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You could say we are going to send a lot of cats to college with this money!! Thank you so much to everyone who bought my cat merch, we really appreciate your support! Our chosen charity was my local animal shelter in Ottawa, Canada: bit.ly/OttawaHumaneSociety2
Cat merch was limited edition: bit.ly/SimplySwagShop1
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May 31, 2017




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Simply Not Logical
Simply Not Logical 3 years ago
6 MONTH UPDATE: The white cat Elsa was adopted shortly after this video was made and I just received a kind email and some photos from her new loving family! She gave me permission to share it with you guys, here is the link to my tweet with the pics
Megan Merrells
Megan Merrells Month ago
Simply...... I think you need another cat
Mini Mushroom
Mini Mushroom 5 months ago
All these cats are sooooo pretty and cute!!!!!!
What 7 months ago
Cristine my cousin adopted a cat named Elsa! But it’s probably not her because they aren’t in Canada
ashley _gachaplays
Aweeee congrats
A random Hufflepuff
Thank you!
Srishti Bangari
Srishti Bangari 3 days ago
That is why you people are the best and my favourite😍 😊😊🤗
Hayden Fishburne
Hayden Fishburne 7 days ago
this video made me cry
Snakes Rule!
Snakes Rule! Month ago
The parakeet looked like my parakeet Sophia
period bad bleep
period bad bleep 2 months ago
[ Everyone liked that ]
Beans Lc
Beans Lc 2 months ago
That poor black kitten has a little bald spot......... I’m adopting that cat now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meow🐈 2 months ago
How dare you go home smelling like other cats?! 😾😾
X_ Squidalib _x
X_ Squidalib _x 3 months ago
I just got a kitten and I’m so happy your finding homes for kittens like her in Canada ❤️ We do this thing every winter where we buy extra cat food because we already have cats and a bag of toys to our local cat shelters I know it’s not as much as $25000 But it makes me happy to know some cats can play with their new toys xx
Kye Furrie
Kye Furrie 3 months ago
Dumb idea but do you ever thing you’ll do this again? I really wanted to get a Hoodie but was out of work at the time. Plus another opportunity to raise money as well?
Ash• 4 months ago
*but mom ):* GIMME LAMBO
Zhi Yi Chen
Zhi Yi Chen 4 months ago
Now I want a cat name gizmo
N Mac
N Mac 4 months ago
I'm always amazed that Ben is allergic to cats but loves them!!!!! Find a man like Beyn
Candy_Apple 5 months ago
Soggy Peaches ッ
Soggy Peaches ッ 5 months ago
YUM CLIP 5 months ago
plese donate money for my cat for food
Lil Turtleshell
Lil Turtleshell 5 months ago
No joke I went there to look for cats and their names are still there😂
Erinn Fitzgerald
Erinn Fitzgerald 5 months ago
Wow, what an awesome thing you guys did!! I'm an avid animal lover (especially dogs, I have 3 of them, plus 2 cats, 6 birds) & watch lots of animal rescue videos so I have one thing to say that I'm not intending to offend with... that particular rescue doesn't look like they're struggling (along with Mr Suit wearer 😘). So I would've loved seeing that money go to struggling anim ask rescues, eg- Animal Aid in India. They do awesome work with the very limited amount of donations & resources & really need financial support. I hope I'm not attacked for what I'm saying & I'm not wanting/meaning to offend, but que sees sera, I'm just a huge animal lover 😊🙏
BOom SHAka lAKa
BOom SHAka lAKa 5 months ago
Awee Ik I'm late but THIS IS THE CUTEST VIDIEO I'VE EVER WATCHED The Cuteness Is killing me!! ♡︎♡︎
Nadia Iwanek
Nadia Iwanek 6 months ago
During quarantine I've been reaching most of your mail videos and cat related videos. Since I've been on my own in a foreign contry during the pandemic I was inspired to volonteer as a Foster home for cats. So far I've relocated one, still have a old amazing kitty at home and today Im getting two kittens to foster. Thank you for being inspiring. (I'm also studying, stay in school kids)
Grace Conant
Grace Conant 6 months ago
This video gave me chills! So amazing!
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 6 months ago
i love canadians.
I cant buy your merch my dog would sew me
I would do the same thing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Delilah Sauve
Delilah Sauve 6 months ago
I got my doggie there!
Andrea Cary
Andrea Cary 6 months ago
Heh heh most of the Murch on the buyers are Menchie
Clara Brandão
Clara Brandão 6 months ago
me, a year ago, not having a cat: oh cute me now, after taking an ill kitten in and adopting her and figuring out I love cats: still cute but now I'm crying
Ellie Fox
Ellie Fox 7 months ago
this just proves how much Cristine loves her job
Sodanou Tang -តាំង សុដានូ
Please adopt don't shop !!!!💙💙💙💙🐈🐈🐈🐕🐈
Kittie Nail Tutorials
My name is Kittie lol 😂
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise 7 months ago
She could have bought loads but this proves she is the best
Dev Mazumdar INC.
Dev Mazumdar INC. 7 months ago
Bought one or two... Jokes on you, I bought 10.
athena cochrane
athena cochrane 7 months ago
I love how the cats are so friendly and are willing to be around humans. I feel like this shows that they are being cared for because they're so non-hostile towards people.
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise 7 months ago
I love the way u made thousands and gave it to the shelter what a queen 👑
Alan Dickinson
Alan Dickinson 7 months ago
I cried when I watched this
Megan Olson
Megan Olson 7 months ago
Cristine!!! When a cats ears are back like at 4:46 that means they hate what ur doing and their mad. You know when their really pissed if their ears are really far back and start lookin like pikachu
person 8 months ago
I NEED THEM ALL They all deserve a warm and happy home with family that will treat them as there child and I would like to formally take that position (≧∇≦)/
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 8 months ago
So, when are you guys going to sale some more of those very cute kitty’s T-shirts and sweaters??? Like to get one too!!! Love kitty’s, and we have one too!!! His name is Tigger, my kids love him too!!!
F You
F You 9 months ago
What? Ben is such a hypocrite, cries about unethical practices and humans suffering inhumane working conditions....gives 25,000 to a pet charity while living with a millionaire. Hah
Musical Ho Nana
Musical Ho Nana 9 months ago
Sorri im broke im 11 and I live in Philippines
iris. vls
iris. vls 9 months ago
Why dus this video make me (almost) cry?
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 9 months ago
i swear canadians are a different breed of the human race. theyre just incredible people. i mean come on she didnt spend the money on her own brand or anything, she gave it away. shes just such a beautiful human. all americas should be like canadians honestly.
cbjgirl23 10 months ago
Anyone else shocked she didn’t end up coming home with another cat?
mations 10 months ago
my cat died a few months ago so this makes me happy and sad at the same time
SourSunshine 10 months ago
Sheana McLaughlin
Sheana McLaughlin 10 months ago
Ok I’m late you a lot of of your videos but I think you are awesome. If you happen to do this again, there is a awesome lady here in Almonte who takes in strays and finds them homes who I think would also benefit from your generosity :) you don’t have to but obviously but it’s a thought :) and it’s close to home ;)
Elza K
Elza K 10 months ago
Hey, my name is Elsa
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 10 months ago
do those little furry orphans know they have been noticed by cristine the science queen
AnaBarbara ChavezMora
AnaBarbara ChavezMora 10 months ago
Allison Flynn
Allison Flynn 10 months ago
I hate this video for one reason i want to go and get all of them but i still love this video
Bubbly kitty
Bubbly kitty 11 months ago
When I work and have money I would definitely do tis kind of things 🙂
Just a Weirdo
Just a Weirdo 11 months ago
Im shook u didnt cry lol
Safire Sunflower
Safire Sunflower 11 months ago
Adopt them alllllll and make them holosexual
Nikunj Solanki
Nikunj Solanki 11 months ago
I want to serve Spinal Paralysis Cats as a home,But the problem is happening, please if you help me, then if we can cure the sick cat, please help someone else.
Khiêm Gia
Khiêm Gia 11 months ago
Cristine is just like MrBeast but instead of giving money to humans, she gives money to cats
• Active •
• Active • 11 months ago
Who is like Cristine get a MEMBER NOW
Elizabeth Lawson
Elizabeth Lawson 11 months ago
Not all the shelters in Canada are like that. My local shelter looks like a cat hoarder’s house. There are 300+ cats and they don’t have individual cages for every cat. Now there’s a feline virus circulating the place and every cat is sick. They rarely adopt out their cats because they won’t allow the cats to be outdoor cats. I’m in a farming community and most people aren’t looking for a pet, they want barn cats. My friend went there and offered to take 12 cats because he didn’t have any barn cats. They said no. Another friend brought a cat in but they were so rude to her that she didn’t trust them with the cat. I’m thinking about calling animal control and having the place looked into.
Fathima Vp
Fathima Vp Year ago
Okay even her cats are rich😒. Why are u living fathimaaa whyyyyyyyyyyy
Hristine C
Hristine C Year ago
I think its really nice to donate this money for such an amazing charity and i love cat(even have one) but i hava one question dont u like and and dogs
FuzzBall Year ago
Simply: me Me: haha same Simply: after food Me:oh.....
Jen Year ago
I volunteer there and even to just be considered you have to submit a criminal record check and do about 4 hours of training. It's so rewarding though and it's a 2 hour bus ride from my house to there twice a week. But so worth it.
Maya Year ago
Fun fact I got my dog and cat from the humane society
Maddie Parks
Maddie Parks Year ago
If you see this, it would mean a lot if you donated to @t . It helps more than 85,000 women (and even more shockingly, girls and babies) who suffer from rape. Your donation provides critical front-line support for survivors of sexual violence in Congo, healing bodies, minds, families, and communities
Christina Brennan
I'm seeing this 2 years too late, but it's crazy, I actually got my cat Sam from the OHS in September 2017 and I know from his medical history he was surrendered to them on May 25th, 2017. If you saw him he was probably being a scaredy boy hiding in a corner because he is VERY shy, but thank you so much for your contribution so fuzzy boys and girls like him can be neutered/spayed and taken care of so they can wait happily and healthily for their forever homes! I like to think Sam is the happiest little cat now and I never would have met him if it weren't for the wonderful staff at the OHS!
Łãÿ Łä
Łãÿ Łä Year ago
This is so nice but why I’m crying 😅😂
Sonja SkatingStinger
I want a cat even more now
K kitty Cat kat
This is everything Cristine and Beyyyn. ❤🐕❤🐈
Angela M-O
Angela M-O Year ago
I have been a vet tech for 14.5 years. Thank you for having the compassion to donate money to a shelter!!! We need more people like you!
Jessica Year ago
Ahhh! How do you not adopt like all the kittens?!?
melli lip
melli lip Year ago
6:20 minutes of happiness
midknight mixon
Right now I have 4 cats and at one point I had 10 cats and if we had it would have been cat-tastrophe
Manicole Armel
Im going to Canada now baii
Emma Lewkovitz
So sweet
Melly Schuyler
One time I was watching your channel, and my friend said “oh I don’t like her, she seems like a horrible person” and I stood up, shoved this video in her face and was like, “BITCH”
Pagu Sanda
Pagu Sanda Year ago
I almoust cried waching this video i neam its SOOOOOOOO cute💙💙💙
carrie forkin
carrie forkin Year ago
The ginger and black one looks like my cat Ellie and my cat Ellie is 15 xxxxx
y.ello._.w Year ago
i really want a pet but i have sinus ;-; im allergic to all the fur :,(((((
Jack of Some Trades
1:09 so many beans! on that cat!
Stara 101
Stara 101 Year ago
I'm allergic to cats ;--;
Gacha Is Life
Gacha Is Life Year ago
Next, goal by the cats a Lamborghini.
Yoghxrt Year ago
I'm from Asia but know I wanna flip my ass to Canada just to bring smokey(one of the cats in the orphanage)
lil nerd
lil nerd Year ago
My heart is melting😍😍😍😍 You are so kind, and the cats are adorable❤️❤️
Mariam Year ago
So sweet awww
Selma 2007
Selma 2007 Year ago
Ben should buy you a new cat for your birthday😊
Korilian O
Korilian O Year ago
I wish I wasn’t allergic.
Giraffe Girl
Giraffe Girl Year ago
I wish I could adopt them but my dads allergic 😭😫
Lexicorn Year ago
'Ma'am how many cats do you want?' 'Yes.' "Wh-what?'
Sandy Land
Sandy Land Year ago
U should get one
Claudia Trammell
ilona hendriksen
You need to adopt a new cat
Rozhan Mazani
Rozhan Mazani Year ago
Adopt a kitten
Alyssa Sammons
When I was watching this my cat came to my bed and was meowing
Luce M
Luce M Year ago
I can't wait to adopt animals when I'm older
I Suffer More
I Suffer More Year ago
I Suffer More
I Suffer More Year ago
Can I have those cats
I Suffer More
I Suffer More Year ago
I love the humane society
Portia Bartel
Portia Bartel Year ago
Ems vlogs
Ems vlogs Year ago
What about the dogs
Lucifer Year ago
3:48 ...i can't 'causebi'm allergic to cats....(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)👍...i'm not crying you are
Tricia Walro
Tricia Walro Year ago
I missed out 😭😭 hopefully I can get some this year!
sad but_true
sad but_true Year ago
I love you girl
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Views 3.1M
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