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*waits for beautiful people to attack*
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Mar 25, 2017




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Comments 100   
tejashree sawant
tejashree sawant 2 days ago
Ohh my god..I love her😘😘😍
somya panda
somya panda 10 days ago
simply unicorn logical
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 11 days ago
Saw the thumbnail and said oh I gotta see this one lol Morpheus lol 😂
Aeoro 12 days ago
hahaha i love you
Mina S.
Mina S. 24 days ago
But theses beauty gurus are no make up artists. I (real MUA) use applicators for building up the pigment and brushes for blending or detailing. These little cheap things are absolutely great!
Floor Pasman
Floor Pasman 26 days ago
if you spray water on a brush it will get more pigment as well, but i think if you like the sponge applicator it will work just fine
Sulagna Manna
Sulagna Manna 26 days ago
Lady PewDiePie
HypnoticSuri 27 days ago
I actually always use Eyeshadow sponge applicators I don’t have a single makeup brush lol Edit:I am planning on getting like three
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 27 days ago
😂😂💀💀 She had me at "ancient historical artifacts" !! #Liked&Subscribed
Daisy Warner
Daisy Warner Month ago
she's not wrong, this is why i use my finger to put on my shadow and thennnn blend lolol
Halie Srader
Halie Srader Month ago
2020. I'm still here.
Melanie_ Cringe
Melanie_ Cringe 2 months ago
*james Charles has entered the chat* Simply: mOrphY sUcKs *jamess charles left the chat*
Little Turtle
Little Turtle 2 months ago
We interrupt this program to bring you random news but I just discovered something, if you scroll down to read the comments your autoplay stops and resets until you scroll back up. Now back to your regularly scheduled comments. :)
Kurnzie Norman
Kurnzie Norman 2 months ago
What are your errings please i love them so much!!
Shannon Balogh
Shannon Balogh 2 months ago
You could use the blending brush first to blend out the eyeshadow and then use the makeup sponge to pad on your lids for the pigment
Kaitlyn Cole
Kaitlyn Cole 3 months ago
These are honestly the best to apply glitter, no glue on your brushes, the glitter gets all over, and you just throw it out after.
Danielle King
Danielle King 3 months ago
Don't worry, Cristine! I completely 100% agree that using eyeshadow applicators are far better than stupid brushes! Brushes are for blending, that's the only reason they use them! 👁️👄👁️
selfawarecobalt 3 months ago
this thumbnail didnt age well lmao
liv Johnson
liv Johnson 3 months ago
And the fact makeup applicators help with Fallout
JoJo Kleiman
JoJo Kleiman 3 months ago
I was going to say that Cristine should do a. Second coat but...
AmpyGo 3 months ago
I can see finger is the greatest
Pinkie •
Pinkie • 3 months ago
Or spend on the product and use your finger like me-
scaredycat dose a thing
Look at all those eyebrows tho
Michelle Tetzke
Michelle Tetzke 3 months ago
Funny thing... she's using a blending brush and application when she should be using a packing brush. You pack the shadow on with a small flat sided brush and then blend the edges with a fluffy brush if you have the time and it patience to do it. Lol Have fun y'all. 💅💜🙏😷
Judy H
Judy H 3 months ago
It can be gross to use your fingers to apply eyeshadow, especially if the product has any moisture in it (like creamy shadows). If you have anything gross on your fingers like bacteria or fungi, it can grow in the product and spoil it.
Park Minji
Park Minji 4 months ago
you look so pretty! (and i´m not sarcastic, I mean it
Sheila Champion
Sheila Champion 4 months ago
Shit Not Shit Best description ever
brooke haley
brooke haley 4 months ago
I want the eyeshadow color from the thumbnail 💖
Zorsha **
Zorsha ** 5 months ago
Bish, I died laughing
Ella Gauci
Ella Gauci 5 months ago
Simply Facelogical you have helped us again
dhanashree nakhawa
dhanashree nakhawa 5 months ago
you can use a makeup setting spray to intensify the pigment and then immediately blend it out or else it wont blend out
Tsukki but a girl
Tsukki but a girl 5 months ago
one last comment. this is a theater life hack that i’ve used multiple times. Q-Tips work as well as brushes for eyeshadow. BOOOOOOOOMMM. Mind blown.
Simply Stupid
Simply Stupid 5 months ago
I saw the thumbnail and I thought it was 5 min craft so I slicked on it the u were in the Beginning and I was like 😯😳
Delayni Lake
Delayni Lake 5 months ago
Thought this was a trom troom video
Iris Bonamigo
Iris Bonamigo 5 months ago
i used to always use sponge applicators but my friend said to me that its stupid to use them and that I should only use brushes, sad story
A Ghost
A Ghost 5 months ago
Honestly with the brush the doesn’t happen to me
Laura Starbrooks
Laura Starbrooks 5 months ago
Some business has to have made a brush with that same applicator and that you can change out
Alžbeta Horecká
Alžbeta Horecká 5 months ago
Oh, Honey, no, what IS you doing
magical sisters
magical sisters 5 months ago
I am actually allergic to something in the some brushes or what some of the brushes are made of
Yuri 6 months ago
u were using a blending brush, especially when using shimmery colors, either use ur finger or wet th proper brush for glittery colors, in this case , these tiny applicators replace using ur finger tips
Lex 6 months ago
Okay not saying the “correct” isn’t beautiful, but the “incorrect”version on the thumbnail is actually gorgeous lol
Nar Chleor
Nar Chleor 6 months ago
Who else thought that this video was a video made by five minute crafts😂
Hunter Anon
Hunter Anon 6 months ago
You can use a brush to pack on pigments noob
danganronpa_ editsxx
Why does the thumbnail of this video look like a thumbnail from 5 Minute Crafts 😂
hinatashime luv
hinatashime luv 6 months ago
Lol all the "good" eye sponges were out of stock while the "bad" ones were in stock
The Adventures of Pip and Cheek
I watch Cristine all the time and I clicked on this thinking it was a 5 minute craft video. I was very confused.
Eva Martyniuk
Eva Martyniuk 6 months ago
Anyone else watching in 2025?
Daisy Hannah
Daisy Hannah 6 months ago
i mean, but also shes applying it with a blending brush
Paige Miller
Paige Miller 6 months ago
at 1:04 you do know what a flat brush or concealer brush is right........
Leah Phillips
Leah Phillips 6 months ago
Who else is here 2020 I’m home cause of the corona virus
Luna Akari
Luna Akari 6 months ago
Try wetting the brash with a sitting spray it helps a lot to pick a lot of shadows
fhorsey 6 months ago
CarlyBw 6 months ago
Teeechnically. Couldn't you rip off the old sponge on the long stick applicator, and jam in the amazon one? 👀
SC HappyHearts
SC HappyHearts 6 months ago
Cristine do you realise that there are brushes meant to pack the pigment? The ones you are using are blending brushes which are used to blend or get a softer colour
TheA 2.O
TheA 2.O 6 months ago
First you pack then you blind
MyLifeAsAddie My Normal Daily Life
With the thum nail I thought it was a 5 minute crafts video
Cate Benschoter
Cate Benschoter 6 months ago
I've been told that holding the brush far away from the bristles will make the pigmentation worse so, do with that what you will
among us gameplay
among us gameplay 6 months ago
That's not a blending brush it's eyeshadow brush duh
Iida Honko
Iida Honko 6 months ago
There's a reason beauty gurus use an eyeshadow base
Maria Tirgoala
Maria Tirgoala 6 months ago
I use spenge applicator but for day makeup i use brushes
pomme de terre
pomme de terre 6 months ago
what is suggest is that you use the applicator to put the eyeshadow on and the brush to blend it lol
Happy_Chick 6 months ago
u can use some concealer or foundation wait a lil and aply the eyshadow with brush will have more pigment
Emma 6 months ago
She protec She attac But most importantly She has a face hack
Ashy Dashy
Ashy Dashy 7 months ago
CRISTINE USE SOME EYE PRIMER PLEASE it will make ur eyeshadow WILL SHOW BETTER WITH PIGMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTICEEEEEEEEEEEE
Mahima Surve
Mahima Surve 7 months ago
Applicators are for high pigmentations and brushes are to blend two or more shades
Talia James
Talia James 7 months ago
Basically...your using the wrong type of brushes haha you don't apply a colour with a blending brush because as you saw it literally doesn't give you any pigment you apply with a shading brush and get this.....blend with a blending brush! :O haha
peestank 7 months ago
how is the brush not giving her pigment? for me it works amazingly
LEMON レモン 7 months ago
Wetting the brush a little can help with pigment-
Emma H.
Emma H. 7 months ago
Cristine. your eyes. are beautiful!
Leah Billy
Leah Billy 7 months ago
She have the point tho
Javaria Shahid
Javaria Shahid 7 months ago
Things to do when u have all the time in the world
Alexis Meaney
Alexis Meaney 7 months ago
My sister said that beauty applicators are shit
Camryn Howard
Camryn Howard 7 months ago
dani belghiru
dani belghiru 7 months ago
me with my compressed eyeshadow brush who works as well as the eyeshadow aplicator:bish what??
KJlovesdoggos 7 months ago
all the dislikes are beauty gurus
ray 7 months ago
Kawaii Crystal255
Kawaii Crystal255 7 months ago
Girl you need to put on a eyeshadow base before putting on eyeshadow then the pigment can cone through bc the eyeshadow need something to stick on
lqajlax 23
lqajlax 23 7 months ago
They actually use Mac fixator and spray on the brush so it makes eyeshadow more pigmented.
Eliza Adventures
Eliza Adventures 7 months ago
You just tap tap tap
MinasBaguette 7 months ago
The ending BAHAHAHA
Levi’s swords
Levi’s swords 7 months ago
All see the eyeshadow and I SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!!!!! DAMN GIRL
Abby The Baddie
Abby The Baddie 7 months ago
Wow! Cristine's eyes are so pretty!
Lesley Robertson
Lesley Robertson 7 months ago
You know you can use your finger too! Thanks for the hints on the applicator sponges dense-miss-ness. And watch Robert Welsh. x This darn lockdown situation is going to cost me so much money in make up ( not your fault), and nail varnish (definitely your fault).
Meghan Glenn
Meghan Glenn 8 months ago
this was in my recommended for so long but i kept ignoring it cause i thought it was a 5 minute crafts video
Calleigh oOp
Calleigh oOp 8 months ago
I think your supposed to dab dab dab to make your eyes fab (with a brush too)
Dave Greenham
Dave Greenham 8 months ago
I have another option-FINGERS
Teddy Tépés
Teddy Tépés 8 months ago
*always goes in with the dab dab dab with the sponngggeee before the brush and get good results* **yeets**
Nao Potátó
Nao Potátó 8 months ago
i think it was a 5mc video, but i seen ur channel and i click into
Hayat JM
Hayat JM 8 months ago
Same. I always apply eye shadows with these applicators and just blend it with a brush. What else I make a wing with an end of these white applicators using dark brown eye shadow. Makeup looks good all day, colors are saturated and line is naturally blended a little, it looks amazing and natural. U don't need to fix ur make up at all. I think it's really fast to do it and looks good :) Yeah, I am using third applicator.
Faith Dorsey
Faith Dorsey 8 months ago
I think the applicator is to apply the eyeshadow and the brush is to spread the eyeshadow.
Lauren Villalobos
Lauren Villalobos 8 months ago
Maybe use a eyeshadow primer and spary the brush with setting spray
Νινα Καρκασινα
We the same logical we can also apply eyeshadow with our fingers and then bending the edges with the makeup brush. Can we ?
No one
No one 8 months ago
But-but you’re using a blending brush. That’s why when your using the brush it’s not pigmented. You need to use a packing brush
bye !
bye ! 8 months ago
5 minute crafts is very quiet when they say that thumbnail 🙃
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 8 months ago
I use my finger, and a brush and it looks good lol
Samantha Nichols
Samantha Nichols 8 months ago
i just use my damn finger
Nate Nolan
Nate Nolan 8 months ago
BeAuTY guRUs HaTe HEr!
Wendy G.
Wendy G. 8 months ago
I still love sponge applicators waaay more than brushes! Thanks for validating these feelings, Simply Not Logical! 😃💜 Love your videos and your humor, btw!
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea 8 months ago
Totally relatable!! Anyone else???
nguyen vu pham nguyen
theres a packer brush for a reason:(
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