest I ever came to failing a class was art In eighth grade Cristine: you failed the ✨fUcKiNg RaInBoW✨
sᴀᴅɪᴇ ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ
Ben only breaking one out of 2000 is one to many
Pauline Thiele
Pauline Thiele 2 months ago
This isn't the real simply nailogical is it
Isis life
Isis life 2 months ago
The last one
bonk 2 months ago
“i need the boxes ben- bEEEENNNNN”
S.B McRose
S.B McRose 2 months ago
As a rainbowww
Emily Williams
Emily Williams 2 months ago
Hey Ben The Order Of The Rainbow Is- Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Pink Purple
Erin McGraw
Erin McGraw 2 months ago
Why do I get major Julien energy from Ben?? Especially that thing with the boxes lmao
toffie_tastick_foxi 2 months ago
it looks really cool, but I'm a bit late to the party so i don't know if you changed it or not :/
leah gaming
leah gaming 2 months ago
Imagine a earthquake happend😂😂😫
LeaAnn Young
LeaAnn Young 2 months ago
Parinitha Jayyavarapu
clownboy italy
clownboy italy 2 months ago
my cat ran over once zyler started meowing
Honeybear_ 2 months ago
I like ze rainbow :3
I'm all about organizational order, by color shade. By brand or Rainbow order would frustrating because I paint by mood, what color do I feeeeeeel like today, so I would like all similar shades in the same section, from lightest to darkest etc. To me a rainbow order is a repeating pattern of shades that I would never be able to find the shade I wanted at the moment. Then again I'm like "Monk" and when I younger and had the physical energy to, I would organize the canned foods by type. Not alphabetical but Yes by same type of ingredients, it's more efficient. How many times have you reached in the cupboard Expecting to find a can of string beans and All you find is canned corn, ooops. Now you have to figure out plan B. - Yes I am that odd person who has always sanitized my door knobs long before Covid 19 and no I don't put them in the dishwasher because they would rust. 😎 ... Not so wacky now after all... Thanks for entertaining us. 🤗
xDigitalMonster 2 months ago
“I have so many weird nudes” That’s what she said lmao
rainyz 2 months ago
BEEE- i love how all the BEEEENNNNN screams are cut off
HoBi WaTeR
HoBi WaTeR 2 months ago
Cristine:“He prottec me” Me: watches another video of Ben choking her
Paula Choi
Paula Choi 2 months ago
Which one did he break??
Caitalin Campbell
Caitalin Campbell 2 months ago
He protecc He no attacc But most Importantly he put the nail polish bacc
Addison Long
Addison Long 2 months ago
Do you use ilnp
Sadia Khalid sharif
Sadia Khalid sharif 2 months ago
ray shirogane
ray shirogane 2 months ago
Ooooooooo ben is in trouble
Flora B
Flora B 2 months ago
Lol this funny
Ally S
Ally S 2 months ago
Ben: red orange yellow blue green violet Cristine: 😩 Me: trigged
Gabriela Hems
Gabriela Hems 2 months ago
i like it rainbow order it's more organized so if u take one you know exactly where it was.
Ominous Narwal39
Ominous Narwal39 2 months ago
“You and your Aires can LEAVE!” *sniff* okay I’ll go...
Elise Matter
Elise Matter 2 months ago
roygibv is the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet BBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Virtual Kitten
Virtual Kitten 2 months ago
0:19 is like a giant combo of sayings but made into one expression.. “wtf did you say to me?” “Are you serious?” “No s$!t Sherlock!” “You know I’m doing this for free?!” “Did you just-“ “No” “Are you kidding me?”
Sara Eskandari
Sara Eskandari 2 months ago
Can I say this is the worst decision you've ever made I'm talking about the part that you organized your nail Polish
Orin Dutta
Orin Dutta 2 months ago
2:39 Thats LITERALLY me and my cats having a meow(rap) BATTLE!!
Kiwi kitty Gaming
Kiwi kitty Gaming 2 months ago
I will cry if y’all breakup
Ak Bonjour
Ak Bonjour 3 months ago
I just want to know where the couch came from lol
Skylar Mckee
Skylar Mckee 3 months ago
cloudqueen YT
cloudqueen YT 3 months ago
*Conspiracy theory:* She did this to hide the rainbow collection from us
Terrance G
Terrance G 3 months ago
Ben: (drops nail polishes) The cats: *Poor Ben... At least we're not to blame for this mess.*
🖤🤍🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤🤍🖤Cristine has the same step ladder as me🖤🤍🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤🤍🖤 I love your channel so much cristine 😁😁😁 and I hope quarantines going good for you and I hope you have a nice day/midday/evening/night😁😁😁 Your videos are so funny when I have online school and a person says something really mean and the teacher knows but says nothing about it 😭😭😭 And well I watch your videos after online school you cheat me up so much I have cats specificity 3 of them and my cats cinnamon and cookie and they Look just like ziler and menchie but cookie looks like menchie but he’s a boy and cinnamon is a girl and my other cat chocolate chip is a girl and there So cute I just love my cats and yours I have 4,079 bottles of nail polish on my shelf’s in my room 😂 including your holotaco nail polishes like Everyone of them #holotaco #longestcomentiveeverwrote
I have so much more nail polish than cristine
pastelcloud 3 months ago
She has SO MANY Nail polish that even 50 broke, it wouldn't be that noticeable.. And me here, sitting only 3 nail polish that's dried up😅😅😅
Isabelle Marie Schyum Mejer
Ben you are now arrested due to -Not knowing the rainbow -Nail polish abuse -Wasting Cristines money by breaking her nail polish
BeyondTriheart 3 months ago
Like a true aries
miss rainbow
miss rainbow 3 months ago
Bennnn how dare u >:3 Ben: ;(
dumb bitch
dumb bitch 3 months ago
all my cats were staring at my phone when cristine and zyler were meowing
YUuH 3 months ago
Looks like someone is sleeping on the coach
Zebial 3 months ago
Not enough people are talking about how grossly adorable the ending scene was in this video. I love it
grace barnes
grace barnes 3 months ago
Ben cares so Christine doesn’t have to 😂
Angie’s Lovely Cosmetics
Go check out my Depop(angieslovelycosmetics)
Hannah Horan
Hannah Horan 3 months ago
Is anyone like curious what brands of nail polish she has
Carli Olsen
Carli Olsen 3 months ago
smh Ben.
Delaney Centeno
Delaney Centeno 3 months ago
She treats Ben like he is a slave
An idiot who sings
An idiot who sings 3 months ago
jenna and christine can relate, it’s the aries
Olivia Soriano
Olivia Soriano 3 months ago
Ben looks so annoyed 😂
Rylee’s World
Rylee’s World 3 months ago
Like it
Potatoes 3 months ago
Ben having no respect for nail polish bottles
Brianna Chantelle
Brianna Chantelle 3 months ago
i love it better like this
XxMia_ SquishxX
XxMia_ SquishxX 3 months ago
What if Ben breaks all her nail polishes in the middle of the night 😱😱😱
Ashton Blake
Ashton Blake 3 months ago
Roygbp there you go ❤️ (Red,Orange,yellow,green,blue,purple)
Peko Kirigiri
Peko Kirigiri 3 months ago
US-first:this content is for children. Me: are you sure about that?
Ava Backus
Ava Backus 3 months ago
Shauna Dyer
Shauna Dyer 3 months ago
Alastor But with a gun
ok but did he break a holo
Neha 3 months ago
*I dOnT nEeD tO kNoW thEir oPiNiOn* savage😂👍
The Cliche Future Cat Lady
sour cream and onion
Is it just me or would Christine look great with a pixie
Mikayla Taylor
Mikayla Taylor 3 months ago
0:32 Simply got a little bit fiesty there lol
Autumn-? 3 months ago
It look,s good
Ember’s Daily life vlogs
I’m not the only one that talks to the cat