Dropping my Overnight Oats Tutorial 

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My most requested tutorial of all time... is not nail art, it's how I make breakfast.
~*~Simply's Banana Bread Overnight Oats for Bae recipe~*~
- 1 super ripe/almost rotten banana
- 1 cup almond milk
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 tbsp coconut oil: amzn.to/2ZberbP
- 1 tsp maca powder: amzn.to/2Hi6giX
- 1 scoop Coconut almond protein powder: amzn.to/2Ze5Bdu
- 2 scoops Peanut Butter Marshmallow protein powder: amzn.to/2ZlEQPB
- Alternative powder = peanut butter powder: amzn.to/2zi8niq
- Fancy pink salt: amzn.to/2HkzDkY
- 1 cup Quick oats: amzn.to/2TTX6hZ
- 1/2 cup or so Larger oats: amzn.to/2Hn7bif
- 2 tbsp cold-milled brown flax seed
- 2-3 tbsp cocoa nibs: amzn.to/2ZiZQX3
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder (optional)
Adjust the ratio of dry to wet ingredients to get the thickness you desire in your oats! For thicker oats, add more oats or protein powder/peanut butter powder, for more porridge-like oats, add more almond milk🤠 keep in mind they get more solid/thick overnight as the oats absorb the milk, so if it’s kind of sludgy when you mix it up that’s ok🤠😎
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Aug 24, 2019




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Paulie Bleeker
Paulie Bleeker 2 days ago
Tip: check out local Asian grocery stores! Many of them have special "health" foods such as matcha, goji berries, etc. for a much lower price!
R A 5 days ago
we need other. recipes!!!!!1
Jennifer Hartley
Jennifer Hartley 5 days ago
They walk in to store with out a mask me 😳 me oh yeah that was the olden days where that was the normal
Natalie 6 days ago
But it’s not a problem anymore 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Natalie 6 days ago
Steps number two I like oatmeal and I do like the channels
Natalie 6 days ago
Steps number one 1 I like oatmeal Step number two 2 I don’t know what you’re making Step number three 3 I like oatmeal sometimes but I’m not in the mood for all the time Step number four 4 Will you still like it even if you’re not in the mood for
Mariah H
Mariah H 6 days ago
How old are you?
Robyn Bridges
Robyn Bridges 8 days ago
You dont measure chocolate chips with a tablespoon you measure that shit with your heart
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 12 days ago
*casually likes all of the comments about how Cristine should make the chocolate mint cookies and cream oats*
Lacey Haslam
Lacey Haslam 14 days ago
Please make a video of your mint chocolate over night oats
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez 14 days ago
Cristene this will be boaring Me this is my fifth time watching the vi2
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez 14 days ago
Maddie Shay YT
Maddie Shay YT 14 days ago
What are the nutrient facts and I have tried oatmeal but I didn’t like it so can someone who made this try to explain what this tastes like because I want to try it but I’m afraid I won’t like it 😶
Bade Dogay
Bade Dogay 15 days ago
I’ve tried it and it is delicious 😋
Lucía Melicce
Lucía Melicce 15 days ago
Am I crazy or it's strange to see Cristine going out without a mask on? I know this video is before corona, but I can't get my brain to understand that
Ann Marie Sayers
Ann Marie Sayers 15 days ago
I don't know why but this is one of my favorite videos and the funny thing is I'm allergic to oats like deadly allergic so I can't eat it but I love watching her make it is that weird?
Elizabeth Boll
Elizabeth Boll 15 days ago
I was confused for a sec. I forgot I was rewatching old videos, and was concerned she was going out maskless
Christian Carbonneau
12:51 I j love the sound she made I cant-
Mario Jaure
Mario Jaure 21 day ago
Every video she has cat eard
my_wifi_ went_out
my_wifi_ went_out 22 days ago
Please give us the recipe for the choco mint oats they look so yummy
Random Potato
Random Potato 23 days ago
14 minutes actually
Lesley Nichols
Lesley Nichols 23 days ago
Yay! Finally!! And yes I know that I’m late...☺️
Lina 23 days ago
Are we getting more oats recipes? Pretty please...?
sinbad6000 23 days ago
Weird thing I do every time I make overnight oats about once a month even though I don't use your recipe I put on your video and watch it while I make my overnight oats
brotherdiesel 23 days ago
Weeb. editor
Weeb. editor 23 days ago
I f-ed up😀
Spring Flower
Spring Flower 24 days ago
Wait what’s with the blue eyed girl because if she isn’t on troom troom then she is probably in a better place
Reddy Alexandra
Reddy Alexandra 24 days ago
Me realising that it 14 mins long 52:00
Irvin Leong
Irvin Leong 24 days ago
i know it's a year old video but can we have MOREEEEEE recipe pls.
Shianne Knutt
Shianne Knutt 24 days ago
It’s 2020 but I’m still waiting for the mint chocolate chip overnight oats recipe
Outdoor Daily
Outdoor Daily 25 days ago
Your secret recipe, huh? This shit's been on the goog for years lol.
Tyler Albert
Tyler Albert 25 days ago
Your no boring
Kathy Turman
Kathy Turman 25 days ago
Dropping your overnight oats recipe? Lol 😂
Rebeca Michael
Rebeca Michael 26 days ago
“Your boring because you clicked on a video of a 30 year old woman mixing milk an oats for 12 minutes straight”... facts
Luminous Soul
Luminous Soul 27 days ago
Rewatching overnight oats tutorial while eating overnight oats... I've found a purpose 🥳💿🌈
Emi Katherine-Brecheisen
My daily serotonin
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 27 days ago
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! Check out Friday’s video if you haven’t seen it yet! us-first.info/player/video/sLeNloaMdpx_mok.html
Aladdin benokba
Aladdin benokba 28 days ago
The way you’re doing shopping is funny 😁 let’s got oat of here lols 😂.
N Moore
N Moore 29 days ago
Probs not the healthiest but I add condensed milk to my oats and it’s yum
Nate Abahazi
Nate Abahazi 29 days ago
Can you use almond milk? Edit* I realized later
Adriane Orzechowski
Someone help me I cant get my oats mega thicc and dense. The taste is good but I just cant handle the gloopy texture so I want them as thicc as the ones she showed
Rosemary Metallic
she said tea’s ready but it’s actually just the water in the kettle :’)
faria's adventures
Cristine pls put all your US-first channels on channels
Dani Thomas
Dani Thomas Month ago
Cristine you should make tea overnight oats. Also Drop your Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream overnight oats.
Adriane Orzechowski
More videos like this!!! We love lifestyle shit
Manon Thorne
Manon Thorne Month ago
It’s not gluten free (sadly) because oats are not gluten free 😢( I know this because I am gluten free)
Tanishtha Dey
Tanishtha Dey Month ago
i try it and it was outstanding u r the best chef
Anyone else wish they made Holo spoons? Or am I the only holosexual who wants Holo spoons?
LinseyFilms Month ago
I legit felt uncomfortable because she wasn’t wearing a mask lol
Domi Nator
Domi Nator Month ago
Tried to make these overnight oats, turns out I'm highly allergic to protein powder. What do I do with my powder now 😭
Em Knows Best
Em Knows Best Month ago
Turned 23, finally made these Oats. I know the trend is probably Oatver by now, but they were great!! Thanks Cristine
Idkwhat Idkwhat
Idkwhat Idkwhat 9 days ago
Blue Dragon Girl
Who else when Cristine said "you clicked on a video of a 30 year old woman mixing oats and milk for 12 minuites straight " looked to see if she was right and the video ia actually 12 mins long
Kaleb Petrosyan
Kaleb Petrosyan Month ago
why does cristine have every stage of bananas
S S Month ago
I just want to be funny, but no one thinks im funny. :(
S S Month ago
@Ronja Suvanto Yay :D
Ronja Suvanto
Ronja Suvanto Month ago
You got second like. Henlo, I bet you're very funny :3
S S Month ago
Why did this get one like, who are you
Ava Wolters
Ava Wolters Month ago
i dont have the right Oats but i did it
Gaia Bickelmann
Gaia Bickelmann Month ago
This is basically porridge I feel like
onion.boo420 Month ago
beyn and julen have the same energy
BTS army For life
I’m eating her recipe right now watching this
Fátima PR
Fátima PR Month ago
We are still waiting for the chocolate mint cookies and cream overnight oats recipe!
midget panda
midget panda Month ago
I do my parents overnight oats
Roswell SmokingWoman
Please do the chocolate mint cookies and creme overnight oats.
twiggy4065 Month ago
i am only 12
Idkwhat Idkwhat
Idkwhat Idkwhat 9 days ago
Good for you
LilyPhoenix 6
LilyPhoenix 6 Month ago
Reyna Kajino
Reyna Kajino Month ago
12:05 does she mean freezer? also she needs to make that mint chocolate cookies and cream overnight oats cus I'm not a huge fan of banana bread
Celine Alfawair
Celine Alfawair Month ago
I have the same headband
Ian Harnish
Ian Harnish Month ago
I liv in USA we do not have any of those products
duck nails every time we shower we get duck nails oooooooooooo
Abigail Stachour
My fav overnight oats are peanut butter double chocolate chip oats🤤
Daisy B
Daisy B Month ago
jose stiebi
jose stiebi Month ago
we need more overnight oats recipes
Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen Month ago
over 11,000 comments and you found mine
Mahnoor Younis
Mahnoor Younis Month ago
Het fork is also HOLO!!!
Coco Lena
Coco Lena Month ago
Why dose my room smell like banana
Marzi Month ago
emoegg18 Month ago
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki Month ago
They don't have protein powder or penut powder where I live is there any thing else that I can use??
Marzi Month ago
you definitely don't need it! especially if you're under 18
Crazy Owl
Crazy Owl Month ago
I love how passive aggressive editing Christine is.
fried rice
fried rice Month ago
I tried overnight oats but I did not like it :)
Your Conscience
Your Conscience Month ago
Creuner™ Month ago
Everyone Oat to subscribe to this channel.
Retro_ vibes_gacha
When cristine said that when you put protein powder it will make it healthier but i dont think so cause its extremely unhealthy and this is a nutritional fact so o dont think putting that much protein powder would be healthy but if u think its ok then as you like its just a tip :>
OwO OwO Month ago
A cat lady thing to make overnight oatsss
TES Month ago
thank god she said 4 servings, total that'd be 1350 calories lol For anyone who's too lazy to do the math: per serving: 338 Cal 18.5g Protein 39g Carbs 11g Fat
TES Month ago
@Hufflepuff ducks sure! This is of course assuming you use the exact same stuff she did, If you veer from her recipe it'll be different. :)
Hufflepuff ducks
Thank you for including carbs most people just include sugar instead of carbs. I'm diabetic so need to count my carbs and watching these types of videos makes me really sad because there's no nutritional info in the description
Leah Grifall
Leah Grifall Month ago
I got to the part where she shook it and I’m like wait...there’s no oats is this the end?😂
Vivianayy Or just vivian
At 3:11 I wasn’t watching the video and I only heard what I thought was a little kid speaking 😂😂😂
Messy Queen
Messy Queen Month ago
i just relized that these are the same as no bake cookies
Messy Queen
Messy Queen Month ago
i did this but with coco puffs it was delicious
Rich How
Rich How Month ago
54 seconds in and you get my like!
Frankie Jacob
Frankie Jacob Month ago
this is not boring as I thought it would be.
Frankie Jacob
Frankie Jacob Month ago
Banana oh Nana
Annabelle De Waart
Please do the mint chip recipe!!!
Ramunie Month ago
this doesnt even feel like a year ago-
Gibby Month ago
Your An idiot
Emma Tanapattanachai
lol the oats looks like my cats litter like if you agree
Vivien Martin
Vivien Martin 2 months ago
It’s Fall and I made pumpkin pie overnight oats and it’s quarantine and it’s the only thing I enjoy right now.
Forgot to Zhonya
Forgot to Zhonya 2 months ago
Choco mint RECIPE PLS
Cerrise Rose
Cerrise Rose 2 months ago
I watched this whilst eating this . 🙂
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 2 months ago
You have no idea how many times I have watched this video....
Cristine not only teaches us Holosexuals about Nails and Holo but she teaches us how to make the famous Overnight Oats! 💁🏻‍♂️💿
Ananya Das Sharma
Ananya Das Sharma 2 months ago
cristine's personality says "i'm funny but i joke around a lot but i will fuck you up if i want to" BUT her nails say "i'm a princess and you are a peasant"
Levi’s Wife
Levi’s Wife 2 months ago
I just made this and gave it a taste test and I am shook😳💕
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