Dressing up my Cats in Holoween Costumes (Year 2) 

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These cool cats have got the dogs SPOOKED this holoween!
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Oct 30, 2018




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Moriha Newsome-Rogers
Me trying to drink water Christin being overly funny Me laughing my ass off
A. Trace
A. Trace 6 days ago
3:01 Zyler is a mood.
Manda cheese
Manda cheese 7 days ago
Ben if you need help blink three times
Jsmn._notfound .___.
ShannOwl17 S
ShannOwl17 S 26 days ago
Why is no one talking about how great simply is at making up parodies?
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan Month ago
Lyssie Barnes
Lyssie Barnes Month ago
5:10 that’s not a sloth that’s Jabba Fett from star wars btw I love star wars
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
Liberty Flagg
Liberty Flagg Month ago
This cats are nothing like mine my cat would kill me!!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey Golias
Lindsey Golias Month ago
I'm crying! 😂🤣😂 I thought it was a sloth too😅
Midnight Qeen
Midnight Qeen Month ago
I like how menchie is like mmmh and trying to move her head left and right like a savage in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣
Jayden's Vlogs
Jayden's Vlogs Month ago
Jayden's Vlogs
Jayden's Vlogs Month ago
When she said bennn she scared the cat
Soba Meme
Soba Meme Month ago
If yall did the Picture before Zyler had enough;-; (The face is not for you it's for Zyler) Zyler could've been the Banana and Menchie could've been the Unicorn. Ben would hold Menchie You would hold Zyler
Nicoshiana Arellano
Can’t wait for 2020 dressing up my cats
Chloe Hammonds
Chloe Hammonds Month ago
I just saw Finn die on glee watching this kinda helped my mood but I’m still sad and then Santana just made it worse so I’m trying to cheer myself up right now thx cristine hopefully I’m spelling your name right don’t wanna be like Starbucks
thecringy _garbage
1:37 uh what is that in your mouth
Tim Olana
Tim Olana Month ago
Ah yes the first costume. A classic;-; eydjeudjehdejr
Trans Boy
Trans Boy 2 months ago
Simply please dress your cats up this year pleaseee 2020 dressing up my cats in Halloween costumes (year 4)
Tiffany Thant
Tiffany Thant 2 months ago
Cute but, is it coz my cats r Asians, ( im Asian and from Asia so.. lol ) they never talk back in an aggressive way like Zeyla did . I'm a proud mom of such polite pets.
Jhila Allyna Paltao
Jhila Allyna Paltao 2 months ago
Fact: Ben actually doesn't love bananas but Cristine doesn't care about it but just buys it anyway
Jess Birchler
Jess Birchler 2 months ago
Menchie is litterly a whole mood
ISABEL ABREU 2 months ago
I was eating when cristine was wearing the shark costume as a hat and I’m choking.😹 help me!
Fashionbunny 7
Fashionbunny 7 2 months ago
Am I the only one who saw the Christmas tree in the corner?
Video Game Productions
F in the chat for menchie 7:02
Just a lil potato crossing the street
6:44 im not a ghost subscriber but i am a potato subscriber
Eloïse Basso
Eloïse Basso 2 months ago
Ben* pushes mence off* caughther
Trayshawnx Igtiben
Trayshawnx Igtiben 2 months ago
Asia's life
Asia's life 2 months ago
3:57 - Zayler Snaccc !! He thicc boii !! 😂
Cecilia Titus
Cecilia Titus 2 months ago
Soda went up my nose at 7:02 lol
Jessica Gillis
Jessica Gillis 2 months ago
Ben is just done with this crap i have a feeling chistines kidnapped him
Cousin Derp
Cousin Derp 2 months ago
The sharks teeth are HOLO💿💿💿
andrewrocks10 2 months ago
Zyler is fat
Ernestas Vascenka
Ernestas Vascenka 2 months ago
Why is no one talking about 2012 Ben tho 😍
•Killua_Is_ Gay_Like_Gon•
Holo! You should do "Painting wood cat toys with nail polish" You don't have too.
Sunfl0wer6877 2 months ago
07:02 perfect cut scream
Natalie Lau
Natalie Lau 2 months ago
menchies face in the thumbnail 🤣
Asia Nihipali
Asia Nihipali 2 months ago
I don't like cats but I like your cats
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 2 months ago
Not to be rude but your cat was a Pegasus
Caitlin Wilkinson
Caitlin Wilkinson 2 months ago
Ben smokes?
Kelsey 2 months ago
No he doesn't. He said in another video that it was a prop that his friend had for their costume.
Basit Amini
Basit Amini 3 months ago
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty 3 months ago
DONT FORGET!!! We need our quarantine kitties!
Menahil Ahmad
Menahil Ahmad 3 months ago
I don't think this video will ever cease to make me laugh, no matter how many times I watch it
Morgan Aubrey
Morgan Aubrey 3 months ago
The cats lay down like that because it's a defense mechanism they naturally do. That's why they fall over. It's like trying to go into submission. Also, the scruff of their neck makes them go limp. As babies, it's so that their mom can carry them. Love you menchie and xyler!! ❤️
Sophia Rother
Sophia Rother 3 months ago
A unicorn with wings is called an alicorn
Mia Time
Mia Time 3 months ago
7:02 I CANT STOP LAUGHINHOOWbhhyghnmwjjwjjwjnwmwmwuuwywyywg 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣
Lilyan Shields
Lilyan Shields 3 months ago
Wait Ben smokes 1:38
Kelsey 2 months ago
This is a delayed response but no he doesn't. He said in another video that it was a prop that his friend had for their costume.
Madelyn Jones
Madelyn Jones 3 months ago
4:47 me: that’s a mood
Evelyn Lee
Evelyn Lee 3 months ago
Wait... Ben was smoking in the photo at 1:38?
Kelsey 2 months ago
This is a delayed response but he doesn't smoke. He said in another video that it was a prop that his friend had for their costume.
💛Marina💛 3 months ago
lol literally tho, Menchie and Zyler do actually need a channel😂😂😂
Miss Oreo
Miss Oreo 3 months ago
Holoween is upon us Simply should do a year 4
Stephanie Crossman
Stephanie Crossman 3 months ago
*Oh mah gawd* Menchie in the thumbnail 😂
Teagan Moffet
Teagan Moffet 3 months ago
Rainbow_unicorn Pauley
Ben: pets or physical objects that you own Me: what about children are we a physical objects parents own I mean just by having us around they are getting money
Donovan Goldie
Donovan Goldie 4 months ago
:beyyyyn they are such good sports :Menchie end my suffering ( rolls of table)
khushanki goswami
khushanki goswami 4 months ago
They both are so funny
Lika Math
Lika Math 4 months ago
Holoween is wrong cuz u accept candy from strangers.Lol🤔😑🤔🤔
Shmurple Purple
Shmurple Purple 4 months ago
1:30 he sounds so defeated😂
Anlight 4 months ago
Cristine: Menchie look, you're a unicorn and you can fly Moriah Elizabeth: IT'S AN ALICORN~
Anlight 4 months ago
When Cristine (kinda) wore the shark costume at the beginning, I thought she was gonna say, BABY SHARK A DO-DO-DO.
Ami R
Ami R 4 months ago
I’m pretty sure cristine doesn’t know what the difference between humans and cats is anymore
Norah Pitt
Norah Pitt 4 months ago
7:02 im sorry menchie.. but this is hilaoriouse
Living the Pet life
Living the Pet life 4 months ago
Zylers first costume is afensive towards mexicans
orgne juce
orgne juce 4 months ago
this is old now but i still go trick or treating with my friend & since they look 10 i just look like im putting up with them instead of going out for free candy. btw im 15 this year
Danny Tanner
Danny Tanner 4 months ago
Tacocat backwards is tacocat
Toe been girl 123
Toe been girl 123 4 months ago
Shadow Swirl
Shadow Swirl 4 months ago
7:01 like jo from mean girls 2 when she and her bike went downnnn
Kel vin
Kel vin 4 months ago
I feel like cristine love menchie more then zyler :/ u guys decide!
Ava Kale
Ava Kale 4 months ago
the editing on the shark part made me laugh so hard
Swasthik Suresh
Swasthik Suresh 5 months ago
Mother Daughter === UnIcOrN Father Son === BaNaNa
randoms 5 months ago
Why zyler always looking angry and i didn't hear him say "meow" I just hear zyler "mom you bitch why you always pay attention to menchie imma bout bite mench"
randoms 5 months ago
🍫🍬🍭🍭🍬🍫 here are some candies kids
Natalie Espinal
Natalie Espinal 5 months ago
xo brooke xo
xo brooke xo 5 months ago
Presley Jane
Presley Jane 5 months ago
did anyone notice that the teeth of the shark were holo? was it just me oh... okay bye
Kia Carter
Kia Carter 5 months ago
My 2 bff's in high school drove themselves around trick or treating! 🤣🤣
Lauren Harvey
Lauren Harvey 5 months ago
It’s not that Menchie is the cutest creature in existence, it’s that.... no wait that’s it, she’s the cutest creature.
Liya Dennis
Liya Dennis 5 months ago
lmoa 'the resistance is over that have given up 'and when zyler was wearing pizza costume and wearing the prisoner hat
Catherine kemp
Catherine kemp 5 months ago
When did Ben smoke 🤔🤔
Kelsey 2 months ago
This is a delayed response but he doesn't smoke. He said in another video that it was a prop that his friend had for their costume.
Steve the roblox gammer
NOBODY: Me as cristine: PIN THE DAM TAIL TO MY ASS BITCH :Ben attaches tail; Cristine BITCh IMA FUCKInG UNiCOrN
allie corona
allie corona 5 months ago
Menchie comits suicide
Kačka L.
Kačka L. 5 months ago
Zyler is HOT & THICC
Emily Ward
Emily Ward 5 months ago
You two are literally the CUTEST couple i have EVER seen. You are weird in teh best way and work so well together. I look forward to this when I am older. Thank you for showing me that its okay to be your weirdest self
Brenda Quintero
Brenda Quintero 5 months ago
Cristine:pizza and Ariel very romantic*
Brenda Quintero
Brenda Quintero 5 months ago
Ben:wow look at that it almost fits*
Munira Nandarbarwala
Wow! Dan the squid and Ben the banana man give me the same vibes!
Sarah Danielle
Sarah Danielle 6 months ago
Now I know what I’m going to be for Halloween for this year. If there is a halloween. I hope it doesn’t get canceled! I’m going to be Cristine with no h!
Chicken Lover
Chicken Lover 6 months ago
Savory salmon dinners for me I can’t live under the sea because I’m a cat but I want the FISHESSSSS bars girl bars write a song girl
Luna Walker
Luna Walker 6 months ago
I loved the thumbnail, just look at menchie’s face!!
Tessa Adams
Tessa Adams 6 months ago
If y all didnt know the sloth thing that Cristine has no idea what it really is, it is called a porg and it is from Star Wars.
Rhianna Noell
Rhianna Noell 6 months ago
I just buzzed half if my head FOR YOU JUST FOR YOU BE HAPPY THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL * I also did it to look weird and dumb jking i did it just for you :}~
Just aesthetic art
Just aesthetic art 6 months ago
Do u think you’ll ever get another furry baby
HermieTheTortoise 6 months ago
Menchie looks like she’s seen her grandma naked in the thumbnail...
NOVA Studios
NOVA Studios 6 months ago
I can’t get over when menchie just looks at the camera in shook lmao 🤣
Jesus 6 months ago
benanas super power is potassium :)
June Flinn
June Flinn 6 months ago
You missed at joke Menchie was a mermaid you should have said she is a catfish
Amber Samlow
Amber Samlow 6 months ago
I am a vegan and I approve of the unicorn costume LOL
Sonya Doyle
Sonya Doyle 6 months ago
1:39 Is anyone else surprised that BEN USED TO (or still does who knows)SMOKE!!! BEYYYYYYNNNNN!!!!
Sarah Danielle
Sarah Danielle 6 months ago
The way zylar stole the treat had me laughing so hard. 🤣🤣
Nails& Glam
Nails& Glam 6 months ago
Wait Ben smokes ? Noo
Kelsey 5 months ago
He doesn't. If I remember correctly they talked about it in a later video that it was a fake cigarette and part of a friend's costume.
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