Going Through My Unread Emails (they wanted to sponsor his proposal lmao) 

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The number of unread emails I have is Simply Not Logical.
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Jun 2, 2019




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Marcela Rodríguez R.
The more I watch this videos the better I understand why do you choose Ben as your boyfriend, he is handsome but there are lots of handsome guys... But he is inteligent, wise, fun, and he takes care of you in such a lovely way that is so beautiful to watch videos like this, we laugh and love you so much as a great couple ejejejeje You guys rock! ejejeje
Athari Najeeb
Athari Najeeb 4 days ago
That’s a little emails mine is about 1 million
Rida Adil
Rida Adil 5 days ago
Fruitpunchmouth 8 days ago
instead of getting married, they can get some snacks and use that cash to pay their bills and buy more nail polish for Cristine.
Gibby Sonson
Gibby Sonson 9 days ago
Who thinks she shoukd make this a series where she does this and drinks tea called *Tea-Mails*
McScoot Scoot
McScoot Scoot 10 days ago
My mom has 14 years worth of unopened emails
Lalepaula 12 days ago
I love Cristine’s sweatshirt. The color is so pretty 😍. I would love holo taco to make a holo nail polish in this color 💅🏼.
Zoe Michele
Zoe Michele 14 days ago
They should have done the ring one and had her say no 🤣
Rᴀʏ 15 days ago
My mom has 108,910 unread emails- I-
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 19 days ago
I wanna hear Ben's thoughts on Jake and Tana's fake marriage. I feel like he would have a lot of insight. Lol.
Emmy Rose
Emmy Rose 25 days ago
Be careful where you spill the tea because tea stains.
Jane auger
Jane auger 25 days ago
@micarah tewers (fellow youtuber) did a lasik eye surgery video and she made it really positive so if ben were to get eye surgery he could probably made it positive just like she did.
Froggy 26 days ago
I have 775 unread emails.. and I’m a 13 year old that does not have any social media oof
MeiMei 29 days ago
let's just remember 70k is unopened so there's most likely even more in that inbox
coolcupcake 145
coolcupcake 145 Month ago
The email that was meant to be sent to Safiya made me laugh because I was just watching some of her videos a few minutes ago.
Yasaman Babamohammadi
That moment when she predicted 2020 correctly
Go go with LoLo
Go go with LoLo Month ago
Does she not know there’s a delete all feature
Eve K.
Eve K. Month ago
ben’s so shady i love him
This is the video where you can actually see the difference between before she works out and now ...
Random Rosie Stuff
Simply Not Logical
Navya Sriram
Navya Sriram Month ago
I can't believe I actually bothered but after some sleuthing found out that the ring company is James Allen
Liv loves dance
Liv loves dance Month ago
she keeps nail polish tea sweatpants and now emails
Idon’tknow studios
Zak C
Zak C Month ago
"They may be forced into retirement next year" Cristine told the future... big time 🙏
Mimi K
Mimi K Month ago
Ben: i wana see a baby sponsored by a company Me: ya mean Gerber?
Kathleen Devers
Kathleen Devers Month ago
Tbh I’d take most of these sponsorships without thinking twice 😹 especially the lasik one! I have a VERY different income than you guys though I’m guessing
Ananya Das Sharma
Ananya Das Sharma 2 months ago
Cristine in 2019: Many people may be forced into retirement next year 2020: iT's NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe
Megan 2 months ago
15:17 did Cristine say “hello” and not “holo?” 🤔
Natalie Lorentz
Natalie Lorentz 2 months ago
“Joey M.”, from Rhode Island, has managed to amass 4,294,967,256 unread emails in his inbox. He is the current world record holder for most unread emails. Jun 28, 2016, get on his level you really need to beat him
Owlwasfound 2 months ago
8:15 when simply said there are sponsored marriages and had the emoji over her face I immediately thought of Jake Paul-
Liannasupergirl 2 months ago
Jeez, i thought my mom had alot of emails
Caitlin James
Caitlin James 2 months ago
The “they might be forced into retirement next year” hits different now
•Hazardous Mess•
Each and every email Especially the proposal sponsor Made me slowly bite into my cookie
Siva Gurram
Siva Gurram 2 months ago
okay how man of you all want a part 2??
fermosos latines
fermosos latines 2 months ago
We need a part II :)
Gioia Mariella
Gioia Mariella 3 months ago
Trivago should contact you !!! After all this quarantine stuff is over. Trivago + agoda = helpful apps
AmeTsunami 3 months ago
Dude, imagine a sponsored baby. Woman giving birth: AHHHH THIS BABY IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!
Alex Wohlgemuth
Alex Wohlgemuth 3 months ago
I have 5294 unread emails and I’m 17. I think most of them are from websites
Arohi Singh
Arohi Singh 3 months ago
So skinny omg she looks like she has her head plastered on that bodie
Syed Amanur Rehman
Syed Amanur Rehman 3 months ago
15:15 hello? Seriously??? ITS HOLO CRISTINE!!!!
Jazlynn Liew
Jazlynn Liew 3 months ago
Bish,who the freak has time to write a email!
Kathryn Pelaez
Kathryn Pelaez 3 months ago
0:31 me lying to my fam abt my popularity lol😂🥴
Ellie Scaffidi
Ellie Scaffidi 3 months ago
Anyone else notice the zyler paw appearing around 3:30? l l V
V HS 3 months ago
lack of a baby, brought to you by durex
Lia Morris
Lia Morris 3 months ago
Responding to emails: no Agreeing to sponsorships: no Cristine giving them attention: no Hotel: travago
Dreaming_Unicorn1 3 months ago
I have the ears that shes wearing
Brooklynn Donnelly
Brooklynn Donnelly 3 months ago
Omg my knuckle hit the unsubscribe but don’t worry I cancelled it
Kashish Babbar
Kashish Babbar 3 months ago
not interested in marriage??????????
Potate Club
Potate Club 3 months ago
My mom 0:00
Destiny Rivera
Destiny Rivera 3 months ago
Tea time is all the time bitches
Caroline Marvin
Caroline Marvin 3 months ago
*Has literally MILLIONS of subs* still uses I movie lol
Helene Schulz
Helene Schulz 3 months ago
I love these reflections times with Ben and Cristine explainibg how the world works
veellia 3 months ago
*gets down on one leg* “Will you marry me?” “YES YES YES!!” “where’d you get this ring??” “speaking of this ring, i’d like to thank our sponsor-“
Lucy Oakley
Lucy Oakley 3 months ago
U make another video On this please ❤️❤️
Izzy 3 months ago
the fact that underneath this i got an engagement ring ad-
Alexis 3 months ago
Imagine they got an email from troom troom telling them to either join or to stop making fun of them ahahahahha also someone found the actors real instagrams.... they from Ukraine
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Lol I'd die for that video
rubyalacookiequeen boo ya
Probably the only company she would promote is a tea company be because she loves tea
JustinK 14
JustinK 14 3 months ago
Email: “Safiya” Ben: “Safiya” Closed Captions: “SoFiA”
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
@tea_in_cup why tho
tea_in_cup 3 months ago
not funny smh
bokuto tehe
bokuto tehe 3 months ago
Crazy Cats
Crazy Cats 3 months ago
All the people say wen are you getting married to Cristine she’s not and stop being a bich
Crazy Cats
Crazy Cats 3 months ago
Cristine you don’t need to get married
Jessyica42 3 months ago
McScoot Scoot
McScoot Scoot 4 months ago
My mom has a work email that she hasn’t opened in 14 YEARS
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Lol my mom doesn't even use it ever
Lizabeth Schoettler
Lizabeth Schoettler 4 months ago
Hihihihihohihoho hoo hello
Girly Skullz
Girly Skullz 4 months ago
Could have made it into like a promise ring 🤷
Jayla Kassaby
Jayla Kassaby 4 months ago
“Everyday I open my email, and then I close it” I don’t think there’s anything more relatable than what she just said.....
Eirnna Yussof
Eirnna Yussof 4 months ago
I got an ad I'm still watching the ad
Debbie Ryan
Debbie Ryan 4 months ago
The companies that sent the emails watching like 👁👄👁
Jenna Phillips
Jenna Phillips 4 months ago
This video proves how much Cristine cherishes her followers and I love it
Samira Hussain
Samira Hussain 4 months ago
Adam saleh didn’t lie about it it was true he didn’t even have his camera on him but love I guys soooooo much tho 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ava Devani
Ava Devani 4 months ago
Here's a video idea: do a vid of support for your fans and give us your email on one of your social media and we will email you about things that we need support on such as LGBT questioning and depression and stuff like that personally you have always been the type of person to support all races and gender and sexuality so if you see this please take this into consideration and if you haven't seen it please please like so that cristine can see it thank you
Mehlsuppe 3 months ago
Those would be thousands. She has the heart, but just not the time and energy for that.
Soraya Raiss
Soraya Raiss 4 months ago
hi C *h* ristine
Aarohee Gondkar
Aarohee Gondkar 4 months ago
Avrixea 4 months ago
Ayleen RB
Ayleen RB 4 months ago
some guy ✨slid✨into my emails i said no ❤️
Ayleen RB
Ayleen RB 3 months ago
Dot what gave it away 👁👄👁
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Aye are you gen z ?
Barbara Fava
Barbara Fava 4 months ago
I am a blogger but I also have an associate degree in digital marketing. It is above sad, that there are companies who still try the "pay the shipping" sh*t when they are basically going to charge people the price of their product (shipping of 20USD? Really?). Or those companies who are like "hell yeah, we are going to BLESS YOU with an ASTONISHING discount of 70%off on our stuff, you only have to write a blog post/make an IG post/send us 5 HQ edited photos/make a 5 minutes video review". When they are aware that to do all of this, a blog does cost money, build a following costs money and a lot of time and dedication, shooting a video or photos, costs a lot with lights, a pro camera, pro lenses, tripod, location, time, editing programs... Sometimes I do accept collaborations for products (EX: very small but honest companies, local businesses, long-term partnerships) but mostly I accept only paid ones, especially for the blog and for IG. Stop paying these scammer companies to work for them. They would pay a photographer, models, actors, makeup artists etc-etc. to produce a video or a post. You're doing all of this on your own: VALUE YOUR DAMN TIME AND EFFORT.
Charles Devey
Charles Devey 4 months ago
I like the gabbie Hanna who
House M.D.
House M.D. 4 months ago
I would get a laser surgery!!!
joud 4 months ago
The Stupid
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Wut ?
Living with Maddy
Living with Maddy 4 months ago
15:33 ooooh wait till you hear about CHANEL MMEEEEEEEMBERSHIPSSSSSS
Ash• 5 months ago
Guys! They always tell you that they don’t see a point why they should get married. I meannn they have matching tea cups XD
Lara Laoise
Lara Laoise 5 months ago
Has anyone ever realised that the eye surgery company is the same one James Charles got? Nope, just me 🙃
Alisocks 5 months ago
Anyone else see the "What do you think" at 4:15 😆😆😆
Mariah 5 months ago
Do you guys think you'll ever get married (but without a wedding)
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Bruh they said it billion times " no "
Mehlsuppe 3 months ago
They made a podcast about their relationship and talk about it there.
Kelsey 4 months ago
No they don't see the point of marriage at all
meesh.millews 5 months ago
i literally just noticed her holo trashcan. lol
Bewildered 5 months ago
Roots should sponsor you
rimona maad
rimona maad 5 months ago
defy is dead and no one is pissed lol
marthymark 5 months ago
Ben talks sooooo calm and its so calming
Grace Skommesa
Grace Skommesa 5 months ago
“Might be forced into retirement NEXT year” I’m sorry but I think Cristine predicted 2020...
You looin simply skinny
Mehlsuppe 3 months ago
She's simply fit.
Sour Apple
Sour Apple 5 months ago
This was posted exactly 364 days ago 🤭 remind me to edit this comment on June 3rd, 2021 :)
I like water
I like water 3 months ago
Well okay 👌🏻
Rebornsbysavannah 6 months ago
16:30 uhm did she just predict the pandemic lmaoooo
Silly Suzy1000
Silly Suzy1000 6 months ago
I find it funny that Simply is like a little kid having fun in her videos but then Ben is like POLITICS!! BEING A DAD!! WORLD PROBLEMS!!!
The Living Disaster
The Living Disaster 6 months ago
Okay so I know this is kind of an old video... but the company my dad was working for at the time literally payed for my birth, so... does that count as a sponsored baby?
Scar Xx
Scar Xx 6 months ago
I love the small bobbing ginger head in the background at the start
Mary Kate Muretta
Mary Kate Muretta 6 months ago
OMG, so, I’m watching this on my iPad and when you got to the email address to Saf, SIRI LITERALLY HEARD YOU AND THOUGHT I WAS ASKING FOR HER I can’t stop laughing!!! 😂😂😂😂
Moriah Evenson
Moriah Evenson 6 months ago
she messed up the intro to this one. she used her main channel simply nailogical intro instead of simply not logical
Sophie Coles
Sophie Coles 6 months ago
Oh my God my friends tell me I have a lot of emails I have 20,500 but Christine you have bloody 70,000 shit
Lemon_36 6 months ago
They were doing simplypodlogical before it was made
Lemon_36 6 months ago
I know it's not up there *yet* but I'm still trying to find the holo taco on her shelves
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???