Don't leave us alone with children 

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When no one should leave you alone with a child because you are one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Nov 11, 2017




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Comments 100   
Angela Richard
Angela Richard 12 days ago
Desire van Graan
Desire van Graan 13 days ago
Jen: "pay me money and ill play " Me:"Mood
Desire van Graan
Desire van Graan 13 days ago
Jen at the beginning like "911" Me:She gonna report sister abuse
Lisa Leone
Lisa Leone 19 days ago
My sister and I had about the same age difference as Cristine and Jen, and my sister lived with me from her mid 20's through her 30's. We did everything together. We were both single, planning to be crazy cat ladies together. Sadly she passed away last year from complications of a childhood illness. Hopefully all of you with sisters appreciate them, and hopefully you have as much fun together.
Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Brooks 23 days ago
Who's here at 2020 and what's Jennifer bake
Laurine van der Linden
Liza’s boyfriend 🥺🥺
faerieslove •
faerieslove • 24 days ago
i love this chaotic duo so much. also rewatching jen videos because we have the same sense of humor and she’s so funny it’s immaculate.
Elle Eff
Elle Eff Month ago
Watching Cristine be okay with having her MacBook Pro retina (a pain in the ass computer to fix after liquid damage) balanced above a tub of water is the most stressful thing to experience during a panic attack
Edmond the bunny
I’m scared
Kayla Sanchez
Kayla Sanchez 2 months ago
I really wanna be friends with Christian so we can be crazy and weird together 😂
Kayla Sanchez
Kayla Sanchez 2 months ago
I like how there so hyper and they haven't even started water marbling yet 😂😂😂😂😂
Cam Chau Nguyen
Cam Chau Nguyen 3 months ago
Petition to call Jen Jeyyn
Kate S
Kate S 3 months ago
in this video jen said everything that needed to be said
Melody to my ears
Melody to my ears 3 months ago
That joke reminds me of when this kid counted my family he went like "1 2 3 NEW DAD!!!!" When he got to my dad lmao
Gabs Souza
Gabs Souza 3 months ago
This video convinced me that they're in fact twins
mooogg 3 months ago
Zoe Pressel
Zoe Pressel 4 months ago
Aakriti Kundu
Aakriti Kundu 4 months ago
These videos are fucking genius!! *I was just gonna say that*
e 4 months ago
jamie pandolfo
jamie pandolfo 5 months ago
i lost it when beyn was just like: “can you stfu” 😂
Mio Nozomi
Mio Nozomi 5 months ago
two girls one cup was an old joke when this came out, now it's three years later and i realized that the kids of this generation arent gonna get that joke anymore :(
Damaris Reyes
Damaris Reyes 5 months ago
Jen looks more like ben
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 5 months ago
faerieslove •
faerieslove • 5 months ago
jen is my spirit animal, i love her
shaun mcclain
shaun mcclain 5 months ago
How do I have a match. Com ad?
Hazel Vukovich
Hazel Vukovich 5 months ago
Sisters singing together: la la la la Me and my sister singing together: la la shut up la
Samantha's Tea
Samantha's Tea 6 months ago
Cristine: I gave you a bra and a hat, that's basically an outfit. Me: Yeah, If you were Danielle Cohn.
seaniska smith
seaniska smith 6 months ago
Cristine reminds me of jenna marbles a lot like they even sound a like
russia countryhumans
Jen! Cristen is a sad sock
Aurel 6 months ago
Jen really looks like your dad
Lisa sollenberger
Lisa sollenberger 6 months ago
Parents :Thank you for watching our kids Cristine: it's no problem (1 hour later) Parents: We're baaaack (Sees holo all over the kids) Cristine: I'm sorry I forgot to mention !I ONLY WATCH HOLO!
Charlie Jacobson
Charlie Jacobson 6 months ago
Twinkie Productions
Twinkie Productions 6 months ago
Flech 6 months ago
Comments:ChRiSTinE Me:Fake SUBsCRiBerS
Humna Ali
Humna Ali 6 months ago
A & S Finzel
A & S Finzel 7 months ago
**Sees them shoving baby’s heads in water** Can you help me drown my mistake- Ok this was just a joke I’m to young
Megan B
Megan B 7 months ago
Oh my gosh. The "BEYYN" practices and then Ben just freaking out. I can't! Too funny.
MEOWmeow KITTYcats
MEOWmeow KITTYcats 7 months ago
I didn't get the joke but I still laughed
*Afriana Lost*
*Afriana Lost* 7 months ago
Luke Via
Luke Via 8 months ago
The last 3 minutes are insanity
Izzy 8 months ago
Cristine: I wanna be a pool boy *AND* a US-firstr!! Jen: You can only pick one. Cristine: A pool boy! Me: What about a pool boy who has a youtube channel?
Vada Hess
Vada Hess 8 months ago
Cristine: why will no one sponsor me Best feinds: am I a joke to you
Kaliyah Clown
Kaliyah Clown 8 months ago
Cristine: we're here for another episode of will it- Jen:911
Miss. pekopeko
Miss. pekopeko 8 months ago
Well if we never see cristine we know jen had her killed
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams 8 months ago
Amy M
Amy M 8 months ago
Their bone structure tho 😍
Shiro Aizawa
Shiro Aizawa 8 months ago
Don't mind me, Im just reliving happy memories
KarIgnishaYumi 8 months ago
Remind me and my sister when we hang out and goof around.
Madison Beeker
Madison Beeker 9 months ago
they sound so much alike and they're not even twins
Stepahnie Lofink
Stepahnie Lofink 9 months ago
2 minutes and 51 seconds of this video is the introduction
Ava belle Noble
Ava belle Noble 9 months ago
You can put a holo taco on trash, but it’s still trash.
Brianna Holton
Brianna Holton 10 months ago
Who is here in 2020 watching her because u miss her videos😢🤧💙
Fatima A. Almaliki
Fatima A. Almaliki 11 months ago
eucharis slimes
eucharis slimes 11 months ago
I’ve seen this video over 7 times and just now noticed Jens face at 0:10
Jacob 11 months ago
This is the song Jen was singing at 7:52: us-first.info/player/video/l695Y3qliZd5p4k.html You're welcome 😂
xXThat_Weird_EnbyXx 11 months ago
The only thing better than Cristene is two Cristenes
Xx_gacha Demon
Xx_gacha Demon 11 months ago
I got the joke
ghosty wosty
ghosty wosty 11 months ago
Nobody: My real recommended feed: tHe GiRlS wHo cRiEd bEn
Grace Connolly
Grace Connolly 11 months ago
at 3:52 I screams behennnn and my mom looked at me weird
•-Rose-• Ajpw
•-Rose-• Ajpw 11 months ago
1 like=1❤ for her sister to not roast her
Yumena GONE
Yumena GONE 11 months ago
Kendra 11 months ago
The whole video is of them talkkng
Mehlsuppe 10 months ago
Because those are outtakes 🙃
Audrey 11 months ago
And this is why She is never having kids..
Mehlsuppe 10 months ago
Or because she never wants kids.
LillianaDodson 11 months ago
This video made me so happy and brought me so much joy but it also made me so sad I don’t have a sister
Your Average Weeb
Your Average Weeb 11 months ago
Cristine is more bootiful then Jen, she is a flippin sock!!!
Void Gaming
Void Gaming 11 months ago
It is chaos right now why Cristine why
cookie cat 624 :D
cookie cat 624 :D 11 months ago
This is why Philip DeFranco didn't
Lunarshine 2007
Lunarshine 2007 11 months ago
Jen: This channel is f*cking garbage Me: YES *points to holo trashcan)
Apollo 11 months ago
Jane Jin
Jane Jin 11 months ago
R u sisters
_ Nix66
_ Nix66 11 months ago
I think this is me and my sister lol! I’m three years older than my sister and we treat each other like trash. I guess the only difference is I also have two other younger siblings? Yes I am the eldest of four!
Gloomy Wiz
Gloomy Wiz Year ago
4:10 Ben saying the outro for as he leaves... Is this a normal occurrence in the house?? Has Cristine affected him that much?? 😂
Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams Year ago
If I was a nail polish company I’d give you free nail polish for life 😂 no charge
Sam Random
Sam Random Year ago
A SR Year ago
"You got a nice hat and a nice bra, I basically gave you a new outfit" looool
Hey It’s Aleks
Im drinking tea while watching this
Ffion Owen
Ffion Owen Year ago
U Sponcer urself 😆
spacegirl draws
Yall i ise the twisted rights of america and the acting skills iv gained to do whatever i want because the only night mare i have is being tardy and not getting the 10% grade boost
Living with Graves Disease
Love how "STFU" wasn't censored XD
Aaleah Allen
Aaleah Allen Year ago
Jen and cristine should make ther own channel there so funny together and even jen make her own channel
0.54 she's a sock
Hailee Bailey
Hailee Bailey Year ago
Cristines MacBook over the water is giving me anxiety
rose willow
rose willow Year ago
Jen looks like my aunt Krystal and I laughed hardcore lol
construction zefi
z3ro purpose
z3ro purpose Year ago
Me: *reads title* oh I wasn’t going to anyway
Georgia Maroudas
I love how half the video is actually them yelling "BEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Christian1739 Year ago
Jen and Cristine are literally Sister Goals! And i love it! ❤️❤️❤️
Khloe Parry
Khloe Parry Year ago
You know the drill 1.jEn 2.BeN 3.cristine WITH NO H 4.MECIH 5.zigler 7.holo 8.troom troo 9.blue eyed girl 10.simply SAVAGE
haylie Year ago
jen always sounds drunk i’m living for it
-Kipp Flipp-
-Kipp Flipp- Year ago
stupid idea: water marble your face TwT, I don't mean that in a mean way, I mean it in a funny way UwU
Elsa Luna
Elsa Luna Year ago
My brain cells during my exam 8:08
Vippe Dippe
Vippe Dippe Year ago
I had my tonsillectomy few days ago, i cant watch these videos because laughing hurts my throat 😂
Baxter pug for life
Jen needs to stop being so mean to cristine because she is the least liked sister
Wait Jen was on Disney?!
arian faith
arian faith Year ago
i feel like Ben will leave u for Jen? or is it just me
01 gamchard
01 gamchard Year ago
You two are just like me and my sister. When ever either of us starts to sing it won’t stop kekeke. And we always know what part the song we’re singing too!
Hailey Bryant
Hailey Bryant Year ago
Please reply as soon as possible
Hailey Bryant
Hailey Bryant Year ago
I love you vids they make me happy when I’m sad and when I’m happy it makes me more happy to get a little laugh every now and then is your P.O. Box still open I really want to send you a letter
Hailey Bryant
Hailey Bryant Year ago
I had recently created a US-first channel but I am not going to drop out of high school to become a famous US-firstr I just do it for fun and something to do in my free time I am 10 years old and my name is Hailey my US-first channel is Hailey Bryant if you want to check it out
Match Made in Hell
Match Made in Hell