Dressing up my Cats in Holoween Costumes (Year 3) 

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My favourite festive activity! Comment below which one my cats hated the most!
HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
Dressing up my cats:
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Flamingo: Petsmart
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Oct 29, 2019




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Comments 100   
Michaela Van Deventer
Where was year 4?
E Bullock
E Bullock 2 days ago
Piper Lego lover
Piper Lego lover 3 days ago
Now I know why delivery is late
A. Trace
A. Trace 6 days ago
Flamingos live between 40-60 years.
A. Trace
A. Trace 6 days ago
Raisinettes are Glossettes?
A. Trace
A. Trace 6 days ago
Ben's Sailor Moon trivia is correct! Except he's thinking of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Of course Christine was Jupiter, she has the long brown hair!
Meredith Mitchell
2:39 I was curious, so I looked it up(this is based on 5-10 min of research, so please correct me if I’m wrong!). Government agency logos are technically “copyright-free” meaning that they can be used, BUT they cannot be used to promote something without permission. As for how national copyright law vs international copyright law, well...technically international copyright law doesn’t exist. However, there are multiple treaties that are all in agreement that certain intellectual property is classified as protected for a number of years, depending on the treaty. UPS has an “R” in a circle next to it. This means that it is a registered trademark and is protected within the US. (I’m pretty sure trademark vs copyright is different, but this comment is long as it is) on the PDF source that I provided, it lists an email to contact trademark uses outside the US. Sources: www.ups.com/media/en/B_2014_SurePost_NameGuidelines.pdf en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_copyright_treaties TLDR: I think because it’s outside the US, they don’t need to register it? Also, it isn’t promoting anything, so I think it’s okay? Either way, don’t just trust what you read in US-first comments lol.
Gigi Rodriguez
Gigi Rodriguez 9 days ago
Flamingos literally live 60 years. Like, what the hell
blem 11 days ago
since cristine wears cat ears so much... is she a furry? i'm not against that, i'm one myself, but is she?
Gianna Leng
Gianna Leng 12 days ago
Whenever Zyler had a costume on him, he lost all will to live. You could see the light leave his eyes.
dexa 14 days ago
I just need a video of Menchie and Zyler being fed treats. They're terrifying and wonderful.
The electronic Avatar
Simply: My cats are indoor cats we don't let them go outside Me: well we said the same thing but where is my cat now, oh that's right OUTSIDE
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 17 days ago
My friends: what will you be for Halloween next year? Me: i'm a nurse. just a nurse.
Arianna Harmon
Arianna Harmon 18 days ago
I missed this video so much this year 😭😭😭
Claudia McAllister
Claudia McAllister 19 days ago
The pink flamingo matches menchies cute pink nose
Haley Smith
Haley Smith 23 days ago
2020 and its still not safe to take them out
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem 25 days ago
I can relate, if you give me seafood I will put up with your bullcrap.
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem 25 days ago
Also, that pumpkin cat bed is adorable and I want it. My dogs will love it.
Ami R
Ami R Month ago
Dr. Meredith grey ? Is that you ?
PaRtY pArTy YeAh
I’m watching in 2020 because there was no video this year ☹️
Izzy G
Izzy G Month ago
Ben should be a minion because he loves bananas so much 🍌 🍌 🍌
NINA CLARK Month ago
wars this years holoween vif
Chikiru Uchiha
Chikiru Uchiha Month ago
5:17 You are indeed correct Ben
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan Month ago
Emmadeex Month ago
Omg its the fact she said that “there not supposed to go outside its not safe” 2020: good idea :)
Ilumi Sandra
Ilumi Sandra Month ago
"...We will be dressing up our children for Halloween and not taking them outside Trick-or-Treating because IT'S NOT SAFE OUT THERE." Holoween 2020: Little did you know...😏
Renee Maloney
Renee Maloney Month ago
Cristine: We're not taking them trick-or-treating, BECAUSE ITS NOT SAFE OUT THERE 2020: Yep pretty much
Sadness Month ago
Are you gonna do this for this year?
Michelle Cardoza
Zyler is a moood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prajna Haldar
Prajna Haldar Month ago
I want one this year as welllllll
Paris F
Paris F Month ago
can we pls pls pls have another one of these for this year 🥺🥺🥺
RORY BURKE Month ago
I relate to simply because where I live it’s super cold it literally snowed two day ago and it’s on October 23 today. P.S. I too have worn a winter coat under my princess dress.
Kiki Lisches
Kiki Lisches Month ago
Sailor Uranus und Naptun were together. But they weren't lesbians. Uranus is non binary.
Shay Month ago
Sailor Uranus and Neptune were the lesbians :3
Peachy_Strawberry •
Me waiting for year 4
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb Month ago
Caylee Charvat
Caylee Charvat Month ago
CristinewithnoH : Sometimes it's snowing in Canada by the time Halloween come around Michiganders: It's snowing on Halloween and there's the sun shining on December 15th (My b-day) AT LEAST CANADA IS CONSISTANT UNLIKE MICHIGAN OVER HERE we probably have the most unpredictable weather and I blame the Great Lakes
Miss Zee xx
Miss Zee xx Month ago
I hope we get another one of these cause we don't get my dogs try on Halloween costumes
Devilsden Month ago
Gotta dress them up this year, I bet there's coronavirus costumes
Random Rosie Stuff
Leah Butchart
Leah Butchart Month ago
watching this in 2020 hoping and wishing she does another!!
Mynenisreal shiyung
About the sailor Moon lesbian thing actually yes Ben is correct two of the characters in sailor Moon were actually lesbian in the USA remake
Avelyn McDonald
Avelyn McDonald Month ago
I just realized Who Beeyyyn sounds like he sounds like the man in the yellow hat from curious George
Libi Marchenkov
Libi Marchenkov Month ago
Year 4 is coming up :D 2020!!!
Clarisa Plays
Clarisa Plays Month ago
I How she said holoween instead of halloween
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
Can't wait for this Year's Halloween dress up
Random Rosie Stuff
Gabriel Paddock
Gabriel Paddock Month ago
Paging Dr. Menchie
this but a scratch.
The princess and the Pope sounds like a little bad p*** movie
Random Rosie Stuff
Larissa Kat
Larissa Kat Month ago
If there is not a year 4 I WILL scream!
Random Rosie Stuff
Juniper Month ago
In Michigan you have to do the same on Halloween
Katie Lam
Katie Lam Month ago
It wasn’t Jupiter it was Neptune and Uranus
Yanet Ybanez
Yanet Ybanez Month ago
You have to dress them again this year!!!!!
Cassy Klutz
Cassy Klutz Month ago
2020 yes its not safe out there. Stay inside.
Frankie Jacob
Frankie Jacob Month ago
Ben adults are allowed to be really into costumes stop judging them You’re gonna make me unsubscribe from simply nail logical she loses the subscriber
Gabby Hassler
Gabby Hassler Month ago
Do this again this makes my year I don’t to force anyone do anything but do what makes you happy 😃
Oh my god Ben knowing about the lesbian couple in sailor moon makes me so happy
Elena Flynn
Elena Flynn Month ago
Me in 2020 after she says it’s not safe out there after talking about trick or treating...which the cdc just stated was high risk
Yuri berii
Yuri berii Month ago
Yuri berii
Yuri berii Month ago
this is the only thing that makes me not fall asleep. thank you christine for keeping me awake when i wouldve been asleep ily
Faith Smart
Faith Smart Month ago
waiting for the year 4...
『crunchy tøast』
u guys better do this this year
Allicraft Month ago
Flamingos live 20 to 30 years 😳
TheFeyFeline Month ago
Waiting for this year's costumes!!
There are leg holes in all of them
Berta Mach
Berta Mach 2 months ago
I know this was a year ago, but I just googled flamingo life expectancy and wow they live for 40 years 😮
kaylee Reece
kaylee Reece 2 months ago
2020 Halloween video please👻
ashlyn miller
ashlyn miller 2 months ago
missed a perfect opertunity to be the simply surgeon
Hael Hess
Hael Hess 2 months ago
If we dressed up our cat she'd eat our hands. So I'll live through you and your Halloween cat videos. Lmao
Jaxky Plays
Jaxky Plays 2 months ago
Can't wait for year 4 😁
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty 2 months ago
2:03 "For all the nurses out there who don't wanna be sexy on Halloween!" Little did we know... #2020 🧻😷
Kyvacado 09
Kyvacado 09 2 months ago
I’m, a nurse. Just a nurse.....and that’s ok.
• Lazy Mittens •
Zyler looks Depressed 😂
Midnight Qeen
Midnight Qeen 2 months ago
Fighting dogs by Moonlight eating salmon by daylight never running from the humans she is the one in sailor menchie
Spongebob Squarenails
Cristine should be Menchie for holoween and Ben should be Zyler for holoween
roblox gamer
roblox gamer 2 months ago
Be you. You're a US-firstr
qwerty qwerty
qwerty qwerty 2 months ago
i didnt expect a noam chomsky mention from this one
Liliana Frank
Liliana Frank 2 months ago
just pause at 13:59
Liliana Frank
Liliana Frank 2 months ago
i ment 8:59
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 2 months ago
What type of nurses wear surgeon's scrubs
Bellatrix Malfoy
Bellatrix Malfoy 2 months ago
A flamingos live 20-30 years in the wild and 50 years in a zoo
Eva H.
Eva H. 2 months ago
menchie and zyler are sooooooooooooooooo cuteee
theYooniverse 2 months ago
now that ive started college and am a linguistics major, i realize i missed a linguistics joke by Ben. thanks college for letting me get that one
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 2 months ago
Shake that tail boy
Skull Lady Malady
Skull Lady Malady 2 months ago
I rewatch this video sometimes just to hear Ben shit talk the catholic church. I don't know why.
Aneri Patel
Aneri Patel 2 months ago
1:21 is super funny 🤣
Anne Vo
Anne Vo 2 months ago
I hope US-first recommended this to me to get me hyped for year 4 of holoween cat costumes
Aliyah Rodriguez
Aliyah Rodriguez 2 months ago
I can't wait for this year's holoween video
N3v 2 months ago
Me waiting for year 4: 😫
Becky Keller
Becky Keller 2 months ago
U should do cat treat nails and see ur cats reaction 🐾
Tanisha Makhija
Tanisha Makhija 2 months ago
What's on Cristine's mind for this holoween to dress up her cats I can't want for it, who else is wondering the same? 🤔🤔
Sydney Corona
Sydney Corona 2 months ago
Flamingos do exist
Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens 2 months ago
Flamingos live 20 to 30 years
Shamma Aldarmaki
Shamma Aldarmaki 2 months ago
James Charles
avdr3y 2 months ago
for a second i thought this vid was from this year because of her doctor outfit
XxLavanderlover GachaxX
Menchi is sailor moon and zyler is tuxedo mask Tuxedo mask/Zyeler : Kisses THEN Tuxedo mask/Zyler: Nom Nom nom Ben's brain: oh so this is how kids get hyper
Lora Chan
Lora Chan 2 months ago
she makes a good miranda sings impression when she says ben lol
Sofia Feria
Sofia Feria 2 months ago
1 like = 1 life for zyler
Random Girl
Random Girl 2 months ago
Year 4?
sarahs vsp
sarahs vsp 2 months ago
Who is watching this I 2020? 🙈😽
I Wish To Not Have Subscribers
Sarah Collins me
Chloe Ashby
Chloe Ashby 2 months ago
i’ve never heard of that disney movie the princess and the pope
Aakanksha Sonalkar
Aakanksha Sonalkar 3 months ago